Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

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You might have bought a house in Dubai recently or are looking forward to it. There are many opportunities here in this city; you may have a Dubai work and visa permit, are studying, or are just relaxing on a great vacation. For any reason, you might be thinking of probably buying or renting a car to cruise through the streets of Dubai. But getting a driving license in Dubai can prove to be a hassle and a difficult thing. Each applicant must successfully complete each level and step of the process in order to move on and be permitted to drive on the road. There are also some preconditions and requirements that an applicant must meet before applying for a driving permit. In Dubai, you must adhere strictly to the laws. due to the rigorous regulations, whether they pertain to workplace regulations or traffic laws. The requirements to apply for a driving license are similarly stringent. The following in-depth guide contains every detail that will hopefully help you in getting your driving license in Dubai.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Eligibility and Prerequisites for Getting a Driving License in Dubai

You must be in good health and be at least the required age in order to apply for a driving license in Dubai.

The minimum age required to obtain a driving permit in Dubai largely depends on the kind of vehicle you intend to operate.

The following information pertains to the minimum age requirements:

  • For vehicles for people who have special needs: 17 years
  • For cars: 18 years
  • For motorcycles: 17 years
  • For light vehicles: 18 years
  • For tractors and heavy vehicles: 20 years
  • For buses: 21 years

In Dubai, a driving license may be issued to any candidate who is between the ages of 18 and 21.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Getting a manual or automatic car driving license in Dubai

There are two types of gear you can submit for a driver’s license in Dubai: Automatic and Manual. Furthermore, if you’re willing to get an automatic gear license, you won’t be allowed to drive a manual car though.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Documents Required for Obtaining a Driving License in Dubai

To avoid any complications or problems, make sure you have all the application materials ready before you apply.

The following crucial documents must be submitted by candidates when they apply for a Dubai driving license:

For Emiratis

An Original Emirates ID of the applicant.

For Expats

  • An original copy of the applicant’s Emirates ID
  • 8 minimum passport-sized photographs
  • A duplicate of the applicant’s passport’s visa page
  • the applicant’s eye exam results.

The applicant may also be asked to provide a “No Objection Letter” from their sponsor in specific cases.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Dubai’s Driving License Fees

When it comes to Dubai, there is truly no fixed figure for a driver’s license fee. It varies on a variety of variables, including the nation you are from and how many times you take the test before passing.

You can avoid the lengthy and difficult process of obtaining a new driving license in Dubai if you are from one of the countries on the exception list and already possess the country’s driving license. By paying a service fee that ranges from AED 100 to AED 500, it can be exchanged for a Dubai license.

Here is a list of nations that are exempt:

  • GCC Countries
  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • UK
  • The U.S.A
  • Switzerland

Those whose country does not fall under the list of exempted countries, they will be required to pay the total driving license Dubai cost which varies between AED 4000 to AED 7000. The prices can go higher if you repeatedly fail the test.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai

An applicant must undertake the steps listed below in order to obtain a driving license:

For Expats Belonging to Exempted Countries

  • Eye Test

Attending an eye exam is the first step towards obtaining a driver’s license. This can be done by going to an optician or an approved driving school.

  • Submit Documents

The applicant must provide both the original and a copy of their driver’s license in addition to the previously stated paperwork.

  • Deposit Fees

After getting the documents submitted, the applicant needs to deposit the recommended fees so that their application will go under process.

Please keep in mind that some applicants might be needed to provide verification letters from their consulates.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

For Expats Belonging to Non-Excepted Countries

  • Apply for a License

The Road and Traffic Authority, or RTA, must be contacted in order to submit an application for a driving license. After that, you are required to attend an official driving school. The cost of the driving lessons may differ. As a result, you should look for a driving school in Dubai that offers reasonable training and is close to your home.

