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Burj Khalifa vs Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower vs Burj Khalifa: Complete Comparison

Until recently, Burj Khalifa was the world’s tallest Tower developed by Emaar Properties. You can read all about Emaar’s spectacular feats and achievements on the list of property developers in UAE. Currently, Emaar plans to build another architectural wonder called Dubai Creek Harbour, so it’s hard to pick a winner. The new Tower is set to […]
Dubai Tourists enjoying the perfect blend of the city and seaside

Is Dubai a Good Place to Live?

Dubai is a city like no other. From its towering skyscrapers by the leading property developers in UAE and luxurious hotels to its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, Dubai is a destination that has something for everyone. But what makes it such an attractive place to live? Is it tax-free salaries, stunning architecture, or the vibrant nightlife? […]
مزایا و معایب خرید ملک در دبی

Pros & Cons of Renting vs. Buying Property in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for locals and ex-pats who like to invest in real estate properties. But there’s one big problem: most of them can’t buy or rent property in Dubai. This is because the UAE government restricts foreign nationals from owning property in certain areas. However, options such as long-term leases, freehold ownership, […]
اقامت دبی با خرید ملک

How to get uae residency by investment? 2024 Complete Guide

You might have heard you can buy property in Dubai and get residency. Dubai is a gorgeous city with ultramodern urban architecture, one-of-a-kind leisure activities, and business-friendly rules that can enchant its visitors to decide to prolong their stay indefinitely. While becoming a Dubai resident sounded like an impossible dream for many years, the new […]

What Are the Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs in Dubai?

Are you considering pursuing a career in Dubai? Are you curious about the highest and lowest paying jobs in the city? In industries like marketing and advertising, hospitality, security, and investigation, foreign employees are needed to fill the void. But remember, there are many factors to consider when choosing a job. These factors include the […]
Can Foreigners Buy Property In Dubai

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world to invest in real estate. Dubai has a well-established real estate market and offers a wide variety of residential and commercial property options. The city also enjoys a favorable tax system, a booming economy, and a strong currency, making it an ideal place for […]
What Are the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2022

What Are the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2024

As you probably know, International Property is one of the most popular options among investors. The reason is simple; investing in real estate is the best way to generate cash flow. Moreover, real estate investments are relatively low-risk and provide a steady stream of income. Furthermore, real estate can provide a hedge against inflation since […]
How To Buy Off-plan Properties In Dubai

How to Buy Off-plan Properties in Dubai?

A popular real-estate investment is buying a reasonably priced property for sale in Dubai. Off-plan properties in Dubai are also becoming increasingly popular. These properties are typically available at lower prices than those of finished properties. However, before making a purchase, it is important to do research and compare prices to ensure you are getting the […]

Best Jogging Places in Dubai

Fitness is a priority for most people today, even those who are not fitness enthusiasts. That is why Dubai has developed many areas that incorporate jogging tracks and cycling trails. There, you can find many pollution-free jogging places that provide the ideal venues and amenities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although the cost of living in […]
Amazing Facts About Palm Jumeirah You Didn’t Know Before

Amazing Facts About Palm Jumeirah You Didn’t Know Before

In today’s world, most people know Palm Jumeirah as the largest man-made island and the eighth wonder of the world. This place is known for its magnificent apartments and luxurious hotels, but there are many other interesting facts about it. In fact, Palm Jumeirah is also home to a large number of international restaurants, art […]
The Boulevard 2 Apartments At Aljada Sharjah

Interesting Facts About Vida Aljada

You might have heard the name of the Vida Aljada project as a mega-development that runs by two honorable real estate developers in the UAE, Emaar Properties and Arada Developers. It is designed to offer a unique and luxurious living experience with its range of world-class amenities and features. More than the marvelous Vida Hotels & Resorts, the fairly […]
حقایقی جالب درباره ی دبی

Amazing Facts to Know about Dubai: Before or After Travelling

Dubai is a beautiful Middle Eastern city with extraordinary features. This is why it has turned into the number one destination for business, travel, investment, and living. This amazing city is highly famous as a sought-after tourist destination offering unexpected experiences. So, here are amazing facts that you should know before traveling to Dubai. Interesting […]
Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

For years, the UAE has been presenting the newest out-of-the-box and head-turning inventions globally. They tried to expand the region in all technical aspects and make sure that travelers and residents have no problem. One of the ways that the UAE government tries to provide maximum ease and feasibility for residents and travelers is by […]
جاهای دیدنی دبی 2024

What Are Five Best Places to Visit in Dubai

While many people know Dubai as a world-class center of trade and business, it is becoming a great destination for tourists and visitors. There you can find many attractions, perfect places to relax, or properties for sale. If you want to find out some of the best places to visit in Dubai, do not miss […]
What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

Dubai is a fascinating place full of charming skyscrapers and out-of-the-box architecture. Many professionals, mostly young ones, moved to this amazing Middle Eastern city to find a high employment security option with great career growth. There are many job opportunities with different varieties of pay. Continue reading to find the top highest-paid and lowest-paid jobs […]
Best Places To Travel In 2022

Best Places To Travel In 2024

After the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2019, traveling became more challenging. Now, in 2022 some countries decide to reopen their borders tentatively. But the situation is harder than before; for example, instead of a simple visa to enter any country, you have to make piles of paperwork. During this darkness, travelers understand that exploring […]
How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2024

Most of us do not like to think about the money that we have to spend when planning our travels. While considering a travel cost is not an exciting part, you need to do it before going on any trip. Based on the destination you choose, you might need to spend a different amount of […]
Top richest People in the UAE and the World

UAE’s and the World’s Richest People in 2024

Being a business owner is no joke. There are many factors involved when conducting business operations, so it requires effort and strategy. In addition, becoming rich and succeeding in business is even more challenging. There is a high concentration of wealthy people in UAE, a country that attracts wealthy businessmen like moths to a flame. […]
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