Seagate Shipyard Properties for Sale

Seagate Shipyard Properties for Sale

# Project Name Property Type Development Name Min. Price Completion
1 Neptune Glass Boat Villa Villas for sale in Dubai Dubai Marina - Ready To Move off plan projects
2 Sea Palace Floating Resort Hotel Room Dubai Dubai Marina AED 1,307,700 Ready To Move off plan projects

Seagate Shipyard Properties for Sale

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Seagate Shipyard LLC is harnessing its love for developing floating facilities to become the foundation of alternative eco-friendly and sustainable products as the globe struggles with the problem of rising ocean levels.

The El Bahrawy Group founded Seagate Shipyard in 2017, and it is a business built for the modern world. A collection of businesses known as the El Bahrawy group has 40 years of experience in the construction of floating and tourism facilities.

Seagate Shipyard LLC, a Unique Real Estate Companies in the UAE

In 1983, they began construction of approximately 600 floating structures, including hotels, restaurants, and luxury resorts. Their restaurants are on the list of the best restaurants in Dubai. This was the beginning of their tale. The El Bahrawy organization contributed to the construction of some of the largest ships in history, to the repair of sensitive ship cases, and to the upkeep of other mechanical components like general steel services in more than ten different nations. Because of their client’s confidence in them and their superior maritime services, they are honored to have received the Marine Classification Societies Award.

El Bahrawy Group has pledged over the years and continues to this day to provide the best maritime maintenance services, from shipbuilding to fixing little ship details. The Seagate Shipyard by El Bahrway Group sets the bar high for creating a new taste of luxury, excellence, and ship design thanks to its shown skills in the floating industry.

Neptune Glass Boat Villa - Luxury Moving Boat
Neptune Glass Boat Villa – Luxury Moving Boat

Dubai is Known as the City Of Possibility!

Dubai is one of the most cutting-edge cities in the world right now, home to a broad range of renowned properties, the most opulent hotels, the most cutting-edge business facilities, the largest malls on earth, the most intriguing skyscrapers, and the greatest in entertainment. The impossible has no place in Dubai, which is a fantastic country of possibilities in addition to these. All you need to do is just ask the resident living in fascinating Dubai homes and excellent apartments in Dubai to know what we are talking about.

Dubai is recognized for:

  • A bridge between West & East
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • The world’s happiest population
  • Stable currencies
  • Tax-free earnings
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  • Extremely profitable enterprises

List of Projects by Seagate Shipyard for Sale

We will now talk about some of the best projects for sale by Seagate Shipyard:

Neptune Glass Boat Villa

The project, named Neptune, by Seagate Shipyard and El Bahrawy Group, which consists of a central floating hotel attached to six environmentally friendly glass boat homes, aims to transform the tourist industry. They will be fueled by solar energy and equipped with automated technologies to run the entire house, self-sterilizing air filtration systems, and automated systems. The fantasy of residing in floating homes may now be realized thanks to Neptune Glass Boat Villa, a one-of-a-kind villa. On a moving glass-bottom boat that transports you to any location on earth, Neptune is said to redefine luxury.

The Neptune floating villas, which have been compared to a cross between a boat and a house, will include a balcony, a rooftop party space, and a private swimming pool. There are regarded as one of the best villas in Dubai for sale. They will be built across two stories. There are four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and crew quarters inside. Aston Martin, a luxury automaker, outfitted the interiors that were created by 4SPACE.

The idea for the Neptune Glass Boat Mansion sprang from the legend that Neptune ruled the waters. The Neptune Glass Boat Mansion is also available to assist you in ruling the seas and the entire planet. On the other hand, you might decide to stay still and take advantage of the breathtaking views of the ocean.

Neptune Highlights

  • Own a floating glass boat home and select your view
  • Smart house system
  • Furnished by ASTON MARTIN
  • Branded furnishings and amenities
  • Unique design that can be customized at the owner’s choice.
  • 10,333 square feet
  • Three floors; four bedrooms; six bathrooms; one kitchen; and indoor and outdoor living areas
  • Glass-bottomed dining room
  • Maid and staff quarters
  • Swimming pool

A Pleasant Maritime Experience!

