Property for Sale in Al Satwa

Property for Sale in Al Satwa

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Al Satwa, as most people residing within the region and aware of and would agree with, is invariably one of the oldest residential areas in the UAE. Located behind the major skyscrapers of the country on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Satwa stands firm as a living ground for so many expatriates, locals, as well as commercial businesses alike. Meraas Holding, the craftsmen behind this old town district has recently come up with the revolutionary idea of reconstructing, refurbishing and redesigning Al Satwa and renovating it with all the upgraded and newer facilities the city has encountered in order to make this popular, central and much liked district an exemplary location within the city.

Properties for Sale in Al Satwa | List of Off plan Properties

As the locality lies so close to the busiest commercial and entertainment street of the country i.e. Sheikh Zayed Road, all the near-by areas should serve as a treat to encounter too. Thus, this project will be a avant-garde maneuver with all things lavish, glitzy and perfection from its extraordinary infrastructure to the premium amenities available around it to being a central convenient location. After Al Satwa’s much looked forward to and much-awaited renovation, this development will rebrand itself as a medium-density, mixed-use freehold development featuring the best set of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces within it. Furthermore, Al Satwa will also entail and incorporate public parks, office spaces and public facilities within this newly developed and refurbished vicinity. Being a project of Meraas Holding, as we all in the region are well aware of, is a true representation of the essence of the Arab world, Meraas Holding has excelled and surpassed as possibly the only quintessentially deep rooted classic Arab styled property development and management company within the region.

Meraas Holding is invariably one of the most fast paced well-received property development entities within the UAE. Starting out as a joint conglomerate holding company in the year 2007, this premium master developer has stood out this whole decade owning to its sheer quality and diligence of perfection within its projects. Based and headquartered in Dubai, Meraas Holding has delivered some iconic and landmark projects adding further to the city’s global appeal and reach in the past like City Walk Dubai, Nikki Beach & Resort Spa Dubai etc. serving as the new travel destinations. The founding figure behind some of the most iconic real-estate, residential, commercial, hospitality, and leisure iconic master developments within the region and specifically within this glorious city of Dubai, Meraas Holding is one such property development entity that has stood its ground to the true provision of splendid developments.

Starting out as a joint conglomerate, this Holding group has now become a mega master developer in all true sense of the word in such a small period of time since its birth in 2007 which is even less than a decade and it can all be attributed to its out of the box approach and unparalleled crafting. Meraas Holding has ascended to these new heights of success and recognition within the region all due to its extremely unique and competitive approach of coming up with the Gen-X uber modern concepts of venturing into retail, leisure as well as contemporary lifestyle development ventures. An inherent style and chic tonality can be seen embedded across everything Meraas Holding does and provides the region with and that is the USP and distinct identity of this master developer. Meraas Holding is one such property development and management company within the region whose very name is synonymous with everything upscale, uber, modern, and contemporary and this is the tonality that Meraas Holding has set for itself through its out of the box approach and unique project deliveries and developments within the region ranging in their versatility and diversity from fine-designed residential hubs to out and out leisure and recreational get-aways that instantly became the highlight of the tourism and travel life of the UAE and rose to become some highly sought-after global destinations of the world.

Why choose Al Satwa?

Arriving to any significant and pivotal decision has never been easy, especially when it comes to something as profound and significant as that of property investment. Investing one’s hard-earned money and probably years of saving in something as unpredictable and risky as property investment is not a decision they can make in the blink of an eye. In fact, there are an umpteen number of mental roadblocks on the way to this decision which one needs to cross. An investor needs to be sure that this particular piece of land is going to reap him benefits and reward him. Why should I invest all my money into this property? Is this investment going to turn out as profitable as I estimate it to? Would this explicit piece of land prove as bountiful in the future as lucrative as it looks right now? How would my life sustain within the premises of this development? Would I have access to enough facilities and touch points in the surroundings of this place? Well, these and other hundreds and millions of questions are the ones that keep on popping up time and again in an investor’s brain once they start setting their mind to any investment.

