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Tan Urla homes

Tan Urla homes in Urla, Izmir are among the best residential options in Turkey, whether you are an investor or an end-user. If you would like to know more about this project’s details, click here now.

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Invictus Sunset Ilıca

Invictus Sunset Ilıca villas in Izmir, Turkey, where you will find the most luxurious independent homes. For more information on terms and prices, click here.

Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey and one of the country’s largest ports. Featuring a rich history and culture as well as immense natural allure, Izmir has attracted the attention of millions of tourists from all around the world and made its way to the top of the list of Turkey’s most popular cities. Elaborating on its rich history and culture, Izmir’s urban structure is being rapidly modernized and the real estate industry in this historical city is growing day by day. This fast-paced growth has given rise to a plethora of lucrative investment opportunities and attracted many prospective investors. Showcasing many gorgeous landscapes and natural scenery, Izmir is a great place to buy a modern villa and live a rejuvenating life. Moreover, the city’s rapid growth along with the many perks it offers, make buying villas in Izmir quite a viable investment option. So, read on and learn more about Izmir villas for sale.

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying a Property

Why do people like to invest in Izmir villas for sale?

The first point you should know is that Izmir showcases a soothing harmony between culture, history, nature, and modern life. Now, you might ask yourself why investors and real estate buyers from around the world like to invest in Izmir’s modern properties for sale. So, let’s go deeper and find the advantages of Izmir city that cause investors to buy villas there.

●    Izmir’s thriving tourism industry:

The first advantage of this city that attracts potential property buyers looking for their dream villa in Izmir is its prosperous tourism industry. Thanks to its rejuvenating nature as well as rich history and culture, Izmir’s tourism industry has been rushing to its peak over the past several years. The city’s pristine beaches, scrumptious cuisine, and wide range of historically- and culturally-significant sites are just several of the many factors that have made Izmir one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Moreover, this city is now home to world-class hotels and waterfront resorts as well as a plethora of leisure facilities, authentic retail spaces, and luxury eateries. Also, boasting over 5,000 years of rich history makes Izmir the oldest city on the Turkish Riviera and one of Turkey’s largest ports.

●    Izmir’s favorable rental potential:

If you are among those potential real estate buyers looking for a profitable investment, you should know that this city’s thriving tourism industry attracts many tourists to this city. And it means as a villa owner will experience a great stream of rentals each summer. While Izmir rental yields would vary based on their location and facilities, it would be around 4-7% in general.

●    Izmir’s pleasant weather and amazing natural scenery:

The refreshing Mediterranean climate of Izmir has given rise to the city’s vibrant and gorgeous nature. In fact, from the soothing Mediterranean blue and expansive lush greenery to long stretches of mountainous land with pleasant weather, Izmir’s natural landscapes and scenery are enough to keep you in awe as long as you live in this beautiful city.

●    Izmir’s growing construction industry:

In order to meet the demands brought by the city’s rapidly-growing popularity among tourists, Izmir’s construction industry has been on the verge of profound growth too. And this growth of construction in Izmir has attracted the attention of prospective investors as well. Offering a lively, constantly-growing market for real estate, Izmir is quickly becoming a paradise for real estate investment thanks to the wide range of modern properties it has to offer and the fair price of the real estate.

●    Izmir, the second advanced city of Istanbul:

Finally, I want to add that Izmir is the second economically rich city in Turkey, just after Istanbul. This city has experienced significant growth and industrialization due to its strong automotive, textile, and food processing industry.

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying a Property

What are the different types of Izmir villas for sale?

While previously, I talked about the most important advantages of Izmir that attract buyers to this city villas for sale. Many believe that the wide range of Izmir villas for sale is the next main factor that causes any buyer with any budget to buy his favorite unit there. If you want to know more about the details of this city’s different types of villas, read the below items:

●    Izmir’s 1-bedroom villas for sale:

No matter if you do not have a strong budget, Izmir city is the best place where you can buy modern 1-bedroom villas commonly with two baths and about 90 m2 of land close to the sea and all the social services you need.

●    Izmir’s 3 and 4-bedroom villas for sale:

This group is perfect for families with more money who like to buy a spacious home in a beautiful city, close to the sea and social facilities. Izmir is full of new-brand and luxurious three and four-bedroom villas with three baths and usually on two floors. These types of villas are more spacious, and their size usually varies between 170 to 250 m2. Also, it might be interesting to know that by buying these types of villas, you can easily get Turkish citizenship.

