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Amazing Facts to Know about Dubai: Before or After Travelling

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Dubai is a beautiful Middle Eastern city with extraordinary features. This is why it has turned into the number one destination for business, travel, investment, and living. This amazing city is highly famous as a sought-after tourist destination offering unexpected experiences. So, here are amazing facts that you should know before traveling to Dubai.

Interesting facts that you might like to know before traveling to Dubai

Here is a list of interesting items you should know if you want to travel to Dubai.

●    A Fashion Hub

Dubai may not come to your mind when you think about high-end fashion. But you have to say that it is the capital of the fashion world in the Middle East that gained prominence in the fashion world. While there are well-known cities such as Paris, Milan, and New York City in this field, Dubai is quickly catching up to them.

As a fashion lover, you can see some exclusive venues in Dubai fashion shows, and the creations of famous local designers who have graced the runways of fashion shows in cities like New York City and Paris.

Travelling to Dubai for Fashion, Dubai is a fashion and shopping destination

●    Dubai Has a Crime Rate of 0%

Dubai is famous as one of the safest cities on the planet due to strict Muslim law. Also, Dubai has a diverse population, and the residents know that they will be easily deported or imprisoned for a bit of criminal activity. All of these factors cause Dubai’s crime rate to always be 0%.

Dubai takes pride in its police force and continues to impress residents as well as tourists when they come to visit. It comes as a huge surprise that each police car in Dubai costs as much as sending a student to college in the United States. Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you can see various police cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Aston Martin, priced at $1.79 million.

Dubai Police and their Super Car Collection Force and attraction to many visitors and tourists

●    Dubai’s Population is 83% Immigrants

It might be interesting to know that more than 50% of the population of Dubai, 17% Emiratis, and the remainder are foreigners. Most of them are workers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh who build the United Arab Emirates

While the class divide is huge, and upper-class foreigners earn attractive salaries, Dubai pays the immigrant workers’ education and medical bills. Also,

DUbai tourist and resident watching the Dubai fountain, an attraction that is one of a kind

●    Dubai Has Zero Debt Tolerance

Based on Dubai laws you can not get in debt, but not pay it back. It means if you get into credit card debt but could not pay it back, they can send you to prison or deport you. Among other enormous benefits that Dubai offers its residents, I can mention the tax-free income, well-paying jobs, and up-scale living conditions.

Dubai has zero debt torerance

●    Everything in Dubai Needs to be Cooled

While today, Dubai is famous as a sun-kissed city, everybody knows it is a desert in the Middle East. They are always concerned about sandstorms and temperatures that go far above 120 degrees. But they use technology to make a modern and thriving city using excessive air conditioning throughout the city.

Dubai sun and heat can rise upto 120 degrees

●    Dubai is the Fastest Growing City

Dubai is always under construction and is one of the fastest-rising cities in the world, so many people choose this place to make progress in. They completed the metro system in 2009 with 42 stations in a record-breaking time of 18 months. Also, Dubai is in the fifth spot of the highest-performing globally metropolitan economies. These years the uptick in trade and tourism has caused Dubai success.

Dubai - downrtown dubai views, the address hotel and Dubai Fountain

●    Dubai’s Address System Is Special

Due to the rapid rate of growth in Dubai, addresses are unique compared to other cities. In Dubai, some addresses look like this: “After the white mosque, the second street to the right, gold door.”

Foreigners coming from abroad are advised to have maps on hand to show their drivers where they want to go if they don’t plan to visit one of Dubai’s luxury hotels.

Dubai views from the satelite is one of the things that makes dubai the most unique

●    Dubai Hosts Robot Camel Racing

Like hockey in Canada and baseball in the US, camel racing is a popular sport in Dubai. The interesting point is that because of the size of the camels, only children could join these camel racing. Lately, they presented child-sized robots to attend these camel races that cost between $300 and $10,000.

Dubai camel race as a sport travel destination in Dubai

●    Dubai is Developing a City within the City

There is an ambitious project in Dubai with 20,000 hotel rooms, parking spaces for 50,000 vehicles, and the largest shopping mall to increase the tourist thoroughfare to Dubai.

This impending Mall of the World is a huge urban center in Dubai with a temperature-controlled environment inspired by Oxford Street in London to Broadway in New York.

Dubai mall of the world master plan, a city within a city as a travel destination

●    Dubai wants to be the First, Biggest, and Best In The World

Totaly, Dubai plans to be constantly the biggest and best in all fields. For example, some hotels are the most luxurious ones in the whole world, like Burj Al Arab, the world’s best hotel. Another interesting thing is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with 163 stories, and you can see it from 95 km away. Beyond that, Burj Khalifa includes the world’s largest indoor mall, the tallest hotel, the biggest aquarium, and the grandest indoor ski park. It means Dubai has been successful to some extent!

