Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai
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Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

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For employment or to see the many attractions in each emirate, UAE residents and guests frequently travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The journey takes around an hour and a half from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. There are several kinds of transportation available that can assist you in traveling to Abu Dhabi if you want to plan a day trip there from Dubai.

So without further ado, these are the ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

How to Travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

There are several ways to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, so consider your options carefully. You can get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai rather quickly, using everything from cabs to airport shuttles. The routes, prices, and other elements of these options vary.

Taxi, a Proper Way to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Taking a cab is the most efficient method to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Between AED 250 and AED 300 is the typical one-way cab fare from Downtown Dubai, so this is important if you live in Downtown Dubai apartments with the help of a reliable developer like Emaar Developments, for instance. If you are going during the day, the fare starts at AED 5, and then there is an extra fee of AED 1.82 for each additional kilometer. This is the simplest method to go to Abu Dhabi, albeit it could be a little pricey. Al Ghubaiba Bus Station offers share-taxi services for a more affordable taxi option. The trip takes less time than taking the bus; they leave when the car is full, and the cost is split between you and the other passengers. At Al Wahda Bus Station, they touch down in Abu Dhabi.

You may order a private cab in Dubai through your hotel or hail one on the street. For a trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you may also utilize a ride-sharing service like Uber. Uber and other ride-hailing services are other options for getting from Downtown Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Depending on the option you choose in the Uber app, the projected fee ranges from AED 380 to AED 622.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Bus, a Cheaper Way to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Bus travel is the cheapest way to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Bus travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is not only affordable but also convenient. Residents are picked up by two transportation services, E100 and E101, at various sites around Dubai. E101 is your best option if you’re coming from Palm Jumeirah, JBR, Dubai Marina, or JLT. It comes into and goes out of Ibn Battuta Mall. You may simply continue to your next locations thanks to the retail center’s taxi stand and metro station. These shuttles come equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the RTA’s E100 bus travels between Dubai’s Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Bus Station. It takes around two hours to travel. Both of these buses are reasonably accessible, however, E100 operates more frequently than E101.

Remember to top out your NOL card, an electronic bus pass system that the RTA in the UAE established. Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus ticket price is AED 25 and you should pay by using this smart card. As soon as you tap your card to the reader at the bus entry, the fare is automatically taken out of your card. Make sure to check out the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus timings.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Airport Shuttles, a Cost-Free Way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

For travelers traveling in economy class on Emirates and Etihad, shuttle services are provided at no cost. They run many times every day.

You can board a coach if you are an Etihad passenger at the pick-up location at Mazaya Center. There is Wi-Fi available and air conditioning in the coach.

The free bus service is available to Emirates travelers at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. For a relaxing ride, the Emirates bus travels from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi with air conditioning.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Rent a Car, a Convenient Way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi if You Have a Driving License

Car rental options are available in Dubai if you wish to travel independently from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by car. You must have a driving license issued by a driving institute like Emirates Driving institute in Dubai. In the city, automobile rental services are provided by One Click, Speedy Drive, Al Emad Cars, Sixt, and Thrifty UAE. Hertz is another choice, and you may book a spot online with them. To rent a car for a day, expect to pay between AED 75 and AED 100. Driving in Dubai might be intimidating for newcomers. Driving in the UAE is very simple once you’re on the well-maintained multilane highways outside of the city boundaries, though. If you reside in Dubai, then it’s a good idea to check the Dubai driving license guide for a thorough walkthrough of the process.

There are several automobile rental businesses in Dubai. There are tolls on the major highways leaving the city (4 AED). An automated toll-paying “salik” sticker tag will be installed on your rental automobile. We have talked about this in our guide on How to Register for Abu Dhabi Toll Gates, so check it out for more information. When you return the automobile to the leasing company, you must pay any tolls you accrued. If you want to receive a license in Abu Dhabi, then check out a guide to getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi for more information.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Hyperloop, a Futuristic Way to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Future technology may already be seen in the Hyperloop system. It will make it much easier for travelers to get between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The device will function by forcing passengers into a pod that will go at an estimated 1200 km/hr. without the aid of friction or air resistance.

According to estimates, the Hyperloop will cut the trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in half, taking only 15 minutes. Passengers should be picked up by the system in Dubai’s Downtown and dropped off in Abu Dhabi.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Group Tour

A group day tour might be a wonderful choice if you’re searching for an all-inclusive, reasonably priced trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai that includes transportation and a tour of the city’s top sites. The majority of group day tours in Dubai include hotel pickup and drop-off, all of your day’s transportation, and a knowledgeable guide. Be aware that these Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours are not appropriate for you if you are traveling to Abu Dhabi with the intention of spending time at sights like the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the Mangrove National Park, or the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The full-day tour of Abu Dhabi from Dubai does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a quick overview of Abu Dhabi with stops at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Heritage Village as well as many locations outside famous landmarks to snap memorable photos, for instance, you can take photos from the beautiful attractions in Yas island and also check out fascinating Yas island apartments if you are interested in this area. If you’re not traveling alone, pickup and drop-off from hotels in Dubai are included. Although lunch is not included in the trip price, tour participants can stop for lunch at one of the top seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi if you are desiring great seafood. While you are at it, you can also check out the best restaurants in Dubai if you are interested.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Private Tour

Booking a private tour is the easiest, least stressful way for getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back while seeing the attractions. You may plan a completely personalized day trip to Abu Dhabi with a guide and driver or a driver only through one of the many travel firms in Dubai. It is entirely up to you whether you want to schedule a kayaking tour of Mangroves National Park or incorporate a trip to the Louvre Abu Dhabi (within the bounds of time, certainly).

Depending on your party size, the transportation will be door-to-door and take place in a cozy vehicle or minibus. The Abu Dhabi Private City Tour, however, includes pick-up from any hotel in Dubai or from Dubai International Airport and a five-hour tour of the city that includes visits to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Heritage Village, Emirates Palace, and a produce market in addition to a brief stop at Marina Mall and photo stops at Ferrari World and Qasr Al Watan. The itinerary’s stops can be modified to fit your own preferences.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Which One of These Ways Should I Choose to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

This guide is intended to make it easier for you to know the ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, letting you organize your trip between the two major cities. There are a variety of contemporary alternatives for traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, whether you want to rent a vehicle and hit the road, go on a tour, or take the bus. Simply said, it comes down to your financial situation and general preferences. Since there are just 140 kilometers between the two cities, all but the shortest Dubai stays should include a journey to Abu Dhabi.

If you are looking for properties for sale in Abu Dhabi or are thinking about buying a house in Dubai, then it’s a good idea to check out Dxb off plan, a fascinating and reliable platform for purchasing amazing and beautiful properties in the UAE.

Ways to Get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai


frequently asked questions

Driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai will take you 125.24 kilometers.

Taking a cab or driving yourself is the fastest method to get to your destination in Abu Dhabi. It will take one hour and ten minutes to get you there.

Abu Dhabi is not directly connected to the Dubai Metro. On the other hand, you may take the metro to the Ibn Battuta Mall Metro Station and get on the Abu Dhabi bus there.

Take one of the RTA buses E100, E101, or E102 to return from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The official bus routes for the intercity buses that go between Abu Dhabi and Dubai are listed here. Don't forget to see Abu Dhabi's top tourist attractions once you arrive. Additionally, Abu Dhabi has a ton of Instagram-worthy locations to see!

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