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Last Update: 2024-06-22

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    Among the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is the city with the most cosmopolitan flair after Dubai. Abu Dhabi’s real estate has evolved to satisfy the tastes of people of different nationalities, being the third most populous city in the UAE. As one of the most impressive properties in Abu Dhabi, Property for Sale on Yas Island meets both the residential and recreational needs of its residents.

    Aside from being affordable, Yas Island properties are conveniently located near every world class amenities Abu Dhabi has to offer. There are also a number of beautiful natural spots and destinations available for tourism on the Island.

    What makes Yas Island Properties so Desirable?

    Yas Island boasts many incredible attractions, such as Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, Du Arena, Yas Viceroy, Yas Marina, and Yas Marina Circuit. Abu Dhabi’s natural surroundings and peaceful environment have made it a popular investment hotspot for buying property. Those who are thinking about buying a house on Yas Island can reach the city of Abu Dhabi within a half-hour drive and the Abu Dhabi International Airport within ten minutes, which is pretty advantageous. Sharjah and Dubai are both within two hours of the Island. Within twenty minutes of the community, you can reach the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed and Saadiyat Island.

    Property for sale in Yas Island

    In addition to being one of the world’s best tourism destinations, Yas Island is one of the multi-stage projects by Aldar Properties that acquires a total land surface of about 25 kilometres. Yas Island has a magnificent collection of villas and apartments for sale in its development. Off-plan properties are available for sale in Acres and West Yas, while apartments are available in Ansam, Mayan, and Water’s Edge. Studio apartments, one and two-bedroom flats, and three-bedroom flats are available on Yas Island. A typical Yas Island apartment is between 400 and 2,000 square feet in size. There are also 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas available on Yas Island, and some of them exceed 5,000 square feet.

    Apartments for Sale on Yas Island

    Yas Island is an ideal place to make a home because of its beautiful landscapes and remarkable contemporary architecture. Among Abu Dhabi real estate’s most diverse property markets, Yas Island residents enjoy easy access to a wide range of exclusive leisure facilities and waterfront residential options. Yas Island apartments for sale include studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom flats, as well as lavish beach houses. With almost half a dozen apartment buildings with exotic Spanish-style architecture, the community offers some of the best apartments for sale on Yas Island at competitive prices.

    Since the development’s launch, many of the apartments for sale on Yas Island have seen steady appreciation, thanks to the exceptional amenities offered to residents. One-bedroom apartments for sale in Yas Island begin at AED 965,000, whereas studio apartments cost AED 635,000.

    Villa for Sale on Yas Island

    Living on Yas Island means living in one of the UAE’s most untouched natural locations, which is characterized by an eco-friendly environment. Designed meticulously to offer maximum indoor and outdoor area, the Villas on Yas Island live up to their hype. There are a variety of different designs and sizes of villas for sale on Yas Island. Whether you are looking for a small 2 to the 3-bedroom house or a larger 5-bedroom villa, Yas Island has it all. Each villa will be different in size depending on its type. In addition to being located near safe communities, these villas feature brand-new, high-quality ceramic tiles throughout the floors, as well as an outstanding overview of the sea surrounding Yas Island. Luxury villas with two to six bedrooms sell for between AED 200,000 and AED 9000,000, depending on their location and size.

    Abu Dhabi Developments

    Lifestyle on Yas Island

    Yas Island, near Abu Dhabi, is a great place to live. There are a wide range of activities and venues to visit on Yas Island, including cafes, restaurants, luxury hotels, hip clubs, and so on. Tourists from all over the world have become extremely aware of the area due to its impressive hotels and marina. Yas Island is considered an investor’s paradise due to its natural surroundings and affordable prices. Yas Island is reportedly Abu Dhabi’s second most popular neighborhood for investment. The excellent community of Yas Island even offers residents a free shuttle service as part of its many benefits. A bicycle-sharing system is also available 24/7 on Yas Island called ‘Bikeshare,’ which is a fun yet affordable way to commute on the Island.

    Popular Projects and Areas of the Yas Island

    Some of the city’s biggest recreational projects are located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s ultimate entertainment destination. A few names to mention include Yas Waterworld, named by Los Angeles Times as the second-best waterpark in the world in May 2013. A wide variety of attractions are available at the park, including Exciting Adventures, Young Fun, Adrenaline Rush, and Moving & Grooving. With over 40 rides and slides to choose from, the park offers Rush Rider, Bandit Bomber, and Bubble’s Barrel. There are other notable attractions present on Yas Islands, including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Next, we’ll explore some of the best projects for sale on Yas Island:

    • Perla 2 Apartments at Yas Island

    With a stunning waterfront vantage point and providing a wide variety of luxurious duplex apartments, Perla 2 contributes significantly to the grandeur of Yas Bay Residences on Yas Island. Perla 2 apartments in Yas Bay is an exceptional investment option for those on the lookout for their dream home. Featuring an exquisite collection of apartments, this residential development is a masterpiece of architecture and design, offering every amenity needed by the residents.

    Perla 2 at Yas Island

    • Noya Viva at Yas Island

    Stylish 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR townhouses and villas are available at Noya Viva project, with a range of architectural features and plot locations to choose from. A major advantage of these townhouses is their location on Yas Island. In a sought-after and accessible location north of Yas Island, Noya Viva houses are perfect for growing families. The townhouses and villas are designed sustainably and are located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The Noya Viva by Aldar is designed to enhance every lifestyle with generous outdoor spaces, smart fixtures, and quality fittings.

