Want to get a job in UAE? Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV
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Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV to get a job in UAE

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Working in Dubai is something that a lot of people are looking for. This is simply because the UAE offers job opportunities that you cannot find in any other country. For instance, the UAE suggests tax-free incomes as well as high salaries. These are what attract job seekers from all around the world to this beautiful middle-eastern country. In such an important situation, knowing how to get through the employment process is vital to compete with your opponents. Read this article to know more about getting hired in the UAE.

How to make a professional CV for Jobs in UAE?

While working in Dubai is the dream of many people, you can easily find an appropriate job position in Dubai if you choose the right employment process. To achieve this goal, you have to make a CV that shows your strengths and abilities well. If you do not know how to make an easy-to-read CV and grab the employer’s attention, do not worry, because here you can learn it. Here, you can read about five important mistakes that you can eliminate from your resume and make a perfect CV.

●    Change your old email address to a professional one

As you know, when you want to find a job all employers ask for your email address, which means you need a simple and professional email address, not an old one from high school or university. So, it might be a good idea to take the time and create a new email address.

●    Talk about your valuable experiences instead of short-term jobs

A vital factor in your CV is talking about your experience. Here, I do not mean your summer-long job, or a short time working for a company. Instead try to grab the attention of the employer with valuable job experience.

Use social media to show your professional profile

As the third important thing, you can create a social media account and add it to your CVS. For example, you can add a LinkedIn or Behance account or even your website.

Want to get a job in UAE? Remove these 5 mistakes from your CV

●    Prevent of expressing fake info and lies

You should be aware that not only it can bother you but faking some parts of your CV is a sign of lack of professionalism. The most useful thing to do is to highlight what you really can do not what you can’t.

●    There is no need to add personal details

While adding your personal details to your CV will not benefit you, it will lead to discrimination. I suggest you remove all your details such as religion, height, marital status, weight, nationality, and even your birthday.

Now that you have removed all mistakes, it is time to introduce yourself and your skills to the employer with pride and enjoy working in the UAE.



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