What Are Five Best Places to Visit in Dubai

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While many people know Dubai as a world-class center of trade and business, it is becoming a great destination for tourists and visitors. There you can find many attractions, perfect places to relax, or properties for sale. If you want to find out some of the best places to visit in Dubai, do not miss this text.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

The first place I want to suggest is Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). You can find the best beaches of white sand and turquoise-blue waters. While this place is popular because of its magnificent beach destination, there is more to explore in JBR.

What are the best places to visit in Jumeirah Beach Residence?

Jumeirah Beach Residence JBR | Tourist and Residents Spot for best place to visit in Dubai

Here, you can read about some of these best places to visit in JBR:

●     The Walk JBR

This place is an exclusive passage called “The Walk” with a strip of multinational restaurants, stylish boutiques, and opulent hotels like Ritz Carlton and Hilton. You can find refreshing juice bars, gelato kiosks, and surf shops on the side. Also, you can visit the Beach market every day from 10 am to 12 am to buy fresh produce. Go on and enjoy an exciting movie date at Roxy Cinemas, where you can find food carts and shisha places at The Smoky Beach.

●     The Beach

The JBR’s Beach is the best place to relax at the end of a busy week. There are many cabanas, sun loungers, and beanbag chairs which can help you have an enjoyable experience at the seaside.

●     Splash Pad

If you are traveling with your kids, Splash Pad is where you have to visit. Your kids can enjoy the outdoor water play area with the roving-trained lifeguard. This ideal venue for family events offers temperature-controlled pools, fun games and water toys, and a refreshments corner.

●     Muscle Beach Dubai

If you want to keep working on your fitness goals during your trip, visit Muscle Beach Dubai. There, you can find complete fitness equipment such as free weights, bikes, rowing machines, and more. Also, you can run on its running track or play volleyball nearby.

●     Eat Greek Kouzina

Do not miss the Eat Greek Kouzina, because it is the best place to enjoy outdoor gatherings like picnics. The restaurant provides a picnic basket of great food like meat skewers, eggplant salad, and barbecue.

Palm Jumeirah

The second renewed island is Palm Jumeirah which has stunning beaches and unique architectural landscapes. People call this man-made island “both structural and artistic genius”. Also, you can find great properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah, such as villas, apartments, mansions, and hotels with the highest standards of luxury.

What are the best places to visit in Palm Jumeirah?

Palm Jumeirah Atlantis View | Best places to visit in dubai


If you want to know more places to visit in Palm Jumeirah, continue reading.

●     Dubai Palm Cruise Tour

I suggest taking a tour to the Dubai Palm Cruise and enjoying the stunning views of Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. With a course that starts from the West Marina, you can see the area’s internal circle to its man-made palm fronds. Also, you can enjoy the views of the five-star hotels in one of the most pleasing places.

●     Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm

The Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm is the best place for your adventure and thrills. Slide down the Leap of Faith waterslide and plunge on “shark-infested waters”. Also, there is a maze of linked waterways that will reach the Tower of Neptune. You can relax in the “lazy river” and enjoy the tropical landscape within the resort’s private beach.

●     MusicHall

If you want to have a night with a unique musical experience, choose MusicHall. It was originally birthed in Beirut, now is popular for its lively atmosphere and musical performers. It is a theater-style setup like supper clubs with various international musicians performing.

●     Willow Stream Spa

Visit this exclusive spa from Fairmont Hotel Group’s signature spa chain with different facial and grooming suites. Also, there is a rasul suite where you can experience body detox therapies, aroma steam, sauna, and ice fountains. Even if you are pregnant or somebody with high blood pressure, you can enjoy low-temperature steam in an inhalation room.

Dubai Marina

Almost all visitors believe that Dubai Marina is a magnificent location with distinctive architecture and atmosphere, where there are many iconic skylines of towers, opulence residential units, and amazing views of the marina.

What are the best places to visit in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina At Night | Best places to visit in dubai

If you want to find some of the best places to visit in Dubai Marina read the below paragraphs.

