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Gulf Land Property Developers is a company that develops properties and engages in real estate in Dubai.

The goal of the business is to add value for its customers by providing them with strategic real estate assets.

According to the cost of construction, the GLPD portfolio has a total value of about AED 400,000,000, of which there is now AED 100,000,000 worth of projects in development.

Gulf Land Property Developers, a Reputable Real Estate Developer in the UAE

MAZ Investments LLC bought GLPD in 2014, and it is now a member of the MAZ Investments corporate family. MAZ Investments is made up of a variety of enterprises in a wide range of sectors, including real estate, investments, hotels, and education in the UAE as well as investments in financial and real estate markets both domestically and abroad.

The business was established in 2020 with the intention of delivering key real estate assets while adding value to its customer base. The business investigates, examines, and seizes opportunities in the Dubai real estate market in order to accomplish this purpose. In the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Land Property Developers is a reputable real estate development firm.

Driven by innovation and excellence in its work, Gulf Land provides a range of strategic and cutting-edge real estate assets in Dubai that have been hand-picked to satisfy a discerning clientele eager to invest in enviable locations and offer a distinctive way of life and a desirable investment return.

List of Projects by Gulf Land Property Developers

We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Gulf Land Property Developers:

Serenity Lakes 5

Gulf Land Property Developers’ latest luxury residence in Dubai is called Serenity Lakes 5 project. The well-known Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) residential neighborhood will be home to the 5-story residential development. The neighborhood has well-developed amenity infrastructure and great transportation accessibility.

A variety of studio apartments, opulent one- and two-bedroom apartments, and upscale three-bedroom duplexes will be available at Serenity Lakes 5. Each apartment will have a luxurious interior decorated by an artist, enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, and roomy balconies where tenants may set up a second living space.

The residential development Serenity Lakes 5 is still being built, so you can get luxurious off-plan houses at a reasonable price! The building is expected to be finished in the third quarter of 2023. The cost of units will steadily increase as work draws to a close. It is important to pay attention to the general rise in Dubai real estate prices, which, in the opinion of local experts, will likely continue to rise in the near future. Hence, purchasing property in Serenity Lakes 5 near JVC will protect money from inflation. The property can be rented out to receive a reliable stream of recurrent income or resold once the community is compensated to profit from the price differential.

Architecture and Design

A contemporary design will be used to construct the planned 5-story structure, and curved ornamental panels will be used to embellish its exterior. The structure will distinguish itself from the rest of the urban development because of the distinctive décor. The interior of these Dubai homes for sale will be decorated with high-quality marble, ceramic tiles, glass accents, wood, and metal. In the living rooms, the designer’s carefully chosen color compositions and material combinations provide a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the development’s façade double as decorative panels that serve as curtains to let light in while maintaining privacy.

Community Infrastructure

The area occupied by the residential community will be home to a variety of facilities. Including:

  • gym with exercise equipment
  • outdoor swimming pool with a lounge area near the water
  • Jacuzzi
  • a cozy entrance lobby
  • central air conditioning
  • satellite/cable TV
  • elevators
  • 24/7 security and video surveillance system
  • parking

Throughout the development, there will also be services like concierge, apartment cleaning, and others. A pet-friendly neighborhood will be present here.

Serenity Lakes 5

Serenity Lakes 2

In the well-known Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) residential neighborhood, Serenity Lakes 2 project is a five-story residential development that is still under construction and is going to be one of the top flats for sale in JVC. JVC District 10 Park is close by and is accessible on foot. The project is being constructed by Gulf Land Property Developers and falls within the premium real estate category in Dubai. The planned completion date for construction is the third quarter of 2023. The complex will have a large lobby, a pool, a playground for kids with various games, and a gym with state-of-the-art exercise gear.

The five-story building has all the features required for pleasant living and enjoyment. You may go for a run or a walk in the fresh air at a park close to the complex. The community’s neighborhood center, which is close by and has a number of branded retail businesses, will be accessible to future residents for their shopping needs.

Investors who wish to buy an apartment to rent out in order to generate recurrent income find the JVC region to be quite alluring. The average return on investment (ROI) for Serenity Lakes 2 real estate in the JVC region is now 6.82% annually. The figures may vary depending on the kind and worth of the property.

Architecture and Design

The new construction has an open platform, glass balcony walls, a modern architectural design, and different infrastructural amenities on the first floor. The front is also exquisitely decorated.

The interiors of the units will be finished in simple colors. Due to the restricted use of color in the decor, future occupants of flats and studios will be able to add furniture, decorations, and other household objects to the interior to personalize their homes.

