Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

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Garden City is another name for Al Ain, the fourth-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. There are several schools in Al Ain offering a variety of curricula, but it might be difficult to choose the one that will best assist mold your children’s future. If you’re a parent seeking the best schools in Al Ain, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 16 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi for you. So if you are residing in Abu Dhabi homes for sale, make sure to check these top schools out for your children to be educated perfectly and be raised to be outstanding citizens.

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Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Best Schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Similar to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge assesses the educational institutions in Al Ain (ADEK). You may use the information about each school’s ADEK rating, curriculum, tuition costs, and contact information from this list of schools in Al Ain, UAE, to help you decide where to enroll your child. You can also check our list of best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi if you are an Indian ex-pat and want to learn as you would in your home country. Also, check out our top Indian schools in Dubai if you are an Indian ex-pat living in Dubai and want to look for the best schools in Dubai.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Academy, One of the Greatest Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

One of the main providers of private education in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates is the Aldar Academies group, which includes Al Ain Academy, formerly known as Al Ain International School.

In a former public school building, Al Ain Academy made its formal debut in September 2011. This demonstrates the close connection between ADEK, the Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge Department, and Aldar Academies. The school follows the English National Curriculum and provides a top-notch education for students in FS1 through Year 13. As requested by the Ministry of Education, the school has modified the curriculum to include Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Civics. The phrase “sustained and quick improvement” is used to describe students. Through excellent instruction and learning, every student attains their own potential. Respectful interactions, rigorous standards, and a varied and well-balanced curriculum all help students gain confidence. Sporting endeavor, creativity and invention, and volunteer labor all complement academic push and challenge. In order to provide all of the children with the greatest results possible, home and school work hand in hand.

The curriculum of Al Ain Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The English National Curriculum is used at the school but with UAE-specific modifications. Starting with Foundation Stage, there is an Arabic curriculum in place. The ADEK inspection team assessed the general standard of students’ work to be very good. The majority of children enter the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with little to no English, and traditionally, new pupils arriving across year groups with low starting points have contributed significantly to the school’s strong development. This has had a considerable influence on achievement levels, together with a large number of kids whose first language is not English. Students have made excellent progress overall because of effective instruction and intervention, which is backed up by excellent learning skills.

The Facilities of Al Ain Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school is located in a recently restored government facility that has more than 40 classrooms and can now hold about 1,000 pupils. The school boasts a lot of brand-new, “state-of-the-art,” facilities, including great PE resources. These consist of a sports hall, two swimming pools, and a full-size football field. The classrooms are roomy and furnished. The school has a library and many computer laboratories. The school has not yet put expansion plans to enhance facilities and resources to the greatest standard, according to the 2017–18 ADEK report.

The Fees of Al Ain Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Academy charges fees starting at AED 39,600 for FS1 and AED 40,970 from FS2 through Year 6, AED 50,190 for Years 7 and 8, AED 53,780 for Year 9, and AED 59,320 for Years 10 through 13. These fees are on the lower end of Aldar Academies’ normal scale, which undoubtedly reflects the higher caliber of the facilities.

It should be noted that generally speaking, tuition costs in the Abu Dhabi Emirate are far lower than those for comparable institutions in Dubai.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Beaconhouse private school, One of the Top Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The private Beaconhouse school in Al Ain, which opened in 2019, will offer spaces from FS2 to Year 9 for the 2021–2023 academic year. The school will then grow organically to Year 11 and ask ADEK for permission to open Years 12 and 13 in 2024, by which time it will have undergone multiple inspections by ADEK inspection teams.

To prepare students for success in their post-secondary education, in their jobs, and in life, Beaconhouse promotes holistic learning. The Beaconhouse Learner Profile, a dynamic combination of knowledge, abilities, and behaviors, serves as the foundation for a Beaconhouse education and fosters the growth of its students into lifelong learners and responsible members of society. There will be a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the student’s rights and responsibilities to the global community. To promote student learning, technology is used as a curricular extension.

