Villas Istanbul

Villas Istanbul

Project Name Min. Price Development Name Completion
Marina Houses - Deniz Istanbul Ready To Move
Büyükyalı Lofts - Zeytinburnu Ready To Move
The 34 Seyri Sapanca Villas - Sakarya Ready To Move
Alya Bella Villas - Beylikdüzü Q2 2023
Asrin Konaklari Marina Villas - Beylikdüzü Ready To Move
Düşler Vadisi Riva Villas - Beykoz Ready To Move
Kalyon Marina Villas - Beylikdüzü Ready To Move
Yesilyaka Koru Villas - Büyükçekmece Ready To Move
Taraca Palaces - Büyükçekmece Ready To Move
Tutku Villas - Büyükçekmece Q1 2024

Callback Request : Marina Houses

Deniz Istanbul
Ready To Move
Offer 5 Different Type of Waterfront Villa

Marina Houses

Marina Houses are among the most popular residential projects in Deniz Istanbul. Marina Houses offer 5 different types of villa in a dream setting where the sea will be as far as eye can see! 8% of houses within Deniz Istanbul coastal town have been planned 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5BR with panoramic beach views.

Callback Request : Büyükyalı Lofts

Ready To Move
Spectacular views of the stunning sea

Büyükyalı Lofts

Büyükyalı Lofts in Kazlıçeşme Coast offer the best of luxury living in the heart of Istanbul where blues, greens and stunning views come together. Get more info…

Callback Request : The 34 Seyri Sapanca Villas

Ready To Move
Breathtaking Waterfront Location & Tranquil Views

The 34 Seyri Sapanca Villas

The 34 Seyri Sapanca is a stunning collection of amazing villas for sale at Sakarya in Turkey. Click for 100% free consultation…

Callback Request : Alya Bella Villas

Beylikdüzü Q2 2023

Alya Bella Villas

Alya Bella is a collection of perfectly designed villas for sale in Beylikduzu in Istanbul. Here is 100% free consultation…

Callback Request : Asrin Konaklari Marina Villas

Ready To Move
Step Into Happiness at Asrin Konaklari Marina

Asrin Konaklari Marina Villas

Asrin Konaklari Marina Villas in Beylikdüzü are one-of-a-kind houses in Istanbul that should not be missed.

Callback Request : Düşler Vadisi Riva Villas

Ready To Move
Private Villas With Captivating View In Istanbul

Düşler Vadisi Riva Villas

Dusler Vadisi Riva Villas has grown to become the most beautiful place in Istanbul, with its river, woodland, and pure air. For more info, click.

Callback Request : Kalyon Marina Villas

Ready To Move
New Address of A Comfortable Life

Kalyon Marina Villas

A unique ambiance is created at Kalyon Marina Villas by the open-plan design with high ceilings. To reserve or buy your villa by the sea, click.

Callback Request : Yesilyaka Koru Villas

Ready To Move

Yesilyaka Koru Villas

Yesilyaka Koru Villas in Büyükçekmece are unique houses in Istanbul, offering stunning lake views. Click and claim our 100% free consultation...

Callback Request : Taraca Palaces

Ready To Move
Beautiful Beachfront Villas with A Modern Architectural Style

Taraca Palaces

Taraca Palaces in Buyukcekmece are amazing homes in Istanbul, offering a fine level of modern living. Click for our 100% free consultation...

Callback Request : Tutku Villas

Büyükçekmece Q1 2024
lavish designed villas with stunning sea view

Tutku Villas

Find your favorite home among the Tutku villas in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, and enjoy its superior social facilities. If you need more information, just click here.

Villas for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul villas are not like other places in the inner city suburbs. You can find different types of villas for sale in Istanbul, like newly built ones in the large villages, like complexes. Or renovated older Ottoman-style villas full of character and warmth. Also, you can choose the seafront or the shores villas of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey, but you have to pay a premium price to buy one of them. Today many people choose to buy a villa in the outer areas of Istanbul city, such as prestigious neighborhoods in the Sariyer district such as Zekeriyakoy, Tarabya, and Emirgan, etc. There, you can find villas set on large plots of land and surrounded by nature. If you look for a healthier lifestyle far from the rush and bustle of the city, here it is. The good point is that you can buy villas in these areas at lower prices than shoreline properties.

