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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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    Known for its top-notch projects and developments with high-quality aspects of lifestyle living, Siadah Development is an established developer with an office in Abu Dhabi. With its cutting-edge projects, the company hopes to increase investor confidence while the real estate market in Abu Dhabi expands.

    The developer is dedicated to fostering a healthier environment and creating communities with excellent standards of living for current and future generations. It holds that the fundamentals of every successful project depend on the demands of the customer and the market, and it provides high-quality real estate investment opportunities in addition to end-user features.

    Siadah Development, a World-Class Real Estate Developer in the UAE

    2018 saw the founding of Siadah Development, whose headquarters are in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital. CEO Chauki Derraji runs the business. The goal of Siadah Development is to consistently satisfy the demands of the real estate market, which is constantly changing. The firm builds homes that comply with all necessary regulations and rules in order to preserve the environment for coming generations. Siadah Development combines cutting-edge materials and cutting-edge technology to do this, including energy-saving solar panels that can help inhabitants save up to 40% of the energy they use. Initiatives to be more environmentally friendly have a favorable effect on the standard of development. For the benefit of customers and investors, the company has worked to build sustainable and fully integrated high-end communities since its foundation. The organization is working to come up with solutions that would allay everyone’s concerns while keeping in mind current trends and events.

    The main goal of a developer is to support and promote environmentally friendly ideas that will alter the way people live. The creator hopes to establish a precedent by incorporating progressive components. The developer is making an effort to incorporate everyone for the good of everyone in order to transform the overall situation for the better. The following are some ways that Siadah Development plans to satisfy the needs of final customers, domestic and international investors:

    • Carefully deciding on the ideal site for residential communities
    • Using cutting-edge materials and technology
    • Environmentally friendly options (using solar energy systems, for instance)
    • Bold plans and designs for its projects

    List of Projects by Siadah Development

    We will now talk about some of the best properties for sale by Siadah Development:

    Al Mahra Residence

    A residential complex with first-rate amenities, Al Mahra Residence is located in the Masdar City neighborhood. At the conclusion of the third quarter of the same year, 30% of the real estate had been sold when construction started. The following elements prompted the bulk of investor interest in the building, which earned the project the title of “The Development of the Month”. A significant number of landmarks and significant locations are located close to the area and are accessible on foot. Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, and the Abu Dhabi International Airport can all be reached by car in five, ten, and thirty minutes, respectively.
    Al Mahra House is situated in Masdar City, which is home to the Masdar City Free Zone, which enables international investors to operate a business with no taxes or duties.

    The facility has solar panels installed, which, according to the development plan, cut energy use by more than 40%. The construction is anticipated to significantly improve Masdar City’s ecological. The starting price for units is AED 450,000. (About RUB 9,000,000 or USD 12,000). Estimated average returns for studios and 3-bedroom apartments range from 6% to 10%.

    The complex, which has 300 residential units and is worth AED 250,000,000, includes studios, one-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments, and apartments with large patios (just over USD 68,000,000). There are two eight-story structures in it. All residents living in these Abu Dhabi homes for sale will have access to a number of amenities, such as parking, a prayer room, service elevators, a playground for kids, a gym, a swimming pool, walking routes, running and cycling tracks, and a pool. In addition to video monitoring equipment, the complex will include central air conditioning.

    al mahra residence

    Masdar City, a Reputable Site

    One of Abu Dhabi’s most popular neighborhoods is Masdar City, where you and your loved ones may enjoy everything to the fullest. It is a sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood with the best amenities for living, working, and having fun. It has few of the top nightclubs in Abu Dhabi. There are fascinating Masdar City apartments in this amazing neighborhood and land that are great for constructing jobs, parks, and plazas!

    The reuse and recycling of waste materials, as well as lowering the demand for electricity and water, are all priorities for this town when it comes to sustainable growth.


    The location of this apartment will be convenient for the inhabitants who are foreign nationals. The trip to the international airport in Abu Dhabi takes about five minutes.


    Al Mireef Street connects Yas Island to the neighborhood in 10 minutes for those searching for a location to unwind over the weekend. Yas Mall and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi are just two examples of the numerous entertainment options available. Saadiyat Island, the Emirates Palace Corniche Beach, Dubai Marina, and A Ain are all within 25 minutes, 30 minutes, 55 minutes, and 90 minutes, respectively, of the Abu Dhabi apartment. If you are searching for great properties in these areas, make sure to check out festival city apartments for sale and Dubai Marina property.

    Room Type
    • Studio room; 510 Sq.ft.
    • 1 bedroom; 796 – 935 Sq.ft.
    • 2 bedrooms; 1,321 – 1,393 Sq.ft.
    • 3 bedrooms; 2,134 sq.ft.
    Apartment for sale in Al Mahra Residence in Abu Dhabi
    • Studio room; 1.049M – 1.057M AED (USD 285K – 278K)
    • 1 bedroom; 1.25M AED (USD 340K)
    • 2 bedrooms; 1.44M – 2.6M AED (USD 393K – 730K)
    • 3 bedrooms; 2.74M AED (USD 748K)
    • Swimming pool
    • Gym
    • 2 small public plazas
    • Children’s playground
    • Visitor Parking
    • Bicycle storage
    • BBQ area
    • Private gardens

    Drive to Yas Plaza and turn left on the same street after leaving Tas Island on Yas Dr. After 950 meters of straight-ahead travel, turn right onto Al Rahah Street, then right again onto Al Diyafah Street to reach your destination. The distance is 9.3 kilometers, and the travel time is 13 minutes.

