Property for sale in Sakarya, Turkey

Property for sale in Sakarya, Turkey

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Whether a real estate investor or a tourist, you might have heard the name Sakarya as one of the most popular Turkey cities close to the Black Sea coast in the Marmara region. This city, which is now famous for its tremendous growth and development and stunning natural views, such as beaches, rivers, lakes, and mountains, could be a great place for investors and end-users. Before making your final decision about buying a modern and affordable property for sale in Sakarya, Turkey, I invite you to read the text below until the end.

Sakarya Development

Why do property investors choose to buy a home in Sakarya?

Before anything, as a potential buyer, who likes to buy a new house in Turkey, it might be interesting for you to know why Sakarya properties. So, in this paragraph, I want to talk about this city’s superb advantages that make it fabulous as a real estate investment destination.

●    Sakarya properties in a unique geographical location:

Most property buyers choose Turkey because they are looking for a home with incredible panoramic natural views from all sides. That is exactly the first advantage of Sakarya city which attracts potential buyers from around the world. As a lucky resident of Sakarya homes, you will enjoy living in Turkey’s northwest side, close to the Marmara region and the Black Sea coast.

●    Strategic address of Sakarya homes close to Istanbul:

More than the great geographical location of this city close to the most stunning natural views, it might be interesting to know that as a Sakarya property owner, you are very close to Istanbul, the vibrant economic capital of Turkey, which guarantees growth and expansion. Also, I should add that this city is located nearby more important addresses, such as Duzce, Kocaeli, and Bilecik, and crossroads of main ways and railways, making it an economic city.

●    Mild weather attracts investors to Sakarya houses for sale:

Whether you are an investor or an end user, the moderate climate of the city where you choose your favorite home is the main factor that affects the value of your chosen property. Here, the best news is that as Sakarya is located close to the Black Sea coast and Marmara Island, you will enjoy its pleasant weather during summer or winter. And this makes these houses very popular among Arab investors.

●    Sakarya properties are famous for the city’s strong historical character:

The next option I want to state is about the historical character of Sakarya city as a result of buildings from the Ottoman and Byzantine eras, such as Justinian Bridge and Harmantepe Castle, Adapazari and Sapanca (the city of emperors in the Ottoman era), Orhan Mosque, the city’s oldest dome, and the famous Sheikh Muslih al-Din Mosque which each year attracts hundreds of visitors and tourists to this place. And this point helps those investors who like to buy homes in this city to be sure about its thriving market due to the tourism industry.

●    Sakarya homes, close to all the social services you need:

High-end and world-class social services are one of the most important points you should consider to buy a home, whether for investment or accommodation. And fortunately, Sakarya homes are exactly what you need. All residents of this city will benefit from integrated services and infrastructures, such as hospitals, schools, universities, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas.

●    Sakarya profitable real estate market:

And finally, the most important point that causes many potential property buyers from around the world to choose this city to buy an apartment or villa is that there are more affordable prices than what you should pay to buy a modern home in Istanbul. That is while we predict that the Sakarya real estate market will experience an incredible rise to double through the future years, as many great economic projects are underway there.

Why do property investors choose to buy a home in Sakarya?

What are the different types of properties for sale in Skarya?

Like all other Turkish cities, Sakarya offers different types of properties in various designs and sizes, and you can choose your favorite one among them based on your preferences and situation. The below list shows more details about each of these options.

●    Sakarya new-brand apartments for sale:

If you are among those buyers who prefer to live in an apartment rather than a house or villa, you can find your dream unit in this city-wide range of flats in famous locations such as Adapazari or Karasu in Sakarya. They are offered in different types, such as 1+1 flats to spacious 3+1 units as second-hand and new properties, and most of the new-brand ones are located close to the city center with easy access to social services and high-quality complexes with modern amenities and facilities, such as security, management services, and so on.

●    Sakarya luxurious villas:

As you read above, Sakarya is located on the Black Coast in the Marmara region, which indicates that this city is the best place to buy a villa and enjoy stunning natural views. So, if you are a fan of private life in the countryside, do not miss the opportunity of buying a luxury villa in Sakarya-developed regions, such as Sapanca or Serdivan. There, you can find modern ready-to-move villas with high-end amenities and even off-plan projects with attractive installments, all of which are spacious, such as 5,+2, or 6+2 homes, great for family living.


 What are the best locations to buy a property in Sakarya?