If you want to buy a villa in Istanbul, continue reading because you will find useful guides about this topic in the following.

What should I do before buying a villa in Istanbul?

If you are searching for a villa in Istanbul, you have to consider some points before any decision. First, take your budget into account based on your preferred area for your ideal Istanbul property investment. That is important because the prices vary hugely in each place. After that, you have to think about the types of properties, for example, the number of bedrooms you require, which facilities you need and so on.

As the Istanbul property prices are rising constantly, you have to visit Istanbul as soon as possible. Because of the price rise, your budget will be limited in a short period, and you can choose among fewer possible options.

Seeing the properties in person is important because it will give you the best idea of the different areas and the regional amenities.

Once your trip is booked it is time to choose a good and trusty real estate advisor. Dxboffplan team will allocate a professional advisor to you. He will assist you to find the most appropriate property based on your situation, liaise with developers on your behalf and guide you through all steps.

Why do people choose Istanbul villas for investment?

Before making any decision about buying Villa in Istanbul, you need to search well to make a smart investment. As you might hear, almost all real estate counselors suggest you buy a villa in Istanbul. That’s because this kind of investment is more profitable than investing in a home. You can sell or rent your villa easily, at affordable prices. Let’s see other benefits of buying a villa in Istanbul:

  • You can live in some of the best Istanbul areas
  • Experience a comfortable, happy, and peaceful life
  • Choose the ideal environment for your family
  • Live a luxury life
  • A place surrounded by green spaces and oxygen
  • Make a profitable investment
  • Choose the most prestigious investment option
  • You can rent your villa seasonal and male annual high rental income.

Be careful that the villa prices in Istanbul are increasing rapidly. And that is because of the decreased green areas and the restricted authority of constructing villas. Therefore, if you want to make a profitable investment, make your decision rapidly.

What are the different types of Istanbul villas for sale?

Generally, you can not find Istanbul villas in estate areas. They include at least four bedrooms, which are remodeled from the older ottoman style or very stylish designs that even drive it above modern. Before buying a villa, think about the purpose you will use it for. For example, if you intend to live with your family, choose a suitable place for your children. Sometimes, you might buy a villa investment in Istanbul, so it might be useful to consult with some real estate advisor like the dxboffplan team. They can find you the most profitable and lucrative investment ways.

You can choose these villas at different prices, starting from around $1 million to several million Dollars. For example, Yali mansion villas located right in front of the Bosphorus are expensive units. If you like to buy Villas with city living conditions, you can choose from Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Sariyer, etc. Those are beachside villas at reasonable and lucrative prices. Economists predict that the prices will rise slowly at incredible rates in the forth-coming 5- 6 years.

How to choose the best villas for sale in Istanbul?

Most Istanbul villas are in green areas that are large and close to the sea. These are the best villas to experience an ideal pleasant and healthy life. Usually, the best villas in Istanbul are located a bit out of town. But this distance should be less than an hour. The best time is a short period of 10-15 minutes. For example, Zekeriyakoy is a popular living area in Istanbul, far from the noise of the city.

How much should I pay to buy a villa in Istanbul?

Based on statistics from 2018, if you pay about $ 250,000 to buy a villa in Istanbul, you can acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. This amount can reach up to $25 million in areas overseeing the Bosphorus Strait. The most attractive point for many investors is that Istanbul villas return an annual cost of approximately $500,000. This guarantees that you can retrieve your property value within 20 years.

Like all other places, the location, structure, and size of the villa you choose in Istanbul will affect the price you have to pay. But if I want to give you an average price, it starts from 1.500.000 and reaches 5.000.000 Turkish Liras. The good point is that the Istanbul Villa prices are far less than European ones. So many people prefer to buy a villa in Istanbul rather than Europe and the Arab countries.

Here, you can read the criteria for measuring the prices of apartments in Istanbul:

Location of the neighborhood:

If you want to buy a villa in the center of Istanbul, you have to pay more than outskirt villas. Also, the villas of the famous marketing center are more expensive than other places.

