fe What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

Dubai is a mesmerizing place where you find yourself in the heart of fascinating skyscrapers as well as out of the box architecture. Over the past few years, this amazing Middle Eastern city has gained immense popularity among young professionals. The reason for such tendency is high employment security and great career growth that this amazing city offers. Here are top highest paid as well as lowest paid jobs in Dubai with salaries and allowances. Read on to the end…

Dubai is highly renowned for an exotic lifestyle in addition to quick career advancements. It is one of the world’s safest cities and a great business hub, with offices of almost all multi-nationals positioned in Dubai.

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

The living expenses in Dubai are pretty high. And this is why job hunters look for jobs with high salary in Dubai. There are a wide array of jobs in Dubai that offer different types of pays as per the skills of the employee. There are many job seekers that are highly qualified for jobs in Dubai like the CEO or chief financial officers and earn up to 200,000 Dirham per month.

According to a survey, Dubai is the most popular place for Bankers and other professionals from Europe. However, this amazing city is also popular with managers, sales professionals, lawyers, on construction sites, surveyors, project managers, accountants, supervisors, and professionals in finance. It is interesting to note that Dubai has no minimum wage rates and you will be paid based on your age, qualification, experience, or nationalities.

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

The lower pay scale jobs are for the office managers, administrators, receptionists, personal assistants, and customer service teams. The figures below are supplied by a survey performed this year.

High paying jobs in Dubai

Here is a list of high paying jobs in Dubai that you can apply for…

  1. Chief Marketing Executive

The duty of CMOs is to look after the marketing operations of the company. Their role also includes promoting the brand of the company. CMOs have to design the marketing strategies and promote the brand of the product and services. This job is one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai and the applicants require a degree in sales and marketing, along with experience.

Salary: 488,000 AED (most experienced)

  1. Finance and accounting professionals

Chief financial officers are the main strategy consultants of the company. This is why they are paid a higher salary. They are responsible for all the decisions regarding accounting, finance, profits, and investments. To be a professional in the field, you need to be proficient in accounting, finance, and in delivering shareholder values.

Salary: around 20,000 AED

  1. Lawyers

Lawyers are very important for all the organizations. This is because they are responsible for all the legal matters and protect the businesses from a legal perspective. Lawyers draft all the legal agreements and contracts along with legal advice. If you have the required law degree and experience then you can easily be a lawyer in Dubai.

Salary: 60,000 AED

  1. Doctors

Doctors are in great demand all around the world, especially surgeons, neurologists, gynecologists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. In Dubai, being a doctor is a highly valued and highly paid position, however, experience and training of minimum 8-10 years is required. Some specialists such as cardiologists or neurologists can earn up to 180,000 per month!

Salary: 180,000 AED

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

  1. Bankers

Bankers in the retail sector, the corporate sector, and in other fields are highly required in Dubai. This is because they are decision makers of long-term loans and other investments that are lucrative for the banks. Employees in the banking sector receive high salaries and Dubai is quite popular in this sector.

Salary: 49,000 AED

  1. Engineers

There are various fields in engineering including a mechanical, computer, electrical, etc. Engineers are required in different construction projects. But many years of experience provides better jobs in Dubai. With more and more expertise in the field, you can gain high ranking in this job.

Salary: 144,000 to 170,000 AED

  1. IT Managers

The responsibility of IT managers include managing projects of businesses such as their design, support, development, and testing. The IT managers need to coordinate and set up the IT department. The IT manager has roles such as determining policies, team management, and organizing the entire setup. Experience required is about 10-12 years and you, as an IT manager, must be up to date with the latest technologies.

Salary: 117,000 AED

15 Most In-Demand Jobs In The World

  1. Merchandizers

As the merchandizers have to make important decisions about the brand, they have a great role in the retail sector of organizations. If you are interested in this job, you must be in touch with the latest industry trends. Besides, they need to have the potential to encourage customers towards the product or services. A degree in retail management or a marketing degree can help you reach great ranking as a merchandiser.

  1. Pilots

There is a high demand for professionally qualified pilots in Dubai. This is because a large number of big airlines such as Etihad, Emirates or FyDubai operate from Dubai. Pilots in Dubai are also entitled to great perks like school fees, allowances, as well as free houses.

Salary: 58,000 AED

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

Low paying jobs in Dubai

Apart from high paying jobs in Dubai, we have also provided a list of lowest paying jobs in Dubai.

Manual labor jobs in Dubai are among the lowest paid ones. These kinds of jobs include categories like gardeners, security guards, drivers, and maids. Jobs in nursing sector, tourism, receptionists and secretaries are also paid less in comparison to management and professional jobs. Their salaries are around 2,500 AED per month…

  1. Teaching

Although teaching is a respected profession, teaching in Dubai is not among high paying jobs. The salary also is based on the qualification and experience of the teacher.

Salary: 2,400 to 4,000 AED

  1. Accountant

Middle-level accountants in Dubai receive lower salaries compared to managers and other professional jobs. However, the salary depends on their experience and expertise along with qualification and nationality.

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

  1. Bar Manager

The jobs of a bar manager are also among low paid jobs in the UAE. However, you need to be hard-working as a bar manager. You don’t need many skills to become a bar manager.

  1. Driver

Drivers of school buses are not paid much compared to bus and taxi drivers in Dubai. However, having a valid license and experience in the field is required. The salary paid ranges from Dh. 2000-4500 that depends on their experience and type of vehicle.

  1. Maids and nannies

Maids and Nannies mostly come from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. This job also falls under the category of lowest paid ones. Although a hard work is required for this job, the salary paid is not quite good.

  1. Personal assistant

Personal assistants are required in every organization for the employees on top positions. It requires many skills and also high qualification to handle everyday functions in a company. Individuals who look for the position of a personal assistant may receive a high salary or a low one. It strongly depends on the scale of organization or their nationality.

  1. Laborer

Most of laborers in Dubai come from other developing countries and this job is amongst the lowest paying jobs in Dubai. For this position, you can apply for the job and can expect a salary ranging from Dh.600-1500. Again, the salary depends on you.

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