What are the highest and lowest-paying jobs in the UAE in 2022?

When you want to choose a job, you have to consider some factors, like the balance between work and life, employment security, and most especially the earning. Today, many expats choose the UAE to live, as this is one of the best countries to work in. While the expense of living there is high, you can find many jobs with high pay. If you are looking to find a high pay job with a positive impact on society, continue reading. Here, you can see a list of high-paid and low-paid jobs in the UAE.

What are the three highest-paid jobs in Dubai?

Like everywhere else, experts with higher ranks will earn more money, too.

  • Based on the survey of working employees in the UAE chief executive officers like CEOs and CFOs are the highest-paid positions in the UAE. If you want to know more, I have to say that the minimum salary for these jobs is about Dh200,000 a month.
  • The other high-pay job category is sales professionals, mostly followed by managerial roles in construction. It might be interesting to know that the median earnings for project directors and facilities managers are the highest.
  • According to this survey, the third place is for lawyers. And other groups like supply chain, accounting, and finance are the next ones.

What are the highest and lowest paying jobs in the UAE in 2019

List of some common jobs with salaries in the UAE:

While you have found out the most paying jobs in UAE, there are jobs in UAE with low-paying. For example, office support professionals like receptionists, personal assistants, customer service staff, office managers, and administrators are the lowest-paid jobs in the UAE.

●    Sales professionals

Median salary per month: 38,500

Highest: Sales director (40,000 to 91,500/ Average: 65,000)

Lowest:  Sales support/executive (4,500 to 18,000/ Average: 12,000)

●    Construction/ project managers, surveyors, facilities supervisors, HSEQ professionals

Median salary per month: 33,000

Highest: C-suite/principal level (55,500 to 200,000/ Average: 97,000)


●    Lawyers

Median salary: 32,250

Highest:Chief legal officer/ general counsel (55,000 to 106,000/ Average:86,500)

Lowest:Legal coordinator/assistant (10,000 to 16,000/ Average: 13,000)

●    Supply chain professionals

Median salary: 31,250

Highest: Supply chain/procurement director (55,000 to 70,000/ Average: 55,500)

Lowest: Logistics officer/coordinator (8,000 to 17,000/ Average: 10,500)

●    Accountants and finance professionals

Median salary: 30,000

Highest: Group chief financial officer/ large firm (40,000 to 180,000/ Average:160,000)

Lowest: Accounts assistant (Range: 6,000 to 10,000/ Average 8,000)

●    Marketing executives

Median pay: 26,500

Highest: Chief marketing officer/VP Marketing (60,000 to 100,000 Average: 80,000)

Lowest: Marketing/ digital/PR/ social media executive (10,000 to 20,000/ Average: 15,000)

●    Architects and designers

Median pay: 25,500

Highest: Principal level (48,000 to 90,000/ Average: 60,000)

Lowest: Interior designer (11,000 to 20,000/ Average: 15,500)

●    Property/ leasing consultants

Median salary: 25,000

Highest: Senior development manager (50,000 to 65,000/ Average: 58,000)


●    Human resources professionals

Median salary: 25,000

Highest: HR director (29,000 to 70,000/ Average: 50,000)

Lowest: Recruiter (5,000 to 11,500/ Average: 8,000)

●    Information technology directors, support staff/assistants

Median salary: 24,000

Highest: IT director/CIO (35,000 to 75,000/ Average: 51,500)

Lowest: IT support/Assistant (5,000 to 11,000/ Average: 7,500)

●    Engineers, assistant/ junior engineers

Median salary: 23,000

Highest: Project director (45,000 to 91,000/ Average: 65,000)

Lowest:  Assistant/junior engineer (4,000 to 11,000/ Average: 6,000)

●    Receptionists, customer service, office support staff

Median salary: 17,000

Highest: Executive assistant (12,000 to 40,000/ Average: 21,000)

Lowest: Receptionist/ customer service (5,000 to 15,000/ Average: 11,000)

What Are Highest And Lowest Paying Jobs In Dubai?

How can I get a good job in Dubai?

Now, you know about UAE jobs and payments, and it is time to find a good job in Dubai. Read the three points below as a guide to finding a good job opportunity in Dubai.

●    Prepare a good CV

Imagine you want to buy a product, how important is the salesman presentation. A good resume is the same as an advertisement. Use it to show your skills, experiences, and sometimes academic achievements.

●    Register on job sites

Fortunately, there are websites to find a good job. For example, “indeed.ae” is a website people use to search for a job in the UAE. What you have to do is to upload your CV, and wait for a call from the recruiter.

●    Company website

There is an easier way than looking for a job on a third-party website. You can search for your favorite job on big international or local companies’ websites, for example, companies like Fly Dubai, or Marriot website. Also, you can search KPMG as a finance firm to find jobs related to finance.



If you are a person who wants to continue your life in the UAE or need to find a job there because of any other reason, do not miss the above text. There, you can read about the highest and lowest-paying jobs in UAE. If you have other questions, call the online team of dxboffplan, where our experts are ready to consult you.

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