Property for Sale in Al Warsan

Property for Sale in Al Warsan

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Petalz Apartments by Danube apartments Cheap Apartment for sale in Dubai Cheap properties for sale in the UAE AED 450,000 Q3 Coming Soon 2025
2 Al Warsan Industrial Plot land - -
3 Olivz Apartments apartments AED 535,000 Q2 2022
4 2BR Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments apartments AED 730,000 Q2 2022
5 1BR Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments apartments AED 520,000 Q2 2022
6 Studio Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments apartments AED 340,000 Q2 2022

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Al Warsan Q3 Coming Soon 2025
Danube Properties for Sale
A fully established residency designed for a comfortable lifestyle

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Petalz Apartments by Danube

Petalz Apartments by Danube in Dubai are luxury yet affordable apartments with 10% down payment and 1% monthly installments only. Click for FREE consultation...

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Al Warsan
Meraas Properties For Sale
Exclusive 3 Years Payment Plan with 10% Down Payment

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Al Warsan Industrial Plot

Al Warsan Industrial Plot is a freehold building plot in Ras Al Khor Road for warehouse, labor camp or commercial, opposite International City, and close to Dragon Mart. available in 3 years payment plan.

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Al Warsan Q2 2022
Danube Properties for Sale
Offer 5 Years Post Handover Payment Plan

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Olivz Apartments

Olivz is the new masterpiece of Danube Properties offering elegant and contemporary studio, 1 & 2 bedroom units in Warsan. Price starting from AED 360K with an easy payment plan of 10% booking fee only.

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Al Warsan Q2 2022
Danube Properties for Sale

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2BR Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments

Olivz is the new masterpiece of Danube Properties offering elegant and contemporary residences in Warsan.

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Al Warsan Q2 2022
Danube Properties for Sale

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1BR Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments

Olivz is the new masterpiece of Danube Properties offering elegant and contemporary residences in Warsan.

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Al Warsan Q2 2022
Danube Properties for Sale

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Studio Apartment For Sale in Olivz Apartments

Olivz is the new masterpiece of Danube Properties offering elegant and contemporary residences in Warsan.

Property for Sale in Al Warsan

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Property for Sale in Al Warsan

Al Warsan development is yet another brilliant step forward by Meraas properties. A mixed-use freehold development dedicated to residential as well as commercial buildings and hotels, Al Warsan properties for sale will serve as a bridge to some of the most desirable Dubai homes in UAE. There is still construction going on at the Al Warsan (or Al Warisan) development that is close to Al Warqaa and Nad Al Sheba. With an early-bird waiver and extremely easy payment plans, Al Warsan is definitely a grab for residents and investors alike.

Why is Al Warsan such a popular place to buy properties?

There are four sub-districts within the community, numbered 1 through 4. Dubai Sewage and Treatment Plant are one of the main attractions of the locality, which is mostly industrial. There is also an evolving residential side to the city, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Located close to Dubai International City, a hot spot for education, retail, recreation, and shopping centers, Al Warsan has an excellent location. Whether you’re a resident or an investor, Al Warsan is definitely a grab, as it offers a discount for early-bird payments and extremely easy payment plans.

Properties for sale in Al Warsan| List of Off Plan projects in Al Warsan

Buying a Property in Al Warsan

There will be a lot more to Al Warsan in a few years since it’s still under development. The area was originally an industrial area, similar to JAFZA and Al Quoz, popular with buyers of commercial buildings in Dubai, especially plots of land. There have been numerous residential projects added to the real estate market in recent years, and many of them are already occupied.

As Al Warsan is one of the most economical places in the UAE to buy property, it is a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking to invest in Dubai real estate. Families and career-minded individuals can also find excellent housing options here.

Buying an Apartment in Al Warsan

Dubai has undoubtedly become one of the world’s most vibrant cities. A number of attractive qualities attract investors from around the world to the city. Every aspect of life is available to Dubai residents. As an illustration, there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing where to brunch and where to live. To get started in the Dubai real estate market, Al Warsan apartments are a smart choice.

There are low, mid, and high-rise Al Warsan towers in this area, making it one of the more affordable areas to live in Dubai. Modern architecture characterizes each of these Al Warsan apartments, featuring everything from studios to two-bedrooms. Spacious and arranged to ensure privacy, these rooms are comfortable and well-lit. Studio apartments in Al Warsan cost at least 265k, and among the studio apartments in Al Warsan, the return on investment is 6.7%.