The spacious balconies are a key benefit of the designs of these flats for sale in Dubai. A full sitting layout of lawn furniture may be organized on corner balconies, which are characteristic of certain residences, to provide an additional lounge space.

Real Estate in Serenity Lakes 2

There will be several apartment options with a 38 square meter size available in the residential development project, including:

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • 3-bedroom duplexes
  • studios

Each apartment has a functional design, floor-to-ceiling windows that let in magnificent natural light throughout the day, and a roomy terrace that allows you to set up a comfortable seating area with lovely views of the city. The living spaces will be furnished with contemporary, top-notch, eco-friendly materials.

Nearest Schools

Families with kids will love the residential area known as Serenity Lakes 2. About a 5-minute walk is the acclaimed top-ranked JSS International School. The instructional procedure at this institution makes advantage of contemporary technology. The practical exercises, which are conducted in the form of numerous seminars, projects, games, etc., are given a lot of attention by the teachers. The area has some of the Best International Schools in Dubai for Expats.

The following schools are between 12 and 19 minutes distant by car:

Ten minutes’ walk separates the future residential neighborhood from Kids’ World, the closest kindergarten. To reach The Wonder Years kindergarten by car, it will take 9 minutes.

Location and Transport Accessibility

One of the main benefits of Serenity Lakes 2’s location in the JVC region is its great transportation accessibility. City buses are utilized in this area, and the residential neighborhood is not far from a major highway that connects to the districts in the center of Dubai. The main sports hub, Sports City, which includes a golf club, a cricket stadium, a sports complex with an arena, a fitness facility, a football field and other athletic venues, is close to JVC.

Global Village, a themed seasonal fair, is a well-liked destination in the emirate and is about 20 minutes away from the residential neighborhood. Every year, representatives from several nations congregate there, giving visitors the chance to learn more about the cultural customs of those nations. You may buy handcrafted goods and regional souvenirs from all around the world at the expo.

The upscale neighborhood of Dubai Marina may be reached by car in around 23 minutes. Check out luxury apartments in Dubai Marina if you are interested. The journey to Sufouh Beach’s gorgeous white sand coastlines will take about the same amount of time.

A 27-minute journey will take you to Downtown Dubai, the emirate’s primary cultural and commercial center, which has the Dubai Mall, the largest retail mall in the country, a singing fountain, a park, and a mixed-use high-rise building (the Burj Khalifa). Interested? Well, you can check out a fascinating property for sale in Downtown Dubai as well!

Serenity Lakes at Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai

Paradise Hills

presenting a novel development On Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Boulevard in Dubai, Gulf Land Developers’ Paradise Hills project provides 170 professionally constructed luxury Dubai villas and townhouses. A beautiful, tropical environment surrounds each home and townhouse. There are many various styles of apartments available at Paradise Hills, including Calm Townhouses, Harmony Townhouses, Heaven Villas and Eternity Villas.

Regarding size, quality, additional features, and competitive pricing, every villa and townhouse unit is rated higher than those of its contemporaries. The houses in Paradise Hills feature outstanding external and interior designs that set them apart from other housing developments in the neighborhood. The purpose of a landscape is to provide a tranquil and calming environment for the locals. With lakes that are simple naturalistic streams, the lush terrain offers introspection and the calming sound of flowing water. The residents of Paradise Hills can choose from a variety of amenities that are useful for life. Enjoy the numerous luxurious amenities that are right outside your door, like jogging trails, kid’s play places, big green spaces with water features, and 24-hour security.

In the center of Dubai, on a 2 million square foot plot, sits a gated neighborhood called Paradise Hills. These villas and townhouses may reach the main districts of Dubai in only a few minutes. The homes are situated on the great Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Street. Due to Dubai’s amazing motorway system, which connects the entire city in a matter of minutes, Paradise Hills is accessible to important locations. Enjoy the benefit of being close to all the city’s most popular locations within walking distance, such as Downtown, which is 25 minutes away, and Palm Jumeirah, which is 20 minutes away.


There are a lot of facilities you can enjoy:

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Leisure & Family Areas
  • Sport Facilities
  • Fully-Equipped Gym
  • A Great Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Play Area
  • & Much More!

Paradise Hills Villas

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Gulf Land Property Developers Projects List

Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
Serenity Lakes 5 Apartments Jumeirah Village Circle 709,644 Completion
Paradise Hills Villas Villas Paradise Hills 7,950,000 Completion

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