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Last Update: 2024-06-02

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Today, Turkey is among the best investment destinations, and many foreign investors choose to buy properties there. Kusadasi is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey, and many people like to buy properties for sale in Kusadasi. There, you can find a wide range of villas for sale like semi-detached, private villas with communal or private pools, and custom-designed villas. If you decide to buy villas for sale in Kusadasi, continue reading and learn more about its details.

Why do investors choose to buy villas for sale in Kusadasi?

It might be interesting to know that among investors who like to invest in the Turkish real estate market, many look at the region for many reasons. Here is a list of reasons that makes this region so attractive for forien investors.

  • Revival of Kusadasi Real Estate Market

Around 15 years ago, Turkey’s real estate market tried to change everything to attract more investors to its real estate market. Before that, ugly high-rise apartment buildings dominated the skyline while availability and turnover were slow. Then Kusadasi decided to take action and ramp up in full gear as a new budget. Today, Kusadasi luxury villas dominate its portfolio and give buyers plenty of choices.

  • Capital Growth Potential in Kusadasi

As Kusadasi was late to modernize its real estate market, the prices are still low in comparison to other advanced Turkey cities. As a buyer, if you compare Kusadasi property prices to other regions, you will see a notable difference, which means Kusadasi provides the mass potential for a long-term real estate investment.

  • Cash in on a profitable exchange rate in Kusadasi

You can buy all Turkish properties and Kusadasi ones in Turkish lira, which means an extremely favorable exchange rate at the moment. Because if you convert it into pounds, as a buyer you will tap into some lucrative bargains.

  • Pay in Cryptocurrency in Kusadasi real estate market

Kusadasi is among Turkish cities that embrace all new and modern things such as cryptocurrency. Sellers take notice of the cryptocurrency’s popularity and many firm constructions are now accepting payment in Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

  • Streamlined Purchasing Process in Kusadasi

One of the most important features of Turkey’s real estate market is its straightforward house buying processes. Also, it might be interesting to know that the streamlined system comes with low costs. For example, solicitors, taxes, notary, and utility transfer fees are about 5% of the purchase price.

  • Great residential neighborhoods in Kusadasi

Great residential neighborhoods in Kusadasi

If you want to buy villas for sale in Kusadasi, you have to know that its province divides into smaller areas, and all of them represent unique characteristics and plus-points. One of these places is Davutlar, a popular seaside resort among retiring Turks that many foreign buyers often look for.

How much do villas for sale in Kusadasi cost?

If you are interested in Turkish properties for sale and looking to buy a villa in Kusadasi, you have to pay attention to an important point, cost. The cost of villas in Kusadasi will change based on different factors like the neighborhood, facilities, the number of rooms, and so on. But in general, the price of villas for sale in Kusadasi starts from 80,000GBP for a rate home within a complex sharing access to a swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Another option is private Kusadasi villas that you have to pay about 130000 GBP for. Also, there are other types of villas with a premium price close to the shoreline.

What is the best villa for sale in Kusadasi?

Now, it is time to find the best opportunities to buy villas in Kusadasi. If you are here, it means you are looking to find the best villa for sale in Kusadasi, and the best suggestion would be Harmony Villas in Kusadasi. The properties of Harmony villas Sogucak at Kusadasi are among the ready-to-move projects with a lot of key features and in a perfect location. If you buy one of Harmony villas, you will access to different amenities like:

  • Underfloor heating system
  • concealed case shutter system
  • water tank for each house
  • private pool
  • sun lounger area
  • Island kitchen
  • Large balconies
  • Parking spaces


If you have some extra money and like to invest in the real estate market, you can choose to buy villas for sale in Kusadasi, Turkey. But before making any decision, I suggest you read the above text and learn more about the details of Kusadasi villas, their cost, popular neighborhoods, and so more points. You can search among the dxboffplan portal and find your favorite villa in Kusadasi. Also, we are here to help you find the best property based on your budget and preferences. Do not forget that you can ask all your questions for free 24/7 online through the site.


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