Driving License Renewal in Dubai

Those who reside in Dubai are aware of how crucial driving is to daily life. The ability to drive a car is very crucial for transportation in our time and age, and some jobs even ask for a license as a job requirement. Therefore, you must learn about the process of Dubai’s driving license renewal. You might have learned driving from an institute, for instance, the Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai, which is actually one of the best driving institutes in the UAE. Having a driving license in the UAE has always been a big deal, especially if you are an ex-pat living in a house in Dubai for education or work.

So without further ado, we will show you the full information regarding the process of driving license renewal in Dubai and its different procedures.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

What Paperwork Is Necessary for a Dubai Driver’s License Renewal?

To start with your driving license renewal, you must have all the documents required with you. A valid original Emirates identity is necessary for anyone under the age of 21. While according to the RTA guidelines, it is mandatory for applicants who are above the age of 21 to bring an original Emirates identity with them along with an eye test based on the required category. For residents and other GCC nationals, the license is good for five years.

Residents under the age of 21 may also apply for a probationary license to drive.

Six months after getting your very own first-time learner’s permit, you can easily apply for a driving test.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

Where Can I Find an Eye Test Center in Dubai to Renew My Driver’s License?

Any driver’s license application in any nation requires you to undergo an eye exam; the same is true for renewing your driving license in Dubai. Following the eye exam, the optical store will update your personal data on the system so you can move on to the next phase. It is really important and noteworthy to know that you don’t need to go for an eye test in certain cases. If an eye test has been done, for example, the results are valid for up to three years. Therefore, you won’t need any kind of eye test if you are renewing your driving license for the first time, which is done after a two-year interval. Make sure to pay all fines and fees before proceeding to apply for a driver’s license renewal at the optician.

Here are the different eye test centers located in Dubai:

  • Dubai Optical
  • Yateem Optician
  • Malak Typing – Photocopying & Optical
  • Emirates Driving Institute – Eye Test
  • Salik Optical
  • Barakat Optical
  • Belhasa Driving Centre – Eye Test
  • Al Jaber Optical Centre
  • Executive Optical Centre
  • International Optical
  • Leen Optics
  • Grand Optics
  • Rivoli Eye Zone

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Dubai

The application process is quite simple. However, there are different ways to do this. These include RTA smart Kiosks, the Dubai Drive mobile app, customer delight centers, service centers, and the website of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). For each, we’ll walk you through the procedure step by step.

  • RTA Website

The RTA official website delivers a perfect and user-friendly tool for online Driver’s license renewal in Dubai. Whether you desire to apply for a new license or just renew your previous one, make sure to follow these steps:

  • The client must undergo an eye exam before submitting a renewal application for their driver’s license. The applicant must visit one of the authorized eye testing centers.
  • If the fines were assessed on the prior license, the consumer is responsible for paying them.
  • The customer applies for renewal of their driving license.
  • The client should then make the necessary payments. Customers under the age of 21 are required to pay 100 AED in addition to an extra 20 AED for knowledge and innovation. If a client is older than 21, however, the cost is 300 AED plus an extra 20 AED for expertise and creativity.
  • While waiting for your original license, you can use a temporary driving license through email to print and have it with you. Only 5 to 15 business days are allowed for the temporary license to be used. You can get it by reaching a customer happiness center at Al Barsha or Deira, or by a courier, although you need to pay an additional charge of 25 AED.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

  • Dubai Drive App

The process of applying through the Dubai Drive mobile app is just the same as that of the website. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you, the driver, should have a mobile phone first. You can then follow the app’s guide for renewing your driving license, it’s really that easy!

You can renew your driver’s license easily with the RTA Dubai Drive App. Both Android and iOS devices can access the app.

  • Call Center

  • Call the RTA call center, whose Phone No. is 8009090, and speak to the agent about your license renewal
  • Give your RTA driver’s license number to the agent when asked
  • Then you must pay the fines or fees with a credit card to receive a temporary license through email
  • The temporary license is only acceptable for 5 to 15 working days
  • Obtain your license at a Happiness Center in Al Barsha or Deira
  • Receive your license delivered by paying AED 25 for shipping charges

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

  • RTA Smart Kiosks

Most ex-pats in Dubai are applying for their driver’s license renewal through the RTA website, call center, or smartphone apps, but there is a large number of transactions recorded regarding the increasing use of smart kiosks, which are known as the self-service smart machine as well.

The process of license renewal from a kiosk is just the same as license renewal through Service Centers. Here are the kiosks in Dubai used for driver’s license renewal:

  • Customer Happiness Centre in Umm Ramool
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Deira
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Barsha
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Manarah
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Towar
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Aweer
  • Customer Happiness Centre in Al Kifaf
  • Speed Fit
  • Muhaisna Shamil
  • Tasjeel Al Tawar
  • Barsha Tasjeel
  • Tamam Vehicle Testing
  • Al Qusais Tasjeel
  • Wasel Belhasa
  • Quick Cars Testing

The owner of the driver’s license must go to any RTA kiosk and take the steps outlined below in order to renew their license at an RTA smart self-service kiosk:

  • Find License Renewal by selecting e-service.
  • Next, you must type in your license number.
  • The transaction fees and any applicable fines must be paid. Your new original driving license will then be printed through the same kiosk that you are currently using.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

  • Renewing driver’s license at an Optician:

RTA-trusted opticians in Dubai can also renew your driver’s license. To renew your RTA driver’s license at the eye doctor, simply follow the instructions below:

  • First, you need to pass an eye-fixed test
  • Then Provide your Visa copy & Passport
  • After that, you must show your Emirates ID card
  • Then Submit your passport-size photo
  • You must also need to pay the license renewal fee in cash
  • Then finally, receive your temporary driver’s license at an equivalent time (normally 5 to 15 work days)

While you wait for your own original license, a temporary license will be sent to you via email to print. It can be delivered by courier for a one-time fee of just 25 AED, through a customer delight center in Al Barsha or Deira, or both.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

What Are the Penalties for Delay Regarding Dubai’s Driving License Renewal?

Your Dubai driving license renewal will cost AED 10 more per month if it takes longer than ten years. The maximum fine might be AED 500 if the renewal process is delayed. If your driver’s license has been out of active service for more than ten years, you can only renew it after passing the required road test.

Driving License Renewal in Dubai

Final Thoughts on Renewing a Driving License in Dubai

We hope this guide regarding Driving License Renewal in Dubai was useful for you. As you can see, the procedures mentioned in this article were quite simple and straightforward. We didn’t want to explain only one procedure because the UAE has utilised advanced methods for receiving a new driver’s license or even renewing one in order to set the mind of its residents at ease. An international driving license (IDL) is also crucial for those who travel frequently or have a Dubai work visa and permit.

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