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Obtaining UAE residence through education – study visa in Dubai

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There is no need for alarm on your part if you are unaware of the requirements necessary to become a resident of the UAE on the basis of your educational pursuits. We will walk you through the application process for a study visa in Dubai, and if you use the information that we provide, you should have no trouble getting your visa.

The United Arab Emirates’ administrative centre is located in Dubai. Because of Dubai, this nation is now considered to be among the most attractive in all of Asia. Taking into account the major cost of living in Dubai, the living circumstances in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai are extremely adequate, and you will be able to make a comfortable life for yourself here. In this article, we are going to go through obtaining UAE residence through education – study visa in Dubai.

Obtaining UAE residence through education - study visa in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates’ educational system

The educational system in the UAE may be broadly classified into the following three categories:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Higher education institutions

The quality may vary greatly; nonetheless, there are some extremely good education alternatives accessible, at every level, in the Emirates. This applies to both public and private institutions. According to a list of global school rankings that was prepared in 2015, UAE kids were in first place among students from other Gulf nations and 45th overall.

Typical levels in state schools

The following are the typical levels offered in state schools:

  • Early Childhood Education (ages 3–5)
  • Basic level (ages 6–10)
  • Intermediate level (ages 11-13)
  • Secondary level (ages 14–18)

All Emirati youngsters must continue their education through secondary school, even though it is free of charge (in public schools) across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also crucial to be aware that public schools are divided along gender lines.

Although the best developments in Dubai for buying real estate have made it possible for children of expatriates to enrol in public schools for a fee because Arabic is the language of teaching, most ex-pats choose to send their children to private schools instead.

The United Arab Emirates' educational system

What departments of the UAE government are responsible for overseeing schools?

Throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), education is governed by a variety of different authorities. Within each Emirate, and especially in the larger emirates, there are individual regulatory bodies, such as the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) or Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

Prices and courses for schools in UAE

On the federal level, admissions standards, graduation requirements, and curricula are set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) (KHDA). As a consequence of this, there is potential for major educational differentiation amongst the several emirates. ADEK and KHDA, rather than the Ministry of Education, monitor private schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, respectively.

In point of fact, private schools all throughout the nation adhere to the criteria established by the MOE despite the fact that the government does not directly supervise them.

Costs of education and available funds in the UAE

In the UAE, the expense of education is a substantial financial burden. It is estimated that parents who want to send their children to public schools as fee-paying pupils would have to shell out around 6,000 AED per year.

Also, keep in mind that there are so many other ways to get residency. For example, you can get a residency visa by buying property in Dubai.

Costs of education and available funds in the UAE

High-quality and affordable price for school fees

Fees for international students attending private schools may vary widely depending on the grade level attended, starting at around 2,700 AED for kindergarten and going up to over 70,000 AED for high school.

Even though the government provides some kind of financial assistance, and certain schools could provide discounts or scholarships, most foreign parents still have to deal with the excessive education expense. The ideal option would be to arrange with your company to have the costs paid directly by them, as is the case for over 16% of ex-pats now working in the nation.

Education at the university level in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a relatively high percentage of enrolment in tertiary schools, with 95% of females and 80% of boys applying to institutes of higher education. Students from the Emirati government are not required to pay tuition to attend public colleges.

UAE and its famous universities

Three universities in the United Arab Emirates are ranked among the top 500 institutions in the world. In addition, there is a plethora of private universities in the UAE, many of which are branches of renowned educational institutions. These educational institutions include the Canadian University in Dubai, the American University in Dubai, and New York University in Abu Dhabi.

They provide education at the undergraduate level, while some of the schools also provide education at the graduate level. In addition to students from the United Arab Emirates, these institutions also welcome international students from a variety of countries.

UAE and its famous universities

Exams in the United Arab Emirates

Tests are given periodically and again at the conclusion of each school year to students in both public and private schools to ensure that they are prepared to go on to the next grade level.

Until the student’s senior year of secondary school, there are no comprehensive examinations they need to complete to fulfil national requirements if they attend a public school. Before continuing, you need to know that you can get residency by buying a house. So it is better to know a complete guide to buying property in Dubai.