●    Izmir’s 6 and 7-bedroom villas for sale:

And finally, if you like to buy the most luxurious villa in Izmir, you should know that this city offers duplex and triplex villas with 6 and 7 bedrooms and 7 to 8 baths. These very spacious villas are usually about 400 m2 and offer the most modern and high-end amenities and facilities. Almost all of them are eligible for citizenship and are close to the sea with the most stunning views.

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying a Property

What are the best locations to buy your dream Izmir villa for sale?

When we talk about the best Turley properties for sale, whether in Izmir or any other city, location is one of the most important factors you should consider. So, to help you make the best deal, I want to name some of the best locations in Izmir where you most probably find your dream house.

●    Cesme properties for sale in Izmir:

This neighborhood is located in one of the most popular and quiet areas of Dalyankoy, where you will live close to the sandy beaches and the clean Aegean Sea. There, you can find your dream villa among many new-brand and modern projects and live alongside wealthy Turkish people while enjoying your summer holiday. Also, all residents of this location are close to all the social services you need for a comfortable life, such as:

  • 3-4 minutes drive to the Cesme center
  • 12-13 minutes to traditional and upmarket Alacati
  • 20-minutes to the Ardic bay
  • 1 hour to Adnan Menderes airport and Izmir city center

●    Alacati properties for sale in Izmir:

Alacati is the second great destination for those who like to buy a villa in Izmir. This location is an up-and-coming holiday destination and a surfer’s paradise, where you can find many spacious and modern homes close to the traditional village center and a great selection of social services, such as shops, supermarkets, chemists and medical centers, banks and cash machines, schools, an aqua park, a post office and a variety of cafes. To know more about this neighborhood and its nearby places, do not miss the below list.

  • 2-minute walk to the great selection of shops
  • 2-3 minutes to all areas of the peninsula and beyond
  • 15-minutes to Cesme
  • 3km to the nearest beach

●    Ulra properties for sale in Izmir:

And the last option I want to introduce is Ultra, a green and rather peaceful town in the center of Izmir. As a resident of this neighborhood, you are surrounded by wonderful natural areas in a warm and friendly atmosphere, close to the coastline. While you can easily access all you need for a comfortable life within a short time, such as:

  • 2-3 minutes to local amenities
  • 2 km to the sea
  • 3 km to the city center
  • 2-3 minutes drive to the Cesme upmarket

13 Reasons to Invest in Izmir by Buying a Property

What are the best Izmir villas to invest in?

Until here, you read that Izmir is one of the most popular cities in Turkey, where you can buy your favorite villa. And now that you are here, I guess you like to invest your money in one of these city’s residential projects, so I want to introduce the two best of them.

  • Tan Urla villas in Izmir, Turkey:

The first option to buy and make a profitable investment in Izmir is the modern Tan Urla villas. This project is an off-plan one where you can choose your favorite house among 278 units in different sizes and styles. Also, I should add that while you can pay the price through attractive installments, this case is perfect for those who like to get Turkish citizenship.

  • Invictus Sunset Ilıca villas in Izmir, Turkey:

Also, you can choose your luxurious home among Invictus Sunset Ilıca villas, close to the sea and with high-end facilities, such as private pools and indoor spaces. More than that, this is also a great option if you want to make a profitable investment and get Turkish citizenship.

Dxboffplan is here to help you find your dream villa for sale in Izmir!

As you read above, Izmir is one of the most famous cities in Turkey, which attracts the most potential property buyers and investors after Istanbul. If you would like to buy a villa in this city, I suggest you read the above text first and find all details about Izmir villas for sale, then contact us at Dxboffplan. Our professional team is always ready to help you buy your dream home at the most affordable price, whether among Turkey homes or the best UAE off-plan properties. Also, I should add that our real estate agents are online 24/7 to answer your questions for free, so remember that you can easily contact them through the site.

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It might vary based on different options, like location, facilities, size, number of rooms, and so on. But generally, it would be $347,921 to $1,329,357.

Of course, yes. This city is the third-largest city in Turkey and is ripe for investment with great choices of luxury villas.

This tax will be calculated each year and is something about 0.2% of the property values for residential homes.