How to Sell Your Property in Dubai And UAE Through DXBoffplan?

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UAE, especially Dubai, has a famous real estate market all over the world. And every day many potential investors or end-users from around the world search for their dream property for sale among Dubai developments. It means good luck for those Dubai landlords who like to sell their Dubai properties. So, if you have a house in Dubai and want to know how to sell your property in Dubai, UAE through us, do not miss the below text.

How to Sell Your Property in Dubai And UAE Through DXBoffplan?

What are the steps you should follow to sell your Dubai house?

As you know, buying and selling a house in a city like Dubai is about exchanging a lot of money, so before making any final decision, you need to search well. But do not worry because I have gathered all you need to know in a list, described in simple words.

1.   Choose a trusted real estate agency with professional agents to sell your Dubai property:

The first step is to select a trusted and expert real estates agency like Dxboffplan and its professional agents who can help you make a successful deal in Dubai’s secondary real estate market. This option is necessary to determine the exact price of your property according to the area and facilities. For example, luxurious Dubai properties for sale in locations like Al Barari, Arabian Ranches, Downtown Dubai, Emirates Hills, and Palm Jumeirah are among the most expensive ones. At this level, you should sign an agreement with the broker that specifies the amount of commission you should pay to the agent to work on selling your property.

2.   Prepare and offer all needed documents to the agency to sell your Dubai property:

Now that you choose which agency is the best for you, it is time to offer copies of needed documents to your broker, such as:

  • Title deed / Oqood in the case of an off-plan property
  • Passport with UAE Residence visa and Emirates ID (if applicable)

To contact us at Dxboffplan, you can send your documents to us via WhatsApp or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you.

3.   Agree with the potential buyer, who you want to sell your Dubai property to:

At this stage, the Dxboffplan team will find the best potential buyer who offers the highest price to make the most profit for you. So it is time to agree on the price, sale details, and conditions based on Form F. This case is especially more important when the buyer wants to use a bank mortgage. So the bank’s third-party agent should determine whether your house price is by the current market value or not.

4.   Doing legal and administrative items, like settlement of mortgage payments to sell your Dubai house:

This step is wholly the seller’s responsibility because only the property owner can do things, like requesting liability letters from the bank for mortgaged properties and asking NOC from the developer. All these processes need a specific time based on who wants to do what you want (mostly between 24 hours to seven working days), but Dxboffplan professional real estate agents can guide you to pass this step easier.

5.   Transfer ownership in DLD and finish your Dubai home selling process:

Finally, you can finish everything by going to the Dubai Land Department trustee office along with the agents and the mortgage consultant. To initiate the transfer, you should deliver your original passport, the original title deed, clearance letter, and Emirates ID, and when you pay the transfer fees to the Dubai Land Department, they will issue a new title deed in the buyer’s name. Be sure that Dxboffplan real estate agents support you until the end of this process and try to make everything easier for you.

How to Sell Your Property in Dubai And UAE Through DXBoffplan?

How do Dxboffplan professional real estate agents help you in selling your property in Dubai, UAE?

Real estate agent experts sell your Dubai property through four steps, whether it is a villa or a modern apartment in Dubai:

  • Home Visit:

When you book a home visit, a professional agent will visit your house to gather needed information, like a floor plan and photos, and give you a free valuation guide.

  • Marketing:

Then we use this data and advertise your property in Dubai via the Dxboffplan site and Instagram channel to draw more buyers’ attention and find the best.

  • Finding the best offer:

Now it is time to receive and arrange offers, which Dxboffplan team professional analyzers help you do most easily.

  • Sell your Dubai house:

Finally, you do all the steps of selling your Dubai property to your chosen buyers with the help of the Dxboffplan personal real estate support manager.

How to Sell Your Property in Dubai And UAE Through DXBoffplan?

List your property here in Dxboffplan!

No matter, you are an investor who wants to buy an off-plan project in UAE, or a property owner who owns a house in Dubai and likes to sell it, Dxboffplan is here to help you. If you do not know how to sell your property in Dubai, UAE, I suggest you first read the above text and learn about all the details of this process’s legal points. Then you can fill out the below form and list your Dubai property for sale here. Also, I should add that here you will benefit from our special services, such as:

  • High-quality HD photos
  • High-tech property management
  • Extensive network for effective advertisement
  • Affordable commission
  • Free consults
  • Professional market analyzers
  • Specialists and experienced agents

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