What Are the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2022

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As you probably know, The International Property is one of the most popular options among investors. The reason is simple; investing in real estate is the best way to generate cash flow. Here are some of the best places to invest in real estate in 2022. Read this to the end…

Where should I choose as an investment destination in 2022?

Here is a list of the best cities and states that you can choose as an investment opportunity in 2022.

●    Dubai

The first place I want to introduce as a great investment option in 2022 is Dubai. Today, many investors believe that Dubai is one of the wealthiest ones in the world because more than a profitable investment, it brings you tremendous benefits.

The first benefit is that buying property in Dubai helps you to get a Dubai Residence Visa. More than that, there are other options like tax-free businesses, the highest levels of safety, low levels of crime, world-class infrastructures, and excellent living conditions that put Dubai among the first choice of property investment. It might be interesting for you to know that it is among the most tax-friendly places in the world with rental taxes of 5%.

Where to buy property in Dubai 2022?

To answer this most asked question, I have to say that you can find different neighborhoods with various features in Dubai. Most of these neighborhoods provide world-class amenities required for high-standard living. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, The World Island, and Jumeirah Village Circle are the most preferred areas.

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●    Fortaleza

Another famous place that I suggest to you for a beneficial investment in 2022 is Fortaleza. It is a popular place in the northeast of Brazil and famous for its tropical beaches. Previously, this region faced an increasing market share. Based on the Forbes data, as the property prices in Fortaleza dropped by 8%, it will provide you with a good rental income.


●    Baltimore

If you are looking for beneficial property investment, Baltimore’s real estate market could be a good option. We believe it’s a good real estate market in 2022 because of the strong and diverse job market, steady population growth, and affordable housing. While home costs in Baltimore are a bit higher than the national standard, it is not impossible to find profitable cases with lower prices.

●    Croatia

The third option should be Croatia, a favorite place for tourists. Each year many visitors travel to this region because of its geopolitical location and unique islands. It attracted the attention of more investors during the last four years. Based on the claims, if the expectation of 7% growth in 2022 becomes true, this place will be among the crowned ones in the real estate sector.


●    North Carolina

I can not miss North Carolina on my list. This place was named among the top countries in the business field last year. And the majority number of these projects were in terms of the real estate sector. Predictors expect great progress for property investors of North Carolina in 2022 based on the 10.6% increase in value based on the importance of family houses and the 1.7% growth in population.

North Carolina

●    Birmingham

The other option for your property investment in 2022 is England’s ancient industrial city, Birmingham. It has recently shone brightly as the heart of the economic sector. We predict a brighter future for the Birmingham Real Estate market in 2022 based on the price growth of 19.5 percent and a 12 percent increase in rents.

●    Atlanta

You can find a beneficial option in the Atlanta housing market in 2022. This year many investors look for the best places to buy in Atlanta because it is still affordable. Also, we predict rapid job and population growth there, so the Atlanta housing market has the potential for impressive equity growth.



If you are looking to make profitable and rational moves in investment, here is what you need. Read the above text for more information about the best property investment spots in 2022. Also, we are here if you have any other questions. The dxboffplan team tries to find you the best investment opportunity based on your situation and budget.

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