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How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an Expat?

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The India-UAE relationship dates back centuries. After the discovery of oil in 1960, a large number of Indians emigrated to the UAE in search of better job opportunities. Today, Indians in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are well-known populations, accounting for almost 27% of the total population of the UAE. Indians have had a significant influence on the culture and economy of the UAE. They are also well-represented in the UAE’s political, economic and business sectors. The UAE has become an important partner for India in terms of trade, investment, and cultural exchange. A significant number of Indians live and work in Dubai, and they are represented in many sectors, including cooking and entertainment. In this article, we will examine what life for Indians in Dubai is like. Stay tuned!

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an expat?

How is Life for Indians in Dubai?

On a short-haul flight, you can reach Dubai from India. That’s why Indians consider Dubai their home, where they can live according to their religion and culture. The city offers a good quality of life and a safe environment. It is an attractive destination for many Indians, as it also offers numerous job and business opportunities. Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, and Indians are welcomed with open arms.

After the creation of a significant Indian community in Dubai, Indians enjoy a comfortable life in Dubai. There is no shortage of facilities and stores selling Indian products and Indian supplies in Dubai. Below are some of the conditions for Indians living in Dubai:

Food Conditions for Indians Living in Dubai

Those who miss spices, pickles, and Indian cuisine will find that Dubai has so many Indian restaurants that they won’t even notice they’re in Dubai. Although Indians living in Dubai have experienced luxurious and delicious dishes from all over the world, to the point that Middle Eastern Shawerma has replaced their favorite food Pani Puri. Dubai also has many Indian stores, so that in downtown Dubai Indians can easily buy Indian products. From Indian clothing and gold to supermarket products.

School Conditions for Indians Living in Dubai

There are many Indian schools in Dubai that teach students with ICSE and CBSE curriculum. However, most parents prefer their children to attend English or American schools. These schools offer a more international curriculum, giving students access to a wider range of courses and subjects. They also tend to focus more on academic excellence and employ advanced teaching methods. This allows students to gain a more comprehensive education and better prepare them for further study. Alternatively, Indian families living in Dubai can also consider the best British schools in al qusais, which offer a comprehensive curriculum and emphasize academic excellence. These schools provide a strong foundation for students to pursue higher education in the UK or elsewhere.

Language for Indians Living in Dubai

Most residents of Dubai speak English. The road signs, storefronts, and information boards are in English too. Under these circumstances, Indians may face difficulties communicating and doing their jobs in the city. In these situations, it’s not too surprising to see another Indian immigrant who can assist you. Additionally, learning some basic Arabic words and phrases is also important for Indians living in Dubai. This can help them to communicate with locals and understand the culture better.

Indian Festivals in Dubai

This is the paradise you were looking for. Because there are several Indian associations that organize regular events, outings, and tournaments and celebrate religious and cultural festivals. So Indians never feel lonely when there are clubs and associations that celebrate their religious culture and celebrations in Dubai. Indian festivals are held with great enthusiasm in Dubai. During Eids, Diwali, and Christmas, as well as on UAE’s National Day, Indian immigrants also visit their relatives during these festivals.

Indians Religious Condition in Dubai

Indian immigrants have great freedom because of the religious freedom in Dubai and different places of worship for different religions. Along with a large number of mosques in Dubai, Dubai is also a place for churches, a Sikh Gurudwara, and Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples. This allows Indian immigrants to practice their own religion without worrying about persecution or discrimination. The open-mindedness and acceptance of different religions by the locals makes Dubai an ideal place for Indian immigrants to settle in and to find employment.

Indian Entertainments Condition in Dubai

Besides Bollywood and Hollywood films, Indians in Dubai can also watch Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films in the cinema chains in Dubai. You can often see Indian artists performing in Dubai, such as actors, singers, musicians, and comedians, as well as participating in exciting performances in Dubai. You can enjoy Dubai’s glamorous live nights like your Bollywood nights in India.

There is a stadium dedicated to cricket in Dubai, the Dubai International Stadium, which hosts the Asian Cup and Indian Premier League. The cost of living in Dubai is generally higher than in India, but with the right budgeting and planning, you can still make your stay in Dubai comfortable and enjoyable.

The Advantage of Becoming a Resident of Dubai

Since Dubai and the UAE are the confluence of East and West, they make a good starting point for travelers. Several countries such as Sri Lanka, Maldives, Azerbaijan, and more issue visas to UAE residents on arrival or do not require a visa at all, which applies to the law if you reside in Dubai as an Indian. So Indians who enjoy touring new destinations are very happy to live in Dubai. They can also travel overland to neighboring countries.

What Opportunities are there for Indians in Dubai?

