9 Residential Areas Near Metro Stations in Dubai to buy a property

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Access to public transport services in crowded cities such as Dubai is very important for citizens. In 2009 the Dubai Metro was launched, which is an amazing phenomenon for people who don’t tend to drive and hate traffic. If you are looking for affordable residential areas near the metro station in Dubai to buy a property, we are checking these areas for you in this article. We suggest you, check out these 9 great areas for flats in Dubai near the metro which are budget-friendly for renting a property too.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

Affordable areas in Dubai to buy a property near a metro station

With the perfect living conditions in Dubai and the standards met in each region, the number of migrants in the city is increasing day by day. If you want to immigrate to Dubai and do not have enough information about how to get a visa, be sure to read how to get a Dubai residency visa. Different immigrants have different preferences for choosing where to live, the major cost of living in Dubai is important for someone, for some the use of transportation and proximity to the metro station. In this article, we will introduce the affordable areas close to the metro station in Dubai for you.

  • Affordable apartments near Stadium and Al Nahda metro station

One of the best cheap areas near the metro in Dubai is al Nahda. The area is very close to two metro stations, al-Nahda and the stadium. Note that due to the cheap rental prices in this region, these apartments do not stay without a tenant very much. This region is suitable for people looking for cheap areas close to the metro. If the location of your home in the Al Nahda area was a distance from the metro that could not be reached on foot, you can use the bus to get to the metro station. So if public transportation is of particular importance to you, you can choose this region to live in Dubai and also consider that properties for sale in Al Nahda have affordable prices.

As for the prices, we have to say, the average rent for the studio in Al Nahda is AED 35K, 1 bedroom flats are at ADE 47K and 2 bedrooms flats are at AED 67 K.

  • Al Qusais flats near Dubai metro stations

Another affordable area near the metro and of course popular among Dubai citizens is Al Qusais. The area is located on the Green Line and is close to Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) metro station and Al Qusais metro stations. When it comes to the average prices for renting an apartment here, studios are as same as Al Nahda, AED 35 K. the price of renting a 1 bedroom apartment is AED 47.75 K and 2 bedroom is AED 65 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • Deira apartments near a metro station in Dubai

Deira is another affordable area near the metro in Dubai and it’s one of the oldest neighbourhood in Dubai. The region has access to several metro stations. For example, the Union Metro station, which is the connecting point of the Red and Green Line of the Dubai Metro. Other metro stations close to the area include Al Rigga, Abu Hali, Al Qiyada, and Deira city center metro stations. Although it is one of the oldest regions of Dubai, it has also been one of the most popular areas to live in.

Convenience is one of the biggest strengths of this region for selling and renting residential units. In a region with many commutes and plenty of apartments, there are restaurants and supermarkets and easy access.

The average rental price of a house in this region is as follows:   studios in Deira is AED 37.5 K, 1 bedroom unit is AED 58 K, and 2 bedrooms is AED 85 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • Al Karama apartments near ADCB metro station

This region is a very well-known area for Dubai residents. The market of this region is very famous and it attracts tourists to buy at low prices. Karama has located in a suburb nearby Dubai Creek. The fourth item on our list is Al Kamra which has a reasonable price and is close to the metro station. The residents of apartments in Al Kamra could conveniently access to ADCB metro station. The station is connected to the red line that takes you into new Dubai including Dubai Marina and Jumeira lakes towers. The important point is that there are bus stations that connect this region to the Jafiliya metro station and Burjuman metro station so this is an ideal location for those who rely on public transportation.

The average price of renting a studio in Al Kamra is AED 43.5 K. The 1 bedroom apartment renting price in Al Kamra is AED 74 K and the 2 bedroom Apartment is AED 92 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • Bur Dubai flats near Dubai metro station

One of the busiest metro stations in Dubai is The Burjuman Metro Station. Because it connects the two red and green lines in Dubai Metro and is close to the Burjuman Mall. Alongside this station, Al Fahidi is the second option for those who want to rent affordable apartments near the metro station.