Villa for Sale in Al Warsan

The villas in Al Warsan also follow the same style as other prestigious properties in the emirate. A classic Arabian theme complements the overall design of these Al Warsan Villas. There are spacious rooms and lavish balconies in a typical 3-bedroom Al Warsan villa. In addition to ample living space, Al Warsan houses offer pet-friendly garden areas, swimming pools, and all the comforts of a luxury Villa. Due to these features, the neighborhood is popular among Dubai villa buyers.

In the Al Warsan Villas market, there are 3-bed villas that cost between AED 1.3M and AED 1.6M. A standard 3-bed house covers around 2,100 square feet. Three-bedroom Al Warsan villas are also available for investment. On average, they are expected to generate a rental yield of 3.5%.

Al Warsan Dubai Sub-communities

The neighborhood of Al Warsan is divided into four subcommunities. There is a famous Warsan Lake in Warsan 1, now known as the International City. As the second-most popular community, Al Warsan 1 is a villa developed by Nakheel Properties. In the residential area, there are a few villas and some apartments, while in the commercial area, there are some office units. It is within Warsan 3 that amenities like the pet market, Dubai Plants Souq, Dubai Municipality Nursery, and ENOC Pumps can be found. A little further away is a market and souk that features commercial items.

The Warsan 4 neighborhood includes a variety of stunning apartment buildings. Known as International City Phase 2, it is a rapidly developing area. One of the most popular communities in Al Warsan is Al Warsan 4. In addition to being the second phase of International City, it is a large development. Apartment buildings in this sub-community offer one to three-bedroom units. Al Warsan 4 Flats are built using traditional Islamic or ultra-modern architectural styles.

Al Warsan’s Best Investment Projects

As you travel through Al Warsan, you’ll come across top-notch villas and apartments. There are parks, government offices, and high-end housing throughout the neighborhood. Although Al Warsan is a bit farther away from the city, it is easily accessible by the major UAE highways, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Ras Al Khor Road (E44) allowing residents to live in various projects across the city more comfortably. Next, let’s take a look at some of Dubai International City most promising projects:

Al Warsan Industrial Plot at Al Warsan Development

Located across from International City and close to Dragon Mart, the Al Warsan Industrial Plot project is a freehold building plot suitable for warehouses, labor camps, or commercial properties. A three-year payment plan is also available for Al Warsan Industrial Plots at Al Warsan Development.

Olivz Apartments at Al Warsan Development

This project by Danube Properties is beautifully designed to fit upper-class lifestyles and/or family-oriented living. If you’re planning on nesting or investing, the flexible payment plan should make it much easier for you to obtain your new lifestyle. There are a number of top-notch 2BR apartments for Sale in Olivz Apartments at Al Warsan Developments. It has been beautifully crafted to fit an upper-class lifestyle for both families and young couples. With a flexible payment plan available, you should be able to afford your dream lifestyle in Olivz Apartments more easily.

Al Warsan Property: Reasons to Buy

A healthy return on investment is always sought by investors when they buy a house in Al Warsan Dubai. It is possible to choose from a wide range of housing options, designs, and layouts in Al Warsan if you are planning to move there. The properties in Al Warsan are ideal for anyone interested in lower rental prices or good investment opportunities.

Al Warsan’s Prime Location:

In addition to being close to International City, Al Warsan also neighbors the popular community of Al Warqaa. A wide variety of World-class educational institutes are located within a 5-minute drive of Al Warsan. Dubai Safari Park is also located here, which is a family favorite. The industrial area of Al Warsan, on the other hand, is surrounded by Nad Al Sheba. Academic City is approximately a nine-minute drive away, while Dubai Silicon Oasis is approximately 13 to 15 minutes away.

Sacred Places in Al Warsan:

Al Warsan has many mosques and prayer areas dedicated to prayer. Located in the heart of the town is a mosque that serves the Muslim community. A number of other mosques are located in neighboring localities, including Warsan Mosque, which is located in Warsan 3.

You can reach Saint Mary’s Church and Dubai City Church in 20 minutes by driving along Oud Metha Road. If you would like to visit a temple, you will find Shiva Temple, Bhree Krishna Haveli, and Shrinath Ji Temple in Bur Dubai within 25 minutes.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Warsan:

In Al Warsan, there is no shortage of parking spaces. A staff parking area is available on the industrial side, and a reserved parking space is available on the residential side. Additionally, townhouses and villas have dedicated parking spaces with enough space for two cars.