Dubai development and properties under construction, filling the Dubai Skyline

●    The Gold Used In Burj Al Arab is Enough to Cover 46,265 Mona Lisa Paintings

Dubai is famous because of Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel decorated with 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf. It might be interesting to know that you can cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings with this amount of gold. This wonderful “7-Star Hotel” is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. However, 39% of the hotel is uninhabitable. It is only for show and to exhibit its grandeur. What’s more, Burj Al Arab offers the Royal Suite which costs approximately $20,000 per night.

Burj Al Arab 24-carat gold covering the interiors

●    Dubai Produces Enough Oil to Fill about 5 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools Every Day

Dubai every day makes about 50,000 to 70,000 barrels of oil, which can fill 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Also, you might not believe that in 1991, Dubai produced 400,000 barrels of oil each day. Beyond that, you have to know that today the GDP in Dubai does not depend on oil, and tourism and real estate are the main sources of revenue.

Dubai producing oil enough to fill 5 olympic sized swimming pool

●    Fourth of the World’s Cranes Are Situated in Dubai

This interesting point is that around 24 percent of all the construction cranes are now operating in Dubai. As Dubai’s budget for infrastructure is so high based on the size of its area, and the construction and real-estate boost, they plan to boost the construction-related machinery, vehicles, and equipment in the Middle East, especially in the UAE.

Dubai Construction and property development, filling dubai's skyline with skyscrappers

●    Dubai imported enough sand to build Its Palm Islands

You can find many developments in Palm Jumeirah, the most daring project among Dubai’s megaprojects. This place is a palm-tree-shaped island and an assemblage of recycled islands just offshore. More than this island that is the eighth wonder of the world, there are two more wonderful islands named Deira and Jebel Ali. Today you can find more than 30 hotels in Palm Jumeirah and rent Yachts and speedboats.

Dubai Palm Juemirah Aerial Views, and ambitous project of Dubai, making it a travel destination

●    It houses the World’s Highest Tennis Court

Today, tennis tournaments are famous for all people around the world. Totally, these matches set the audience on the edge of their seats, but what will happen if the players are in a court above the 1,000-foot building.

There is an amazing tennis court on Burj Al Arab’s green rooftop, and famous tennis players Andre Agassi and Roger Federer had a friendly game on it.

The highest tennis court in the world located in Dubai at the Burj Al Arab

●    From 1 skyscraper in 1991 to more than 400 now.

While there was a period when Dubai had just one skyscraper, now there are more than 400 skyscrapers in Dubai.

Today, Sheikh Zayed Road has transformed into an avenue for Skyscrapers, with both sides of the street lined by tall, magnificent buildings. It’s quite difficult to say what Dubai will look like 20 years from now.

From1 skyscrapper to 400 Dubai skyscrappers

●    Some ATMs in Dubai Dispense Gold Bars

It might be unbelievable, but there is a special ATM that gives 24-carat gold – be it coins, bars, or wearable jewelry. All you need to do is to make a selection and pay via cash or credit card. Then, the machine – dubbed Gold to Go. The machine is located in the Dubai Mall and gives the tourists a different experience.

Dubai gold ATM in Dubai Mall

●    About 33% of Dubai’s GDP Comes From its Airport

While many people think that the most GDP of Dubai comes from oil, it only constitutes 2% of GDP in Dubai. Also, it might be interesting to know that Dubai Airport forms around $22 billion of the country’s GDP. Also, there are other sources of revenue such as commerce, transportation, financial services, trading, retail, and tourism.

It’s no wonder that Dubai International Airport plays such a pivotal role in the economy of the country; it employs over 90,000 people and supports over 400,000 jobs.

Dubai airport and emirates airline to generate 33% of the GDP of Dubai

●    There are Numerous Luxury Cars Left Abandoned in Dubai

Dubai is among the few places in the world where you may see a large number of luxury cars- from BMWs and Mercedes to Ferraris and Porsches- in careless abandon. According to a BBC report, a Ferrari Enzo was found abandoned in a parking lot of a Dubai airport. Surprisingly, the car was worth more than $1 million.

Dubai super cars, Dubai sports cars, Dubai luxury cars, a ferrari enzo abandoned in parking lot

●    Owning Exotic Pets is a statement of prestige in Dubai

In Dubai people do not care that an animal is wild or scary, they normally keep them as a pet. As buyers in Dubai are interested in exotic pets like cheetahs and tigers, you can buy these animals easily over the internet.

Owning exotics pets in Dubai is a sign of prestige and wealth

●    Dubai Has the Biggest Indoor Ski Park

As said earlier, Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world with increasing popularity among tourists. Ski Dubai is one of the most favorite parts of the Dubai Mall. Ski Dubai is an indoor 22,500 square meter ski resort.

Also, there is a snow park that is considered the biggest indoor snow park. The indoor resort features an indoor mountain with 5 slopes of different steepness and difficulty, including the world’s first indoor black diamond run, a 400-meter-long run, and various features that are changed regularly.

Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates is the largest skii indoor park in the world



If you want to move to Dubai for living or work, you can read the above text as a guide. Also, if you are looking to buy a property in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE, we are here in dxboffplan to help you find the best case. You can contact our professionals 24/7 and ask all your questions for free.


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