The Curriculum of Beaconhouse Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Beaconhouse Private School follows the National Curriculum for England (NCfE), which leads to GCSE/IGCSE examinations in Year 11 and AS/A Level exams in Years 12 and 13. Regardless of their origin, country, or degree of academic achievement, students in each age cohort learn the same courses. Inquiry-based learning is the foundation of the school’s Early Years and Primary programs, which provide kids the opportunity to learn about real-world issues, ask questions, and come up with answers. Participation from the community is essential to this process. Each child’s learning will be facilitated by integrating technology and innovation. The welfare of the kids is our first priority, and we’ll keep you updated on their development.

The school will teach French in the primary grades and offer extracurricular Urdu classes. As the school develops into a full school, these possibilities will expand.

The Facilities of Beaconhouse Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

In a contemporary, purpose-built setting, the school’s amenities, which featured 8 operational classrooms with Wi-Fi upon opening, are briefly described. A soccer field, a basketball court, and a multipurpose hall are available as sporting amenities.

The Fees of Beaconhouse Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

From FS2 to Year 1, fees are AED 20,000; from Years 2 to 5, they are AED 24,000; from Years 6 and 7, they are AED 27,000; and from Years 7 and 8, they are AED 29,000 (the starting price). For the academic year 2021–2023, the school is providing a fixed discount of AED 2,022 to all year groups.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Ain American School, a Fine School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

In 2006, Al Ain American School was founded. The school’s history has been, to put it mildly, “variable,” especially in regards to the level of instruction that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s Education Authority (ADEK) inspectors first deemed to be “In need of major improvement” in 2013 and 2014.

Its mission is to: While its Mission Statement states that AAAS is devoted to delivering excellent education for all students, it also states AAAS seeks to build a generation of educated and inspired individuals who aspire to make meaningful contributions to a global society. Students will have many chances during their education to exercise critical thought, use 21st-century skills in the classroom, and develop into responsible members of a global society.

The Curriculum of Al Ain American School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

AAAS employs both the American Common Core Curriculum and the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates. Both are linked to California State Standards. Literacy, science, numeracy, gross motor skills, social development, and physical education are among the disciplines covered in kindergarten.

English, science, social studies, Arabic, Islamic studies, mathematics, robotics (Grades 6-7), information technology, arts, and physical education are all subjects that students in Grades 1 through 7 study. The curriculum beyond Grade 7 is not described in any depth, although we would anticipate a continuance and expansion of the basic topics beginning in Grade 9 along with a variety of electives. According to the most current ADEK report, in specialized “exploration” sessions, older pupils gain proficiency in digital design, ICT, control technology, and filmmaking. Through public speaking, music, dancing, and singing, students display their performance and creative talents during the school assembly.

The Facilities of Al Ain American School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

When Dr. Bock returned in 2016, the institution invested roughly AED 2 million in expanding its assets and updating its infrastructure to match modern educational requirements. The school currently has classrooms, science labs, libraries, art studios, music studios, an auditorium, a theater studio, and specialized SEN rooms in addition to regular classrooms. A school gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a cricket pitch are among the sporting amenities.

Students have several chances to express themselves artistically via theater, painting, and music. Through a variety of in-class and extracurricular activities, students were able to grow their interests and abilities. Students were able to demonstrate their varied abilities during morning assemblies, which gave the day an energizing start.

The Fees of Al Ain American School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Al Ain American School’s tuition is within the low to medium range and is within reach for most people. From AED 14,600 in Kindergarten to AED 24,900 in Grade 9, they range. Additional charges include uniform fees of AED 300, transport costs of AED 2,500, and books, which range in price from AED 2,200 to 2,600 starting in Grade 1 and varying by grade.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Manor Hall International School, One of Al Ain’s Top Schools

Despite having a name that seems somewhat British, Manor Hall International School is a US curriculum institution that serves students between the ages of 4 and 18. The 2008-founded school provides instruction from Kindergarten (called KG1 to represent the students’ beginning age) to Grade 12.

