How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2024

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Most of us do not like to think about the money that we have to spend when planning our travels. While considering a travel cost is not an exciting part, you need to do it before going on any trip. Based on the destination you choose, you might need to spend a different amount of money. If you are thinking about a Dubai trip, read the below text to consider the budget you need.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

How much does it cost to travel to Dubai?

As I told you before, traveling to Dubai is among the expensive options because there are many record-breaking shopping malls and restaurants to visit.

If you are a deep-pocket traveler, you can try different things there and enjoy your trip. But if you want to be a conscious spender, you can travel to Dubai on a budget, as there are a variety of outdoor activities like visiting public parks and resting on beautiful beaches. Also, there are many cheap eateries in all parts of the city offering an authentic taste. If you need more details to plan a smart trip to Dubai continue reading.

Transportation costs in Dubai in 2022

If you want to use public transportation on your trip to Dubai, it is good to know that you have to pay about AED729 ($198) per day.

Be careful that if you are not staying at a hotel, you need to save some cash when you arrive at Dubai airport. Because if you’re not on a package holiday, you have to pay for an airport transfer to your accommodation. To go out and visit other parts of the city, you can use the public transportation system like buses, metros, taxis at a low price.

There is another system in Dubai to pay costs like transportation. In this method, you can use a nol card, a contactless card that you can buy from the airport or other groceries and pay the costs of Dubai tram, Dubai metro, and buses.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

Food and drink costs in Dubai in 2022

If you want to travel to Dubai another important cost is the money you have to pay for your mealtimes. If you have normal eating the costs of your meals in 2022 will be something like this:

Breakfast cost: 3 – 7 USD

Lunch cost: 5 – 9.18 USD

Dinner Cost: 6.71 – 11 USD

If you do not like to spend much money on eating, a good option is to take your breakfast, lunch, dinner as snacks. The eating-out costs in Dubai can vary based on your choices. For example, which hotel you choose in which part of town. Also, if you want to save money, you can visit grocery stores and buy snacks and drinks. For instance, you can buy a bottle of water from a supermarket three times cheaper than a hotel. So, it is an economical idea to buy bottles of water and coffee from a supermarket for your daily needs.

Also, there are different options for Dinners. For example, you can have a hearty meal at lower prices if you choose a small eatery in older parts of town like Satwa, Bur Dubai, or Deira. Or choose a hotel or mall, and have the same meal at a higher cost.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

How much does it cost to use Dubai tourism features in 2022?

Another cost that you have to think about is the money you have to spend on the entertainment and activities in Dubai, which is about AED56 per person, per day. While it is expensive to experience new things in Dubai, you can not miss activities like hiring a jet ski, visiting water parks, or taking a trip into the desert. Make your daily plan before you arrive in Dubai because in this way you can book in advance and take great discounts. Also, booking with a local provider could be an economical option as they don’t charge commissions like tour operators. Now, search Google for Dubai activity discounts.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

Right now, a camel ride, as well as a morning desert safari with sandboarding, can be among your favorite choices. If you are keen on soaring to the high floors of the world’s tallest building, tickets to Burj Khalifa cost from 149 AED per adult.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

How much should I carry to Dubai for shopping?

Just like budgeting for food and drink, you should decide on the money you set aside for shopping. Before you embark on your overseas adventure, calculate how much you want to spend on gifts and souvenirs.

How to travel to Dubai on a budget 2020

You can find magnets, trinkets, and fun keepsakes for as little as Dh3 each in the shops of old Dubai. So why not have a budget for each person.

As you probably know, Dubai is a paradise for luxury shopping lovers, and shopping malls in Dubai are among the must-see attractions in this city. Again, if you are traveling to Dubai on a budget, you need to have a plan for how much you want to spend. Some travelers find the prices in Dubai more expensive than their home country, but it should be said that shopping in Dubai is something worth experiencing. So, get an idea of each item you need and buy them in Dubai!


If you want to travel to Dubai, you need to consider the costs before anything. While it is not so pleasant to think about this topic, you can have a greater holiday if you make an on-budget journey. If you do not know how to travel to Dubai on budget in 2022 do not miss the above text. Also, if you want to buy a place to stay during your travel, call the dxboffplan team and we will help you to find the best option.

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