The Top 25 Beach Clubs in Dubai for 2024

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During the cooler months, UAE residents living in fairly priced Dubai homes love heading to the beach with their friends and families. They can be sure of an unforgettable experience with luxurious amenities, stunning views, and an unforgettable atmosphere. Most beach clubs also offer a variety of activities, ranging from swimming pools, spas, and restaurants to kayaking and beach volleyball.

The top Dubai’s beach clubs are a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. If you have a Dubai work visa and permit or are just traveling, it is a great time to be in the UAE. Taking a pass to one of the many private beaches in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will not put a heavy dent in your wallet. Most passes come with a redeemable value on food and beverages as well.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Dubai’s Best Beach Clubs in 2024

Dubai has a lot of beach clubs, but choosing the best ones might be a hassle for you. If you are looking for the best neighborhoods to buy property in Dubai for 2024, you should consider the area near the top beach clubs. This is because beach clubs typically attract a lot of tourists, which can result in an increase in property value.

Additionally, living near a beach club means that you can take advantage of all the amenities and activities they offer, making it a great place to live and invest in. If you are looking to sell your property in Dubai, living near a beach club can also be a great way to increase its value. Buyers will be attracted by the luxurious amenities and activities offered by the beach clubs, as well as the potential for increased tourism in the area.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 25 best beach clubs in Dubai to get some of the much-needed Vitamin D in true UAE-style:

Ula, one of the Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

Ula is a restaurant with a Mediterranean-focused menu and beachy bohemian ambiance located at the old location of West 14th, next to DUKES The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel. Ula Pool & Beach Passes are also available for those who wish to enjoy the venue’s coastal environment and seafront pool (weekday: Dh100, with Dh50 redeemable on food and drinks | weekend and public holidays: Dh200, with Dh100 redeemable on food and beverages). Although the cost of living in Dubai can be high, there are ways to enjoy the city without spending a lot of money. For example, beach clubs such as Ula offer pool and beach passes at an affordable cost. These passes provide access to luxury amenities and activities such as swimming pools, spas, restaurants, kayaking, and beach volleyball.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Twiggy by La Cantine, a Top Beach Club in Dubai, UAE

In the place where West 14th had stood, next to DUKES The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, is Ula, which has Mediterranean-focused food and a beachy bohemian ambiance. Ula Pool & Beach Passes are furthermore offered (weekday: Dh100, with Dh50 redeemable on food and drinks; weekend and public holidays: Dh200, with Dh100 redeemable on food and beverages) for visitors who wish to make use of the location’s coastal setting and seafront pool.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Bla Bla, one of Dubai’s Coolest Beach Clubs

The only independently owned building in the region with a license to serve alcohol, shisha, and live music when restrictions are relaxed is Bla Bla Beach Club, which is situated at The Beach, across from JBR. The beachfront club, which is just across from Bluewaters Island and offers unobstructed views of the ocean and the Dubai Eye, also boasts a sizable infinity pool. There are other Instagram-worthy locations at the beach club as well. Towels, showers, lockers, changing areas, hair dryers, and hair straighteners are among the amenities.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

SAL, another Great Beach Club in Dubai

Sal is a brand-new way of living at the Burj Al Arab. On the terrace of the Burj Al Arab Hotel is where you’ll find the modern mirrored pop-up. The brand-new temporary eatery has a view of the 100-meter infinity pool. Sal, under the direction of Chef Roberto Rispoli, will provide food that is Spanish and Portuguese in flavor with a selection of shareable meals inspired by the sea.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Nammos, one of the Finest Dubai’ Beach Clubs

Finally located in Dubai, the renowned Mykonos Beach Club is technically not promoted as a beach club but rather as a gourmet dining establishment with a private beach. The Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach’s Nammos Dubai offers a brand-new culinary experience that enhances the UAE’s cuisine and entertainment scene.

