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    Looking for a lavishly designed home with modern architecture among Dubai properties? Al Jaddaf has a wide range of prime options for you. Al Jaddaf, meaning ‘The Rower’ in Arabic, was the city’s earliest shipyard where traditional dhows (boats) were built. The district is one of Dubai’s fastest-growing districts. The rich heritage of dhows has been preserved in this area, and it is the only place where they are built and maintained today.

    In the west of Dubai, this magnificent development is a part of the historic community of Bur Dubai. Properties for sale in Al Jaddaf are at the center of everything related to culture and heritage. Oozing out the true essence of the classic culture of UAE, this very aesthetically built development features all that UAE signifies.

    How has Al Jaddaf Properties Become so Popular?

    In the heart of Dubai, Al Jaddaf is in an ideal location. A vibrant lifestyle and happening surroundings can be expected as a result. There is no doubt that the Jaddaf Waterfront is the highlight of the Al Jaddaf neighbourhood. In addition to Palazzo Versace, the city is home to the Jameel Arts Centre and Palazzo Versace, a luxury hotel. Most of the western region of Al Jaddaf, Bur Dubai, consists of the second phase of Dubai Healthcare City, Al Wasl Football Club, and Latifa Hospital. Dubai Creek runs along the east bank of the city, where harbors and a Culture Village can be found. Professionals looking for affordable properties and investment opportunities will also find it convenient to be in close proximity to Dubai’s business hub.

    Properties for Sale in Al Jaddaf | List of Off plan Properties

    Buying Property in Al Jaddaf 

    According to user-generated views on our website, Al Jaddaf is one of Bur Dubai’s most popular communities in the UAE. In Al Jaddaf, you can find a wide range of properties for sale, including apartments with 1 to 4 bedrooms. Al Jaddaf also offers apartments for sale in various architectural styles, sizes, and configurations. The Al Jaddaf studios range from 400 square feet to 1,900 square feet, depending on your needs. Al Jaddaf also offers furnished apartments for those looking to move in quickly. There are other options as well, but these might be a bit more expensive. In Al Jaddaf, villas and independent properties may be hard to find. Al Jaddaf is better suited for those who wish to reside in close-knit settings.

    Apartments for Sale in Al Jaddaf 

    Al Jaddaf is a great place to live if you want to be close to the water and other well-established apartments in Dubai. Investment opportunities in Al Jaddaf include freehold apartments with high rental yields. Al Jaddaf offers 1-bedroom apartments for sale for between AED 550k and AED 930k. Among the most popular projects for this type of housing are Binghatti Gateway and Binghatti Avenue. Prepare to spend AED 780k to AED 980k if you wish to purchase a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Jaddaf. Apartments located near the waterfront may have balconies facing the water, and prices will vary according to the location.

    With Al Jaddaf apartments, investors are guaranteed a high return on their investment. For a three-bedroom flat that costs around AED 1 million, the highest ROI is around 6.7%. Apart from 24/7 security, the Al Jaddaf apartments come with built-in wardrobes, central air-conditioning, communal swimming pools, and a gymnasium. Parking in the basement is usually reserved for residents, while guests may park outside.

    Embrace Al Jaddaf’s Lifestyle

    Families, couples, and professionals alike seek out the area for its quiet surroundings, yet it is ideally located in the city. This location is ideal for couples with children and growing families because it’s close to schools, shopping, dining, and entertainment hotspots.

    In almost every Al Jaddaf residential building, there is an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor gym, ensuring properties are modern and child-friendly. In addition to being home to several sports clubs, the neighbourhood is also near the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary and Dubai Creek Park, which are both great places to live for sports, nature, and art lovers.

    Located between the creek and some of Dubai’s established neighborhoods, Al Jaddaf offers residents a quiet lifestyle. With a convenient location near the city, residents can enjoy life at their own pace without all the hustle and bustle.

    Top Project in Al Jaddaf to invest in

    The sleepy dhow-building quarter of Al Jaddaf has transformed into a thriving neighbourhood in recent years.