Be it personal, residential, commercial or even leisure, whatever is the kind for any investment, these are the mental roadblocks that are bound to bother one before arriving to any decision. However, no matter how natural and unavoidable these questions may seem, our job is to cater to all of them and be of utmost help, guidance and assistance to our customers. And so, that is exactly the reason  we have researched such roadblocks and catered all of them, one at a point, that will assure an investor that their investment in Al Satwa would definitely be a beneficial one. One of the major reasons behind choosing Al Satwa is the fact that it is a multi-purpose development. In addition to being a highly desirable residential location, Al Satwa is an equally sought-after commercial, recreational and leisure destination too. It is this very fact that makes this master-development a very favorable investment as it is an attraction not only to investors or businessmen but also singles, couples as well as families alike. In addition to that, the development enjoys a very nuclear location due to its proximity to some very popular and connecting roads of Dubai being situated just at the backside of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Being situated on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, everyone in the region is quite mindful of the fact that Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) is inevitably one of the busiest commercial roads in the Emirate is considered as the main artery of the city. The road was formerly known as Defense Road and currently, it stretches between Trade Centre Roundabout and Interchange 2. Home to some of the globally famous and appreciated skyscrapers in Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road  is recognized as the main residential arm, with many villas and apartments for sale along the highway in the city. Sheikh Zayed Road is invariably a unique and distinct development as it is a leasehold community, where a private developer owns each tower unlike the typical way with freehold communities where various different landlords buy the property from the developer and lease their units out. It would be safe to say that Sheikh Zayed Road qualifies as one of the most sought-after and lively residential community in Dubai as the much renowned Downtown Dubai district and the iconic Burj Khalifa stand only at a two minute distance from the vicinity. Schools & Colleges, Universities, Hospital & Pharmacies, Banks & ATM’s all fall very close to the residents or even visitors coming to this master development of Al Satwa by the well-pronounced and bespoke property developers like Meraas Holding.

Linked with the nearest metro stations, as mentioned earlier, the leisure and recreational spots in addition to those of the necessities of life etc are in utmost proximity to the Al Satwa. Thus, all those planning on living in this splendid and tranquilizing neighborhood must all heave a sigh of relief because they are surrounded with all kinds of commute provisions i.e. metro stations, cabs and public transports etc. So what are you waiting for? If not this mega development, that also with a such a mixed-use scope, where would one invest their money in? Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of investing in such a fruit-bearing piece of land that is only expected to generate more and more fruitful outcome in the future and become a global landmark within the whole region.

For the ease of understanding and to provide our readers with a more facilitated idea of how close they would be to all the day to day necessary and key locations of the city, we have coiled up an elaborate and well-researched list of all the closest locations list by list. Thus, following is a list of some of the closest recreational, leisure, and important locations and destinations to Al Satwa:

Nearest Schools and Nurseries to Al Satwa:

The whole area of Al Satwa has its own schools and nurseries in the surroundings. The list goes as follows:

  • GEMS Wellington Primary School
  • Safari Kids Nursery Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Anita School
  • Widad Academy
  • Al Shaab School for Basic Education
  • British Berries Nursery
  • Salma Al Ansaria Elementary School
  • Al Wasl Girls School
  • Ideal Way Education – UCMAS Satwa
  • Little Star Nursery
  • Al Maktoum Primary School

Nearest Hospitals & Health Care Centers to Al Satwa:

The whole area of Al Satwa entails a number of some of the best hospitals and health care centers in its proximity and are as follows:

  • Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital
  • Al Badaa Health Center
  • Belhoul European Hospital
  • Iranian Hospital – Dubai
  • Well Woman Clinic
  • Philippine Medical Center
  • Doctor Johns Medical Center
  • Al Zahra Medical Center
  • Ramada Medical Center

Nearest Malls & Shopping Centers to Al Satwa:

The complete list of all the closest and nearby malls and shopping centers to Al Satwa goes as follows:

  • Dubai Mall
  • Satwa Market
  • Al Ghazal Mall
  • Dune Center
  • World Trade Center

Nearest Banks & ATM’s to Al Satwa:

One of the most important necessity is that of a Bank’s or an ATM’s proximity to one’s address. Therefore, Al Satwa has catered well to that need and below is a list of some of the closest Banks and ATM’s to the development:

  • Emirates NBD – Branch
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – ATM
  • Emirates Islamic Bank – Branch
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – ATM
  • Mashreq Bank – Branch
  • Mashreq Bank – ATM
  • Dubai Islamic Bank – Branch

Nearest Hotels to Al Satwa:

When you are living within a central residential development, it is important to be aware of the hotels, diners and restaurants available within your vicinity. Below are some of the hotels that lie in close reach to Al Satwa:

  • Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai
  • Shangri-la Hotel Dubai
  • Crowne Plaza Dubai
  • Rove Trade Center
  • Emirates Grand Hotel
  • Dusit Thani Dubai
  • Conrad Dubai
  • Towers Rotana
  • Chelsea Plaza Hotel
  • La Ville Hotel & Suites
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Jumeirah Garden City

Jumeirah Garden City (former Al Satwa Development), which is located within an existing urban fabric parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai with 3 years payment plan. Expected to emerge as a medium-density, mixed-use neighborhood that will continue to house iconic landmarks with residential apartments, retail spaces, public facilities , hotels and parks.