خرید خانه در ترکیه یا دبی
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Is it better to buy property in Dubai or Turkey?

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4.9/5 - (8 votes)

Should one purchase a home and make their permanent residence in Dubai or Turkey? This is a question that often crosses the minds of potential immigrants, visitors, and business investors. Both in terms of tourist and business opportunities, Dubai and Turkey are among the world’s most significant and competitive locations.

In the following, we will supply you with information about if it is better to buy property in Dubai or Turkey by comparing the way of life in Dubai and Turkey as well as the process of purchasing property there.

خرید خانه در ترکیه یا دبی

Dubai vs Turkey: Buy property and invest your money

Many individuals intend to purchase real estate in Dubai or Turkey; nonetheless, it is quite necessary to purchase real estate in Dubai or Turkey. You need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge about living in Dubai and Turkey and purchasing property there to be able to purchase real estate in any of these countries. Also, we suggest you learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the UAE.

People who take vacations in Dubai or Turkey often consider relocating permanently to such countries with the goal of eventually becoming homeowners there. Also, you should always know the living conditions in the UAE before travelling to this country. Knowing these facts will help you to make better decisions for your future.

Comparison of life in Dubai and Turkey

UAE and Turkey are two highly significant nations that are located in close proximity to our nation. Both of them are regarded to be quite sophisticated nations in terms of tourism, the economy, society, and a great deal of other things. It’s possible that you can’t determine if purchasing real estate in Dubai or Turkey is the better investment. Also, knowing the monthly salary of a simple worker in the UAE will help you decide better.

Living and working in Dubai and Turkey are completely distinct experiences, and it’s possible that one country has circumstances that are distinct from the other. Following this, we are going to discuss with you some facts about Dubai and Turkey in regard to living, as well as the question of whether or not it is preferable to purchase property in Dubai or Turkey. Things like these will surely influence the decisions you make.

Cost of living in Dubai and Turkey

In comparison to Turkey, the cost of living in Dubai are much greater. In fact, relocating to Dubai or travelling to Turkey will cause you to pay more costs than travelling to some other countries. However, the price of this service in Dubai, a highly abundant and well-known city, will be more expensive than in Turkey. Also, obtaining Dubai residency through company registration is easier in Dubai.

Due to the increased number of services and insurance options available to ex-pats in Dubai, medical care costs in UAE are much greater there than in Turkey. In spite of the fact that both of these countries are leaders in the field of medical tourism throughout the globe, Turkey offers more affordable treatment options. In addition, certain public hospitals in Turkey provide free medical treatments to persons with health insurance.

Dubai vs Turkey: Cost of Food and Restaurant

The cost of food in Dubai is higher than in Turkey. If you dine at one of Dubai’s high-end restaurants, you may have to shell out a significant sum of money, but the cuisine is sure to be delicious.

Nevertheless, the cost of food at an average restaurant in Istanbul is 36% less expensive than the cost of food in Dubai. While purchasing raw ingredients and cooking may be less costly in Dubai than in Turkey, the difference in cost will still be noticeable.

Unemployment Rate and life expectancy in Dubai and Turkey

Turkey is considered to be one of the growing industrial nations, and its unemployment rate is higher than that of Dubai. Turkey’s unemployment rate is nearly 12.94%, which is much higher than the unemployment rate in the United Arab Emirates, which is close to 2.45%.

Statistics from the year 2020 indicate that the average life expectancy in Turkey is 73 years for males and 78 years for women. In Dubai, the average life expectancy for males is 78 years, while it is 80 years for women. In comparison to Turkey, life expectancy in the United Arab Emirates is roughly 3.3 years greater.

In the following post, you can learn more about the differences and similarities between living in these two cities: Is it better to live in Dubai or Turkey?

Dubai vs. Turkey; which one is better

Buying property in Dubai and Turkey

We have reached a pivotal stage in our discussion to determine whether purchasing real estate in Dubai or Turkey is more advantageous. Getting residence in any of these nations, having access to a higher level of assistance, paying less rent, and feeling more secure are all possible outcomes that may result from investing in real estate there. In fact, Dubai’s residence through financial capability is a good idea for migrating to this city.

