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Dreamland Villas
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Dreamland Villas

Dreamland is a stunning collection of villas for sale in Thermal area in the incredible city of Yalova. Click to get more info…

Villas for Sale in Yalova

Today, many people look to find villas for sale in Yalova. There, you can often choose quite large and rather luxurious properties much more affordable than in nearby Istanbul. Buyers sailing over the sea to buy a villa in Yalova for sale at a value for money. Continue reading and learn about the important points you have to consider when buying a villa in Yalova.

Why do people choose Yalova villas for sale?

Yalova is a well-connected place surrounded by nature as a perfect place for having a house or villa. Here, you can read about some of the Yalova villas’ advantages which attract investors.

How much should I pay for a villa for sale in Yalova?

One of the most important factors you have to consider before buying a villa in Yalova is the price. Totally, Yalova villas for sale cost starts from 200000 USD. You can buy a villa in a peaceful area, away from the city center. Also, you can choose a luxury unit in some other neighborhoods, with facilities like a swimming pool, garden, and more at the price of 350000 USD.


If you are searching for well-priced villas for sale in Yalova do not worry, because we can help you to realize your dreams. You can consult with the professional team of dxboffplan and find the budget-friendly prices, easy payment terms and make a smart investment. All you have to do is contact our online team and explain what you are looking for. We are here to find a luxurious and comfortable life for you in the center of Yalova.

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