    The neighborhood still boasts a couple of shipyards that keep Dubai’s seafaring heritage alive, but it also has several residential developments, recreation centers, and high-end hotels, including the Palazzo Versace, which resembles a 16th-century Italian palace. Still, there are many mental roadblocks that every investor needs to overcome before they can make a wise investment and let their hard-earned money flow into something as unpredictable yet lucrative as property investment. To ease your mind, below you will find 3 of the most lucrative projects for your consideration:

    • Binghatti Creek at Al Jaddaf

    Those who are looking for an urban haven in the heart of Dubai will love Binghatti Creek Apartments at Al Jaddaf. A wide range of features and benefits are available in these apartments. The features and benefits of the Binghatti Creek project include its central location, premium amenities, and easy installment terms.

    Being located in the Al Jaddaf area, these apartments are a great place for a Dubai inner-city lifestyle. A major reason for its popularity is its extensive amenities. Among these amenities are shopping malls, educational institutions, medical facilities, hotels, the Zaabeel Stadium and more.

    Binghatti Creek Apartments at Al Jaddaf

    • Azizi Fawad Residence at Al Jaddaf

    In Azizi Fawad Residence project, you will find studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedroom apartments with panoramic views of Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Creek. The Azizi Fawad Residence is an upscale retail and residential development located in Dubai Healthcare City. The Azizi Developers’ Azizi Fawad Residence is another project that lives up to the high standards the company has established over the years. Azizi Fawad Residence is an immaculately crafted complex of studios, 1BR, and 2BR apartments that offer exclusive amenities, warmth, and comfort.

    Fawad Azizi Residential Apartments| Project of Azizi Developers
    Fawad Azizi – Spectacular Views of the City Scape
    • Al Waleed Garden at Al Jaddaf

    One of the best residential areas in Dubai, Al Jaddaf, is home to Al Waleed Garden apartments. Al Waleed Garden is ideally located in Al Jaddaf, making it one of Dubai’s most sought-after and well-connected apartments in UAE.

    As one of the most desirable properties for sale in Dubai, Al Waleed Garden Apartments offers a highly sought-after location, excellent amenities, and an incredible 5-year payment plan. As an investment opportunity, Al Waleed Garden’s apartments are amazing.

    Al Waleed Garden Apartments At Al Jaddaf

    The Benefits of Investing in Al Jaddaf real estate

    Al Jaddaf is known for its breathtaking views of Dubai Creek, a perfect blend of old and new Dubai. If you’re looking for an affordable community with impressive amenities and a tranquil environment, Al Jaddaf is the right place for you. To help you decide whether Al Jaddaf is right for you, we have compiled a list of all the reasons you should consider investing in Al Jaddaf:

    The prime Location of Al Jaddaf:

    The Al Jaddaf property is conveniently located adjacent to Dubai Creek properties and the Business Bay Extension. There is also a metro line that runs through the area, which makes it easier for Al Jaddaf residents to commute to work every day. A wide range of luxury hotels is also located in Al Jadaf, including Zabeel Stadium, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, and Latifa Hospital.

    Best Hotels in Al Jaddaf:

    With its central location in Dubai, Al Jaddaf is home to several 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Dubai never runs out of recreational activities. Several notable leisure attractions are nearby Al Jaddaf, which is why this area is a popular spot for staycation. There are several hotels worth mentioning:

    • London Suites
    • Marriott Hotel
    • Hilton Garden Inn
    • Palazzo Versace
    • Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf

    Transportation and Parking in Al Jaddaf

    Al Jaddaf’s roads and transportation system are well-maintained, so driving is hassle-free. Furthermore, most residential developments include a designated parking spot in the basement or out in the street. Parking spots are easily available for residents and visitors.

    Public Transportation in Al Jaddaf:

    Buses and metros are available in Al Jaddaf for those who prefer public transport. The Green Line of Dubai Metro connects Al Jaddaf Metro Station to the city. Creek Metro Station is also the southern terminus of the Green Line, which is close to Al Jaddaf Marine Transport Station. From there, tourists can take the Dubai Ferry around the island to popular attractions like Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, enjoying all the amenities Palm Jumeirah properties offer the residents.

    Sacred places in Al Jaddaf:

    In Al Jaddaf, there is a community mosque where Muslim residents can offer prayers. It is possible to find other mosques within the community at short intervals. As well as a prayer area, Al Wasl Club has a quiet area for meditation. Al Jaddaf is home to the City Hill Church, which is open to the Christian community. The Dubai City Church and St. Mary’s Catholic Church can be reached within 12 to 15 minutes if you drive. Al Jaddaf’s Hindu residents can also conveniently visit the many temples in Bur Dubai. The closest temple is the Shiva Temple.

