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Choose Yas Beach Residences at Yas Island for the best of luxury beachfront living, each one with its own charm and individual appeal, have been designed to offer that warm home feeling. Choose from sleek studios, majestic 1- and 4-bedroom apartments with ample space to comfortably accommodate an entire family.

Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the modern and glittering capital of the United Arab Emirates presenting a unique mixture of both innovative progression and deep-embedded tradition. The rich history of this incredible city goes back to around 3000 B.C. However, Abu Dhabi has a modern ambiance in a glitzy buzzing atmosphere. If you are also dreaming of Abu Dhabi as your home, choosing apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi will make you closer to your dream. Here are some facts about the incredible city and new apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Skyline View; A city also within the UAE

Why choose Abu Dhabi apartments for sale?

Like the other capital cities in the world, more and more people are choosing Abu Dhabi as a place to live, work and invest. The capital city of the UAE is always progressing, expanding, and accepting people from all around the world. This is why living in this city is a dream for many people.

●    The multinational lifestyle of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s largest emirate and offers many things to do and places to visit with each aspect indicating the sophisticated multinational lifestyle. The huge transformation of Abu Dhabi is apparent in the vast variety of life. Once, it was known as “Father of Gazelles” as the name means. Then, it became the home of more than 2.65 million people. Here, you can read about Abu Dhabi’s interesting points that attract many investors to buy an apartment there.

●    Abu Dhabi is a destination for business people

Abu Dhabi is a destination for business and leisure facilities for all residents to enjoy. Many expats come to this world-leading city to take advantage of the facilities and opportunities it offers for business.

Fairmont Marina Residences At Alkasir Abu Dhabi

●    Comfortable and beautiful homes of AbuDhabi

New apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi are the most suitable housing options for working professionals who seek comfortable and beautiful homes.

●    Spectacular views of Abu Dhabi

As well as these, the amazing city offers more than just unique homes and job opportunities. Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi are surrounded by spectacular views of the modern capital and glittering lights in a fresh atmosphere.

●    Facilitate building in Abu Dhabi

Life is going on in this stunning city day and night with towers shining high amongst the skyline. Almost all of the new apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi are located in buildings that are filled with numerous facilities for residents. These facilities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacies, and a myriad of other facilities to enjoy.

●    Abu Dhabi fantastic lifestyle

Abu Dhabi is one of the most vibrant cities in the world in which you can spend a good time like no other. With numerous other facilities and leisure options, Abu Dhabi leaves no room for a lack of things to do. These facilities include state of the art convention center, soothing spas, luxurious hotels, famous museums as well as lavish designer golf courses.

●    Abu Dhabi is a great place for luxury shopping

Abu Dhabi is one of the best places in the world for luxury shopping. It is a paradise for luxury shopping lovers who enjoy spending time in shopping centers. From clubs and world-renowned restaurants to cool and sophisticated cafes, can be found around almost every apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi!

●    The lovely nature of Abu Dhabi

For fresh air enthusiasts and those who love nature, buying a new apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi means living at the heart of the best that nature, flowers, and greens have to offer. The charming Corniche of Abu Dhabi is a perfect place for you to treat yourself. Also, you can enjoy jogging and cycling or simply go for a lovely picnic in huge parks. All of these places are only minutes away from the bustling city center and your apartment in Abu Dhabi.

What are the different types of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi?

If you are an investor who wants to buy an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi, you have to know that there are two general groups of ready-to-move and off-plan apartments in Abu Dhabi. Here, I will explain the situation of each type.

●    Abu Dhabi off-plan apartments for sale:

Off-plan apartments are those cases that each construction could sell before finishing through a feasible payment plan. So if you are looking to find an affordable case to make a beneficial investment, this might be a good way. If you are searching for off-plan properties in Abu Dhabi, you can find great opportunities on Yas Island, Al Reem Island, and Saadiyat Island.

●    Abu Dhabi ready-to-move apartments:

If you want to buy a ready-to-move apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi, you can choose a studio, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units to spacious 5-bedroom apartments. Most of them are equipped with modern luxuries and facilities like a laundry room, a maid’s room with an attached bathroom, and a terrace or a balcony. Also, you can commonly find other amenities in apartment buildings in Abu Dhabi, such as a gym, a swimming pool, and dedicated parking spaces. While it is not common, a rare number of apartment buildings in Abu Dhabi have casual dining restaurants, coffee shops, or supermarkets on the ground floor. The last luxurious case of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi is the duplex units and penthouses, which are so higher in price than regular single-floor flats.

