How to get your driver’s license in Abu Dhabi + 2023 Requirements

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Have you been researching the “driving license Abu Dhabi processes” online? Do not be concerned; we have everything you require right here! Just like the Dubai driving license guide we have posted before, we will inform you about it thoroughly. Now, obtaining an Abu Dhabi driver’s license is a major accomplishment. Having a license makes life quite simple for the city’s residents who live in great properties for sale in Abu Dhabi because you don’t always need to rely on public transit for commuting. We offer all the detailed information you need if you’re looking for a guide to getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

The Complete Guide to Getting a Driving License Abu Dhabi

How to get license in Abu Dhabi?” this is kind of a question that every citizen or a resident in Abu Dhabi ask himself/herself from the age of 18 onwards.

As soon as they reach 18, the majority of individuals in Abu Dhabi seek to obtain their driver’s licenses. Eighteen is the minimum age for driving license in Abu Dhabi. Not only can having a driver’s license make life much easier, but it may also improve your professional standing, particularly if you’re seeking positions in sales. But it’s not always an easy process. To work, many people from other nations go to the UAE. To ensure that the procedure goes well and that you receive your driving license in Abu Dhabi, it is essential to understand it all before beginning.

This Abu Dhabi driving license guide outlines the step-by-step procedure that will help you earn your Abu Dhabi driving license, from the minimum age to drive to the number of exams one must pass.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Eligibility Criteria for A Driving License in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, anyone who is over the legal age and in good health can apply for a new driver’s license. Depending on the car you wish to drive, Abi Dhabi has different driving age requirements.

  • Applicants who want to drive cars and light vehicles must be 18 years old.
  • Those who have special needs and drive vehicles and motorcycles must be at least 17 years old.
  • Those driving tractors and large vehicles need to be at least 20 years old.
  • Those looking to become Bus drivers must be 21 and above.

In addition, to get your driver’s license, you have to apply for a driving institute in Abu Dhabi to attend driving training classes. Don’t forget to pass all your exams in order to become a perfect driver. Your driving license in Abu Dhabi is valid for 2 years; therefore make the most of it!

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Applicant’s Categories and Eligibility for a Driving License Abu Dhabi

There are two subcategories of applicants for driving licenses in Abu Dhabi:

  • First-time applicants from the Emirate or from abroad
  • Foreign-licensed residents who are ex-pats must decide to which group they belong because the procedures for the two might vary.

In addition, if you are worried about driving license new rules in Abu Dhabi, here are the complete rules for eligibility for a driving license in Abu Dhabi:

If you are of legal age and physically healthy, then there is no need to worry, because you have the basic requirements to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi. The rest of the conditions are as follows:

  • for driving motorcycles and vehicles for people with special needs: minimum 17 years
  • for driving cars and light vehicles: minimum 18 years old
  • for driving heavy vehicles and tractors: minimum 20 years old
  • for driving buses: minimum 21 years old

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Residents with a Foreign License from a List of Approved Countries Can Transfer Their License in Abu Dhabi

If you have a foreign driver’s license already, it will probably be easier for you. People with a driving license from one of the following nations are eligible for a simpler process from the government of Abu Dhabi: GCC Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, South Korean, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, UK, and the USA. Here, you don’t need to pass any exams to get license in Abu Dhabi.

* You will be regarded as a first-time candidate if you do not already possess a license from one of these nations.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Transferring International Driving License Abu Dhabi

If you already possess a driver’s license from one of the nations mentioned earlier, it can be transferred and you won’t need to apply for a new one in Abu Dhabi.

To receive an Arabic translation for your foreign license, the first step is to go to any official typing or translation center. Visit the license center after that with the required paperwork (details below). You may take your Abu Dhabi driving license eye exam here, along with other prerequisites. In Abu Dhabi, you will receive your driving license if your eye exam is satisfactory.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Documents Needed for Obtaining a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, the following documentation is necessary to obtain a driving license:

  • One passport-size picture
  • Original and photocopies of passports
  • Emirate’s ID
  • Original and photocopy of a foreign driver’s license
  • A photocopy of a current Abu Dhabi residence visa
  • A NOC from your sponsoring organization or employer
  • Translation of an international driver’s license to Arabic

Make sure your resident visa has a minimum validity of six months when providing a copy of it. Here is how to inquire about your UAE visa status.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Total Cost to Convert Driving License in Abu Dhabi

You will be charged AED 250 for the full procedure. If you’re one of the fortunate ones, this procedure will end your guide to getting an Abu Dhabi driving license. But if you’re preparing to receive your first Abu Dhabi license or don’t have a license from one of those nations, keep reading our guide to getting an Abu Dhabi license.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

How to Get a Driving License in Abu Dhabi for the First-Time Applicants?

