Property for Sale in Masdar City

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Last Update: 2024-06-22

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    Property for Sale in Masdar City

    Property for sale in Masdar city is one of the most sought-after properties for sale in Abu Dhabi and a perfect destination to live, work, play and enjoy. Masdar City is a mixed-use project built by Masdar, a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company. Established in 2006, the area is designed to become a sustainable urban community. The development of the first six buildings in Masdar City has long seen fruition, but a portion of the area is still under development. The community is planned to be a home of approximately 50,000 people and 1,500 companies specializing in environmentally friendly products. It is one of the most sustainable communities in the world, where the residents will experience a unique style of living through unmatched facilities.

    What Makes Property for Sale in Masdar City So Popular?

    Masdar City is a low-carbon community offering a business-free zone, a rapidly growing clean-tech cluster in addition to a residential neighborhood. In addition, shops, restaurants and public green spaces add a new layer of value to this fantastic community.

    The city is home to one of the world’s largest clusters of low-carbon buildings. Buildings were designed to high sustainability standards. They are also certified by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities’ (DPM) Estidama, or LEED green building rating systems. Community facilities are certified under DPM’s Estidama Pearl Community Rating System. Here are Masdar City other offerings:

    • The buildings use 40 percent less water than comparable buildings.
    • Construction projects use 100 percent recycled aluminum and steel.
    • Buildings use 40 percent less energy than comparable buildings

    Masdar City Master Plan

    Buying a Property in Masdar City

    Residential and business complexes are strategically combined in this urban community, making it a popular investment opportunity. Residents of the community will find living there economically feasible and cost-effective because the development plan is based on sustainability. The Incubator Building, which houses IREN’s headquarters, is located in the community in addition to luxurious villas and apartments. At Masdar City, you can also find a variety of amenities. An ideal lifestyle is offered by the community, which has a variety of eateries, gyms, supermarkets, and outdoor activities. High-rise buildings add to Abu Dhabi’s opulent skyline while wide and clean streets give way to Masdar city pedestrians and cyclists. A studio or 1-bedroom Masdar city unit has the highest ROI of 8%.

    Buying an Apartment in Masdar City

    Modern apartments in Masdar City are designed to offer luxury living with modern amenities. The units are fully furnished and are situated in elegant, high-rise towers. The modern façades of the buildings differ, with some displaying colorful supports and others showing full-length glass panels. Those living in the area have the option of choosing from studios, one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments. Designed in different sizes, the studios usually measure 333 square feet to 550 square feet. In contrast, comparatively spacious one and 2-bedroom homes have a surface area of between 600 and 900 square feet to 1,200 square Ft.

    There are many family-friendly green spaces in the surrounding land adjacent to each residential building. In addition to a shared swimming pool, gyms, and saunas, residents can enjoy several modern amenities in the buildings.

    Villa for Sale in Masdar City

    The eco-villas in Masdar City are designed to reduce running costs through the use of energy-saving technologies. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of many of the villas, which contributes to the sustainability of the property of Masdar city residences. There is a sense of the Roman era in the architecture of the Masdar city villas. Brick walls and terracotta tiles accompanied by arabesque patterns all contribute to the natural theme of the Masdar city community. Like all luxury Abu Dhabi villas, the Masdar city units are fully furnished and include many modern amenities, including built-in wardrobes, fully ventilated windows, and attached bathrooms. Private garages and maid’s rooms are also included in the spacious Masdar city units.

    Madar City Property Development | Innovative City

    The Masdar City lifestyle

    A wide range of facilities are available in Masdar City. Individuals, couples, families, and large groups can all enjoy the community’s eateries, gyms, supermarkets, and outdoor activities. Similarly, the architectural design of the community aims to promote sustainable living. Pedestrians and cyclists are welcomed on Abu Dhabi’s broad, clean streets, while high-rise buildings contribute to the city’s opulent skyline.

    Most Popular Buildings in Masdar City

    Masdar City Abu Dhabi is home to the 9-storey Oasis Residence, which houses 600 units. There is no other building in the area as popular as this one. Luxurious apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms and studios are available in this luxury complex. Approximately AED 525k will be required for a studio apartment, while AED 2M is required for a 3-bedroom apartment.

    The second most popular residence is Leonardo Residences. Leonardo Residences offers studios and 1-bedroom apartments with prices ranging from AED 500k to AED 800k for those looking for smaller apartments.

    La Plaza Apartments at Masdar City

    Top Projects for Investment in Masdar City

    There are all the daily living necessities in Masdar City, such as schools, health care facilities, shopping malls, banks/ ATMs, a mosque, laundry service and playgrounds. A variety of famous restaurants can be found inside Masdar City, including Somo Sushi and Bento, Caribou Coffee, Pappa Roti, Barbacoa, McDonalds and Subway. In Masdar City, many schools are located for the convenience of families. One such school is Ryan International School, another is Stepping Stones Nursery, another is Crescent International School, and another is Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi. It is imperative to note that each school has a different curriculum. Residents of Masdar City can visit the many malls located in Al Raha Garden, which is close to Masdar City. With these valuable insights in your mind, let’s check out some of the most promising projects for investment in Masdar city:

    • La Plaza in Masdar city

    Located in Masdar City, La Plaza Apartments offer a unique lifestyle at an affordable price. The exceptional features of these Abu Dhabi properties make them ideal for a unique and private family lifestyle. La Plaza offers world-class amenities, a soothing view and an amazing location in a sustainable urban community.

