16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

Dubai is a whole city. This very rich desert city has everything from glamour in preparing places to creating great recreations for every type of visitor. Among all the amenities the city has provided. There are nightclubs that make an unforgettable night for you. We have to say that Dubai is more than just a city to live in, and Dubai nights are very exciting with the fun that it has. You would experience all kinds of clubbing activities and entertainments option, suitable for all kinds of people. For any party animal, here are some of the top nightclubs in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

Best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

What are you looking for? Massive dancefloors, international DJs, delicious cocktails, or a relaxing club to chill in. don’t worry, Dubai has got it all. Located in the hot and scorching deserts, Dubai is best placed to spend the day and even at night by the water pools or by the beach. We can give you the good news that some of these clubs are on the beach as well.

We check out some of the best and most popular nightclubs in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • White Dubai, the best club in Dubai

White is usually the first Dubai nightclub that comes to mind when people think about a big night out here. The perfect setting for an exciting night out is this awarding venue, founded on the rooftop of the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand. Thanks to this grand location, White is considered the most exclusive club in Dubai.

White Club offers unbelievable views out over the city skyline because the club is on the rooftop. You will have plenty to take in part with the exciting performances and entertainment that goes down at this club besides the epic view.   Top DJs commend on the dancefloor at the White Club every night.

It is only open during the cooler winter months. Pay attention, you have to be dressed well to be allowed to enter the club. White is a must if you are after the best clubs in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Armani/Prive, a club in Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Armani Club is one of the most glamorous Dubai clubs, as is located in Burj Khalifa. It really offers a nightlife experience like no other, and we have to say the club is part of the lavish Armani Hotel. As you know Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it is a multi-use building. Imagine living in the Burj Khalifa, can you guess the possibilities? By reviewing living in Burj Khalifa, you will be familiar with what is life like in Burj Khalifa.

They provide world-class DJs as well as privet live performances. Dubai’finests are always in the club, so dress to impress them. The club prepares the best dancefloor around, with impressive lighting, sound, and exclusive privet areas. Be sure to visit Armani/Prive Club in Dubai, if you are looking for a party the night away in one of the absolute best Dubai nightclubs.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Cirque Le Soir nightclub in Dubai, with a different theme every night

The Cirque Le Soir is a good example of Dubai’s grand scale of entertainment. This club will be sure to get the party going with the wild entertainment, performances, and the exciting décor. The club would provide an unforgettable night out while the circus-themed club goes to new heights.

You will be blown away, at this impressive venue, and no matter what night choose to come here. However, every night of the week has a different theme. Maybe the Hip-Hop Chic Monday night is one of the most popular and well-loved club nights in Dubai. The club is making undoubtedly one of the best Dubai partying experiences with a great deal on offer in a truly exciting place.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Cavalli Club, a multi-level club in Dubai

The ultimate premium nightlife experience in Dubai is offered by Cavalli Club. It is open 7 nights a week and is the only major nightclub in Dubai. No matter what day you visit, it’s always a huge party here. We have to say every night is well worth a visit. Cavalli with all kinds of experience going on is a multi-level club. The club offers you some of the world’s top DJs, mixed between all kinds of fun and interesting events.

The interesting events include midnight brunches, throwback night, and more. One of the best and most popular nights club definitely is Cavill Club.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Provocateur, a luxury nightclub in Dubai

Luxury and exclusivity are the first things that usually come to mind when thinking about nightlife in Dubai. Be sure to check out Provocateur if you are looking for luxury and exclusivity. Provocateur offers a night to remember to everyone with a VIP hotspot at the Four Seasons Resort.

Maybe you don’t believe it, but Provocateur is a branch of the original club in New York.  And of course, it is offering just as much glitz and glam.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Nikki Beach, the best beach club in Dubai

If you still want to continue your evening party, the club you’re in is closing down, be sure to go to Nikki Club. The internationally recognized beach club that opened up on Dubai’s shore, is Nikki Beach Club. The clean, all-white décor and sophisticated vibe give you energy. The things you can do include chill out by the pool on the lounger, and enjoying cold cocktails, delicious food, and relaxing music.

Be sure to check their calendar for any themed days that may be on, because there are all kinds of events that take a place at Nikki Beach.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Zero Gravity, a club under the sun in Dubai

For an unforgettable day out in the sun, Zero Gravity has several activities on offer. The facilities include a beach, pool, garden, lounge, restaurant, and many great entertainments.  The skydivers land at the drop zone next door, creat a great view, so you can just sit and watch them.

