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Project NameProperty TypeDevelopment NameMin. PriceCompletion Date
Joya Blanca Residences Apartments Dubai Arjan Sold Out Q4 2022
Joya Verde Residences Apartments Dubai Jumeirah Village Circle 432,952 Ready To Move


Green Yard Properties Development LLC, as quite self-explanatory by the name, is a sustainability and ecology driven master developer in the UAE. Embedding nature’s well-being and preservation as its core motto, the developer has been able to create quite a niche for itself within a short span of time. Being a relatively newly established property development group in the region, Green Yard Properties Development comes with a unique sense of newness and a distinctive freshness to it. Thus, though newly established, the master developer is all set and girded up to mark its unique niche within this highly competitive market full of cut-throat competition of the already established giant groups within the region.  Green Yard Properties Development LLC positions and markets itself as the perfect amalgamation of fine luxurious living with comfort and social responsibility. Attention to detail, precision in the framework and fine end crafting in the infrastructure are some of Green Yard Properties Development LLC’s finest and bespoke attributes. Though the property development entity is quite new, it does not, however, come with any less preparation. The master developer comes with an elaborate homework and factual search over the property market in the region, the factors and components that contribute to a successful development entity, and the pointers that should be taken special care of whenever providing the target market with a residential community to reside and invest in. Not just that, Green Yard Properties Development LLC  envisions itself to achieve and sustain superior levels of performance, expertise, and efficiency that can enable them to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction and loyalty from their well-established customer base gained solely because of their superior commitment and delivery. In addition to that, Green Yard Properties Development LLC also aims to identify the most exclusive and suitable property locations and utilize their creativity, experience and technical expertise integrated in an environment-friendly manner to grab the most extensive variety of high-quality properties aimed to become their client’s dream homes.  Moreover, Green Yard Properties Development LLC comprises a team of some supremely talented and renowned architects and designers bringing the master developer’s each project to life with their expertise in the arena.  Hence, it is expected and foresighted, that with this level of commitment, sustenance, honesty and hard work, Green Yard Properties Development LLC will only fly higher and higher and bring forward some of the most distinctively popular residential developments within the region as they have done so with their very first and newest venture of Joya Verde Residences that will help the mega-developer set a specific tone for their upcoming endeavors. It is expected that Green Yard Properties Development LLC will be able to stand neck to neck with some of the mega-developers in the region who are already quite well-applauded and widely renowned in the region and even the world over. Green Yard Properties Development LLC, hence, aims to achieve the same and much more in its journey towards establishing itself as a well-rounded property development entity within UAE. Though this project has been delivered in Jumeirah Village Circle, one of the most sought-after and vibrant residential communities in Dubai, Green Yard Properties Development LLC is all set to spread its wings to all the other Emirates too and deliver its unique and outstanding residential ventures.

Popular Projects by Green Yard Properties Development LLC

Being a relatively newer development entity, the master developer has just started off with its projects in the region. Green Yard Properties Development LLC currently has just one single project running in Dubai. However, the property development entity has stood true to its promise and delivered one of the most finely-designed and executed projects in the region based in a highly central and significant location.

  • Joya Verde Residences:

An immaculately crafted and finely infrastructured set of intricately placed and secured homes, Joya Verde Residences by Green Yard Properties in Jumeirah Village Circle is yet again a brilliant project by the slightly newer but in no way less promising master developer Green Yard Properties in the region. The houses will all entail the finest set of premium amenities for the residents to relish. The apartments in Joya Verde Residences are immaculately designed studio, 1BR & 2BR apartments at highly affordable rates. Thus, Based in the stunning and magnificent community of Jumeirah Village Circle, the development’s infrastructure has been built and designed in an uber-contemporary manner to be a fit with its surroundings. So set your eyes to it and be ready to invest your hard earned money in such a fruitful investment.

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