If you’ve gone to the one in Mykonos, you may have heard that a number of A-list celebrities have visited the Psarou Bay beach, including Usain Bolt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gigi Hadid, and Kendal Jenner.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

White Beach, a Top-Quality Beach Club in Dubai, UAE

The Atlantis Dubai’s newest beach club is called White Beach, including an Instagram-worthy infinity pool, a classy outdoor dining option, and a breezy open-air deck ideal for enjoying a beverage as the sun sets. Views of the Dubai Skyline may be had from the venue day and night. Every Monday is ladies’ day, when you may have unlimited drinks, grapes, and 50% off a special meal selection.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Zero Gravity, chill at the Best Beach Club in Dubai

A beach club, bar, restaurant, pool, and large-scale event idea called Zero Gravity is situated near Skydive Dubai Drop Zone in Al Sufouh and first opened its doors in 2013. A 2,000-square-meter addition has a 39-meter infinity pool with a glass front that is emphasized by a 22-meter curved acrylic panel. Here, 5,500 visitors enjoy a day-to-night experience that includes a relaxing pool and beach sunbathing, lunch or supper in the restaurant, and a nighttime party atmosphere.

The ticket includes access to the pool and beach, towels, changing areas, and amenities like fresh fruit, ice cream, cleaning for sunglasses, and cold towels. There are also weekly and monthly subscriptions available. If you are residing in one of the Emaar Properties buildings nearby in Dubai Marina, you can easily head out to this amazing beach club.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Azure Beach, an Awesome Dubai’s Beach Club

Enjoy the sunshine at Azure Beach to make the most of the good weather in Dubai. With the recent addition of unique private plunge pools for each of its six luxurious cabanas, Azure Beach has increased the level of luxury it offers, delivering the newest in luxurious poolside experiences. The cabanas may be rented out at various price points throughout the regular hours of operation.

For a minimum purchase of Dhs4,000 for the small pool cabanas and Dhs6,000 for the big pool cabanas—both of which may be used to purchase food and beverages—guests can reserve one of Azure Beach’s private cabanas. Even better, these cabanas provide access to private plunge pools that may hold six to seven people, depending on size. Advance reservations are strongly advised.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Drift Beach Club is One of Dubai’s Finest Beach Clubs

Drift is a unique beachside location where casual simplicity meets premium beach elegance, a site with a relaxed but lively atmosphere. The pace picks up at Drift as the sun sets over the Persian Gulf. Drift was developed to welcome visitors looking for a unique lifestyle. The beach club includes a spectacular infinity pool, a sizable private beach, and lush planted surroundings affording panoramic views of Palm Island Bay and Dubai’s renowned skyline.

The beach club also houses a restaurant and bar serving up a modern twist on traditional Provençal fare. Culinary pleasure is delivered with an emphasis on the best organic products, freshness, and simplicity and is accompanied by an inventive beverage selection.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Barasti Beach Bar, one of Many Top Beach Clubs in Dubai

One of the most well-liked and lively bars in the city has long been Barasti. With a sizable outdoor sitting area and a huge screen for live sports. Swimming, dining, dancing, and taking in the live music that is playing throughout the week are the main events. If you prefer leisurely beach days. Barasti, a Dubai landmark, provides a fusion of enjoyable music, delectable cuisine, and beverages against the backdrop of Dubai Marina. You can remain and party well into the night if you don’t want to go when the sun sets.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

The Cove Beach, enjoy One of the Best Beach Clubs in Dubai

Residents of Dubai may enjoy a dreamy day at the beach at Cove Beach. The venue’s beach amenities offer an opulent getaway with a stretch of soft white sand beach, water, and open patio areas.

The restaurant at Cove Beach delivers a contemporary take on classic tastes while showcasing genuine Mediterranean Riviera delicacies from Provence to Tuscany. Cove Beach serves cuisine from the South of France to Italy with a focus on trademark dishes and meals made with fresh ingredients. Exceptionally cooked vegetarian entrees, wonderful handmade pasta, and perfectly grilled fish.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Andreea’s, one of Dubai’s Greatest Beach Clubs for Everyone

This stylish set includes a freshly extended pool with crystal-clear waters, a terrace covered with palm trees, and sophisticated interior decor. From 11am to the early hours of the morning, the kitchen serves exceptional, homemade food with an international flair. With fresh ingredients, including handmade Signature Pizzas from the wood-burning oven, Paella Del Mar, a Mongolian Style Lamb Rack, and much more.