It is the best area for long-term renters, so many residents will stay in the region for years because of its convenience. Mina Bazaar is close to this region, it’s a public shopping district that is a place of hundreds of retail shops and specialist tailors. For those who want to increase their knowledge of Dubai’s history, the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood which has several museums and cafés’, is located near this residential hub.

Studio renting price average at AED 44 K. I bedroom apartment renting price is AED 64.5 K and 2 bedrooms apartment is AED 90 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • Flats in Al Barsha near Sharaf DG metro and Mall of the Emirates metro stations

Al Barsha is a famous residential region near the newer part of Dubai. This region is near two metro stations including Sharaf DG and Mall of Emirates (MOE) metro stations. This location is extremely convenient for those who are working on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qouz, and Barsha Hight.  With these options, it is one of the good locations which is near the metro station and has affordable renting prices.

In terms of rent, studios in Al Barsha command an average price of AED 45 K, 1 bedroom flats are at AED 59 K, and 2 bedroom apartments are at AED 85 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • Apartments in Tecom or Barsha Heights near Dubai Internet City metro station

Tecom region which is known as the Barsha Heights is one of the best areas near a metro station in Dubai. People who are working in Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and of course Barsha Heights could choose this location to live. The most important point is that even if you have to commute to Jebel Ali, Business Bay, and Dubai Downtown your travel time is less than 30 minutes. The region is a short metro trip or bus ride to the Mall of Emirates and it is located near The Greens and The View district that is covered with a lush green area ideal for walk and picnics.

The area is suitable for tenants who want to stay away from old Dubai and be close to public transportation.

When it comes to renting prices in this region, the studio is AED 55 K, 1 bedroom is AED 70K and 2 bedroom is AED 88 K.

Affordable areas near a metro station in Dubai

  • JLT apartments near DMCC metro station

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC is the new name for Jumeira Lake Tower metro station. The people who are relying on public transportation could choose properties for sale in Jumeira Lake Tower to live in.

The average price of a studio in JLT is AED 55 k, 1 bedroom is AED 75 K and 2 bedroom is AED 100K.

  • Satwa area near Emirates Towers, Al Jafiliya and Financial Center Station

Like many areas north of the city, Satwa is a collection of different multicultural. You would find several nationalities such as Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, and Nigerians all living in this region. As you know, the number of Indian and Pakistani immigrants in Dubai is high. There are also a large number of people who want to immigrate to the UAE in these two countries. To help these people, we have loaded moving to Dubai from Pakistan step by step guide so you can use the tips and immigrate easier and know what is life like for Indians in Dubai for ex-pats. And if you already migrated and need to know about the best Pakistani supermarkets in Dubai, you can read all about it in our blog.

Due to the presence of different nationalities in this region, you can find all your favorite things from home to groceries and cosmetics in this region.

The good news is that with a 15 to 20 minutes walk you would reach a convenient beach. So if you are interested in beach and entertainments in it, properties for sale in Satwa are good options for you. Satwa has a wonderful view of the Dubai Downtown skyline.

This region has some welcome greenery, the Satwa park, located behind Al Moosa Towers along Sheikh Zayed Road. The metro stations close to the area are all on the Metro Red Line such as Emirates Towers, Al Jafiliya, and Financial Centre.

Buying a one-bedroom apartment in this region depending on the size and location of the apartment can make Dh 37000 to Dh 55000 return on investment for you in the year.


Thank you for accompanying us until the end of the article. In this article, we have stated the affordable price of renting or buying a house near Dubai metro stations. With the reopening of the new Dubai Metro line, Discovery Gardens, Al Furjun, Jumeira Golf States, and Dubai Investment Park, will also be included in this list.

Which of these areas is your favorite? You can contact us via WhatsApp and ask us for more information about the properties in your area of interest. You can also find out more by reviewing our site www.DXboffplan.com and reviewing properties for sale in Dubai.

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