Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

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When prepared properly, fish can make the most incredible dish. Additionally, Dubai is home to several outstanding eateries that provide top-notch seafood. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest seafood restaurants in the area, from little beachside shacks to elegant eateries with views of the Persian Gulf.

Can’t get enough of the delectable seafood? You are undoubtedly in the correct city and reading the correct article, then! You may now enjoy our comprehensive list of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai thanks to our delicious research. So be ready for the greatest seafood experiences Dubai has to offer to blow your taste senses away, especially if you have a Dubai work visa and permit and want to experience great sea foods close by.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Best Fine Dining Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2023

A fine supper is appropriate for a memorable occasion! So let’s start with Dubai’s elegant seafood establishments, which are excellent for special occasions. Some of the priciest restaurants in Dubai are on our list as well, but the high caliber of the food makes it well worth the cost.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

101, one of the Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

The setting of this bar, with its views of Dubai Harbor, is truly breathtaking. It may be found at the hotel’s exclusive marina. You want to spend an evening on the terrace outside, gazing out over the sea and over to that stunning skyline. It is laid-back, elegant, and ideal for a low-key treat on a special occasion.

Things at this bar are expensive due to the location and high-end character of the establishment, as would be anticipated, but this is not the place to go for an everyday beverage.

Head here when you’re feeling flush since the drinks menu offers a selection of customary, uncommon, and expensive beverages, and the costs reflect each, starting at about Dhs70 and going up into the thousands.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Alici, another Fine Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

There is no surprise given the abundance of locally grown grapes, fresh fish, homemade pasta, and famed Amalfi lemons.

The two-story room is decorated with white-washed wood, citrus trees, beachy blues, and neutral colors with plenty of natural light. Take a seat and enjoy the view of the ocean, either from the terrace in the winter or from the upstairs dining room’s enormous floor-to-ceiling windows.

Alici, which translates to “anchovies,” offers a variety of meals that use the lead ingredient, including pasta dishes with marinated, fried, and fresh seafood that is brought in daily from Italy.

Both the environment and the cuisine are excellent. Even if you are facing JBR’s beach, Alici offers authentic Amalfi in every other respect.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Al Mahara, One of Dubai’s Top Seafood Restaurants

Experience the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling aquarium and the supposedly undersea environment of Al Mahara, a seafood establishment. Take a private car to the restaurant at Dubai’s famous Burj Al-Arab hotel, a building like a sail. Dine on a three-course gourmet meal after arriving, choosing from a choice of options including line-caught sea bass and seared Angus steak. As you eat and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience while sipping wine (own expense), observe a variety of tropical fish swimming past you. After the event, take a private shuttle back to your hotel or your home, if you have recently purchased a property from a reliable real estate, like Aldar projects.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Aprons & Hammers, Easily One of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

The seaside resort has an outdoor patio with table seating for about 200 people, an outdoor bar, and other amenities. Depending on whether you prefer a more laid-back experience, diners may even enjoy their lunch on the private beach with tables, chairs, sofas, and bean bags.

In addition to the Apron & Hammers favorites like the seafood paella, take advantage of the new menu options including mahi mahi tacos, truffle lobster mac ‘n cheese, firecracker prawns, and seared tuna sliders.

For dessert, a brand-new Hammertime cake has been unveiled, consisting of warm walnut brownie layers sandwiched between white and milk chocolate ice cream bricks.

For those who prefer to drink and relax on the beach, the permitted establishment offers beverages like frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris packed in single-use pouches, similar to adult Capri Suns.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

As You Fish, a Truly Great Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

Rarely would you anticipate being completely astounded by a low-key, modest seafood restaurant. However, As You, Fish has barged in, painted some murals, barbecued some marine creatures, and scattered our flip-flops.

The facility, which debuted in Umm Suqeim in July, looks out onto Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

A whitewashed villa houses the colorful paintings and mismatched pillows that are thrown all over the garden chairs and on the walls.

The menu is made to order and has a fantastic range of foods, including lobster mac ‘n cheese, sliders, tacos, and more. Other options include fish and chips, fish platters, and chowders.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Beach Bar & Grill, one of Dubai’s Most Amazing Seafood Restaurants

Old-timers will recall this location, which is at One&Only Royal Mirage, for its never-ending vistas of the Arabian Gulf. With Bluewaters to the left, the new Dubai Harbour in front of you, and Palm Jumeirah to the right, the view is now drastically different. With rows of luxurious ships to ogle, it’s fairly nice if you can hold back the nostalgia.