Just over 615 students from 43 different countries are enrolled at MHIS right now. UAE citizens make up the majority of pupils at this school, as they do in the majority of Al Ain schools, with 37%, followed by Americans with 16%, Jordanians with 15%, and Canadians with 5%. With 18% of students in Kindergarten, 43% in Elementary, 22% in Middle School, and 18% in High School, children are also distributed fairly evenly across this established school.

The school wants students to “exemplify grit, integrity, voice, and excitement,” the school writes, adding that “preparing the children to be global citizens is a vital element of what drives our Character Education Development.”

The Curriculum of Manor International School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The AERO curriculum, which has been recognized by the US government for use in American schools that operate abroad, is used by MHIS. To guarantee that students can meet the needs of the 21st Century society and economy, MHIS has increased its attention on a variety of particular talents.

Literacy, numeracy, and technological skills are the main areas of attention, along with information access and analysis, effective communication, multilingualism, and multiculturalism, collaboration and leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, imagination, and adaptability.

The Facilities of Manor International School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Apart from mentioning that the school has a computer lab, Manor Hill doesn’t say much about the school’s amenities. All computers in schools are connected to a local network, and the majority of them have an internet connection. In order to give a high level of computer access for instruction, research, and projects, there are computers in classrooms and other places around the campus. Interactive whiteboards are available in every classroom.

Although ADEK says that the school is well-resourced, it does affirm that MHIS has an art room, auditorium, music room, drama room, library, science laboratory, and sports facilities including a school gymnasium, football field, and swimming pool.

The Fees of Manor International School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Manor Hall International School’s tuition ranges from AED 21,800 for kindergarten to AED 40,200 for grade 12. The start of each of the school’s two semesters is when fees are due. Books and transportation costs are included in the fees.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Ain English Speaking School, a Great School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

One of Al Ain’s oldest schools, Al Ain English Speaking School was established in 1979. Attending Al Ain English Speaking School are students in Foundation Years to Year 13. It adheres to the British National Curriculum, and secondary school pupils are given IGCSE preparation.

The primary is presently the largest division of the school, with 576 pupils. Students in middle and high school total 226 and 216, respectively. The largest nationality group among students is Emirati, who make up approximately 17% of the total. The next largest nationality groups are British (14%), Egyptian (10%), and American (8%).

The Curriculum of Al Ain English Speaking School

It adheres to the British National Curriculum, and secondary school pupils are given IGCSE preparation.

The grades that secondary school pupils earn on their external tests, however, are an area of strength for the institution. Especially in the core areas of mathematics, English, and the sciences, students performed better than average in their external tests at the conclusion of Year 11 compared to the rest of the world.

The Facilities of Al Ain English Speaking School

In addition to other facilities, the school features a football field, a training track, an indoor sports arena, ICT suites, an outdoor play area, a prayer room, and a school hall with a stage, lighting, and sound. Additionally, it contains a trainer pool and a 25-meter heated indoor swimming pool.

The Fees of Al Ain English Speaking School

The cost of attending Al Ain English Speaking School ranges from 20,500 AED for FS1 to 41,000 AED for Year 13. They are paid in three installments at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, there is a non-refundable registration cost of 1,000 AED that can be applied to future tuition payments.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Brighton College Al Ain, an Amazing School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

By receiving an Outstanding grade from the ADEK Inspectors, Brighton College Al Ain has joined an exclusive group of Abu Dhabi Emirate schools. The KHDA gave Brighton College Dubai a Good grade on its initial inspection in early 2023, the highest level given to Dubai schools.

Our most recent visit to the school took place in 2023 when there were about 810 pupils enrolled. There are 40 sixth-form pupils, 280 seniors, and 490 junior school children. Around 60% of the student body are native Arabic speakers from a variety of national backgrounds. The fact that this school is really multi-national is notable in this environment.