Examinations for graduation in the UAE

Students attending public schools must demonstrate proficiency on this test to get their General Secondary Education Certificate. Private school students must also participate in ongoing, semester-ending, and annual exams. Nevertheless, in order for them to graduate, students may also be required to complete foreign tests, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

Public and private school students that follow the national curriculum are required to take the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) beginning in 2017. This test is necessary for entrance into the majority of the public institutions and colleges in the country.

Assistance with UAE education for international students

Students who are not native Arabic speakers who are enrolled in public schools in a country where Arabic is the primary language of teaching may find it difficult. Since most students are Emirati, it is possible that the parents of ex-pat students may need to be more active for their children’s requirements to be satisfied.

Expat students with study visa in Dubai

Nonetheless, given that ex-pats make up the bulk of the population in the UAE, private international schools do an excellent job of meeting the requirements of their student body. Expat students make up the vast majority of a school’s enrollment. Therefore, educators can anticipate and cater to their individual requirements more easily.

This often indicates that their educational experience is almost identical to what it may be in their native country, including aspects such as preparation for AP courses, the SAT, and GCSE examinations. Yet, there is virtually always the opportunity to take Arabic lessons, and in certain cases, it is even required.

Expat students with study visa in Dubai

Requirements for obtaining residence in the UAE through education

You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to acquiring a visa for this country, which is not surprising given that the emirate is a nation that welcomes immigration. Education is one of the most straightforward paths to establishing residence in the UAE.

You should be aware that studying in the United Arab Emirates up to the pre-university level is required for all country inhabitants. In addition, the government of this nation does not charge its citizens any fees or other expenses in order to participate in the educational system here.

Study visa in Dubai and conditions

Anyone over the age of 18 may apply for study visas in the UAE, and each of these visas has its own set of specific requirements that are unique from the others. Study visas can last between three and five years. Also, we suggest you know more about the steps to get UAE Golden Visa. Maybe you can qualify for this visa.

In the following, we will go over all of the requirements that must be met to gain residency in the UAE via completing different levels of schooling.

Study visa in Dubai and conditions

Obtaining UAE residency through undergraduate studies

It is important to pay attention to the following considerations if you plan on earning a bachelor’s degree in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. It will be much simpler for you to adapt to living in this nation if you pay attention to all of the information about studying here.

To begin, you need to be aware that the amount of time necessary to get a bachelor’s degree in Dubai ranges from three to five years; based on this amount of time, you will be eligible for a study visa in this nation.

Get a study visa in Dubai and travel to top countries

In order to enrol full-time in a bachelor’s degree programme, you are required to provide certain papers, such as a diploma or a degree from an accredited pre-university programme. You can further your education in Dubai in English, but to do so in this language, you are required to obtain either the IELTS or the TOEFL.

After spending the first two or three years of your undergraduate education at a university in Dubai, you can continue your education at institutions in the United States, England, Canada, and other countries.

Get a study visa in Dubai and work in UAE

You should be aware that a student in the United Arab Emirates pursuing a bachelor’s degree is permitted to work ten hours per week to make her life more pleasant while you pursue her education. You have the potential to earn at least $12 per hour of work according to the level of English language ability you possess.

In order to get your bachelor’s degree in the United Arab Emirates, you may choose to study a variety of subjects. Nevertheless, you should be aware that fields such as business, law, and engineering are among the most popular fields to study in this nation.

Obtaining UAE residency through postgraduate level

The amount of time necessary to complete a postgraduate study varies widely according to the speciality being pursued. One to two years is the typical amount of time spent in school by an overseas student.

You should be aware that the school year in the UAE is broken up into two distinct halves and that you may submit an application for a study visa at any point during any of these periods. The first group covers the months of September through December or January, while the second category covers the months of January through June.

Obtaining UAE residency through postgraduate level

Paperwork to get a study visa in Dubai for postgraduate level

You need to provide your bachelor’s degree grades and your transcripts to obtain a visa to continue your education at a higher level. Suppose you don’t want to continue your studies in English. You should know that studies are also offered in Arabic at this stage, and you can continue your studies in this country without any problems regarding your language.

