Properties for sale in Bahceli

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Last Update: 2024-06-01

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Bahceli Projects price table

Project Name Property Type Min. Price Completion
The Horizon Villas Villas - 2024Q4
C’est La Vie Apartments Apartment - 2024Q3
Oasis Apartments Apartment - 2026Q4
Aqua View Villas Villas - 2023Q4
Bahamas Homes Apartment - 2025Q4
Lavanta Villas Villas - Ready To Move
Sunset Bay Apartment - 2024Q3

Bahceli Projects

2024 Q4

Kamtek Group

2024 Q3

EverGreen Developments

2026 Q4

EverGreen Developments

2023 Q4

EverGreen Developments

2025 Q4

Cyprus Construction

Ready To Move
Ready To Move

Lavanta Villas

Eurocoast Group

2024 Q3
2024 Q3

Sunset Bay

Capiton Construction

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