fe Want to get a job in UAE? Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV

Want to get a job in UAE? Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV

Working in Dubai is something that a lot of people are looking to. This is simply because the UAE offers job opportunities that you cannot find in any other countries. For instance, the UAE suggests tax-free incomes as well as high salaries. These are what attract job seekers from all around the world to this beautiful middle-eastern country. In such an important situation, knowing how to get through the employment process is vital to compete with your opponents. Read this article to know more about getting hired in the UAE.

As working in Dubai is like a dream to many people, it is so important to get through the employment process correctly. One of the ways helping you achieve this goal is to make a CV showing your strengths and abilities. Also, your CV should be easy to read and understand. You should also know that the employers go through the CVs of many jobseekers before they shortlist you. In order to make an attention-grabbing CV, you need to remove these mistakes from your resume.

Your old email address

The employers usually ask for your email address and this is one of the important factors you should pay attention to. Ensure you have an email address that is simple and professional. Nobody wants your old email from high-school or university. So, take your time and create a new email address that helps you get your dream job sooner.

Short-term jobs

Another vital factor in your CV is your previous experience. Remember that no one is interested in your summer-long job. If you have been with the company for a short time, you won’t really have enough to say about your job there. Thus, try to grab the attention of the employer with a job experience that is valuable.

Social media handles

The third important factor that may help you get the job can be your social media account. This means you can add relevant social media accounts to your CV, such as LinkedIn, Behance or your own website. This will give you bonus points.

Want to get a job in UAE? Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV

Fake info and lies

You should be aware that not only it can bother you but faking some parts of your CV is a sign of lack of professionalism. The most useful thing to do is to highlight what you really can do not what you can’t.

Personal details

According to Business Insider, adding your personal details to your CV has no benefit for you. This is because it can lead to discrimination. So, remove your personal details such as religion, height, marital status, weight and nationality. You know what? Even your birthday has to go.

Have you removed these mistakes from your CV? So, it is time to take an action and introduce yourself and your skills to the employer with pride. After that, enjoy working at the UAE.

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