Al Warsan’s Friendly Environment:

Among Al Warsan’s highlights is the beautiful Warsan Lake. It is a popular place for both families and singles. A stunning bird sanctuary has been created at the Al Warsan Lake by Nakheel Properties. There are a variety of birds, plants, animals, and marine life that live in this spot.

Al Warsan’s Prime Offerings:

There are more supermarkets in Al Warsan 3 than anywhere else in the city. A number of supermarkets are included in this list, including New Parsons Hypermarket, Madeena Supermarket, and Warsan Al Madina Supermarket. Another popular supermarket near Dragon Mart 2 is the Carrefour Hypermarket, while another in the Russian Cluster of International City is the Ecity Supermarket.

Top Schools near Al Warsan:

There are a number of schools that offer the American curriculum, such as the International Academic School and the International School of Arts and Sciences. Its proximity to schools keeps parents’ minds at ease due to its ideal location. Some of the nearest schools to Al Warsan are listed below:

  • The City School International
  • Kids World International
  • Gems Wellington Primary School

Nearest Healthcare Centers/Hospitals in Al Warsan:

It is important and crucial that a person considers how close the nearest healthcare center or hospital is when choosing a place to buy or live in. The following healthcare centers are located nearby Al Warsan, making it a central location in this regard:

  • Apple Clinic Greece Cluster
  • Aster Specialty Clini
  • Xie He Medical Center
  • Ibn Sina Center for Health

Beaches near Al Warsan:

There are many options near Al Warsan for experiencing an exciting beach life. Within 30 minutes from Al Warsan, you will find Jumeirah Beach, a family favorite beach. In addition to camel rides, there are a number of entertainment activities available. The Sunset Beach and the Al Mamzar Public Beach are two other popular options.

Nearest Mall in Al Warsan:

At the moment, there are only a few dedicated shops and retail centers in the neighborhood. The establishment of a few projects is, however, just around the corner. Fortunately, Residents will soon be able to access Al Warsan Souk Dubai. The project is part of Nakheel’s Warsan Village development. The town still has a lot of arcades and shopping options for retail therapy. Dragon Mall is located on Al Awir Road, which is the closest one to Al Warsan community. Food courts, cinemas, toy stores, and electronics stores are among its amenities.

Nearest Hotel in Al Warsan:

There is a 5-star hotel in Warsan named Melia Desert Palm Dubai on Al Awir Road. There are luxury suites and villas at the hotel that are equipped with World-class, modern amenities. Among the other amenities are a boutique fitness center, a Samana Spa, a variety of fine dining restaurants, events rooms, complimentary WiFi, and more.

Nearest Hospital in Al Warsan:

Some local clinics near Al Warsan include the Aster Clinic, the Apple Clinic, and the Right Health Ruby Clinic. As well as having some good practitioners and nurses, Shanghai Medical Clinic has other medical advantages. It is also located in International City. Fakeeh University Hospital in DIAC is the nearest hospital to the Al warsan community, just 10 minutes away.

What makes Dxboffplan an excellent option for buying Al Warsan properties?

There is a strong demand for off plan projects in UAE among investors these days. There is no doubt that you can live a peaceful and secure life in Al Warsan Dubai apartments. But, finding your dream house might be a confusing endeavor, particularly if this is your first time investing in the Dubaiubai real estate market. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable, advantageous and safe investment in Al Warsan, you can rely on Dxboffplan real estate to make things easier for you and your family. We offer a variety of professional services according to your location in Al Warsan and taste for construction quality. There are plenty of floor plans, designs, and amenities to choose from when you choose Dxboffplan Al Warsan houses. Please contact us if you have questions about the Al Warsan properties for sale on our websites.

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The ROI on buying studio apartment in Al Warsan is 6.7%. 3bedroom villa in Al Warsan expected to generate a rental yield of 3.5%.

You’ll come across top notch villas and apartments as you travel through Al Warsan. Some best projects to invest in Al Warsan are Al Warsan industrial Plot and Olivz Apartments.

When it comes to buy a house in Al Warsan in Dubai a healthy return on investment is always sought by investors. If you are planning to move in Al Warsan it is possible to choose from a wide range of housing options designs, and layouts.