Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

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Are you trying to find Abu Dhabi’s best banks? You’ve come to the right place. The leading banks in Abu Dhabi that provide the greatest financial services to their account users are listed below.

One of the first tasks after relocating is creating a bank account in order to handle your funds more conveniently. You can use this list of the best banks in Abu Dhabi to pick which one is right for you if you are planning to buy property in Abu Dhabi.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Top 5 Banks in Abu Dhabi

If you intend to live in Abu Dhabi’s capital city and want to open a bank account, the following is a list of the main banks you should think about:

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

In the nation’s capital, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is a well-known bank. FAB was formed through the merger of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and First Gulf Bank, two well-known Abu Dhabi banks (FGB). Various financial services are offered by FAB to the corporate, public, and private sectors.

You can select from a variety of account kinds, including Islamic current and savings accounts that can be handled both domestically and abroad. You can obtain secured loans at competitive interest rates because this bank is one of Abu Dhabi’s biggest lenders. Additionally, FAB ATMs are strategically placed all over the city, making them simple to reach.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Their ranking of Abu Dhabi’s top banks places the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, better known as ADCB, in second place. It is renowned for offering quick and easy financial services as well as rewarding loyalty programs. The buy one, get one free movie promotion at VOX Cinema is the most well-known of the great credit card offers from ADCB. In addition, ADCB Abu Dhabi is a fantastic bank to visit if you’re seeking tempting home loan deals.

This Abu Dhabi bank merged three times with Union National Bank (UNB) and Al Hilal Bank to become the third-largest bank in the UAE. UNB and Al Hilal Bank will continue to function separately until the anticipated 2019 merger takes place.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Al Hilal Bank

One of the Islamic financial institutions in Abu Dhabi that provide services and goods in accordance with Shari’a is Al Hilal Bank. Through their sophisticated online and mobile banking platforms, you may manage their services for managing credit and debit accounts as well as asset management services. Al Hilal Bank will maintain its identity and brand to continue to function as the organization’s distinct Islamic arm even if it is now controlled by the ADCB group as a result of the merger. You can check out luxury apartments on Al Reem island around the area with the help of

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Community Bank

Finding a secure and reputable bank is crucial if you intend to have a personal or business account, take out a loan, or use credit. It will be simpler to manage your funds if you select a bank that fits your demands. In Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Community Bank provides its services. Here, experts can help you with checking and savings accounts, money transactions, and more.

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Al Masraf Arab Bank for Investment & Foreign Trade

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, there is a government bank called Arab Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade PJSC (Al Masraf). According to Federal Decree No. 50 published and signed by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1976, this bank was created in November 1975 and began conducting banking operations. Al Masraf is a representation of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s and other Emirati leaders’ knowledge, insight, and foresight. The Bank was established with the intention of fostering cooperative ventures and economic cooperation between Arab nations.

In order to accomplish the organization’s dynamic goal and vision and to establish ourselves as a creative and preferred financial partner for all banking services, they are actively working to modernize all aspects of the business. To assist their clients in creating and managing their financial resources, they now provide a full range of financial services, including Islamic Banking, Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, and Treasury and Investment services. Their ideals motivate them to upgrade their goods and services frequently in order to satisfy the various and changing requirements of their customers.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Union National Bank

The company’s headquarters are in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and it was established on November 29, 1982. The Al Wifaq Finance Company, a subsidiary of the bank, offers financial solutions to both enterprises and people in addition to its banking services and products.

Commercial and investment banking activities are conducted by Union National Bank. It functions via the Treasury & Investments division and the International & Financial Institutions division. All overseas correspondent banking relationships are established and maintained by the International and Financial Institutions section, which also oversees the bank’s foreign assets. Through finance and foreign currencies, the Treasury & Investments branch aids other companies. Check out beautiful Al Mariyah Island apartments close to this area if you are looking for a great place to reside in.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is enormous. It has 460 ATMs spread all across the UAE and 70 branches. In other words, when using ADIB’s services, both residents and non-residents of Abu Dhabi can be confident they are working with the correct bank.

Digital transformation is a bare minimum for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank in its quest to offer top-tier banking solutions. The bank is collaborating with IBM to handle a variety of aspects of its journey toward digital transformation, from marketing and mobile banking to risk management and DevOps.

ADIB understood that client interaction would change as a result of digital banking. The bank would have to change a lot of its business practices in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah

The UAE government owns more than 52% of the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (RAKBANK). You may locate the bank practically anywhere in the emirates because it has 33 branches around the nation. One of Abu Dhabi’s top banks is this one. One of the most reputable banks in the UAE, it has won multiple honors, including Best Internet Banking Product of the Year from Asian Banker and SME Bank of the Year at the 2016 Arabian Business StartUp Awards.