Another point that is important for continuing education at this stage is your level of English language proficiency. For example, your score on the IELTS must be above 5.5. If you have completed your study and do not want to pursue further education at the doctoral level after you graduate, then the emirate government will provide you with a chance to work for one year. During this period of one year, you will have the opportunity to hunt for a suitable employment and convert your study visa in the UAE into a work visa.

Obtain a study visa in Dubai for the postgraduate level to get a job

Working while studying is something else that you should be aware of at this time in your education. If you are interested in working while studying, you should be aware that a master’s student in Dubai works 20 hours a week and may make $10 to $12 or more per hour, depending on the circumstances. If you are interested in working while studying, you should know this.

Working while attending school is an option that many students find to be beneficial, as it enables them to contribute financially to their own education and improves their quality of life in this breathtakingly beautiful nation. Also, you should know the monthly salary of a simple worker in the UAE.

Who Qualifies for a 5-Year UAE Student Visa?

If you are an excellent student who maintains a high-grade point average, you may be qualified to acquire a student visa from the United Arab Emirates that is valid for up to five years. The following are the conditions for eligibility:

  • For those who have completed their secondary education, you must have obtained a grade of at least 95% at either a public or private secondary school.
  • For those who have graduated from college: You need to have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.75 from a university located within or outside the UAE.

The bearer of this kind of UAE visa is also permitted to bring family members with them.

Who Qualifies for a 5-Year UAE Student Visa

Can a Student Visa holder get employment in the UAE?

If you have a Student Visa but also have a Work Permit for the UAE, then you are allowed to work in the UAE. In addition, you are not permitted to work full-time; you are restricted to working no more than four hours in a row.

This is a relatively recent move since, in the past; international students were not permitted to have any kind of employment, with the exception of internships that their respective educational institutions approved.

If I am already in the UAE on a Family Visa, do I still need a Student Visa?

Yeah, you do. If you are a man over the age of 18 who wishes to continue your study at a college or university in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you are required to have a Student Visa. This is due to the fact that if you are a man and you have attained the age of 18, you are no longer eligible to travel on your parents’ visa.

On the other hand, in 2018, the government of the UAE introduced a new law that applies to the dependent sons of those who possess UAE visas. According to the new regulation, you are qualified to apply for a UAE Resident Visa that is valid for one year and may be renewed for an additional year after you have either finished your secondary education or become 18 years old, whichever comes first.

Study visa requirements for PhD

The doctoral degree is quite significant in Dubai institutions, and completion of this programme in Dubai results in a degree that is extremely useful both locally and globally.

Research has always been the focus of doctoral studies in this nation, as it has been in other parts of the world, including the UK and other countries. The student will not be able to graduate unless they have successfully defended their thesis at the conclusion of this course.

Study visa requirements for PhD

Paperwork to get study visa for PhD

You are required to have an outstanding academic résumé, a master’s degree, transcripts, and an IELTS score of at least 6.5 to be accepted into this course to obtain residence in the UAE. You will be able to live in this nation if you have all of the necessary goods and earn UAE residency by studying.

The typical length of time spent studying in this programme is between three and four years, and the student will not have the option to study either full- or part-time throughout that period. This course will conclude in a total of 8 semesters if you plan on doing it continuously without any breaks.

Tips to know for getting PhD study visa

You should be aware that even if you have to take a break from your studies in the middle of the doctorate programme, the total amount of time that you will spend learning at the PhD level will not exceed 12 semesters. You also need to be aware that the maximum amount of time that may be spent studying for this programme in the UAE is 14 semesters.

After this, we will provide a broad overview of some of the papers that you need to get residency in the UAE via education. Based on these requirements, you will be able to obtain a visa or have your existing visa extended.

Conditions for obtaining UAE residency through education

In the preceding part, we have provided you with all of the important advice that you need to know to secure lodging for the university at various levels. When you have been accepted into the institution, you are required to submit an application for a student visa to the UAE. In the following, we will go through each of the required items that must be presented to receive a student visa for this nation.