    Best Schools in Al Jaddaf:

    A Dazzle Kids Nursery is the perfect place for toddlers and young children in your family. You can find it near Zabeel Stadium. There are also options in nearby communities, such as:

    • Mini Miracles Nursery
    • Yellow Brick Road Nursery
    • Kinderville Early Learning Centre

    Hospitals in Al Jaddaf:

    A hospital established in 1987, Latifa Hospital, is located in Al Jaddaf. In the United Arab Emirates, it is the largest maternity home and children’s hospital. For medical emergencies, there are also the following options close by:

    • Mediclinic City Hospital
    • Cardinal Health
    • Emirates Specialty Hospital

    Within a few minutes, one can reach these options at Dubai Healthcare City. Within Al Jaddaf’s vicinity, Healthcare City will be established in the second phase.

    Best Malls in Al Jaddaf:

    There is only a 7-minute drive from Al Jaddaf to Dubai Festival City Mall. Al Khail Road is an easy route to reach there. In addition to retail shops, there are food and beverage stores as well. A large IKEA outlet is also located there.

    Beaches near Al Jaddaf:

    Day and night, Al Jaddaf residents enjoy views of the waterfront. There is nothing better than a beach day out on Jumeirah Beach Road. Among the most popular water sports activities on the Jumeirah public beach are surfing and wakeboarding. In addition to beachside cafes and restaurants, there are also bars and restaurants along the beach.

    Why are Al Jaddaf Properties such excellent investments?

    The commercial and leisure destinations of Al Jaddaf are equally popular with those seeking  UAE off-plan property. As a result, this master development is a very wise investment, attracting both locals and foreigners in equal measure. Al Jaddaf is conveniently located near Dubai’s business hub, and it is ideal for professionals looking for affordable properties for sale. We can help you with such real estate at Dxboffplan. We make it easy for you to find the perfect Al Jaddaf property for sale by using our website. The Dxboffplan investment opportunities in Al Jaddaf are safe, lucrative, and reasonably priced. You can easily contact us if you have any questions about the Al Jaddaf properties for sale.

    Al Jaddaf Projects price table

    Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
    Creek Views Apartments apartments 1,154,086 2025Q4
    Art Bay Apartments apartments 1,816,828 2026Q3
    Al Waleed Garden 2 apartments 1,029,400 Ready To Move off plan projects
    Studio Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence Apartments 1,075,590 Ready To Move off plan projects
    2-bedroom Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence Apartments 2,356,000 Ready To Move off plan projects
    1-bedroom Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence Apartments 1,853,595 Ready To Move off plan projects
    2-bedroom Apartments in O Ten Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    Studio Apartments in O Ten Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    1-bedroom Apartments in O Ten Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    O Ten Apartments Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects

    Al Jaddaf Projects

    20% Down Payment
    2025 Q4

    Creek Views Apartments

    Exquisite Living in Al Jaddaf Dubai

    Effortless Luxury and Flexible Ownership

    IRAZ Developments

    Sama Al Jaddaf Mixed-Use Plots

    Prime Opportunity: Attractive Mixed-Use Plot in Sama Al Jaddaf

    Lands Keys Properties

    Al Jaddaf Mixed-Use Plots

    Scenic Waterview Mixed-Use Plots

    Lands Keys Properties

    Ellington Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Al Waleed Garden 2

    Al Waleed Real Estate LLC

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Studio Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence

    Azizi Developments

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    2-bedroom Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence

    Azizi Developments

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    1-bedroom Apartments in Azizi Fawad Residence

    Azizi Developments

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    2-bedroom Apartments in O Ten

    Aqua Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Studio Apartments in O Ten

    Aqua Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    1-bedroom Apartments in O Ten

    Aqua Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    O Ten Apartments

    Aqua Properties

    frequently asked questions

    Prepare to spend AED 780k to AED 980k if you wish to purchase a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Jaddaf.

    Absolutely. A popular destination for its stunning views of Dubai Creek, it is the perfect combination of old and new Dubai. The community of Al Jaddaf is the perfect choice for those seeking a tranquil neighborhood with affordable housing and impressive services.

    It takes 12 kilometers to get from Al Jadaf Metro Station 2 to Jumeirah. A distance of 16.6 kilometers is covered by the road.

    Along Jaddaf Waterfront, a 6km-long retail promenade connects the projects through climate-controlled walkways.

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