It is a tranquil haven from the city on weekdays, providing a piece of seaside paradise only a few minutes from the center of the Dubai Marina and JBR. After sunset on weekends and Mondays, the scene is transformed into a vivacious celebration of the high life.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Nikki Beach Dubai, relax at One of Dubai’s Most Fascinating Beach Clubs

On Pearl Jumeira Island in the Persian Gulf, there is a beach called Nikki Beach Dubai. During the day, visitors may relax poolside, reserve a table for lunch, and enjoy the tunes being spun by the DJ at one of the bars.

The pool area is furnished with three Ultimate VIP cabanas, three huge white luxury daybeds, single beds, and private cabanas with covered couch lounging areas. Each of these 3 Ultimate VIP Cabanas has its own pool, balcony, cabana bed, couches, dining table, restroom, and change area for a luxurious experience.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Beach by Five, a Fascinating Beach Club in Dubai, UAE

The 150-meter-long beach at Five Palm Jumeirah on the West Palm features double-width sun loungers, a dining deck, cabanas, and a beautiful glass-lined pool with a chandelier. The menu offers thoughtfully created shared meals from all around the Mediterranean that you may enjoy and share with friends and family.

Visitors may munch on a variety of cold and hot tapas from Greece, Spain, Turkey, and the Levant, which are inspired by a trip across the Mediterranean. from unique seafood and sushi platters to mezze and fresh salads. So if you have recently bought fairly priced Palm Jumeirah Villas, you need to check out this fantastic beach club close by.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Riva Beach Club, a Truly Great Beach Club Located in Dubai

Although the club has been operating for around six years, it is still a favorite among Dubai’s partygoers. The beach and restaurant area has a bar and lounge outside, a sun deck with lounge chairs, a heated pool, a gym, and Sophie’s Café. Additional amenities include kayaking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddle boarding. The first-come, first-served policy applies to the beach and pool. However, reservations are recommended for dining.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

World Island Project, Dubai’s Royal Island Beach Club

About 30 minutes out into the Persian Gulf, on this man-made island part of the renowned World Island project, you can get a 180-degree panorama of Dubai’s cityscape. According to logistics, the club, which debuted in 2012, can hold 500 people for an event or day access, although the Island’s 38,941 square meter space can hold more than 2,000 people. It has a playground for children, a pool, and a restaurant.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Summersalt, Easily One of the Best Beach Clubs You Can Find in Dubai

Discover a charming nook at Jumeirah Al Naseem, the newest hotel on the Jumeirah property, and take in the breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab. Escape the week with a day that truly has it all; take advantage of the pool and stunning beach, beachfront seats, specialty drinks, and more, all while guest and regular DJs spin tunes to the pleasure of a raucous audience.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Yas Beach Club, amongst Dubai’s Best Beach Clubs

Beautiful ocean and mangrove views may be enjoyed by the club. The beach lounge area has five private chalets, an infinity pool, and an open-air DJ booth. Families with children utilize the splash pool on Fridays, while adults (+21) may only access the infinity pool. Italian gelato, Neapolitan pizza, and grills are among the club’s food options, in addition to the Tiki Bar with a tropical motif.

Water sports, including sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and paddle boarding, are accessible, and they may all be learned from qualified instructors. Additionally, the club has volleyball courts.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Saadiyat Beach Club, one of Dubai’s Leading Beach Clubs

Saadiyat Beach Club is a tranquil retreat surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Take a refreshing plunge in the pool and spend the entire day enjoying the treats the club’s restaurants and bars have to offer. The entry includes access to the gym room, spa amenities such as the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, and plunge pool until 8 pm, as well as the beach, swimming pool, and lounge chairs until sundown.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Cove Beach, a Lavish Beach Club Situated in Dubai

The newest beach club to open in the city is Cove Beach in the Makers District on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. The authorized location features an infinity pool, a beach, a 100-seat outdoor restaurant, and a lounge with stunning views of the ocean and the Al Reem skyline. Al Reem Island only has one swimmable beach that is 300 meters long. Every week, there are new party themes at Cove Beach in the Makers District, which is open both during the day and at night. Every Thursday, they also provide dining, special offers for women, and breakfast.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Wet Deck, W Dubai, one of the Most Splendid Beach Clubs in Dubai, UAE