●     Rib Speedboat Sightseeing Tour

This 90-minute speedboat tour by Xclusive Yachts allows you to enjoy views of the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and the iconic skyline of the Dubai Marina district.

●     Sunset Dinner Cruise

Join the Xclusive Yachts and eat your dinner while marveling at the picturesque sunset views. This two-hour dinner cruise includes great dishes in its live pasta stations, multinational cuisine options, and a dessert bar with limitless drinks.

●     Zero Gravity Beach Club

This is an incredible beach club and entertainment compound, where you can enjoy a swim in its glass-walled infinity pool. Also, skydivers are taking a plunge at SkyDive Dubai that you might love to watch.

●    Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is a place where you can find the most popular cafes and restaurants. Also, there are famous clothing stores, boutiques, department stores, and gyms, providing most of your needs.

The World Islands

The World Islands is an undeniable place to visit in Dubai. It is a world-shaped artificial archipelago design with different clusters named after the continents. This is a unique design with amenities and exciting features like the world’s first ‘rain and snow’ lined streets.

What are the Best Places to Visit in The World Islands?

Properties for sale in The World Islands | List of Off Plan projects in The World Islands

Here, you can read about some of the best places that you have to visit in the World Island.

●     Toro Blanco

If you are looking for the finest hotspots in the Dubai dining scene, here it is. Toro Blanco serves Mediterranean cuisine from 6:00 in the evening until midnight for visitors to The World Islands. Many professional chefs serve perfect seafood dishes. You can choose to sit indoors or even outdoors and enjoy a beachfront dining experience. Also, you can find shisha in different flavors in Toro Blanco.

●     Cote D’Azur Hotel

Choose Cote D’ Azur Hotel as a five-star Mediterranean-style hotel and enjoy resting in its specially-designed premium rooms, suites, and deluxe apartments. There are balconies where you can see the amazing views of the Dubai Skyline. Also, you can use its refreshing pool amid the colorful hotel systems and make a luxury leisure experience.

Downtown Dubai

Absolutely I can not miss Downtown Dubai in the list of best places to visit in Dubai. Besides the iconic Burj Khalifa, it is an unsurpassed metropolis design bustling with activity. Today, many local and foreign investors search this place for the best property for sale in Dubai.

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Downtown Dubai?

Downtown Dubai Skyline At Night | Best places to visit in dubai

Here is a list of the amazing places to visit in Downtown Dubai.

●     Dubai Fountain

If you are visiting Downtown Dubai, make sure to visit the spectacular Dubai Fountain show. It is a musical fountain and lights show like the renowned Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. This is a daily 30 minutes show which attracts audiences and especially the kids.

●     Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

There is an Underwater Zoo with a 270-degree walk-through tunnel, which shows you the ocean biodiversity in different zones. You and your kids can enjoy seeing these creatures up-close.

●     At The Top (Burj Khalifa)

Do you like to be at the top of the world? Use the Burj Khalifa elevator to get to ‘At The Top’, or the 124th floor of the observation deck in Burj Khalifa, and enjoy the world’s highest outdoor view platform.

●     Kidzania

Take your kids to a different adventure pretending to fight fires or piloting a plane in Kidzania! This career-themed place gets kids to get a grasp of what it feels like to be a policeman, rally driver, hairdresser, and other grown-up jobs, all in a unique indoor town for kids.

●     Reel Cinemas

Take some time to relax over a good movie with Reel Cinemas! For a reasonable fee, you can experience upscale concierge services like personal delivery of your food and beverage, while under the sheets and with a pillow enjoying the film! That’s everything you need for a perfect movie night!


These are just five of the best places to visit in Dubai. If you wish to know more about the different development areas in Dubai, we will provide you with up-to-date information with photos, maps, and nearby destinations. You can also invest in properties for sale in Dubai! Begin finding the best places to visit in Dubai by browsing our comprehensive list of developments here. Explore the beauty of Dubai with dxboffplan.com.

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The best children's entertainment in Dubai includes water parks and amusement parks or even visiting Dubai Gardens.

The best places to visit in Dubai are from the Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Water Park, which we have completely introduced to you in this article.

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