Proximity to transportation lines

As the neighborhood becomes nearer to the metro, Metrobus, or tramway station, you have to pay a higher rate to buy your favorite villa. But if you choose the same villa with similar facilities just far from the stations, they might be cheaper.

Proximity to shopping centers

Another important real estate factor that affects the price rate in Istanbul is the distance from shopping and trade centers. When you are looking for a specification of real estate for sale in Istanbul, pay attention to the nearby shopping malls as a factor of attraction.

Proximity to infrastructure projects

When you want to choose the location of your villa in Istanbul, try to choose closer ones to major mega projects. The price of properties in these areas is higher than the normal market price. The difference is something about 20% higher than in the normal situation.

What are some of the best Istanbul neighborhoods to buy a villa?

Now that you know more about Istanbul villas and might probably like to buy a villa there, it is time to find the best location based on your purpose. Here, you can see a list of the best Istanbul areas to buy a villa with their specific features mentioned in summary.


The first option is a great area if you want to make a small investment. This relatively new area is appropriate for young funds as an opening for larger investments. The average villa price of this area started rising by 0.67% from October 2018. And we estimate the property time of retrieving value to be about 18 years. The surface area of these villas is between 190 square meters and 2200 square meters. Like all other places, properties close to the Metrobus line and the sea are more expensive.


This neighborhood is one of the traditional areas in Istanbul. Many investors choose this place because of its tranquility and high-end urban projects. While the prices are generally acceptable, the per square meter value is estimated at 4500 Turkish liras. And you need an estimated period of 20 years to retrieve your property’s value. There, you can find Villas in a range between 194 and 550 square meters.


This place is relatively far from the city center and a quiet area.

There you can find villas between 180 to 1460 square meters. If you need a suitable place to live away from the life and bustle of the city, it might be the best choice.


The next area, named Üsküdar, is among the best social and economic neighborhoods with the highest income levels. In 2013, the completion of the Marmaray project made this place the most important transport and commercial center in Istanbul. You can choose among 240-3200 square meters villas of this comfortable nature area and make a suitable, quiet and upscale life for yourself.


It is a place with an increasing price rate of about 2.98%. During the previous years, the area of Beşiktaş has maintained its level because of its location near the third bridge and other touristic activities. You can find different villas in Beşiktaş in the range of 210-1100 square meters.


If you want to choose like an elite and luxury person, this is the best location overlooking the city and the forest far from the bustle of Istanbul. This place is near the Türk Telekom Arena and Şişli Etfal Hospital, which makes it a privileged location. You can choose your favorite Villas in Sarıyer with about 200-1100 square meters.


If you want to choose an area to make a profitable investment, the most promising area characterized by competitive prices is Tuzla. You can buy a beautiful villa in Tuzla in quiet nature, away from the bustle of the city while watching the sea view. The area of Tuzla villas varies between 210 – 1020 square meters.


The most important summer resort and vacation center in Istanbul is Silivri. Choose this place if you want to enjoy the nature of a villa like what you see in series and movies. You can use many entertainment facilities and different activities like horse riding and golf in this neighborhood. The area of villas in Silivri is about 120 square meters to 500 square meters.


If you want to buy a villa at a stable price in a tourism area, Beykoz is the most appropriate choice. Based on reports, the real estate price of this neighborhood has remained stable with all the services available. You can buy a villa between 280 and 3500 square meters.

How was the recent development of Istanbul property trend?

While the type of Istanbul properties varies based on the region, there has been a current trend to generate creative luxury villas that cater to families and individuals. These recent branded projects mostly present on-site gyms, spas, shopping centers, and restaurants. Other notable features are swimming pools and artificial lakes, which attract more investors to Istanbul properties. This growth in development has seen formerly unknown areas such as Bahcesehir and Beylikduzu change into modern urban centers. As the government supported these regeneration programs, many areas converted to desirable places, and now investors like to buy villas there.


Villas for sale in Istanbul are the most trendy option in today’s real estate market. But you have to be careful about this case and try to make a profitable investment. In this article, I wrote about all the points you have to consider before buying a villa in Istanbul. Do not forget to ask for help from a professional advisor in this way. Here, we collected a team of the best real estate counselors who will support you and choose the best villa based on your budget and favor. You can contact the dxboffplan team online and ask all your questions now.