Now that you know about different types of Sakarya properties for sale, it is time to find a great location to make a profitable investment. And like always we are here to help you make the best decision. So, read the below items and learn more about the superb-location Sakarya neighborhoods, where you can find your dream home for sale, such as:

●    Sapanca properties for sale in Sakarya:

Sapanca is the first famous Sakarya district, full of great villas for sale and great for those who look for a suitable family living space. As a resident of this location, you will enjoy stunning Sapanca Lake and valley views while you can easily drive to the busiest, most sought-after parts of Istanbul city center within a short time. The below items show more details about this superb address nearby key destinations, like:

  • 30 minutes to Kartepe
  • 30 minutes to Symbol Shopping Mall
  • 1 hour to Sabiha Gokcen Airport
  • 1 hour to Viaport Shopping Mall
  • 1 hour to Yalova
  • 1 hour and 40 minutes to Abant Lake
  • 2 hours to Bursa

●    Karasu properties for sale in Sakarya:

Also, you can choose your dream unit among Karasu properties for sale, one of the widest beach regions in Sakarya, overlooking the Black Sea and 55 km from the city center. As a resident of this location, while you will enjoy the most beautiful landscape views, such as hills, forests, and rivers, you are close to all the social services you need, some of which I will mention below.

  • 39 m to the Otobüs Durağı
  • 1,6 km to the Minibüs Durağı
  • 4,4 km to the Sakarya Karasu Devlet Hastanesi
  • 520 m to the Yalı Aile Sağlığı Merkezi, a famous family health center
  • 379 m to the Şehit Ferhat Sözer İlkokulu (primary School)
  • 2,7 km to the Karasu Yüksek Meslek Okulu Ek Bina (Collage/Academy)
  • 1,3 km to the Karasu Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi (High School)
  • 9 m to the – A – 101 – Plaj Şubesi super market
  • 1,5 km to the Özmen food sales points

●    Adapazarı properties for sale in Sakarya:

This option is great for those who like to live in the center of Sakarya. If you choose your dream Sakarya property for sale among the best Adapazarı units, you will live in one of the most populated districts of the Marmara region with a pleasant climate and close to all you need for a comfortable life, such as schools, malls, hospitals, entertainment centers and so on. The below list might help you understand more about this location:

  • 2 hrs from the city of Istanbul
  • 125 km away from Sabiha International Airport
  • 30-min drive to Sapanca Lake
  • 700 meters to the new Sakarya Stadium

What are the different types of properties for sale in Skarya?

 What are the best Sakarya projects to invest in?

As you know buying a house in Turkey, whether an apartment or villa means you should spend a lot of money, so it would be great to search well before making any deal and find the best residential projects. For example, I will introduce two of them below, which are great for both real estate investors and end-use buyers.

●    Sapanca Lake villas in Sakarya, Turkey:

The first option I want to introduce is the Sapanca Lake villas, an off-plan project with attractive payment plans. As a potential buyer, you can invest your money in one of this project’s 6+2 spacious homes and receive your unit in Q4, 2023. Also, I should add that it is a masterpiece of the Nexonya group, superbly located in Spanca and perfect for those who want to get Turkish citizenship.

●    34 Seyri Sapanca Villas at Sakarya, Turkey:

The second project includes 12 luxurious 34 Seyri Sapanca villas, where you will enjoy the pleasure of wonderful views, living in a highly desirable location close to the Serdvan and Adapazar districts. Here, I want to add that if you buy one of these ready-to-move villas, you will benefit from a wide range of high-end amenities and facilities.

Dxboffplan helps you find the most profitable opportunity among Sakarya properties for sale!

If you want to buy a home in Turkey, but you are not sure which city and which type of property to choose, you can read the above text and learn about all details of the best property for sale in Sakarya, Turkey. Then, if you decide to invest your money in one of this city’s profitable residential projects, do not waste time and contact us at Dxboffplan. As you might have heard, we have gathered a team of the most professional real estate agents to help you buy your dream house at the best price, whether in Turkey or among the best UAE off-plan projects. Remember that our agents are ready 24/7 to answer all your questions online and through the site for free.

# Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
1 Sama Sapanca Villas villas - Ready To Move off plan projects
2 Sapanca Lake Villas villas - Q4 2023
3 The 34 Seyri Sapanca Villas villas - Ready To Move off plan projects

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Sama Sapanca Villas

Search for your ideal Turkey home among the best Sama Sapanca Villas in Sakarya, Istanbul, and live a luxurious life in a prime address. To know more about the details of these properties, click here now.

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Sapanca Lake Villas

Sapanca Lake Villas in Sakarya, Istanbul, where you can find your dream home in a superb location and make the best investment. For more information about this project details, click here.

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The price range of Sakarya properties could change from around 260,000 $ to 800,000 $.

This city includes 16 famous districts, such as Adapazarı, Akyazı, Arifiye, Erenler, Ferizli, Geyve, Hendek, Karapürçek, Karasu, Kaynarca, Kocaali, Pamukova, Sapanca, Serdivan, Söğütlü and Tarakli, where you can buy your dream home.

You can find great masterpieces of famous construction companies in this city, such as MüsteşarAk projects and Nexonya group villas.