Any of these five driving schools in Dubai that have received approval from the RTA will accept applicants seeking a license to drive:

1. Al Ahli Driving School Al Quoz +971-4-341-1500
2. Belhasa Driving Center Al Wasl +971-4-324-3535
3. Dubai Driving Center Al Mina +971-4-345-5855
4. Emirates Driving Institute Al Qusais +971-4-263-1100
5. Galadari Driving School Al Qusais +971-4-267-6166

These schools also have other branches in other cities in the emirate.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

  • Submit Required Documents

The documentation required to process the application must then be submitted.

  • Receive a Temporary Learner’s Permit

At this point, you will be qualified to acquire either a learner’s permit or a temporary driving license for Dubai. You can start the training after receiving this review.

  • Attend Theory Classes

Your driving school will order you to attend a number of classes and stages that will teach you information about the fundamentals of driving and parking once they have finished assessing and analyzing all the documents and data you have given them.

Every applicant must attend 8 classes according to RTA. They have the option of attending them in the chosen learning facility or taking part in online courses. The applicant can start their practical training after finishing these courses.

The 8 theory lectures that the applicant must attend are as follows:

  • Knowledge of Traffic Rules and Regulations
  • Attitude and Responsibilities of the Driver
  • Characteristics of Road User
  • Driver Condition
  • The Driving Environment
  • Traffic Violation, Driving on Freeways, and Planning Routes
  • Hazard Perception Training
  • Case Studies, Traffic Accident, and How to deal with an Accident

You have to make sure that you have attended all these lectures before proceeding to your practical training or being ready for the test.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

  • Clear the Theory Exam

Attending and passing the theory exam is the next step. The theory test includes questions that would evaluate students’ understanding of road signs, road signals, road hazards, etc. It will take place in an RTA-authorized driving school, like Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai. In general, it’s the same school where the student has registered at. Although, there may be exceptions.

The candidate must have a driving record, two passport-size photos, and their Emirates ID on hand. Before taking the test, they will also need to pay a fee for the theoretical test.

There are 35 questions spread over the three sections of this test. Following is a list of the sections:

  • Section 1: It has 17 questions covering various transportation scenarios. To pass this section of the test, the applicant must correctly respond to at least 11 questions.
  • Section 2: This segment has 18 questions related to the specifics of a driving license. It is essential to correctly answer 12 questions to pass this segment.
  • Section 3: Videos that depict various conditions are included in this section. It is mainly a test to analyze the applicant’s understanding of how to react to such conditions with minimum risk. The applicant has to take this test on a touch-screen monitor or computer. The candidate has the option of choosing between English and Arabic, although those who are not fluent in either of these languages can take an oral exam instead.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

  • Take Practical Classes

Practical training classes are also important for applicants to receive a Dubai driving license. In this part, instructors who are approved by RTA provide practical training sessions that applicants must attend. During driving lessons, candidates learn how to operate a car. You must set out a certain time to take the road test. For instance, if today is your appointed date, make sure to remember to bring and present the RTA with all the required paperwork, two recent pictures, and your valid passport.

Depending on the applicant’s prior driving experience, the number of sessions may vary. For instance, the training period is shortened by 5 hours if the applicant has 2 years of driving experience and a valid license. Also, if they have 10 years of experience in driving, 10 hours will be reduced from their training lesson.

To qualify for training hour reductions, applicants must adhere to a set of requirements. Their license should be in either English or Arabic and should have official approval.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

  • Clear Parking Test

It is a completely automated test that provides parking instructions in full detail. RTA examiners take the clear parking test. The smart yard of a driving school is typically where the test is administered.

  • A parking test entails the following sections

  • Slope Parking
  • Emergency Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Angle Parking at 60 Degrees
  • Garage Parking at 90 Degrees

In the event that the candidate fails, they may retake the test. Although, if their fail count exceeds five times, they will need to retake the internal assessment.

The applicant must complete at least 12 hours of a 20-hour course before taking the test. Additionally, applicants who are having 15 and 20-hour courses, must complete 10 and 12 hours respectively before doing this test. Finally, for a 10-hour course, the applicant needs to do the parking test for a minimum of 6 hours.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

  • Highway and Night Training

The applicant’s final stage before taking the road test is to learn about highway and night training. Female applicants simply need to complete training for highway driving and are excused from night training.

