Company Name: MAG Property Development

CEO: Talal M. Al Gaddah

Founded: Year 1978

About MAG Property Development:

MAG Property Development was founded in the year 1978, under the administration of Mr. Talal M. Al Gaddah. It is a listed real estate that assists by MAG Group, which is one of corporate entities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Through the efforts of MAG Property Development, they have produced lots of successful projects that include MAG 5 Residences based in Abu Dhabi area. Meantime, the MAG 5 Boulevard is the first community project of MAG Property Development launched in the area of Dubai South. The company has been well-known as competent, hardworking, honest, and has professional employees, which is the result of incredibly high ethical standards fully integrated into the company and stakeholders. MAG Property Development ensures to deliver and provide good services through innovation, and overlook for positive relationship to the clients.

Vision of MAG Property Development:

“To be at the forefront of the region’s property industry through its dedication to the group’s corporate philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement.”

Mission of MAG Property Development:

“To be a leader in the property development industry by employing only the highest of standards and by adhering to MAG Group’s code of ethics that bases its business practices on honesty and integrity.”

History of MAG Property Development:

MAG Property Development is one of real estate developments by MAG Group. The company is managed by Mr. Talal M. Al Gaddah, and was established in the year 1978.  MAG Property Development is a corporation of humble beginnings and now a major business conglomerate with extensive overseas reach. The company’s founder, Moafaq Al Gaddah, has now grown holdings on spare parts trading based in Abu Dhabi. MAG Property Development has covered the sectors of manufacturing into its international empire, with around 50 companies for less than 40 years.

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