fe How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE

How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE

As you probably know, the job market of the UAE is one of the most competitive ones in the world. This is because of the large number of applicants not only local ones but also regional and global applicants. Therefore, preparing proper profile is crucial to catch the attention of the employers.

How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE

As Dubai is a top city in the world, people of other countries tend to relocate to it. This makes Dubai’s job market extremely competitive.

According to the HR executives, they receive CVs from all around the world. So, the competition is highly intense.

Therefore, populating and humanizing the CV is extremely important. It means the content of CV should not be robotic.

You may think that you should look for a job when you lose your job. However, the truth is that looking for a job is a non-stop process. Actually, you should be always alert building your personal profile.

When you are applying for a job through online applications, it is extremely important to use keywords. These keywords help you be more discoverable. So, the employing process would be easier.

Your profile should give the employer detailed information about your right skills. If your profile is not complete, no one will find out about you. Therefore, only having a profile is not enough. The most important component in getting a job is managing and building content. As well as that, creating your network is highly crucial.

Engaging with professionals in the related field and stay in touch with them is one of the most vital things you need to do. It will help you know more about what is happening around you. In addition, the aesthetic look of your profile is of great importance.

How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE

You should be aware that your profile is so precious. You should think of it as your identity like your passport or ID. One of the reason for this is that your profile is a tool to expose yourself. Naturally, employers are not willing to hire those who have been fired. They are interested in those applicants who are currently employed.

One of the common mistakes that most of the applicants make is not completing their profiles. If your application is not complete, it will decrease your chance to get hired.

As well as all of these steps, uploading a picture will help you compete with your opponents. In fact, uploading a picture can help you be seen nine times more than when you do not this.

Marwan Al Nemr, public sector director for the Mena at LinkedIn, advised people to commit their work and after a while, people will approach them.

Therefore, according to what has been discussed above, preparing the proper profile is necessary to get hired. You should do your best to prepare a profile which is attention-grabbing. Also, your profile should help the employer discover you as easily as possible.


*Written by: Maral Aryanpour

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