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Grovy Real Estate Developers LLC takes great pleasure in its unwavering dedication to providing superb real estate projects that are the epitome of excellence. At Grovy, their vision for their magnificent projects is to “Craft liveable art in Dubai.” Being one of the Middle East’s top luxury developers, they strive to build opulent real estate developments that epitomize grandeur, elegance, and class.

The developer’s aim is to lead the way in brand development, retail environments, and residential structures to continuously satisfy the demands of their clients by offering and managing value developments to the neighborhood.

Grovy Real Estate Development, a Skillful Real Estate Developer in the UAE

A reputable developer with a base in Dubai, Grovy Real Estate Development LLC is intimately linked to the real estate industry as both investors and developers. Managed by two young businessmen, Rohan and Abhishek Jalan, their commitment to excellence, innovation, and execution is ensured by their extensive financial expertise, along with strategic and consistency implementation. Grovy has been successful in establishing a reputation over the past three decades that is firmly based on a customer-centric strategy. The sought-after “boutique” apartment style has been created by seasoned architects, designers, and planners. This style is very different from the conventional apartments that many companies are currently trying to move away from. To be efficient and offer value, they focus their attention on their clients and respond to their requests and expectations in a timely manner. Their goal is to include customers in their corporate operations.

To the best of their ability, they constantly strive to share with them all pertinent and important information. Excellence means strengthening all of their team’s capacities to accomplish their shared objective while also developing their fundamental entrepreneurial skills. The goal of entering the construction industry as a major real estate firm with a base in 1985 was to create top-notch real estate projects with the greatest potential for profit. Their strength comes in the comprehensive approach to project development, which starts with picking a prime location, continues with picking the greatest and most modern construction materials, and ends with producing projects of excellent quality.

List of Properties by Grovy Real Estate Development

We will now talk about the properties for sale by Grovy Real Estate Development:

Aura Apartments

Aura apartments by Grovy Real Estate Development is a brand-new construction in Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai that offers residents a selection of luxury studios, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments laced with opulent facilities. One has the option to move to this location and begin their experience while utilizing the most luxurious living options for people who want to enjoy their life to its best and in the highest luxury. The ideal setting for clients to utilize a range of features and facilities linked to fitness and health, sports and recreation, leisure and entertainment. Due to the infrastructure’s development, that puts altogether a lot of the elements required to provide you the possibility for a stress-free existence, you will have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Take the opportunity to start living in these JVC apartments for sale. What makes the development so fantastic is its capacity to satisfy each of your preferences and requirements. You are able to lead an easy and healthy lifestyle thanks to all of your resources and the ease of access which offers assistance to you in a couple of minutes. As a result of the lifestyle that allows you to have access to everything you need, you may lead a life that is happy and peaceful.

Your ability to live the iconic lifestyle, which in turn gives you delight and excitement, is made possible by the great connectivity. In addition to hospitals, international schools, beaches, stadiums and more necessary retailers, your position is only a short drive from a number of significant facilities. While investing in a project that provides several advantages, Aura by Grovy gives homeowners enticing payout opportunities.

Key Highlights

  • New residential development featuring stylish apartments
  • Numerous studio, one, two, and three bedroom residences
  • The green building is set in a pristine location
  • Residences offering impressive views of the Dubai skyline
  • Integrated comprehensive security systems in homes
  • Having access to contemporary services and facilities

Amenities & Features

In order to ensure that residents of Grovy Aura may live stress-free while residing there, the community is studded with a number of the finest in class amenities and services. Another advantage for the locals is having easy access to lavish delights for shopping, dining, and amusement.

Key Facilities
  • Play area for kids
  • Kids pool
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna & steam
  • BBQ station
  • Shaded pavilion
  • Jogging track


Aura is located in the center of JVC, Dubai, which simplifies a simpler manner of life by placing residents close to a variety of convenient locations, including supermarkets, malls, and airports, among other people, during which customers may purchase the products and amenities required to lead a blessed existence.

In a way that is not possible elsewhere, you are able to have a range of facilities here. The ability to utilize a range of services, facilities, and amenities, including an educational institution and a hospitality service, due to its more individualized qualities.

aura apartments

Aria Apartments

A new home complex in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) called the exquisitely designed Aria units by Grovy will usher in a new way of life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Select from a superb variety of studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, all of which feature indulge-style amenities and features. The development’s modern architecture, which boasts a holistic design, is intended to appeal to a wide spectrum of customers. The main goal is to show off houses that are designed to improve the occupants’ quality of life. There are 123 residential units overall in this complex, and each one has a unique personality. As a result, depending on your needs and preferences, you may pick between 33 studio flats, 73 one-bedroom homes, and 17 two-bedroom units.

Every one of the residential apartments is being interconnected with sophisticated automation systems. The houses have built-in appliances and energy-efficient lighting fixtures. The development also has Vaastu components built into it, which in a manner creates a fantastic blend of elegance and design aesthetics. The building really has a good front, which is made nicer by the addition of floating canopies on the roof.

So, it would seem that the flats in this development are a great choice if you’re looking for residences with the perfect atmosphere. If you wish to live a respectable life, there is no where else you should look. The payment schedule for Aria by Grovy is created to be appealing to both experienced investors and sincere purchasers. You may simply select an apartment from a studio, one, or two bedrooms according on your needs. You do have some negotiating power because to the various and alluring payment choices. Aria by Grovy’s residential units include open floor layouts that are designed to inspire a new way of life. The entire design and architecture, which follow Vaastu principles, are elegant and refined. The property also has a very distinct personality of its own thanks to the tastefully decorated interiors and high-end fixtures.