Conditions for obtaining UAE residency through education

Passport to get a study visa in Dubai

In order to get this visa, you must possess a passport that is still valid for at least another six months, with two blank pages, and that, in addition to the original passport, you also possess two copies.

Necessary forms to get a study visa in Dubai

You must bring 12 passport images with you along with the visa application form, which must be filled out in its entirety.

Payment of expenses for UAE residency through education

You need to provide a copy of all of your deposits, including deposit slips for getting lodging, names of financial resources, deposit slips for paying tuition, and so on, to receive your visa.

Visa fee to get a study visa in Dubai

The price that must be paid to get a visa and any extensions to that visa should be one of your top priorities in terms of gathering information. In the year 2022, the price of a visa will range from one thousand to three thousand dirhams, and the cost of extending a visa will be five hundred dirhams.

Visa fee to get a study visa in Dubai

Certificates for UAE residency through education

In order to get a visa not only for the United Arab Emirates but also for any other country, you are required to possess a medical certificate that was issued in that country and to provide a copy of your medical certificate along with the rest of your paperwork.

By adhering to these criteria and the processes for acquiring UAE residence via education, you will be able to secure your visa in three to five weeks, at which time you will be able to move to this nation to receive an education.

How to Apply for a Study Visa?

In addition to obtaining the required documentation, you will also be required to go through several stages in order to get a student visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have included all of the processes you need to go through to gain residence in the UAE via education to provide you with comprehensive information about the process.

1- Check the application form study visa in Dubai

First, you must make sure that the application form associated with your visa is filled out entirely and that you sign it. As an extra safety measure, you should duplicate your form and have it with you at all times.

You are required to review all of your documentation before sending in your application for a visa. Your application for a visa will be turned down if any of the required papers are missing.

2- Submit your application to the student visa centre in Dubai

At the last stage of the process, you will be required to submit your application to the student visa centre in Dubai. You must provide the whole cost of your education and your application materials. This is because acquiring a visa and enrolling in the institution of your choice both have associated costs.

Cost of attending universities and getting a study visa in Dubai

You should be aware that the costs of attending various institutions in the UAE may vary widely and that in addition to the cost of the visa, some universities in this nation impose extra tuition costs on top of that. A university education in the United Arab Emirates may be offered at various price points depending on the city in which one resides.

Cost of attending universities and getting a study visa in Dubai

Get a residency visa in Dubai with other ways

You will have no trouble obtaining a study visa to study in Dubai or any other nation’s other location if you follow all of these processes and advice. You will be able to attend any university of your choice in the United Arab Emirates if you have this.

You are aware that, besides obtaining residency in the UAE through education, there are other ways to get a visa and live in this country. There are also other ways, such as using the best site to buy property in Dubai, through which you can get your visa. In this regard, it is best to know the list of property developers in the UAE. On the webpage for the DXBoffplan, we have provided you with information on all of the required points.

Conclusion on study visa in Dubai

Here is the conclusion to obtaining UAE residence through education. The United Arab Emirates is often regarded as one of the world’s most stunning nations, making it a popular tourist destination year after year. By acquiring a study visa in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to live in the nation as well as take advantage of its many tourist attractions.

To be eligible for a study visa in Dubai and reside in this city, you must be aware of many different aspects. This will allow you to study in this country without difficulty and to take advantage of all the amenities it has to offer.

The DXBoffplan website has earned a reputation over the years as being among the most trustworthy online sites to buy a property for sale in Dubai. You will be able to get knowledge on the process of purchasing a home in Dubai if you browse our website. You can also trust our 100-free support team to ask your question.


frequently asked questions

Suppose you have been accepted into a higher education programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In that case, the UAE Student Visa will be obtained on your behalf from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) by the school that you will be attending. Accreditation is required for the institution or university in order for them to be allowed to apply for the visa on your behalf.

The majority of the time, a student visa will only be valid for one year. However, it is possible to get it extended every year for the remainder of your education. You need a letter from your school stating that you are still enrolled there in order to be eligible to renew your Student Visa. On the other hand, in 2018, the government of the UAE launched a new category of Long-Term Resident Visa that is only available to students who have shown remarkable achievement. This kind of visa may be used for a period of up to five years.


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