    Noya Viva By Aldar Properties at Yas Island

    • Yas Park Gate at Yas Island

    Townhouses and villas in Abu Dhabi are among the most preferred properties among people looking for perfect villas in Abu Dhabi. In terms of recent developments by Aldar Properties, the Yas Park Gate project offers the best options. Its superb location, island lifestyle, and easy access to important destinations make this project famous, including Water’s Edge, Yas Mall, and Warner Bros. In addition to high-end amenities and world-class facilities, residents of these properties can also enjoy spending time with their families.

    Yas Park Gate Properties at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

    • Water’s Edge Apartments at Yas Island

    At very affordable prices, Yas Island’s Waters Edge is a luxurious and elegant residential development offering spacious three-bedroom apartments with high-end features. Located in the heart of one of UAE’s most sought-after areas, Yas Island, Water’s Edge is Aldar properties new development. There is no doubt that Water’s Edge Apartments are among the most desirable apartments in the UAE due to their superb location, an abundance of high-end amenities, an impressive design, as well as high levels of privacy.

    Waters Edge by Aldar | 3-Bedroom Apartments in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

    Reasons for investing in Yas Island

    The international popularity of Yas Island would be the main reason for investing there. Living in such a vibrant community won’t let your life get dull because the project is the center of attention for the entire city. The residential communities on Yas Island are quite peaceful, so don’t worry about being in the spotlight all the time. Additionally, schools, markets, shopping centers, hospitals, and retail shops are nearby. Here are a few more reasons why you should buy property in Yas Island:

    Transportation and Parking Spaces on Yas Island 

    On Yas Island, there are plenty of parking spaces for the citizens. Weekends and events can be quite crowded since all attractions provide free parking. There are dedicated parking spaces in complexes and communities for residents. Tourists from around the world flock to the Island during Grand Prix season when the Island is particularly crowded.

    Public Transportation on Yas Island 

    Yas Island is easily accessible by the public transport system from Dubai and Abu Dhabi via the 190 bus service. You can also commute around the Island with the constant stream of taxis plying the streets. Abu Dhabi International Airport is just 10 minutes from the city, and Dubai is just 50 minutes by car. On the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, the Yas Island Tunnel is the easiest way to access the Island from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Best Hotels on Yas Island 

    Here are a few of the upscale hotels and resorts on Yas Island that you can stay at:

    • W Abu Dhabi
    • Yas Island Rotana
    • Radisson Blu Hotel

    A special mention should be given to W Abu Dhabi. In addition to being a 5-star resort, it is an architectural masterpiece on the Island. There are over 499 suites available at this hotel, just minutes away from Yas Island’s major destinations. There are also several other well-known hotels on Yas Island, including Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi and Centro Yas Island.

    Prestigious Schools near Yas Island 

    Choosing the right school in the capital is another concern for parents. Sabis International School provides the Sabis system up to K-12. In fact, it is located right on the Island. A nearby school that offers the American curriculum until Year 12 is Aldar Academy in West Yas. Additionally, Yellow Submarine Nursery is just a few minutes away.

    World-Class Hospitals on Yas Island 

    The Medeor Medical Centre in Yas Mall is the most popular place for residents on Yas Island to seek medical attention for minor ailments. On the main Island, Burjeel, NMC, and Cleveland Clinic are all multispecialty hospitals near Yas island. Other options include the Medical Clinic in Khalifa City A and Al Noor, located close to Sheikh Zayed Road properties. Xxxxxxx

    Why Should You Buy Properties on Yas Island Through Dxboffplan?

    Residents of Yas Island enjoy a peaceful residential environment that embodies authentic Emirati traditions. Living in Abu Dhabi involves the luxuries of the modern age, along with other amenities that promote a high standard of living. Yas Island, situated in Abu Dhabi, guarantees a safe and secure atmosphere for all of its residents. The properties in Yas Island are carefully built to elegantly improve living spaces. The Yas Island property market can be a dream come true if you are looking for a stunning but affordable UAE off-plan property. Property for Sale on Yas Island provides everything you need for a comfortable and satisfying life. Yas Island’s lucrative property is now available for purchase. Dxboffplan can assist you in finding Yas Island properties whenever you need them.

    Yas Island Projects price table

    Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
    Sama Yas Apartments apartments - 2027Q2
    Gardenia Bay Apartments Apartments - 2027Q2
    Perla 2 Apartments Apartments - 2025Q4
    Perla Apartments 1 Apartments - 2025Q4
    Diva At The Bay Apartments Apartments - 2025Q3
    Yas Park Gate Villas - 2026Q1
    Noya Viva Townhouses - Ready To Move off plan projects
    Yas Beach Residences Apartments 2,460,000 2023Q4
    Water’s Edge Apartments Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    Yas Acres – The Dahlias Villas - Ready To Move off plan projects
    Mayan Residence Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects

    Yas Island Projects

    Aldar Properties

    Aldar Properties

    Reportage Properties

    Reportage Properties

    Reportage Properties

    Aldar Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Noya Viva

    Aldar Properties

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Water’s Edge Apartments

    Aldar Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Yas Acres – The Dahlias

    Aldar Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Mayan Residence

    Aldar Properties

    Aldar Properties

    frequently asked questions

    One-bedroom apartments for sale in Yas Island begin at AED 965,000, whereas studio apartments cost AED 635,000.

    Miral CEO Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi is responsible for promoting and developing the island and its attractions, and he is building innovatively on a long-term development that began in 2006.

    Despite being man made, Yas Island did not result from sand shooting sea vessels.

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