Is Dubai a Good Place to Live?

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Since years ago, many expats who want to move somewhere to succeed and grow, choose the United Arab Emirates as a hotspot. When you decide to move to Dubai or other emirates, you will never regret it. If you want to know why people choose to live and work in the UAE, continue reading.

Professional Opportunities in Dubai are vast

Why do people choose UAE as a place to move and live?

As I mentioned in previous years, many expats choose UAE and especially Dubai as a place to move in. If you want to know why, read the list of reasons that cause UAE and Dubai to be great places to live.

●    The vast professional opportunities in UAE

While you work in Dubai, you can earn money well and explore incredible opportunities for your business. With a thriving community, Dubai is becoming a global hub for business. So, no matter what your field is, Dubai paves the way for you towards success!

Dubai beach lifestyle; Dubai Earnings are tax free in the UAE

●    Earnings are tax-free in the UAE

While it might be hard to believe, your income in the UAE is tax-free, which causes you a huge benefit. So you can improve your bank account balance as quickly as possible and be ready for a relaxing retirement.

Happy Couple in Dubai; the UAE wants everybody to be happy

●    Enjoy the UAE perfect blend of city and seaside

Dubai is one of the most livable cities in the world because of its pristine beaches and luxurious and ultra-new urban architecture. The perfect blend of urban design and beauty of nature gives the residents and also the visitors a unique experience.

Dubai Tourists enjoying the perfect blend of the city and seaside

●    Dubai is an international transport hub

Dubai International airport is the result of a highly diverse population, and one of the busiest in the world. The great benefit of this airport is that it is as near as 5-6 hours to most tourist destinations.

You can take a holiday to Greece or Bali. Neither of these options will cost you too much. Even if you’re already halfway to Australia, while the Far East is within easy striking distance. The possibilities are endless!

●    Safety is paramount in the UAE

If you have ever moved to a new place, you know that feeling safe is an important factor. Today, Dubai is one of the safest cities because of its strict laws for both residents and travelers.

Safety matters to any person. So, it should be said that there will be no worries about personal safety in the UAE. 42% of the prisoners in Dubai are there for failing to pay debts. It is a volume of civil prisoners that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Dubai is an international transport hub

●    Culture is growing and thriving in the UAE.

Today the traditional cultures, languages, and religions of the UAE are not what you will face in Dubai as a resident and visitor. The new version of Dubai is an amazing place full of cultures, religions, and languages from all over the world evoking a real community feels. It means you can meet someone unique, or learn something new every day.

Dubai expat lifestyle, excellent support for expats

●    Feel pure freedom in Dubai.

You might hear scary and strict news from the press about Dubai, but life in Dubai is exactly the opposite of that. The UAE respects your freedom and belief. For example, you can wear what you want (not in places of worship), drink alcohol (you have to buy an alcohol license from the state). Also, you can make relationships and dating just like what you do at home.

Safety in Dubai for residents and tourists alike is paramount

●    Beautiful and affordable properties in Dubai

Dubai is among the few places in the world where you can find a range of beautiful properties to live in. More interestingly, most of these homes are very cheap to buy. However, renting a house in Dubai can be considerably more expensive.

Downtown Dubai; Properties in Dubai are both beautiful and affrodable

●    The world’s best shopping malls in Dubai

Dubai is a great place for you to spend all your extra money, or if you are crazy about shopping. Everybody knows that Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations in the world with a selection of shopping malls and high streets chock-a-block with designer stores.

Tourist shopping in the world's best shopping malls in dubai

●    Dubai strong, and stable economy

Previously the economy of the United Arab Emirates relied on oil. However, recently they try to divert it to tourism and technological industries, which causes rapid growth and stable currency.

Businesses, lifestyles, and banking rates all remain favorable for both residents and tourists. Now, Dubai and the UAE are global hubs for finance as well as international business.

Dubai residents and tourists adapting to cultural diversity

●    High educational standards

If you want to travel to Dubai with your family, be sure that it is a great selection, because you can make a situation for your families and children to grow. Your children can use the safe environment of Dubai to educate for a better future.

Dubai is home to an array of international schools with high grades, dual-language opportunities, numerous extra-curricular activities, and favorable rating tables.

Dubai people enjoying the freedom given

●    Additional benefits of Abu Dhabi

You can choose to buy a property in Abu Dhabi, a beautiful city that offers many enormous benefits. You can find many affordable houses to buy in Abu Dhabi and lower price rents. Also, you can experience different activities like enjoying the peace of Corniche beach, or a music concert on Yas Island development.

United Arab Emirates has a stable economy and rapid growth

●    There’s no language barrier in the UAE

Some people think they can not live in Dubai, because they do not know Arabic. It might be interesting to know that there is no language barrier in this beautiful country, and while knowing Arabic would be helpful, you can easily live there if you can speak English.

Dubai and different nationalities, there is no language barrier in this city

●    The highest quality of UAE living

You may have heard of the happiest places or the best places to live on earth. But, it should be said that Dubai always sits high on this amazing list.

Dubai has high educational standards for children

●    UAE supports the Expats

As Dubai is full of people who come from different places like the UK, India, and elsewhere, there will be no difference between you and the UAE nationals. Also, there are many clubs and social groups for expats. So, you can easily make friends!

●    UAE offers the new 10 Year Visa and 100% foreign ownership

If you are an investor who chooses UAE as your preferred destination, there is a piece of good news. The UAE government recently has introduced a long-term residency visa that allows you to stay longer. Also, you can use this opportunity as a benefit to becoming UAE residents. These kinds of visas can be extended for family members. The UAE has opened its doors to those who can succeed and make the country succeed!

At the same time, 100% foreign ownership of companies is allowed in the UAE. Previously, businesses outside free trade zones had to have a UAE national partner with minimum ownership of 51%.

Abu Dhabi Skyline View; A city also within the UAE

●    The UAE wants everybody to be happy.

In the UAE, happiness is a series of businesses. It’s interesting to note that the UAE has a Happiness Minister alongside happiness summits, happiness officers, and also happiness meters!

The government of the UAE has left no stone unturned to build an environment where people are so happy. So if happiness matters to you, the UAE is the perfect place to go.

●    UAE help you to widen your outlook on life

No matter whether you choose to make the UAE your permanent home, or live in it for just a few years, it is guaranteed to change your outlook on life.

From the heady world of expat business to exotic Arab culture, you’ll learn new attitudes, make new friends, and never look at the world in the same way again.

Dubai desert horizon view


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