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Bizim Evler Güzelce Apartments
Apartments for Sale in Istanbul
Referans Kartal Tower
Ready To Move In With Panoramic Sea & Adalar View
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Referans Kartal Tower

Referans Kartal Tower in Kartal makes the dream of living in an architectural masterpiece, and enjoying views of the sea come true. Get more info...
Piyalepasa Apartments
Experience 5 Star Residences in The Heart of The City
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Piyalepasa Apartments

Piyalepasa Apartments in Beyoglu are set to be your lovely urban retreat in the heart of Istanbul. Here is 100% free consultation...
Westside Istanbul Apartments
The Serenity of A Perfect Living in The Heart of Beylikduzu
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Westside Istanbul Apartments

Westside Istanbul Apartments are your chance to own an elegant home in Beylikduzu in Istanbul. Here is 100% free consultation...
E5 Residence
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E5 Residence

E5 Residence in Mecidiyekoy offers a number of highly appealing apartments for sale in Istanbul. Click to get more info.
Kagithane Sakli Kent Apartments
Comfortable Family Apartments With Affordable Prices
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Kagithane Sakli Kent Apartments

Kagithane Sakli Kent offers a number of desirable apartments for sale in Istanbul Kagithane. Click to get more info.
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Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city full of life and action, but if you need peace, there are some places where you can find tranquility, too. The magic point of Istanbul is that it is on two European and Asian continents. Based on the law numbered 5747, from 2008, the city includes 39 districts in total, which are 25 of the European Side and 14 of the Anatolian Side.

If you are searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, continue reading and learn more about the properties of this city.

Why do people choose Istanbul to buy apartments for sale?

If you look to live in a city with a unique blend of tradition and modernity, apartments for sale in Istanbul might be the most appropriate choice for you. There, you can find sea view apartments or mountainsides. It is one of the largest metropolises in the world, extending across both Asia and Europe. Now, let’s go through different reasons which attract many investors to Istanbul properties.

Unique View

You can buy an apartment for sale in Istanbul with a unique view of the seaside. The pleasure and relaxation that come from a sea-facing apartment are not comparable to anything. If you choose to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you will benefit from seeing the horizon, the sunrise, or the sunset based on your position and location.

Cleaner Air, Quieter Atmosphere

Another benefit of Istanbul apartments is the clean and fresh air. Also, you can live in a peaceful and quiet suburb. There you can find seaside apartments to revitalize your health. On the other hand, it benefits your mental, spiritual, and emotional mood.

Wide Range of Recreational Activities

When you choose Istanbul to buy an apartment, you access a world of opportunities for recreational activities. For example, you can go surfing, swimming, sailing, playing beach volleyball or sunbathing, and taking extended strolls along the sea line.

Magnificent historical background

Istanbul has magnificent remnants of a long, outstanding history, and sightseeing there is just amazing. There are different tourist attractions near the district city of Sultanahmet, which offers a collection of wonders near the city. So if you are a history Buff, buying an apartment in Istanbul is the best choice for you.

What are the best areas to find Istanbul apartments for sale?

As you read above, Istanbul is divided into two parts of Asian and European. Here, you can find the top neighborhoods in both of these places.

Most people who like to buy an apartment in Istanbul prefer to choose it on the European side of the city. This part experiences a huge urban development, because of the large business activities and tourist demand.

The most top areas to buy apartments on the European side of Istanbul are:

Basaksehir District in Istanbul

The first option is the district of Basaksehir, which inhabits the throne of the most important areas of the European part. Its municipality was established in 2008 when it was separated from the Kucukcekmece municipality. Today, it is one of the most attractive areas for regional and foreign investors. They choose this place because of modern buildings with the highest standards of comfort and strong infrastructure, social, cultural, health, and educational facilities.

Bakirkoy Area in Istanbul

Another area on the European side of Istanbul is Bakirkoy. It is a long-distance coastline beside the Sea of Marmara, which certainly contributes to the temperance of its climate and natural beauty. Many investors choose this destination to spend the happiest times in its amazing pools and structures.

Bahcesehir in Istanbul – The Garden City

You might hear about Bahcesehir (or The Garden City), the amazing place at a strategic point northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece. First, the Collective Housing Department attached to the Turkish Prime Ministry started a series of leading real estate projects there. It is in the heart of the European side of Istanbul within the borders of Basaksehir Municipality, the site of Bahcesehir and Ispartakule.

Beylikduzu District- Luxury Design Apartments

Beylikduzu is the next beautiful area in Istanbul with wide streets and green expanses. You can find the latest European standards, such as a clean environment, healthy buildings, excellent medical and educational facilities, and social intellectuals, there. You can drive about 40 km from the Beylikduzu area and reach the Istanbul city center.

Kucukcekmece Area in Istanbul

The last option that I want to suggest to you is Kucukcekmece, with the view of Lake Kucukcekmece. Presently, there are large residential complexes and modern real estate projects in Kucukcekmece made based on innovative technologies.

The most top areas to buy apartments on the Asian side of Istanbul are:

Other investors choose the Asian side of the city to enjoy its lovely green nature and its benefits. You can find luxury accommodation in many wonderful areas on this side.

Uskudar Area in Istanbul

It is one of the most attractive areas in the Asian part of the city. There is a beautiful waterfront overlooking the Bosphorus, the maiden tower, and historical interests and magnificent gardens.

Kadikoy Area in Istanbul

This one is the most distinctive area in the Asian part, full of restaurants, cafes, residential complexes, and shopping centers.

Totally, the Asian side of Istanbul draws investors’ attention because of its quiet place to stay. You can buy an apartment and live in an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

How much do apartments in Istanbul cost?

After you understand the advantages of investing in Istanbul apartments and know the best places to live there, it is time to talk about the average price of apartments for sale in Istanbul. As you might know, several factors affect the cost of the apartments such as:

Remoteness from the sea

The first factor that affects the prices is the proximity to the sea as a crucial factor that increases the cost of beachfront properties. Also, it is important whether the windows are in front of the beach and how high your apartment is. When you choose an apartment of higher floors, you have a better view and need to pay more. But you can buy the real estate further away, 20% cheaper than those on the coastline.

Selected area

Another important factor is the place you have chosen and how far it is from the city center. As you choose the more luxurious area you have to pay more. The average cost per square meter varies from 2 to 5 thousand euros. You can find apartments in Bodrum with the price of 1.5 to 3 thousand euros / m². But if you want to buy the same unit in Antalya and Kemer, you have to pay up to 2 thousand, and in Alanya, more than 1.5 thousand euros.

The total price per Square Foot to buy an apartment in City Centre is about 1,768.42 TL, while Outside of the Centre, you have to pay around 1,083.57 TL.


This item is a technical one that you need to search more about and ask more people. But if you want to buy a high-qualified infrastructure apartment, absolutely you need to pay more.

Type of housing – secondary or in a new building

This item is mostly about the age of your apartment, if you choose a newer unit, you have to pay more. But also, you can choose different types of apartments with various facilities like swimming pool, private garden, terrace, parking garage or without them. The price will change based on each extra facility option.


Now you know all the necessary points of buying an apartment in Istanbul as an investor. Start your Istanbul apartment search with our best choices of apartments for sale in Istanbul. If you are searching for a specific item and need more consultation, you can contact the dxboffplan team online.

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