The Beach Bar and Grill has changed its menu from Mediterranean to Latin American dishes as part of a new collaboration with chef Mauro Colagreco. An Argentinian rib-eye, sea bream fillet, wild giant prawns, and grilled octopus are just a few of the standout dishes served to the table in cast iron pans from the wood-fired Parilla in the open kitchen. Out of six sauces, pick one to go with your barbecue. The Peruvian aji, made with habanero red chili, concasse tomatoes, coriander, green onion, and olive oil, is recommended if you want a kick.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Catch 22, another One of the Finest Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Catch 22 is the best option if you’re seeking cuisine straight from the water in a vibrant, unusual setting. Even while the restaurant serves fantastic sushi rolls, mussels, calamari, lobster bisque, seafood soup, and lobster mac & cheese, it’s not only about fish. A variety of other traditional foods from throughout the globe are also available, and even picky diners will like them.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Fish Beach Taverna, a Great Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

Given its beachfront position, whitewashed interior, and sparkling lights, Fish has become one of the city’s most romantic spots. You can enjoy the restaurant’s fusion of Greek, Turkish, and Mediterranean fare with your toes in the sand thanks to seats right on the beach and tables in the garden. It is a sharing concept that is open for both lunch and supper and enables customers to try a range of hot and cold dishes. Grills and casseroles are the major dish focus, and diners can request fresh fish to be grilled in front of them by Fish’s chefs. It hides over the summer so you can savor their delectable recipes all year round.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Geales, a Truly Amazing Restaurant in Dubai Serving Seafood

Geales is truly a little bit of everything, so it’s difficult to pinpoint where it falls on the city’s seafood spectrum of things. On the one hand, it’s gastropub-like, with Union Flag pillows, a British atmosphere, and staples like fish and chips and steak pie, coming from the UK (Notting Hill, to be exact). On the other hand, it’s fancier than that, with chic furnishings and a raw bar serving a variety of fresh seafood platters.

The cuisine is delicious either way. The fish cake is enormous and served with a flavorful curry sauce, in contrast to the homey fish pie. Take in the ambiance while sitting on the patio outside. It’s a nice location to spend an evening in the winter when there’s wind.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Hook & Cook, an Excellent Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

With a name like Hook & Cook, images of cute fishing boats just caught shellfish, and freshly cooked seafood immediately come to mind. Even if this new Palm Jumeirah restaurant isn’t quite the rustic ideal, the freshness of the ingredients and the care shown in the preparation of the dish come through. Although quite quiet, like most of The Pointe, Hook & Cook stands out for its charm.

There has been a lot of thought put into the décor, which has nautical blues and whites, shipping ropes, tire light fittings, and candles placed in jars full of sand and shells. Additionally, while being a small area, it doesn’t feel eerily vacant.

The cuisine is also outstanding. Everything is really fresh, and portions are generous enough to share. Everything from seafood spaghetti and fried fish to spicy crab is available on the menu.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Moana, a Really Satisfying Seafood Restaurant Located in Dubai

This well-known seafood restaurant in Dubai enjoys a distinctive location on a little island. Moana’s turquoise interiors include floor-to-ceiling windows that admit in a lot of natural light. Outside, on its pergola-style balcony, you can enjoy the serene sights and sounds of the resort’s beautiful vegetation.

While you’re there, sample some of the many sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls that are being freshly prepared at the sushi bar. There are many additional Peruvian staples available, like street truck ceviche, Hokkaido scallops tiradito, salmon criollo, and grilled chicken anticucho.

In order for the entire family to have a special dining experience, Moana also provides kids with a seafood menu that combines Peruvian fusion and specialties.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Ossiano, one of Dubai’s Most Popular Seafood Restaurants

Have you ever thought about what it may be like to dine at the bottom of the ocean? Dining at Ossiano will allow you to do exactly that. Ossiano, is one of the best underwater restaurants in Dubai with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that offer breath-taking views of the Ambassador Lagoon, which is home to more than 65,000 fish, is located in Atlantis, the Palm. Enjoy a range of seafood dishes at this acclaimed restaurant while a stingray swims near your table.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Pierchic, a Well-known Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

For a variety of reasons, Pierchic is among the greatest seafood establishments in Dubai. One of the things that make the restaurant’s menu so respectable is the fact that sustainability is a top focus for them. The cost of a dinner is often in the “bucket list category,” but the quality is excellent. The fish is served in big portions, and its freshness cannot be disputed. To sample a variety of foods, we advise going to the Friday or Saturday brunches.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Rockfish, try One of the Best Mediterranean Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Rockfish, a Mediterranean seafood restaurant in Jumeirah Al Naseem, has hired Marco Garfagnini as its new executive chef. Diners can anticipate delightful delicacies like roasted langoustine with lentil puree or tuna tartare with crispy saffron rice to start, followed by a 36-hour slow-cooked goat or a line-caught seabass with artichoke and lemon emulsion. These dishes are all inspired by classic Italian comfort food.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Seafood Kitchen, have a Great Experience at One of the Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

