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Villas for sale in Bursa

Villas for Sale in Bursa

Bursa is a large modern city, expanded over recent years to areas on the outskirts of the city center. Many investors choose these areas to buy villas. Today, you can find villas for sale in Bursa in different places like a large village or near the city center. If you think of buying a villa in Bursa, continue reading and learn more about the details.

Why do people choose Bursa to buy a villa?

Bursa is a province and city located in the northwest of Turkey, where many people choose its villas as a profitable investment opportunity. Let’s go through different aspects of Bursa villas that attract investors.

What are the best areas of Bursa to choose a villa?

You can buy modern villas for sale in Bursa as an investment in different areas like Mudanya. Also, you can choose the central city area or the coastal area to attract a long-term rental. Almost all of these areas are easy to access to the amenities of the city, airports, Yalova’s thermal springs, the ski resort, and Istanbul.

How much do I need to buy a villa in Bursa?

Like all other cities, the property prices of Bursa might vary based on the location and facilities. For example, you can buy a villa in lovely villages and small towns for GBP 100,000.

And about the location, the most affordable prices for villas in Bursa are on the outskirts of the city in neighborhoods like Gemlik, Mudanya, or Bademli.


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