Property for sale in Abu Dhabi

What are the best places to buy an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi?

When we talk about investing in Abu Dhabi real estate market, we are talking about different villas for sale in Abu Dhabi, Townhouses for sale in Abu Dhabi, and apartments for sale. If you are searching among Abu Dhabi developments to buy a new apartment for sale, read this paragraph. Here, you can find some of the most popular projects of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi.

●    Apartments for sale in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi:

If you want to buy a new apartment for sale among Masdar city development projects, my first suggestion is the properties of Oasis two residences. Oasis Two Residences offers a variety of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi giving you the possibility of choosing based on your taste and desires. Oasis 2 offers highly modern fully equipped studios with elegantly designed interiors that suit any person. You can choose from one, two, and three-bedroom units, all featuring their shaded balcony. The project also includes penthouses and offers views of the park. The penthouses also provide large terraces with expansive views of the landscape.

La Plaza Apartments at Masdar City

●    Apartments for sale in Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

In another case, you can search among properties in Al Maryah Island development to find your favorite apartment for sale. One of the famous projects of this region is the apartments of Al Maryah Vista. This project is the only residential building in the most prestigious waterfront community of the city, Al Maryah Island. Al Maryah Island is a highly sought-after community where the essence of the “Live, Work and Play” ethos is mixed with the glitz of waterfront living. Al Maryah Vista offers a premium position along the lushly landscaped promenade where you will be surrounded by stunning views all year round. Proximity to main landmarks and amenities like a swimming pool, parking, gymnasium, and landscaped gardens make living in these apartments beyond pleasant!

Al Maryah Island

●    Apartments for sale in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi:

If you want to buy an apartment in Abu Dhabi, you can search among Al Reem Island developments and find great opportunities. Here, I will introduce two of these projects named Pixel Towers, and Reflection Apartments.

Al Reem Island

●     Pixel Towers makers district

You might have heard about the Pixel Towers makers district. This is one of the projects of Imkan properties developers, and we believe that this is one of the most hoped-for projects of Al Reem Island developments. These elegant towers are situated in the Pixel neighborhood and offer studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units. Pixel is the perfect blend of prime position, excellent amenities, and spectacular views. In addition, Pixel provides other incredible benefits that make investing more valuable. Pixel is an incredible investment opportunity for those who are looking to own their first homes. Besides, it is an amazing chance for the investors who are looking for an investment with a high amount of profit!

Pixel Towers At Makers District | IMKAN Properties

●     Reflection Apartments

Reflection Apartments in Abu Dhabi is an elegant collection of studio, 1, 2, and 3BR apartments positioned at Reem Island that is the new heart of Abu Dhabi. Reem Island provides the best cosmopolitan lifestyle as well as a vast variety of dining outlets, malls, cafes, beaches, schools, and more. The natural island is perfectly adorned by Al Maryah and Saadiyat Islands which are financial and cultural centers respectively. However, it is just minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi, which is an asset!

These are just a handful of new apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi that you can choose from. Enjoy the best that Abu Dhabi has to offer!

How much does it cost to buy an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi?

As you have understood until here, you can find different apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi, and they cost differently based on their size, the neighborhood, and facilities.

●    Studio apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi:

The first group is the studio- apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi with the price of AED 336k to AED 623k in areas such as Masdar City and Al Maryah Island.

●    One-bedroom apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi:

If you want to buy something bigger than studio apartments but do not like to spend too much money, you can choose a one-bedroom apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi. These units are commonly priced between AED 550k to AED 650k in Al Reef and Al Reem Island.

●    Two-bedroom apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi:

Usually, two-bedroom apartments are spacious and so higher in price. For example, you can buy a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Raha Beach for about AED 800k, or if you pay about AED 3.9M you can buy an apartment on Saadiyat Island.

●    Three-bedroom apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi:

Also, you can find luxurious 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi for AED 1.4M on Yas Island. Or you can pay more than AED 6M and buy a three-bedroom apartment in areas like Saadiyat Island and Al Raha Beach.

●    Penthouses for sale in Abu Dhabi:

If you are looking for an ample investment option, you can search among penthouses and duplexes on Saadiyat Island and Al Reem Island. Usually, the sale price in these cases is between AED 2.3M to AED 24M in these areas.

Property for sale in Abu Dhabi


If you have some extra money and want to make a profitable investment in Abu Dhabi, read the above text and learn all the details. Also, we are ready here at dxboffplan, to help you find the best apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi based on your budget and preferences. Please, remember that you can contact us online through the site 24/7.

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