Project Highlights

  • New residential development featuring stylish apartments
  • Comprises of studios, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments
  • The green building is set in a pristine location
  • Apartment units with private balconies
  • Residences offering impressive views of the Dubai skyline
  • Integrated comprehensive security systems in homes
  • Having access to contemporary services and facilities

Features & Amenities

You may enjoy a very laid-back lifestyle at Aria by Grovy thanks to its unique facilities, which are organized in a methodical fashion. The developer’s goal in this case is to give you a wide variety of alternatives that will ultimately enable you to live a life free of hassles. You’re sure to delight in the entire experience for a change.

You will have use of a variety of amenities, such as these:

  • Children’s play area
  • Swimming pool for children
  • Swimming pool with temperature control
  • Steam and sauna
  • BBQ station
  • Jacuzzi
  • Covered patio
  • A jogging path
  • High- speed lifts
  • Secured covered parking
  • Kids daycare facility


The majority of the tenants will greatly benefit from Aria by Grovy’s prominent position within Jumeirah Village Circle. You will be able to quickly access Dubai’s major attractions since you are a resident. The reality that it is adjacent to important transportation systems is quite important. The complex has good connection options despite being some distance from Barsha Heights and Dubai Marina. You can refer to luxury Dubai Marina apartments if you are interested in this area’s properties. Also, if you live in Al Barsha and are looking for great schools for your kids, then you can refer to the 10 best schools in Al Barsha Dubai.

aria apartments

Alcove Apartments

A stunning site in Jumeirah Village is home to Groovy Property Development LLC’s Groovy Alcove, one of the most magnificent residential buildings in all of Dubai. These stunning flats in Dubai are located in a five-story structure with a ground level designed with green architecture. The alcove is a crucial element of the creative design, allowing for the best utilization of both indoor and outside areas. The project comprises of apartments in this desirable location that range in size from studio to two-bedroom flats, covering 439 square feet to 2,166 square feet.

This property for sale in Dubai, which is centrally located, has easy access to Dubai’s major thoroughfares and neighborhoods, including Motor City and Sports City. Speaking of Motor City, you can check out our guide to buy apartment in Motor City or Dubai Sports City apartments. These residences feature a boutique-inspired decor. The apartments’ efficiency, as one would expect from Alkof, is flawlessly incorporated with energy-efficient architecture and other luxuries. The project boasts unmatched facilities, such as a school, retail, entertainment area, and several religious locations.

In addition to sumptuous facilities, opulent decor, and premium materials that create comfortable and soundproofing areas to enable complete peace of mind, Groffy Alcove residents are going to appreciate a comfortable lifestyle and complete seclusion. This project provides you with lush gardens, paved pathways, neighborhoods, and numerous other amenities that will improve community cohesion in Alkuf. Floor plans for the Alcove Apartments by Groovy Property range in size from 439 square feet to 2,166 square feet, and they are created to maximize each square foot while providing a spacious setting with the master bedroom, kitchen with fitted closets, bedroom, living area, dining area and terrace with views of the harbor.

Project Highlights

  • Residential development featuring energy-efficient apartments
  • Situated in Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Homes with exceptional facilities & amenities
  • Stylish interiors & high-end fittings
  • Energy-efficient development
  • Attractive & spacious floor plan

Features & Amenities

Dubai is renowned for the tourist and commercial industries there. The popularity of this city among those who desire elegance and comfort in their homes is attributed to the presence of well-known locations as well as contemporary amenities and services. These houses were built according to opulent criteria and were planned in Alkof to offer the most room possible.

Each apartment features lovely furniture, a spacious patio, a private balcony, wall-mounted closets, and beautiful bathrooms. It is conveniently equipped with recreational amenities, including a swimming pool, round-the-clock security, covered parking, and a cutting-edge gym. Together all the fundamental civic and contemporary demands.

Site Features

  • Situated at the center of Dubai
  • Jumeirah Village will debut 2,700 roomy homes and townhouses and feature many beautiful parks and greenery.
  • There are several mosques, schools, parks and sports facilities in the neighborhood.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, Hissa Street and are the routes that connect Jumeirah Village to the surrounding road system.
  • In addition to Circle Mall, Jumeirah Village will be close to a variety of shopping malls.


Alcove Apartments is situated in the prestigious Jumeirah Village Circle, which provides convenient access to all the key points. The two main arterial routes in the country are always connected by Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. You can also check out Sheikh Zayed apartments for sale if you are interested in purchasing property in this area.

Locals may visit tourist destinations such Al Barsha South, the Jumeirah Golf Estates and Motor City, the Dubai Sports City, the Jebel Ali Racecourse, the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Autodrome and the Dubai International Stadium to name a few. Speaking of Jumeirah Golf Estates, check out apartments for sale in Jumeirah Golf Estates.

alcove apartments

Making a Smart Investment in Grovy Real Estate Projects with Dxboffplan

We have finished our overview of the Grovy Real Estate projects here. You should utilize the provided information to select the right off-plan projects in the UAE.

Grovy Real Estate Development, one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers, has completed outstanding projects in some of the city’s most coveted districts, resulting in some of the most identifiable and distinctive residential structures.

If you want to invest in Grovy Real Estate Development projects and are looking for off-plan homes for sale in Dubai, Dxboffplan can put you in touch with them. To benefit from the best deals and our extensive selection of first-rate services, get in contact with us right now. There will be the following details:

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  • Immediate securing of the property (in 1 minute)
  • Citizenship services

If you’re looking for further developers and developments in addition to those showcased on the Dxboffplan website, have a look at the top developments by Emaar Properties, undoubtedly, the biggest real estate developer in the UAE which also has developments in Dubai.

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