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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
The 8 Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 2,450,000 Ready To Move
Balqis Residence Townhouses Townhouses Dubai Palm Jumeirah 13,234,500 Ready To Move
Balqis Residence Villas Villas Dubai Palm Jumeirah 13,000,000 Ready To Move
Balqis Residence Apartments Apartments Dubai Palm Jumeirah 20,000,000 Ready To Move


IFA Hotels and Resorts (International Financial Advisors) is one of the renowned and largest investment companies in United Arab Emirates. In year 2010, plenty of the company’s projects moved from construction to completion. IFA Hotels and Resorts has created IFA Hotel Investments, which provide strategic direction to its operational assets and expand its portfolio within the hospitality industry. IFA Hotel Investments oversees the IFA Collection, which manages the company’s private residence clubs and vacation ownership products. This approach allows IFA Hotels & Resorts to respond advantageously to market changes by introducing new products.

IFA Hotel and Resorts was built to provide strategic direction across its operational assets and strengthen excellent knowledge experience in hospitality business. The company is managed by Mr. Talal Jassim Al Bahar. Its operational asset portfolios include hotels, hotel condominiums, commercial, retail and food and beverage ventures.  IFA Hotels and Resorts provide a great quality of services in a relaxed atmosphere and a good approach to each customer. The IFA Group has also been entrusted with asset management of properties operated in some other countries.

The 8 Luxurious Residences in Palm Jumeirah

The 8 Luxurious Residences in Palm Jumeirah

Popular Projects by IFA Hotels and Resorts

IFA Hotels and Resorts has a number of projects in Dubai. Here are just some the projects.

  • Balqis Residence

Balqis Residence is a selection of villas, townhouses, apartments and penthouses located in the Kingdom of Sheba landmark in Palm Jumeirah. These residences are tagged as one of the most ambitious projects in the man-made island. With wide living spaces and inviting interiors, residents are sure to love every waking day in these luxury homes. Balqis Residences offers 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, 4 and 5-bedroom duplex-style penthouses, palatial villas in 4 and 5-bedroom arrangements, and 4-bedroom townhouses.

Balqis Residence Apartments in Palm Jumeirah | IFA Hotels & Resorts

Balqis Residence in Palm Jumeirah

  • The 8 by IFA Hotels

The 8 by IFA Hotels is a selection of sophisticated residences inspired by the Miami-style of living. The residences are available in 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, as well as signature townhouses and penthouses designed with sleek interiors and modern finishes. With premium amenities like private lifts, pools and entertainment decks, The 8 is truly a home that you would love to stay.

The 8 by IFA Hotels & Resorts | Apartments & Townhouses in Palm Jumeirah

The 8 by IFA Hotels & Resorts

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