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Best Developments in Istanbul for Buying Real Estate

Today, Istanbul is one the most crowded cities in the world and region as it has more than 16 million population. This beautiful and popular city is located between Asia and Europe, as Turkey’s economic center of gravity with unique strengths and an international outlook.

Today many investors and end-use buyers are looking for the most luxurious properties for sale in Istanbul because they believe this city offers many potential economic growth opportunities. If you want to know more about the developments in Istanbul for investment and buying real estate details, keep reading.

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Why do people choose Istanbul developments for Investment?

While many people believe that Istanbul has a unique position and history as the most energetic, inspiring, and innovative city, it does not end there. If you are wondering why people from all around the world choose developments in Istanbul for Investment, you are in the right place. Here, I want to introduce the most important advantages of Istanbul development in a shortlist.

●      Istanbul developments provide a good global connection:

Istanbul provides a great global connection because of the civilizations that came before the country. Also, these days, this city is growing economically, and its international relations helped it become a global meeting point. And finally, as this city is located between Asia and Europe, it can gather all people from around the world.

●      Istanbul developments and significant economic growth:

Another main factor that attracts many global investors to Istanbul city apartments and villas is its impressive economic growth. While the fast-paced environment of İstanbul causes this city to be affected by economic changes, today, the Turkish economy is growing substantially, and Istanbul works as the growth engine with USD 17.1 thousand GDP per capita, which is higher than the national average.

●    The developments in Istanbul provide self-sustainable economic conditions:

In the last decade, Turkey tried hard to change the familiar prosperity and economic cover to a system where banks can develop many ways to entice domestic and foreign investors due to low-interest rates and a competitive environment. This huge change and favorable tax environment caused Istanbul’s finance industry to become highly competitive.

●      Istanbul developments provide the most affordable living standards:

According to recent reports, residents of Istanbul experience the most affordable living standards in areas such as food, clothing, household goods, housing, transportation, and entertainment. Istanbul’s high ranking in Mercer’s cost of living survey shows that Istanbul is a place where, economically speaking, a relatively carefree life awaits you while you are near to other major cities.

●      Istanbul’s development potential is beyond expectations:

As I previously mentioned, Istanbul has a high population, and it will not stop growing. This factor leads the city to provide more and more living spaces. While building new properties became a high priority in the Istanbul city’s development plans for economic growth, they do not forget to recover old buildings to secure their history.

Also, we can not ignore the growing middle-class market and the younger population with creative ideas that are becoming professionals to help Istanbul to create a demand for consumerism in the city.

Property For Sale In Istanbul

Best developments in Istanbul for making a good real estate investment

As you know, there are thousands of homes for sale in Istanbul, and many good neighborhoods on both the Asian and European sides of this city, but where should you start to find your favorite home? Here, I want to introduce some of the most popular areas, where you can find the best developments in Istanbul.

●      Property for sale in Bağcılar, Istanbul:

Today, the most famous developers are working on luxurious projects in the Bağcılar district. This neighborhood is famous for its narrow streets that offer a look at the more stunning side of Istanbul. Also, you can find the most important Turkey’s largest media firms in this area. As a potential buyer, who looks for opportunities of value for money, I think properties in Bagcilar for sale in the thriving down-at-heel suburb would be one of the best places in Istanbul that you can search.

●    Property for sale in Kadıköy, Istanbul:

The Kadikoy property for sale market includes the best properties for sale in Istanbul with over 7,000 homes. This area is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, full of fantastic markets, student accommodation, and a thriving street bazaar. Also, if you want to find a great neighborhood to live in with your family, this area is perfect. There, you can easily access everything from Turkey’s biggest fish market to shopping malls and the most famous city’s central transportation hub.

●      Property for sale in Sarıye, Istanbul:

Be sure you can find the most luxurious properties for sale in Istanbul among Sariyer Istanbul apartments for sale. Both Istanbul families and foreign investors wish to have a luxury property in this perfect neighborhood, which has quietly thrived off the back of the Galata trading community. Finally, I have to mention that this location is close to the Bosphorus River and home to many millionaires and city influencers.

●      Property for sale in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul:

Buyukcekmece apartments for sale are among the most popular properties in Istanbul.This popular neighborhood on the city’s European side saw a turnover of thousands of properties due to its views over the Sea of Marmara coast. This place is full of many villas in Istanbul for sale and attracts affluent retirees or wealthy property investors.

●      Property for sale in Yeşilyurt, Istanbul:

If you are looking for the best middle-class properties near the Marmara Sea to grow your family, be sure that Yeşilyurt developments would be the best option. This safe and secure neighborhood is the priority of families who want to find an apartment or low-rise unit at an affordable price. While you might not know much about this place because it is a less talked about place in Istanbul, this is among the most favorite options because of its harborside restaurants.

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