  • Appear for the Road Test

Finally, this last step is required for the applicant to receive their Driving license. Applicants can obtain their driving license right away after completing the road test and evaluation. This step is the most challenging step for applicants, that’s why they need to be well-prepared and show their best skills.

This examination takes between 10 and 12 minutes. The applicant’s Emirates ID, driving record, and two passport-size photos must be present when they take the road test. They must also pay the test price in advance. They must also have passed all of their prior exams, gone to all required lectures, and finished the training.

If the applicant fails this test, they will need to appear in 7 additional classes. A fresh test will be scheduled for the applicant once they have attended each one. For those who passed, an approval paper from the RTA examiner will be issued to them. After that, they must follow these steps:

  • The approval paper to Pass Counter must be registered
  • Receive the driving file and submit it to Control Counter as well as the license fee
  • Proceed to the photo area for your driver’s license photo to be taken

Then finally, the applicant will be given their new driving license.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Driving Reminders After Getting a Driver’s License in Dubai

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Dubai and can lead you to prison, expensive fines, and the canceling of your Driving license if caught by the police.
  • Remember, under no circumstances should you use a mobile device while driving. If you get caught by the police, you’ll have to pay an AED 200 fine and receive four black points that would heavily impact your license.
  • Drive responsibly, please.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Getting a Dubai Driving License

How to Renew a Driving License in Dubai?

This section contains all the details you need to know about driving license renewal in Dubai. Obviously, the driver’s license issued in Dubai has a lifespan.

It is essential to renew your license once it has expired. If you neglect to renew your driver’s license, you will be required to pay a fee.

The applicant must go to one of the authorized optical stores, RTA’s mall locations, or a Dubai driving school in order to have their license renewed. They can also apply for a new driver’s license online by visiting or downloading its very own app.

Documents needed for driving license renewal are:

  • An original Emirates ID
  • Results of the Eye test
  • Proof of fees deposit

Along with the previously stated documents, expats must also provide the following ones:

  • Copy of passport displaying a genuine visa page.
  • Formally sanctioned It must be stamped by the embassy of the UAE.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

How to Get an International Driving License in Dubai?

Anyone who obtained their license to drive in Dubai is eligible to apply for an international driving license. To achieve this, they must get in touch with the Automobile and Training Club of UAE, often known as ATCUAE, as this institution handles all the procedures associated with the International Driving License in Dubai.

How to Avoid Getting Dubai Police Fines?

When it comes to driving infractions, the Dubai police are extremely harsh. That’s why the only way to avoid receiving a big-ticket is to obey all the traffic rules very strictly. For this, you have to develop a full understanding of all traffic violations.

What are some things to consider and do that can positively impact your test?

We have gathered a list of some of the most effective tips that have proven to be a huge help for applicants in passing their tests:

  • Try to pay close attention to the lectures. It’s the only way to pass the theory exam.
  • Be confident. It’s okay to feel anxious or nervous during the test but try to hide or ignore it with your confidence.
  • When attending the road and evaluation exam, dress correctly. You should try to leave the examiner with the greatest possible impression.
  • When you are starting to take the road test, make sure to wear your seat belt and adjust the mirrors before driving. Check the gear and handbrake as well. Keep in mind that it is strongly advised to maintain a moderate speed.
  • Don’t try to argue with the examiner. It can impact your chances of passing the test.

Guide to Getting a Driving License in Dubai in 2022

Lastly, some advice on obtaining a driving license in Dubai

We hope you enjoyed our guide to getting a driving license in Dubai. The step-by-step car buying process in Dubai has been discussed thoroughly and perfectly, beginning from the car registration process, it includes documentation, pricing, and renewal, in full detail.

So if you are in Dubai why not get the chance and drive high-quality cars in a safe and advanced city, and enjoy the ride. Dubai has proven to be another country that truly cares for the driving rules, providing a safe and healthy environment for its residents on the road.

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