    • Al Mahra in Masdar city

    Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City, the Al Mahra Residence is a work of architectural art. Al Mahra consists of two mid-rise buildings with eight floors each. This project includes 300 modern apartment units with terraces and full amenities. There are also private gardens that look out over the swimming pool and surrounding sustainable city, as well as the boulevards of Al Mahra Residence.

    La Plaza Apartments at Masdar City

    Leisure Activities and Major Landmarks

    Located at a 12-minute drive from Abu Dhabi, Al Ghazal Golf Club is one of the top golf clubs in the UAE. As well as offering sand golf, the club provides food and beverages. Masdar City residents can also participate in a number of sports activities at Al Forsan International Sports Resort. The park offers motorsports, shooting ranges, water sports, and much more leisure activities. A 15-minute drive from Yas Marina Abu Dhabi will also allow families and youngsters to enjoy oceanfront views.

    Reason to Buy Property in Masdar City

    Masdar City has strict security measures that make investing safe and secure. We have compiled this list of all the closest places to our readers in order to make it easier for them to understand where they are in relation to the Masdar City essential and key places:

    The Unique Location of Masdar City

    In addition to being located in a major growth area of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is an ideal destination for international businesses. In addition, close proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport makes Masdar City a prime location for those who wish for the highest levels of exclusivity.

    Living in Masdar City, the residents will not only have direct and rapid access to all areas of Abu Dhabi, but also they will enjoy proximity to other areas of UAE and beyond. Masdar City will also be more accessible in the future with the introduction of public transport and metro networks.

    Religious Centers in Masdar city:

    A mosque is built within the confines of the neighborhood to serve the religious needs of its residents. Mussafah, about 15 to 20 minutes away, offers numerous options for members of the church-going community. It is possible to visit the New Gurdwara Abu Dhabi if you follow the Sikh faith. In Abu Dhabi, Hindus will have to wait for the construction of a new temple. As of now, the only option is to travel about one hour and thirty minutes to the Bur Dubai temple in Dubai.

    Boundless Activities in Masdar City:

    Masdar Park offers an area of around 2,500 square meters and features a children’s playground, art illustrations themed on stability and a music wall. Visitors can charge their phones and other digital devices using the solar-powered benches of the park and interact with “The Tree Of Light” that is made of recycled building materials.

    A football pitch as well as a basketball court are also located next to Masdar Park, while the residents can also find an outdoor gym on the Al Mamsha trail close to the Masdar City Solar PV array.

    Nearest School and Nursery in Masdar City:

    A wide range of World-class nursery options are available to parents of young children in Masdar City. Khalifa City also has some top-rated schools and nurseries, so residents can choose from that area as well. A wide range of UK-based institutions are also available to those seeking education in Masdar City, Dubai. Schools and nurseries in Masdar City include:

    • Ryan International School
    • GEMS School

    Nearest Malls in Masdar City:

    There is something unique about Masdar Cities’ recreational options that sets it apart from other cities. The leisure and shopping hub, My City Centre Masdar (also known as Masdar City Center), is in the heart of Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. A total of 77 stores will be built on an area of 18,800 square feet in the project. The community offers residents many exclusive and exciting amenities in addition to shops and fine dining restaurants nearby.

    Nearest Hotels in Masdar City:

    Masdar City’s popularity as a tourist destination has naturally led to the development of high-end and luxury hotels. There are several hotels within walking distance of Masdar City, including:

    • Gravity Hotel
    • Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate
    • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel

    Nearest Hospitals in Masdar City:

    The value of health cannot be overstated. The UAE puts great emphasis on its residents regularly checking their health and keeping themselves safe. Residents of Masdar City can take advantage of the following world-class medical facilities:

    • Amana Healthcare Medical
    • Reaya Hemodialysis Services
    • Al Noor Hospital Medical Center

    What makes Dxboffplan an Excellent Choice for Buying Properties in Masdar City?

    A family-friendly community, Masdar City, offers 24-hour security and a close-knit community atmosphere. Those interested in excellent investment opportunities in this gated community can enjoy a variety of exclusive lifestyle amenities. We take pride in understanding your specific requirements and taking your preferences into account when it comes to location, taste, and quality construction here at Dxboffplan real estate. Using our website, you can choose from a variety of architectural styles and conveniences in Masdar City. As a result, you can get the house of your dreams within a reasonable budget in Masdar City. We invite you to browse our website to see a large selection of Masdar City properties for sale, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Masdar City Projects price table

    Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
    Oasis Two Residences Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    The Gate Residence Apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects
    La Plaza Apartments Apartments - 2025Q4
    Al Mahra Residence Apartments 1,291,082 2023Q2

    Masdar City Projects

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    Oasis Two Residences

    Reportage Properties

    Ready To Move off plan projects

    The Gate Residence

    Reportage Properties

    Reportage Properties

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC

    frequently asked questions

    Schools, health care facilities, shopping malls, banks, mosques, laundry service, and playground are available in Masdar city so all projects are good to invest. If we want to mention the famous ones, La Plaza and Al Mahra include.

    If you want to buy studio apartment in Oasis Residence, you have to pay AED 252K and for 3bedroom apartment you need to pay AED 2M. 1bedroom apartment price in Leonardo Residence is at AED 500K to AED 800K.

    In this urban community residential and business complexes are strategically combined and making it a popular investment opportunity. Masdar City offers a low carbon community, business free zones, rapidly growing clean-tech cluster in addition to the residential neighborhoods.

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