How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE
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How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE?

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The job market of the UAE is popular as one of the most competitive ones in the whole world with a large number of local, regional, and global applicants. So, you have to make a proper profile to acquire the employer’s attention. If you do not know how to do it, continue reading and learn how to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE.

How do you make a great CV to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE?

Dubai developments are popular destination for people who want to relocate from the whole world, which causes Dubai’s job market to be extremely competitive. As UAE employers receive many CVs from all around the world every day, you need to make a unique CV to grab attention. Here is a list of points that you can do to make a great CV.

  • The first important point is to populate and humanize your CV and prevent sending robotic CV content.
  • If you believe that you have to start looking for a job when you lose your job, you will not be successful. Instead, you have to look for a job as a non-stop process. And always be alert to build your personal profile.
  • If you are searching for a job from online applications, you have to use proper keywords and try to be more discoverable.
  • Include detailed information about your right skills in your CV. No one will care about a not complete resume.

How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE

How to make a great network profile and increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE?

Another important part of getting a job is that you have to manage and build content and network. You need to engage with professionals in the appropriate fields and stay in touch with them. In this way, you can be aware of what is happening around you. Here are some points that you have to take care of when you want to make a great profile for your social media channels to find a job.

  • First of all, the aesthetic look of your profile is of great importance.
  • Your profile is as important as your passport or ID, so use it as a tool to expose yourself.
  • Pay attention that employers do not like to hire those who have been fired, so instead of that mention your current jobs.
  • Try to complete your profiles to increase your chance to get hired.
  • Above all these steps, uploading a picture is essential when you want to compete with your opponents.
  • Totally, when you upload a picture, it will help you to be seen nine times more.

Marwan Al Nemr, public sector director for Mena at LinkedIn, advised people to commit to their work and after a while, people will approach them.

How to increase the chance of getting hired in the UAE


Based on the above text, if you want to get hired in UAE, you need to prepare a great CV and online profile. In this way, you can grab the attention of employers who discover you. If you get hired in UAE and need to find a property for sale, you can count on us. Here in dxboffplan, we will help you find the best property for sale based on your budget and preferences. You can contact our team online 24/7 for free.

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