Indians in Dubai are present at all economic levels, including entrepreneurs and white-collar professionals. Dubai allows anyone, regardless of nationality, to work in the city and achieve the success they deserve. Would you like to work in Dubai but don’t know where to start? Be sure to read a complete guide on how to get a job in Dubai on our blog because all the tips for finding a job have been checked. Below we explore some of these opportunities.

Indian Presence in Various Industries in Dubai

Indian immigrants residing in Dubai also have an active presence in various industries such as health care, banking, education, retail and more. They have the opportunity to establish their own company with a local partner in the free zones.

Indian entrepreneurs have been the driver behind the city’s most famous brands and franchises like Lulu Hypermarket, Landmark Group, Jumbo Electronic, Danube, and Aster DM healthcare.

Indians’ Presence in Investment in Dubai

Indians also have the opportunity to invest in Dubai’s profitable property market. They can invest in freehold areas that are reserved for foreign investors. Freehold districts in Dubai are the place for the most popular property developments, from luxury properties to affordable prices. Indians can invest or build their dream home in these properties like apartments, duplexes, villas and townhouses. Another important point is that you can get UAE residency by buying a property in the UAE!

With the announcement of long-term residency visas and retirement visas in Dubai, Indians have found themselves with a sense of permanence and belonging to what’s called a second home. Several Indian investors and businessmen in the UAE obtained a 10-year residency visa, known as a Golden Card visa. These investors include Anoop Moopen, managing director of AZTEC Group, Kamal Vachini, Group Director at Al Maya Group and Nisha Jagtiani, Group Director at Landmark Group.

What you should do as an Indian Expat in Dubai

You must follow the following steps as an Indian immigrant in Dubai:

  • Your passport and visa are your most important documents in the UAE. Always be sure that your passport and visa are valid for at least 6 months.
  • Keep your personal documents in a safe place. Losing them or stealing and abusing them is also a problem.
  • Islam is the main religion in the UAE. You must respect the worship of Muslims that is performed 5 times a day.
  • Before moving to the UAE, be aware of local laws and the consequences of not adhering to them.
  • Be sure to cross the street only at pedestrian crossings.
  • Be sure to get a valid work permit from the Ministry of Labor before working in the UAE. Check out Dubai’s work visa and permitfor more information.
  • Before traveling to the UAE, obtain comprehensive travel insurance that includes medical expenses abroad.
  • Never disrespect UAE national symbols such as flags and other national symbols.
  • Muslims should observe special considerations during Ramadan. In this way, from sunrise to sunset, you cannot drink, eat or smoke in public places.
  • Always keep your ID card with you.
  • Before leaving the Emirates, cancel your work visa and settle your bank account, credit card, and phone connection.

How is Life for Indians in Dubai as an expat?

What not to Do in the UAE as an Indian Expat

Things you shouldn’t do in the UAE:

  • Don’t sign any cheques unless you have the amount of money you want in your bank account
  • Don’t mistreat women. Do not continue to converse with someone who does not wish to speak with you. Be sure not to stare at them. As well as anything else that might upset or offend women.
  • Don’t take pictures of anyone, especially women and families. Respect their privacy.
  • Don’t carry any medicines before checking their name on the list of banned drugs in the UAE.
  • Do not drive without a license issued in the Emirates. Also, never drive when you’re drunk.
  • Don’t insist on doing anything that is prohibited in the UAE.
  • Do not disrespect Islam and the ruling family. Follow the laws and guidelines set out by the government, including but not limited to the dress code and acceptable behavior. Respect the local culture and traditions, and avoid any activities that could be seen as offensive.
  • Don’t take pictures of local incidents like fires and publish them online, as it’s a crime.
  • Don’t smoke in public spaces when smoking is forbidden
  • All extramarital sex is illegal and punishable.

Ready to Move to Dubai?

Reading this article, you realize that Dubai has many amazing options for welcoming Indians. Indians have become an integral part of society, and many opportunities have been provided to flourish their talents in Dubai. Plus, the quality of life in Dubai for Indians is beyond compare, with a high standard of safety, an excellent infrastructure, and state-of-the-art facilities and services. You may have wondered about moving from India to Dubai, and the points we described above will certainly convince you to follow suit. For those looking to move from India to Dubai, it is best to purchase a property in the city as soon as possible. This will provide you with a place to live and be an investment in the future. Additionally, buying property in Dubai can be a great way to secure a stable income and build wealth over time. You can also obtain a residency visa by purchasing a property. If you’re planning to move from India to Dubai, contact Dxboffplan for the best deals on real estate properties in Dubai. We provide a wide range of options that are tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today to explore off-plan projects in the UAE.

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