Bulk Sale Units For Sale in Dubai

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Bulk Units for Sale in Dubai

Since the growth of the property industry in Dubai over the years, several special offers, promos and discounts have been made by developers to make  property purchases much easier. One of the popular deals that developers offer their clients is the purchase of bulk units for sale in Dubai.

Bulk units refers to multiple units for sale in Dubai offered at a special price which is usually lower than the actual sum total of the properties’ individual values. The deal applies to both residential floors for sale and commercial floors for sale in Dubai. The common examples of this offer are full floor for sale in Dubai or half floor for sale in Dubai. The bulk deal could be a combination of similar properties, like buying 10 studio apartments within the building, or could also be a combination of different properties like studio, 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments sold in one price deal.

Best Locations to Find Bulk Sale Real Estate Properties

The different bulk sale units for sale in Dubai are all over different master developments in Dubai. Jumeirah Village Circle, a popular residential neighborhood, is among the areas that offer bulk sale units. If you are looking for a full floor for sale in JVC, several buildings offer a mixture of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai promising guaranteed returns. Most of the units in the area are furnished have car parking spaces and enjoy great demand from investors.

Another area popular for multiple units for sale in Dubai is Business Bay. Being a center of business and trade, the demand for residences in the area is a perfect opportunity for you to invest in bulk sale units. Several properties offer full floor for sale in Business Bay or half floor for sale in Business Bay, which is a good opportunity to gain great returns of investment. Buying bulk sale units in Business Bay allows the investor to enjoy breathtaking views of the Dubai water Canal or the Burj Khalifa, depending on the building’s location. The area also provides heightened connectivity being linked to the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road and has its own metro station. There are also full or half commercial floors for sale in Business Bay with the choice of shell and core or fitted units.

Dubai Sports City (DSC) also counts among the areas that offer bulk sale real estate properties. The bulk sale units in Dubai Sports City boast of the golf course views and easy access to major road networks in the emirate. The common units sold in a half floor or full floor for sale in Dubai Sports City are studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.  The premier area is close to several international schools and provides the basic necessities of its residents like supermarkets, shops and even sporting facilities.

Other areas that offer multiple for sale units in Dubai are Culture Village, which is an interesting area to live as it allows you to marvel at the merging of both the old and new Dubai. Buying bulks sale units in Culture Village would cater to residents who would like to enjoy waterfront living and access to retrail, dining and entertainment facilities from popular local and international brands. The most common multiple units offered in the area are bulk studio units for sale in Culture Village.

Benefits of Buying  Bulk Units for Sale in Dubai

  1. Avail properties at discounted prices

The primary benefit of buying multiple units for sale in Dubai is the opportunity to avail a number of properties at discounted prices. If you are planning to invest heavily on real estate, you should be on the look out of the latest bulk deals in Dubai to avail great discounts which will in turn reward you with great returns.

  1. Opportunity for higher investment returns

By buying properties in wholesale price and selling them at their individual prices, investors of bulk sale real estate properties open themselves to great investment opportunities. Majority of the properties sold in bulk are projects with high demand from clients. Buying a full residential floor for sale without the immediate purpose of selling it even allows you to take advantage of the increasing price trend of real estate products over time. Investment returns for bulk sale units for sale in Dubai are commonly at 8% annually. Buying bulk properties for sale in Dubai is perfect for rentals, as you easily get your return of investment and more within a short span of time.

  1. Flexibility in income generation

Buying properties in bulk provides flexibility for the investor how he would like to earn from the units. The investor can either resell the whole bulk of units over time when the market prices are higher, or opt to sell individual units while retaining some for an ongoing rental income. Managing how your properties would earn better would be solely dependent on you.

  1. Less competition in buying bulk

While buying individual units may cause you to even lose your desired property to other buyers who book first, the market in buying bulk is much slimmer. You never have to worry about losing your desired bulk units for sale in Dubai as only a few people invest in the multiple units market.

Find the best bulk units for sale in Dubai

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