If you’re just getting started, you’ll need to receive a learning permit before you can start your driving career. To do this, you must succeed in a theoretical exam. You must first visit Emirates Driving Company and start a driving file. You’ll be able to take theoretical classes as a result.

The eight tests you must pass in order to receive a license are administered by Emirates Driving Company.

Lesson one: Road markings, traffic rules, and road signs.
Lesson two: Within the city borders.
Lesson three: Outside of the city.
Lesson four: driving under challenging circumstances.
Lesson five: critical circumstances.
Lesson six: Driving habits and road manners.
Lesson seven: Knowledge of vehicles.
Lesson eight: Safety.

After two hours of instruction, trainees take a theoretical exam before applying for a learning permit.

Once they get their learning permit, drivers can begin taking classes to put their theory into practice. You must visit the Emirates Driving Company in Abu Dhabi and open a driving file in your name before you can start your training.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Driving Company, the First Driving school in Abu Dhabi That is Officially Recognized

EDC is Abu Dhabi’s first officially recognized driving school and institute for traffic safety. It is a government-owned public company that is jointly held by Abu Dhabi. EDC offers a team of qualified instructors that teach classes for all kinds of Abu Dhabi driver’s licenses, including light vehicles, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, and heavy buses. They run facilities in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Mussafah. The Majid Al Futtaim group or Tiger properties are also close by if you are looking into buying a house or apartment in the area.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Documents Needed at Emirates Driving Company in Abu Dhabi for Training

Only the applicant’s Emirates ID is required for locals. However, foreign nationals residing in Abu Dhabi must produce the following identification:

  • Having an Emirates ID (copy and original)
  • Having a passport with a visa page (copy)
  • Photos that are passport-sized (at least 8)
  • The sponsor’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Results of your eye examination

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Driving License Theory Test

There are a total of 35 questions, all of which are aimed at determining how well you comprehend domestic driving regulations. Three sections make up the test:

  • 17 questions on traffic scenarios – minimum of 11 accurate responses required for passing.
  • A Minimum of 12 right answers are required to pass the 18 questions concerning the details of the Abu Dhabi driving license.
  • The third section is about Recognizing Risks; you will be shown a number of movies depicting environmental situations, and you will be required to suggest remedies.

* The test is done either in Arabic or English. You can take an oral exam if you are not fluent in either language.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

A Few Tips for Theory Test When Trying to Get a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Below are a few extra tips for you to consider while applying for a driving license in Abu Dhabi:

  • Comply with the driver’s manual
  • Keep in mind all traffic and road signs.
  • Use the online practice exam to get ready.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Cost of training and theory test in Abu Dhabi

The classes will set you back at AED 830. In addition, the test costs an extra AED 50.

Practical Driving Course in Getting Your Driver’s License in Abu Dhabi

Candidates go through intensive training for practical sessions utilizing simulators and other practical teachings after passing the theoretical test. The parking exam comes immediately after the theoretical test. Immediately after, you must take a road test. Depending on how much work you need to do to attain the target level, the number of sessions will vary. All instruction takes place in a driving rink that is safe for beginning drivers.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

The Price of an Emirates Driving Company Driving Course in Abu Dhabi

The price might range from AED 650 to 2250 depending on the number of sessions needed. For novices, it usually takes 30 hours. Anyone who has driven before may pick it up in 10 to 20 hours.

The Practical Test for Getting a Driving License Abu Dhabi

An “attestation of preparedness” will be issued to you after the instructor determines that you are prepared for your test. To sign up for either the Road Test or the Practical Test, a certificate is required. The hardest element of this process to get your Abu Dhabi license is the practical exam. You will have between 10 and 12 minutes to demonstrate you’re driving prowess to the examiner. The examiner will inform you of the results right away. If you don’t pass, you have to put in another seven hours of instruction.

If you succeed, you will be given an approval paper, which you may then present to the Pass Counter together with your identification and the Abu Dhabi Licence charge. In the photo section, snap a snapshot of yourself, and presto! You’re driving permit for Abu Dhabi will be ready in the following fifteen minutes.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Driving License Practical Test fees

The entire cost of the exam would be AED 250, which would include AED 50 for the practical test registration fee and AED 200 for the license issue.