Your physical limits with the undersea world are gone because of its glass bottom!

The blue waters of Dubai’s Neptune are a work of art where you may take in the breathtaking hues of the sky and the sea while also feeling a little opulent!

Exclusive, Distinctive & Beyond Luxury!

This is your chance to make a drastic shift if that is what you are considering. You may be your most spectacular self with the aid of Neptune Glass Boat Villa. Neptune Glass Boat Villa is the place for you if you are looking for more than just luxury. Yet, there is still more!

Technically, Neptune Glass Boat Mansion was created for you:

  • Two Caterpillar 3056 engines, each with 120 HP
  • A maximum speed of 6 nautical miles
  • Two Caterpillar generators, each with 90KW
  • Solar energy of 25KW
  • A 25KW shore connection
  • An engine room that is muted
  • A central air conditioning system that uses water that is cold
  • A full firefighting system
  • 360 cameras

Neptune invites you into a brand-new realm where all your worries are gone. The Neptune Glass Boat Home has a number of novelties, such as:

  • Solar power
  • Sewage treatment facilities
  • Cutting-edge waste management systems
  • Air purification
Neptune Glass Boat Villa
Neptune Glass Boat Villa

Sea Palace Floating Resort

Your wish to live on the water is granted by the Sea Palace Floating Resort. Welcome to a wonderful world of love, joy, and fun. Dubai, one of the most alluring cities in the world, is home to the Sea Palace Floating Resort, a very lucrative company with great upside potential. Luxury and sustainability can coexist together, as evidenced by this Dh600 million project. The floating villa will be equipped with solar panels, an ingenious automated system, rubbish recycling, and self-sterilizing air filtering devices.

In order to make the apartment on the ground floor translucent and provide guests with a view of the seabed, the architects were inspired by a kind of glass-hulled boat. Aston Martin also created the furnishings for this project. These furnishings are mobile at the guest’s discretion and are self-contained.

Sea Palace Project Features

  • 1-Ballroom
  • 2-Swimming Pools
  • 2-Salty Water Swimming Pools
  • 7% yearly return insured for a lifetime
  • 10-Duplex Villas
  • 14-night stay per year
  • 16-Junior Suites
  • 200- Double Rooms
  • 6500 Square Feet Floating of Shopping Mall & Restaurants
  • Profit share: 30% for the manager & 70% for the investor
Sea Palace Floating Resort In Dubai
Sea Palace Floating Resort

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Seagate Shipyard Properties for Sale
Movable Glass Boat Villa Designed As An Eco-friendly Luxury Villa Furnished

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Neptune Glass Boat Villa

Have you ever dreamed of a villa moving to any spot in the world? Neptune Glass Boat Villa has made it possible for you. A movable glass boat villa designed as an eco-friendly luxury villa furnished feature four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and crew quarters. The interiors have been designed by luxury car brand Aston Martin, for that extra level of extra.

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Dubai Marina
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Seagate Shipyard Properties for Sale
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Sea Palace Floating Resort

Sea Palace Floating Resort is a paradise on turquoise waters of Dubai offering 7% yearly return to the investors. Get more info…{:{fa}"سی پالس فلوتینگ ریزورت" بهشتی در آبهای فیروزه ای دبی است که 7 درصد بازده سالانه به سرمایه گذاران را تضمین میکند. اطلاعات بیشتر را در ادامه مطلب دریافت کنید

frequently asked questions

El Bahrawy Group founded Seagate Shipyard in 2017, and it was created with the needs of the present in mind.

The manufacture of boats and submarines is an area of business for Seagate Shipyard.

Neptune Glass Boat Villa and Sea Palace Floating Resort are the two projects that Seagate Shipyard LLC is working on.