    Al Mahra Residence at Masdar City

    Yas Beach Residence

    On Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Yas Beach Residence by Siadah Development is a complex with a focus on leisure that offers waterfront apartments with 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms as well as duplexes in addition to studios. With upscale amenities and facilities at its disposal, this property is of the highest caliber. A 1,863 Sqft area was available for a price starting at 2.08M AED. With 370 total units spread across 12 levels, this beachfront condo is spectacular. With floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies that face out onto the sea, and a vast interior, the apartment will be flooded with natural light. World-class amenities, such as an infinity pool, are available at the complex, which has immediate beach access. This cutting-edge construction includes two towers that are united by an infinity pool and recreational spaces, giving you a single address location. From your home, you may enjoy the fresh air and views of the brilliantly blue sky in the morning. You can participate in a variety of leisure activities, such as attending live concerts, theatrical productions, and breathtaking athletic events. The island is also dedicated to a variety of other breathtaking sites that will wow you.

    Experience a world of shopping and lifestyle while strolling along the waterfront with views of the sparkling sea, treating yourself a bit at Abu Dhabi’s largest luxury mall, and taking the wheel at renowned racetracks around the globe all at once. Experience the adrenaline at Yas Waterworld, the region’s top water park, which has looping freefall waterslides, surfing the waves of excitement, and hanging on the Middle East’s longest suspended rollercoaster, among 40 or more other spectacular rides, slides, and attractions. Theme parks, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants are just a few of the leisure and attraction options available to you.

    yas beach residence

    Yas Island, a Fantastic Place to Relax

    Yas Island offers you the ultimate beach lifestyle and more if that is all you want. Yas Beach House is a serene haven that is away from the crowds but well connected to the city thanks to its special location on Yas Island. You’ll become used to waking up to the hypnotic blue waves and the breathtaking splendor of the beach if you live in Yas Beach Residence. Enjoy being in the middle of nature, distant from the commotion of the city, and hearing the sound of the waves. Yas Beach Residences, however, has a lot more to offer. For more information about other Yas Island apartments, check our guide.
    Shopping Mall

    Yas Mall is a short distance from these apartments in Abu Dhabi—less than a kilometer—away. All the residents that live close to the Yas Mall may find plenty of local dining options and entertainment options. The condominium may be reached by car in 15 minutes.


    It takes 13 minutes to get from the condominium to the Abu Dhabi International Airport by car. The sole international airport in Abu Dhabi is this one.

    Room type
    • 2 bedrooms with 1,863 – 2,727 sqft.
    • 3 bedrooms with 2,730 – 3,879 sqft.
    • 4 bedrooms with 5,220 – 7,877 sqft.
    Abu Dhabi condos for sale at Yas Beach Residences
    • Studio; 470K – 800K AED (USD 127K – 217K)
    • 1 bedroom; 850K AED (USD 231K)
    • 2 bedrooms; 2.08M – 3.5M AED (USD 568k – 958k)
    • 3 bedrooms; 3.6M – 5.7M AED (USD 983K – 1.5K)
    • 4 bedrooms; 7.2M – 10M AED (USD 1.9M – 2.9M)
    •  Infinity pool and children pool
    • Rooftop gymnasium
    • Residents lounge
    • Children play are
    • Commercial F&B
    • Car parking
    • Concierge staff

    Drive onto Al Maha Street beginning at Yas Mall. Drive 350 meters up the road before turning slightly left onto Yas Dr Street. Go straight for 350 meters, then turn right and proceed to your destination along Al Ihtiraf Street. A condo that is 5.5 kilometers away can be reached in 10 minutes by car. If you are trying to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai, then refer to ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai for more information.

    Dxboffplan Can Help You Invest in Siadah Development’s Projects Successfully

    So, we have finished describing the projects of Siadah Development. With the information given, make great use out of off-plan residences in the United Arab Emirates. Siadah Development, one of Abu Dhabi’s top real estate developers, has produced some of the city’s most recognizable and distinctive residential structures by successfully completing projects in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods.

    Dxboffplan can bring you in touch with Siadah Development if you’re considering investing in them and are seeking for off-plan homes for sale in Abu Dhabi. Get in touch with us right now to take advantage of the best offers and our broad range of excellent services, which include:

    • Direct purchase from the developer (as mentioned above)
    • 100% free consultation
    • Zero commission fees
    • In-person and online consultation (via WhatsApp)
    • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
    • Citizenship services

    Have a look at the finest projects by Mag Group, a renowned real estate developer in Dubai, if you’re looking for other developers and developments beyond those listed on the Dxboffplan website.

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC Projects List

    Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
    Al Mahra Residence Apartments Masdar City 1,291,082 Completion
    Yas Beach Residences Apartments Yas Island 2,460,000 Completion

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC Most Popular Projects

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC

    Siadah International Real Estate Development LLC

    frequently asked questions

    The primary goal of the developer is to support and promote environmentally friendly projects that will alter life, as we know it.

    Using cutting-edge materials and cutting-edge technology, such as energy-efficient solar panels, Siadah Development is able to reduce the amount of energy that locals use by up to 40%.

    Siadah Development was established in 2018.

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