Documents required for Practical Test in Abu Dhabi for Driving

You’ll be assigned a day and time for the test. Please bring your relevant Emirates ID card, a driving file, and 2 passport-sized photographs when you arrive on time.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Practical Test Tips for driving license Abu Dhabi

The following are a few useful tips for the practical exam, so make sure to consider the following tips before proceeding to gain an Abu Dhabi driver’s license:

  • Make sure to dress formally
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses while driving since examiners will be watching your eye movements
  • Avoid talking unnecessarily to the examiner
  • Obey the given instructions
  • Make sure to adjust your seat and mirrors, and then strap on your seat belt before starting the car
  • Before you begin, check the gear and handbrake
  • Drive sensibly and within the legal speed limit
  • Be mindful to focus on the traffic signs.
  • Maintain a safe gap between your car and the one in front of you.
  • Take a quick peek in your side and rearview mirrors before changing lanes.
  • Make sure to use the indicator before attempting to change lanes
  • Only use your brakes in an emergency
  • When directed, pull the automobile over to the side.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Rules of the Road to Consider While Having a Driver’s License Abu Dhabi

Obviously with driving comes responsibility, thus you need to understand the rules of the road thoroughly for a safer drive both for you and others. Examples of significant driving laws that everyone should be aware of include the following:

  • Children under the age of 10 should not ride in the front seat of a car
  • High-beam lights are only necessary to increase the visibility in front on highways without overhead lighting (not for signaling)
  • No matter how much alcohol is consumed, driving is not permitted (prescribed medicines should be checked with a doctor or pharmacist)
  • Driving should not be done while using a mobile phone
  • It is forbidden to overtake when visibility is limited
  • Seatbelts are required for the driver and front-seat passenger
  • Speed limits must have been adhered to properly

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Other General Information You Should Know About While Driving in Abu Dhabi

Zebra crossings and traffic lights are the only places where pedestrians may cross the street; otherwise, they risk receiving a Dhs200 fine for jaywalking. Additionally, if you change lanes without indicating, you will be fined Dhs 200. Another thing to bear in mind is that pedestrians have the right of way at zebra crossings. You should also be aware that traffic infractions result in black points, and drivers who accumulate 24 black points lose their license.

If there is no question as to who was at blame for the collision, you can relocate the automobiles to the side of the road. It is advisable to keep the automobiles in place until the police show up if there is any question as to who is at fault. Another noteworthy thing is you will receive a pink form if you are in an accident and it was your responsibility, your slip will be green if you are found to be blame-free.

In addition, it doesn’t matter if you are from GCC nationals or other countries, your new driver’s license is only valid for 2 years. However, if you are a citizen, your driver’s license have a 10-year validity. Moreover, here’s a perfect news for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Motorists who get their driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates and pass all the tests, if they immigrate to the UK, they no longer need to take the driving test and get a new license. Isn’t that wonderful? Enjoy the UAE driving license new rules.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

How to Get a Driving License in Abu Dhabi?

That’s all, this was a guide to getting a driving license in Abu Dhabi. As you see, Abu Dhabi driver testing and licensing was not that complicated. You just have to follow these steps carefully to get your license. In addition, Abu Dhabi car license total fees in 2023 were not that much different from other nations in UAE. Although many of the laws are the same throughout the UAE, Dubai has a far higher concentration of authorized driving schools than the rest of the nation; you can check out Emirates driving institute in Dubai for more information about obtaining a driver’s license or if you are looking for driving license renewal in Dubai.

Although the bus and metro systems in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively have relatively efficient public transportation systems, owning a car makes life a lot simpler; here’s a guide on Ways to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. If you are planning to live in great properties with the help of an amazing platform such as dxb off plan, make sure to buy or rent a car and experience fine driving in this beautiful city.

A Guide to Getting a Driving License in Abu Dhabi

frequently asked questions

Foreign driving licenses are not permitted for residents to use. However, if you're only passing through, you may use your international driving license to get about.

If you are an expat from a non-exempt country with prior driving experience, you must take driving lessons. The number of hours depends on your driving history. A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 hours are included if it has been more than five years. If your driving history is two to five years, a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum of 30 hours will be required. And finally, if it’s less than two years, a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 40 hours will be needed. You can't just go into an Abu Dhabi licensing office and obtain one. Your odds of acquiring it the first time, however, are considerably increased if you follow the rules and the aforementioned instructions.

Periodically, the UAE driving license must be renewed. The renewal period is every ten years for residents of the UAE and the GCC. Every five years, the license for additional foreign nationals residing abroad must be renewed. In the majority of emirates, including Abu Dhabi, this is simple to accomplish online. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to renew your license, you must pay up all outstanding traffic penalties. After the first grace period of one month, if you put off the renewal, a fee of AED 10 is assessed each subsequent month.

If you live in Dubai, you may check the status of your license by going to the RTA Dubai website. If you are from another region of the UAE, you can do the same by going to the websites of the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police, or TAMM.

A driving license from the UAE may be exchanged for a license from Romania, China, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Latvia, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, or Serbia if the person holds a driving license from one of those countries.

The UAE driver's license is recognized in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Algeria, Comoros, Tunisia, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Norway, South Africa, Latvia, New Zealand, Mauritania, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Iraq, Palestine, Romania, Spain, France, America, UK, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Sweden.

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