The excellent facilities, service, and style are prepared at Zero Gravity Club. The Zero Gravity keeps the party going into the night as the fun here doesn’t end at the sunset. This is one of the best clubs in Dubai for some fun in the sun.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Dubai’s luxury Jetty Lounge club

One of the more quiet and low-key beach clubs in Dubai is Jetty Lounge. However, this does not mean that you can’t spend exciting hours in it.  This beach club is part of the exquisite one and only resort.

We have to say you would expect superior luxury and elegance here. You have taken in the skyline beyond the Arabian Gulf by the view from the loungers and tables. The Jetty Lounge is the place you go if you are looking for a laid-back and classy night out.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Summersalt Beach, a club for an ideal setting for a day out in Dubai

Summersalt Beach Club is offering the ideal setting for an amazing day out. It is located within the Jumeira Al Naseem Resort Complex. The excellent facilities are prepared here including great food at its restaurant, as well as beach access, a comfortable lounger, and a beautiful pool.

You would really relax underneath the warm sun with the magnificent view accessible here. The atmosphere at this club is very cool, but you can expect a very warm and exciting party at this newly opened Dubai club.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Azure, another best beach club in Dubai

Azure is taking you to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean and is a premium beach club in Dubai. If you are from those who looking for a party till night, this awesome club has plenty is our suggestion and it has plenty of entertainment during the day too.

Have fun in the pool, the beach access, and its excellent restaurant, and enjoy the food and well-crafted drinks. For clubbers, this is a top destination in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Club Se7en, one of the best places to enjoy live music in Dubai

For offering an excellent live music experience, it is located underground. To keep you dancing and enjoying music, they will play a wide range of hits every night. This location is home to house band apple of seven, bringing you some of the best live tunes in the city.

There is more of a laid-back bar to feel in this club. Se7en is a perfect place for those who aren’t interested in the massive nightclubs around the city. In addition, there is plenty of fun things to do here.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Q’s Bar & Lounge, with one of the best live jazz bars in Dubai and in the world

This club is preparing something a bit rawer and laid back for Dubai’s nightlife scene. One of the best live jazz bars certainly in the world, and some seriously amazing musicians take to the stage every night in this club.

For 5 nights a week, the club has world-class live music. A comfortable and cool jazzy environment is prepared this situation. If you are interested in live jazz, the Q’s Bar & Loung is the place that makes you happy.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • The Music Hall, an impressive venue in Dubai

With a great deal on offer, the Music Hall is an impressive venue. Some of the best live music is played in this nightclub and they are offering a unique fashion of all kinds of styles from around the world. You have two choices, first, you can watch from the sit at the table, the second join in the fun on the lovely dance floor.

The brilliant restaurant and bar with loads of great items to enjoy are prepared in the club. Fantastic entertainments are on offer and all of them are live and full of energy. For a unique night out in Dubai, this is a great place to go.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Lock Stock & Barrel, the best place for those looking for loud music in Dubai

Lock Stock and Barrel is a great place to visit if you are looking for loud music, great cocktails, and all-around fun atmosphere. When the band takes to the stage to get the party going, this hotspot in Dubai really comes alive later at night.

You would enjoy a pretty wide range of music on the stage here, all providing top-quality entertainment. Being one the most popular venues in the city for live music, Lock Stock& Barrel is a great place to hang out in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Toy room, an unbelievable nightclub experience you could have in Dubai

You will always have an unbelievable experience at Toy Room a crazy party club in Dubai. Loads of colorful neon lights and booths have decorated the nightclub where plenty of bottles pop. Excellent DJs keep you dancing into the morning in this club.

Lots of top hip-hop performers are dancing here. The club can appeal to all kinds of party animals and you can enjoy a pretty wide variety of music. It certainly knows how to get the party going but it isn’t the biggest nightclub in Dubai.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

  • Industrial Avenue, another best club in Dubai

Industrial Avenue is an underground club with a big personality located in Westin Dubai. The raw and stripped back, with great music and a lively bar are prepared here.

Industrial Avenue may not have the same premium or exclusive feel as some of the other major clubs in Dubai with partying under the glow of neon lights and feel far removed from the city.

16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

How to choose the best nightclub in Dubai?

Loads of amazing clubs are in Dubai, offering some of the most exclusive and premium experiences in the world. We think there are two important factors for you to find the best club in Dubai. The first is to match your tastes, and second, what neighborhood you are in Dubai and which club is close to you. You can use this article to answer these two important factors.

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16 best nightclubs in Dubai to have an awesome nightlife

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