Because Dubai and Turkey have robust and developed economies, purchasing real estate and investing in either country may help one make more money and improve their financial situation. In addition, it is possible to acquire property in these two places by making instalment payments over time. Read the following post if you want more information on buying property in Dubai in instalments.

Buying property and investing in Turkey

It is possible to gain permanent residency in Turkey by purchasing a home there. This stay, of course, is subject to a number of criteria and guidelines. For instance, in order for you to qualify for provisional residence, the home you want to purchase must have a value of at least $75,000 in order for you to qualify.

This number exceeds over 400,000 USD for those seeking permanent residency. Also, if you are interested in other countries like Turkey, then buying a property and obtaining a North Cyprus residency visa is a good option.

Buy property in Turkey with the best profit margin

If you acquire real estate in Turkey at this time, you’ll be able to take advantage of the country’s rising construction and demand levels, which will position you to benefit from potential price appreciation. You may also acquire real estate in Turkey’s most popular tourist towns and then rent it out to tourists and other travellers.

Because it aspires to join the European Union, Turkey has adopted the same lifestyle choices that are common in that region. You may obtain the level of comfort and well-being you seek by purchasing real estate in Turkey, where the quality of living is comparable to that of Europe.

Buying property and investing in Dubai

You may get residence in the United Arab Emirates for a period of two years if you purchase a home in Dubai. In this manner, you are required to submit an application for residency to the government three months after purchasing your property.  Also, you should know the countries you can travel to with UAE residency. So buying property will help you even more to get this residency.

The government will determine the value of the home, and if it is more than one million dirhams, you will be eligible for residency in Dubai. Don’t forget to check out this post from Dxboffplan for additional details: Guide to Buying Property in Dubai.

Buy property in Dubai and get a Golden Visa

The availability of a golden visa is one of the factors that should be considered when deciding whether it is preferable to purchase a property in Dubai or Turkey. This factor is both significant and beneficial. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) golden visa is a visa that provides greater perks. So if you are interested in buying property in Dubai, you definitely need a list of property developers in UAE.

If you have a golden visa for the United Arab Emirates, you may remain in Dubai for up to ten years. One of its advantages is that it benefits your family’s health. Investors, founders of companies, retirees, individuals with extraordinary abilities, notable students, and campaigners for human rights are all eligible for the UAE golden visa.

Make more money by purchasing property in Dubai

If you purchase a home in Dubai, you can quickly generate a respectable income by renting it out since the rent is so high. This problem helps you determine if it is more beneficial for you to purchase real estate in Dubai or in Turkey.

Because the real estate market in Dubai is so well-known and easily accessible, many investors go there to make property purchases. As a result, if you own property in Dubai, you can sell it for a favourable price. You may get information on how to sell a property in Dubai by going to dxboffplan.com.

Choose a country based on your talents

Important tips for buying a property in Dubai and Turkey

You should consider The local tax rate when choosing between purchasing real estate in Dubai or Turkey. If you buy a home in Dubai, you won’t have to worry about paying a yearly tax on the property you’ve purchased there. The city of Dubai is characterised by an exceptionally high degree of safety.

In addition to the fact that the city’s police force does an excellent job of ensuring the public’s safety, this city also has relatively low criminal activity rates as a result of favourable economic circumstances. Despite its higher prices, Dubai remains a very forward-thinking city overall. You will experience a significant increase in prosperity and comfort if you decide to reside in Dubai and invest in real estate there.

Conclusion on buying property in Dubai or Turkey

Both Dubai and Turkey are excellent options for anyone looking to live a comfortable life or make profitable investments. In this post, we compare the benefits of purchasing real estate in Dubai against Turkey so that you can decide whether it is better to buy property in Dubai or Turkey. At this point, you are free to choose an option on the basis of the information you have collected.

Also, despite the requirements for purchasing and investing in Dubai and the Emirates Golden Visa, investing and purchasing property in Dubai will work out in your favour. You should go to the website dxboffplan.com to get more information about the pros and cons of purchasing real estate in Dubai vs Turkey, and then purchase the property that best suits your needs.

Purchasing Real Estate in Dubai

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The real estate market in Dubai is expanding consistently, and growth of 46% is anticipated by the end of the year.

Buying property both in Dubai and Turkey will profit you well. However, Dubai is a much better city with a developed environment.


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