This summer, the new hotspot will be the place to be. The main pool at W Dubai – The Palm is the best place to work on your tan because it has rows of sun loungers and pools that are spread out across many levels. From your poolside chair, you can see the whole Dubai Marina and water activities are available for the more daring day trippers. A refuge for relaxing and soaking up the sun is the opulent egg-shaped cabanas. On Sundays, there is a ladies’ day when men are also invited. The cost is Dhs150 for women and Dhs250 for men, and it includes free-flowing beverages and a variety of small nibbles.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

FIVE Palm, Dubai’s Luxurious Beach Club

The 16th story of the FIVE Palm Jumeirah has a translucent pool. The glass-walled swimming pool is ideal for taking a photo against the Marina skyline in the background, and it also offers some fairly stunning views across JBR and out to the Arabian Gulf. For entry to the pool and Dhs100 worth of food and drink, it costs Dhs200. Alternatively, go to the Candypants Ladies’ Day on a Saturday, when rates start at Dhs149 for females.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

The Lagoon, One of the Most Impressive Beach Clubs in Dubai

In the heart of Dubai Creek, The Lagoon opened earlier this year, providing a much-needed haven of tranquility. The pool, which is located inside the Park Hyatt Dubai and is dubbed an “oasis of calm,” boasts a 100-meter “infinity lagoon” with a private sandy coastline. On a daybed or in a private gazebo, take in the 180-degree views of the creek and Dubai’s famous skyline.

In-house visitors pay only Dhs 250 on weekends and Dhs 200 on weekdays, which includes a gazebo for two people and Dhs 100 in food and beverage vouchers. While beach access alone costs Dhs250 on the weekend and Dhs200 on weekdays, renting a gazebo for walk-in visitors costs Dhs600 or more and includes food and beverage coupons.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

DRIFT, One of Dubai’s Most Glorious Beach Clubs

DRIFT is positioned amid the opulent One & Only Royal Mirage and is referred to as a place where “luxury beach chic meets casual simplicity.” One kilometer of excellent beachfront property, an infinity pool, a restaurant and bar offering inventive drinks, and Provençal fare are all present. For Dh100, females may get a fruit plate, a sun lounger, and a bottle of water in the pool on Monday and Tuesday.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Sofitel Downtown, one of Dubai’s Notable Beach Clubs

On the rooftop of the Sofitel Dubai Downtown, there is a pool area with an urban landscape. The infinity pool spans the whole length of the rooftop terrace and offers fantastic views of downtown Dubai. It is open from 6 am to 8 pm. Since they went back to their winter rates, admission now costs Dhs250 and comes with water, towels, and free drinks. The Sofitel Downtown is a perfect spot for those wanting to take advantage of the UAE golden visa program. With its stunning rooftop views, luxurious amenities, and convenient location, it is an ideal place to relax and unwind while taking advantage of the visa program’s benefits.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

Best Beach Clubs in Dubai for Fou and your Family in 2024

Dubai is home to extravagant buildings and experiences, although one of the most impressive features is its array of beach clubs. Beach clubs let you enjoy being pampered in posh surroundings with delicious food and drink while being just steps away from the welcoming shore.

When you’re looking to get the most out of local beach clubs, you won’t want to settle for anything less than the finest. That’s why we have listed the 25 best beach clubs in Dubai for your convenience. Dxboffplan real estate offers a wide range of UAE off-plan properties to suit all budgets and preferences. Whether you are looking for a beachfront property, a luxurious villa, or a Dubai apartment price list, Dxboffplan has the perfect property for you. With our experienced team of professionals, we can help you find the most suitable property.

25 best beach clubs in Dubai (2022 updated list)

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Beach clubs in Dubai typically offer a range of amenities, including swimming pools, sun loungers, umbrellas, restaurants, and bars, water sports activities, and entertainment.

Yes, most beach clubs in Dubai charge an entry fee, which can vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and season.

While some beach clubs in Dubai are adult-only, many are family-friendly and offer activities and amenities for children.

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