fe What are the highest and lowest paying jobs in the UAE in 2019?

What are the highest and lowest paying jobs in the UAE in 2019?

As you probably know, the UAE is one of the best countries to work in. A reason for this subject is that employees in this country are paid well.

When people are looking for job, they consider some factors. For instance, balance between work and life, and employment security are the main factors. However, the salary of job is also very important. Given the high expenses of living in the UAE, this factor also is considered as the main one.

After that, people want to have a positive impact on society. Here are some high-paid and low-paid jobs in the UAE. The data brought here, are based on a survey of working employees in the UAE.

It is obvious that professionals with higher positions have higher salaries. This is true for other countries. Take, chief executive officers, for example. CEOs and CFOs usually are highest paid individuals in the UAE. To be more precise, the minimum salary for these jobs is Dh200,000 a month.

However, in terms of median salaries, sales professionals sit high. This position is followed by those with managerial roles in construction. For example,  the median salaries for project managers and facilities supervisors are the highest among other jobs.

According to the survey, lawyers get the third biggest salary in the UAE. Another group includes supply chain, accounting, and finance fields.

Office support professionals are among the lowest paid workers in the UAE. This category includes receptionists, personal assistants, customer service staff, office managers and administrators.

What are the highest and lowest paying jobs in the UAE in 2019

Here are the list of jobs with salaries in the UAE:

  1. Sales professionals

Median salary per month: 38,500

Highest: Sales director (40,000 to 91,500/ Average: 65,000)

Lowest:  Sales support/executive (4,500 to 18,000/ Average: 12,000)

  1. Construction/ project managers, surveyors, facilities supervisors, HSEQ professionals

Median salary per month: 33,000

Highest: C-suite/principal level (55,500 to 200,000/ Average: 97,000)


  1. Lawyers

Median salary: 32,250

Highest:Chief legal officer/ general counsel (55,000 to 106,000/ Average:86,500)

Lowest:Legal coordinator/assistant (10,000 to 16,000/ Average: 13,000)

  1. Supply chain professionals

Median salary: 31,250

Highest: Supply chain/procurement director (55,000 to 70,000/ Average: 55,500)

Lowest: Logistics officer/coordinator (8,000 to 17,000/ Average: 10,500)

  1. Accountants and finance professionals

Median salary: 30,000

Highest: Group chief financial officer/ large firm (40,000 to 180,000/ Average:160,000)

Lowest: Accounts assistant (Range: 6,000 to 10,000/ Average 8,000)

  1. Marketing executives

Median pay: 26,500

Highest: Chief marketing officer/VP Marketing (60,000 to 100,000 Average: 80,000)

Lowest: Marketing/ digital/PR/ social media executive (10,000 to 20,000/ Average: 15,000)

  1. Architects and designers

Median pay: 25,500

Highest: Principal level (48,000 to 90,000/ Average: 60,000)

Lowest: Interior designer (11,000 to 20,000/ Average: 15,500)

  1. Property/ leasing consultants

Median salary:  25,000

Highest: Senior development manager (50,000 to 65,000/ Average: 58,000)


  1. Human resources professionals

Median salary:  25,000

Highest: HR director (29,000 to 70,000/ Average: 50,000)

Lowest: Recruiter (5,000 to 11,500/ Average: 8,000)

  1. Information technology directors, support staff/assistants

Median salary:  24,000

Highest: IT director/CIO (35,000 to 75,000/ Average: 51,500)

Lowest: IT support/Assistant (5,000 to 11,000/ Average: 7,500)

  1. Engineers, assistant/ junior engineers

Median salary:  23,000

Highest: Project director (45,000 to 91,000/  Average: 65,000)

Lowest:  Assistant/junior engineer (4,000 to 11,000/ Average: 6,000)

  1. Receptionists, customer service, office support staff

Median salary:  17,000

Highest: Executive assistant (12,000 to 40,000/ Average: 21,000)

Lowest: Receptionist/ customer service (5,000 to 15,000/ Average: 11,000)

Some tips to get a good job in Dubai

  1. Prepare a good CV

You should consider yourself a product. So, a good resume is like an advertisement of your abilities. You should write about your skills, experiences and sometimes academic achievements.

  1. Register on job sites

There are some useful websites that can help you find a good job. For instance, “indeed.ae” is a website that can help you find your desired job in the UAE. You should upload your CV, then wait for a call from the recruiter.

  1. Company website

In fact, this way of searching is much easier than looking for job in a third-party website such as indeed. This is because big international or local companies have their own websites. So, you do not have to waste your time by searching in other websites.

For instance, aviation companies such as Emirates and Fly Dubai have their own website. Also, Marriot is a hospitality company that has a website. In addition to this, KPMG is a finance firm that you can search for jobs related to finance.

*most of the information above was based on Gulf News website.

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