Property for sale in Silivri

Property for sale in Silivri

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Karca Solar Park Villas villas - Q2 2023
2 Cilin Royal Konaklari Villas villas - Ready To Move off plan projects
3 Kilic Ceylan Villas villas - Q2 2023
4 Crystal of Silivri Villas villas - Q4 2022
5 Sun of Silivri Apartments apartments - Ready To Move off plan projects

Callback Request : Karca Solar Park Villas

Silivri Q2 2023
Turkey Properties for Sale
Luxurious Independent Designed Villas

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Karca Solar Park Villas

Buy your dream home among Karca Solar Park Villas in Silivri, Istanbul, and enjoy living in a high-tech modern property. For more information about this project’s details, click here now.

Callback Request : Cilin Royal Konaklari Villas

Ready To Move
Turkey Properties for Sale
Elegantly Designed Villas With Stunning Sea Views

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Cilin Royal Konaklari Villas

Cilin Royal Konaklari villas in Silivri, Istanbul are among the best properties for sale on the European side, where you can live happily with your beloved family. To know more about the details of this project, click here now.

Callback Request : Kilic Ceylan Villas

Silivri Q2 2023
Turkey Properties for Sale
Peaceful Living Spaces Far From Confusion in Kilic Ceylan Country

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Kilic Ceylan Villas

Kilic Ceylan Villas in Silivri, Istanbul, where you can live in peace in your spacious dream home and enjoy watching the sea from your room. For more information about this project’s terms and prices, click here.

Callback Request : Crystal of Silivri Villas

Silivri Q4 2022
Turkey Properties for Sale
A new life that will allow you to easily own a house with special payment options

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Crystal of Silivri Villas

Search for your dream property for sale in Turkey among the best Crystal of Silivri villas in Silivri, Istanbul, and live in peace in a quiet neighborhood close to the city center. For more information on terms and prices, click here.

Callback Request : Sun of Silivri Apartments

Ready To Move
Turkey Properties for Sale
suitable for Turkish citizenship

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Sun of Silivri Apartments

Sun of Silivri Apartments in Silivri, Istanbul is among the best properties, where you can live in a peaceful neighborhood away from the city crowd. For more information on terms and prices, click here.

Property for sale in Silivri

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Accommodating one percent of the city’s population, Silivri is a district of Istanbul stretched along the coast of the Marmara Sea away from the hustles and bustles of the city center. It is frequented as a holiday destination by the residents of Istanbul and thanks to its 45-kilometer-long coast, serves as a popular resort during the summer. As a result, Silivri’s real estate market is attracting prospective investors from all across the globe. Read on to learn more about Silivri Istanbul and its property portfolio.

Enjoy the Refreshing Serenity of the Sea in Silivri, Istanbul

Silivri is a seaside rural district located 65 kilometers south of Istanbul’s city center. It is the second largest rural area in Istanbul comprising 8 neighborhoods and 18 villages. Commuters and residents of Istanbul who own a holiday home in this district used to be the main visitors to this area, but recently, Silivri’s potential has been recognized globally and as a result, real estate developers and investors are being attracted to the district.

Nowadays, Silivri is known as Istanbul’s summer capital thanks to its clean 45-kilometer-long coast and myriad world-class coastal hotels and resorts. The district is packed with top-notch facilities and caters to its visitors with a wide range of leisure activities.

Silivri Development

Unique Features of Silivri

Silivri district of Istanbul is characterized by many incredible features that turn the area into a sought-after destination. Here is an overview of these features:

  • The rich history and awe-inspiring ancient remains from the Byzantines and Ottomans era such as Silimbrya Castle, Shantou Greek Church, and Silemba Houses
  • 45 kilometers of clear beach stretch along the shimmering waters of the Marmara Sea
  • A plethora of seaside cafes and restaurants
  • Myriad 5-star hotels and resorts
  • A diverse array of shopping centers and retail spaces
  • Gorgeous public parks
  • Modern transportation network
  • Fully equipped with facilities such as universities and healthcare centers
  • High-end residential properties
  • Natural harbor

Properties Available for Sale in Silivri

Silivri is a growing district with a diverse portfolio of ready-to-move-in properties and many other projects currently under development. The daily establishment of new real estate projects in the area has given rise to many lucrative investment opportunities for prospective investors looking to buy property in Istanbul.

If you want to invest in real estate in Silivri, you’ll be thrilled to know the district offers a wide range of apartments, villas, and lands for sale. High-end residential complexes offering exquisite apartments with stunning sea views in addition to state-of-the-art seaside villas are only a glimpse of the properties available for sale in Silivri’s real estate market.

Silivri Development

Connectivity of Silivri

Silivri is a tucked-away, yet well-connected location 65 kilometers away from Istanbul city center. The district is connected to the international E5 highway and can also be accessed via the E80 road. Bus stations are scattered across the district and can be used for getting to Istanbul too.

Silivri also provides access to an expansive boat transportation network as well and you can sail your way to all the nearby coastal regions. Last but not least, the city officials are planning to launch a new metro line connecting Silivri directly to Istanbul city center.

Dxboffplan Brings You Silivri’s Finest Homes

A growing coastal district with a rich culture and history, Silivri has widely recognized as the summer capital of Istanbul thanks to its long-stretched, clear coast and diverse array of luxury hotels and resorts. Silivri offers a diverse portfolio of properties for sale as well. If you want to buy property in Turkey, Silivri is a tranquil location in Istanbul in which you can find numerous lucrative options. Contact us at Dxboffplan for more info and receive exclusive client services such as:

  • Direct purchase from the developer
  • 100% free consultation
  • Zero commission fees
  • In-person and online consultation (through WhatsApp)
  • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
  • Citizenship services

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منطقه ساحلی سیلوری به عنوان دومین منطقه روستایی در فاصله 65 کیلومتری جنوب مرکز شهر استانبول قرار گرفته و با 8 محله و 18 روستا همسایه است.