In the midst of an influx of investments in the nation’s Shariah (Islamic law)-compliant financial sector, the Bank introduced an Islamic Banking division, RAKBANK AMAL, at the beginning of 2013. Its subsidiary, RAK Islamic Finance Company, offers Islamic banking services and products.

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Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Standard Chartered

The worldwide banking group Standard Chartered completes the top banks in Abu Dhabi ranking. Bank accounts, mortgages, loans, deposits, investments, credit cards, and insurance are just a few of the services they offer. They are renowned for having one of Abu Dhabi’s top online banking portals. Despite being an international bank in Abu Dhabi, they provide Islamic banking options for UAE citizens.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

The Best International Banks in Abu Dhabi

Other international banks exist in Abu Dhabi in addition to the best local banks. Some of the top foreign banks in Abu Dhabi are listed below:

Rafidain Bank

The largest bank in Iraq is Rafidain Bank, which has 165 locations there as well as in Cairo, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Sana’a, Bahrain, and Jabal Amman. Central Baghdad is where its headquarters are located. The bank was founded in 1941 and transformed into a state bank in the 1960s during a wave of Ba’ath nationalization. Non-performing assets from the Rafidain they’re divided up into the Rasheed Bank in 1988.

It offers a wide variety of goods for both large corporations and individual customers. The following are the services that Rafidain Bank offers:

  • Saving
  • Saving and Deposit Accounts
  • Swift
  • Domestic Transfer
  • Dollar Sales to the Public.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

National Bank of Bahrain

The first locally owned bank in Bahrain was founded in 1957 and is known as the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB). As a consequence of a strategic development plan to increase their footprint in the Islamic Banking industry and make them more relevant in Sharia-compliant industries and regions, NBB holds the majority ownership (78.81%) in Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB).

Their focus is on seizing commercial possibilities locally, regionally, and globally, and their branches in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are at the forefront of this effort.

In Bahrain, NBB is the top provider of commercial and retail banking services thanks to its 46 ATMs, a statewide network of 25 branches, and more than 4,000 Point of Sale terminals in addition to its branches in Abu Dhabi.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

The National Bank of Oman (NBO)

In 1973, Oman’s first regional bank, the National Bank of Oman (NBO), was created. NBO has more than 60 locations around Oman, as well as 173 ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines. The bank runs two foreign offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Each bank aims to keep your money secure and provide simple money management for you. You can get assistance from the Abu Dhabi branch of the National Bank of Oman, which is located in Abu Dhabi. You can learn more there about credit, loans, mortgages, capital transactions, personal and corporate accounts, and more. Working with a trustworthy, secure bank is crucial because of this.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

BNP Paribas

NP Paribas is a leading bank in the Eurozone and a well-known international financial company. It employs more than 193,000 people and has operations in 68 different nations. The Group’s three main business sectors are domestic markets, corporate & institutional banking, and international financial services. Money concerns may be quite challenging, and professional aid is usually needed. Customers who are concerned about their funds and want to keep them safe might use BNP Paribas’ services. You can go to the business, which is in Abu Dhabi, and ask one of its staff members for help.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A

The only Italian bank in the Emirates that can provide domestic and foreign corporate clients with a full range of services. The Group is currently the only Italian bank to offer a comprehensive variety of services to serve domestic and foreign firms, as well as local businesses and financial institutions, thanks to the Group’s expanding operations within the United Arab Emirates.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

El Nilein Bank

Finding a trustworthy bank is important whether you want to have a personal account or a business one, take out a loan, or use credit. It would be simpler to keep track of your funds if you choose a bank that meets your demands. In Abu Dhabi, El Nilein Bank provides its services. Here, experts can help you with a variety of issues, including fund transfers, checking or savings accounts, and more. They put a lot of effort into creating transparent banking procedures by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Obtaining Mortgage from the Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, there are many fantastic ways to obtain a mortgage. Even though the aforementioned banks represent just the tip of the iceberg, they offer some of the best foreigner-friendly terms in the United Arab Emirates. Finding the property, you wish to buy in Abu Dhabi and then contacting each bank to see how they can best assist you is the best approach to acquiring the right financing at the right bank for you. After that, you will have access to a list of all the offers, from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

Final Thoughts on Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

This was our list of the best banks in Abu Dhabi. We really hope that this post was useful to you while you looked for the top banks in Abu Dhabi. In addition to having several excellent banks, there are also many great government hospitals in Abu Dhabi. There are some great apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi if you’re looking for a new home. Even more expansive villas in Abu Dhabi are also available for sale at a reasonable price. For information about amazing properties for sale in the UAE, make sure to check out dxb off plan.

Best Banks in Abu Dhabi

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