On The Pointe, Seafood Kitchen has opened its doors for a second meal. Along with offering a variety of fresh European seafood meals, it also offers some fantastic midweek specials including a Tuesday mussels bargain, a Wednesday oyster night, a Thursday ladies’ night, and a Friday brunch. Each meal requires something to elevate it to a level that suits the vistas and the surroundings, even if they are all prepared properly. Maybe a little more salt for the scallops, finer dice for the red snapper, or a shorter boiling time for the lobster to maximize its juicy texture.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Sea Fu is a Fascinating Seafood Restaurant in Dubai Serving Tasty Meals

The chic Sea Fu restaurant in Dubai serves modern Mediterranean cuisine and delectable Asian-inspired fare in a welcoming environment. Sea Fu’s evenings are dazzling. Dreamy pool and sea vistas are enhanced by elegant lanterns, and a vibrant workstation provides a touch of drama. Sit down at the beachfront bar or unwind in the sunken lounge near the fire pit. Our spicy prawns or the Akami Pizza with fresh sashimi tuna combine nicely with lychee sake and lemongrass martinis.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Seagrill Bistro, a Luxurious Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

The Fairmont The Palm’s own beachfront and Dubai Marina may be seen from the upmarket seafood restaurant Seagrill Bistro. With towering, floor-to-ceiling windows, white stenciled walls that contrast with mock-bamboo pillars, an artsy chandelier, and colorful soft furnishings, the restaurant is lively. The seafood platter is great since it includes a whole crab, two levels of fresh mussels, oysters, salmon sashimi, and a plate of smoking dry ice, all of which will immediately satisfy your Instagram cravings.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Seaview, a Nice and Humble Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

This little seafood restaurant in the fishing harbor of Jumeirah checks so many boxes. First of all, the scenery is breathtaking; plan to arrive just before dusk to see the sun set behind the adorable fishing boats. With (perhaps) the freshest seafood in Dubai and a large variety of fishy treats, the cuisine is equally excellent. It is also cost-effective, refusing to raise prices to Dubai levels in favor of providing healthy, home-cooked meals at reasonable pricing.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

The Fish House, one of Dubai’s Most Famous Seafood Restaurants

The Fish House takes pleasure in offering an authentic eating experience together with a friendly and welcoming ambiance. The Fish House was inspired by local tradition and the simplicity of painstakingly seeking the freshest fish and shellfish. We value the specifics of different palates and respond to them by personally preparing your daily catch, providing a sincere and straightforward eating experience. Our hero Fish House Tower dishes, which feature an astounding range of premium fresh seafood delicacies of the ocean, are what set us apart. We take pride in getting the finest products from local sources.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill, a Top Seafood Restaurant in Dubai with a Post-industrial Design

The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill is an unpretentious Seaside Brasserie located on the edge of Dubai’s expansive shoreline, hidden away in a hotel garage.

Of course, no experience at a brasserie is complete without a gleaming raw bar that dominates the space and serves seafood towers, chic Crudo, and an abundance of oysters. The family-style cuisine, which offers popular brasserie fare including steaks and chops, fresh fish and shellfish, pot roasts, and steamers, is supported by a small, inexpensive wine list.

A diverse group of young urbanites consumes classic cocktails by the bucket at The MAINE’s long bar. The retro-vintage style, which combines a post-industrial design ethos with a carefree New England excess, pays respect to the timeless allure of the state whose slogan justly declares “The Way Life Should Be.”

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

Seafood Market, one of Dubai’s Finest Seafood Restaurants

Due to its reliability, this restaurant has earned a spot on our list of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai in 2023. Seafood Market is well-known for the quality and freshness of its cuisine, providing a fantastic eating experience that will have you coming back for more. Whatever is placed on your table, whether it be prawns or lobster, spicy or buttery, is prepared to perfection.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

So which Seafood Restaurant in Dubai Should you try?

It really depends on a lot of factors, like your preferences or whether the seafood restaurant is close to the property that you have bought from a reliable real estate, for example, Dubai off plan real estate.

While we provided you with a list of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai for 2023, there is still a great deal that has yet to be discovered.

Top Seafood Restaurants in Dubai in 2022

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Sloane's, Saffron, and The Market Place are some of the greatest seafood buffet restaurants in Dubai. Day&Night Restaurant and Terrace hosts a special seafood theme night dinner every Friday if you're searching for a place to eat on a budget.

Some of the best restaurants in Dubaithat serve delicious crabs include Crab Market, Moana, and Seagrill Bistro.

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