The Curriculum of Brighton College Al Ain

Early Years/Pre-Prep (for children in the Foundation / Nursery Stage 2), Prep School (equivalent to Primary age from Years 1 to 5), Secondary (for children aged 11 to 16 years, split into Middle School for children in Years 6 to 8 and Senior School for children in Years 9 to 11), and Sixth Form for children in their final two years of study.

The English National Curriculum, which prepares students for IGCSE and A Level exams, is the course of study at Brighton College Al Ain. Additionally, the school adheres to the Arabic and Islamic Studies curricula as out by the Ministry of Education.

The Facilities of Brighton College Al Ain

The institution is located outside of town, as one might anticipate, therefore it occupies a sizable site of 28,000 acres (11,000 hectares). The school occupies a sizable portion of the property and is bordered by a lot of open space. There is a 450-seat theatre, an IAAF-certified full-size track, a 25-meter swimming pool, all-weather football fields, and a sizable, fully furnished sports hall among the amenities. Additionally, advantageous to students are facilities for music, art, and performing arts, as well as the most recent ICT in the classrooms.

The Fees of Brighton College Al Ain

Brighton College Al Ain’s tuition costs range from AED 51,404 for First Year (FS1) to AED 81,370 for Year 13. If accepted, candidates are required to pay an AED 2,000 placement fee, which will be credited against the Tuition Fees for the first term. Individual use of laptops, tablets, computers, uniforms, food services, transportation, test costs, or extracurricular activities outside of school hours is not included in the tuition rates.

The school also provides a small number of scholarships, which are awarded depending on the specific financial circumstances of the parents and may result in a fee reduction of 5% to 25%. For further information, parents are urged to get in touch with the school.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Dhafra Private School, an Excellent School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Dhafra Private School in Al Ain opened its doors in 1993. According to the school’s website, “a family school set in the heart of Al Ain, we have been aiding students in reaching their potential and accomplishing their aspirations since 1989.”

As per the school’s Vision, “Al Dhafra Private Schools shall uphold educational quality in a secure environment where culture and tradition are respected. Students who attend Al Dhafra Private Schools will develop into globally thinking individuals with the character and abilities necessary to succeed in a demanding and changing environment “. The mission of the school is “To foster a community of trust and support inside the school where kids are prioritized as learners, growing in self-control and accountability as they develop into autonomous and original thinkers and learners. All students will be given the tools they need to thrive in the classroom thanks to innovative teaching methods and a culture that values excellence, high standards, and high expectations “.

The Curriculum of Al Dhafra Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Up to the completion of eighth grade, the school mostly follows the English National Curriculum. From ninth grade forward, students have the option of following either the English or American Curriculum. The Cambridge International Examinations Board and AdvancED, respectively, have accredited the school for IGCSE, AS, and A Level exams as well as for the US High School Diploma. For pupils in Grade 12, the school also provides SAT1 and TOEFL courses and exams. In order to monitor their progress, students also take part in regular GL testing from Grades 1 through 8 and MAP testing from Grades 9 through 12 (for students following the US curriculum).

Although there are few specifics, Al Dhafra School claims to provide a variety of clubs and after-school activities. Sports, interschool competitions, environmental clubs, art and science fairs, annual concerts and award ceremonies, graduation, book fairs, and music lessons are just a few of the activities offered at the school.

The Facilities of Al Dhafra Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

There is not much information regarding facilities on the school’s website. Nevertheless, the comments from the AdvancED and ADEK inspection reports mention a variety of facilities across the different floors/divisions of the campus of the school in the secondary, elementary, and pre-school levels, including outdoor playground and athletic areas, a cafeteria, science labs, computer labs, and libraries. According to ADEK, “KG classrooms offer engaging learning settings with a good variety of practical and sensory tools that enhance children’s intellectual, social, and artistic development.

Even if the school has increased the number of books in the classrooms and the kids like them, the library is still not the engaging environment that would seduce youngsters into a love of reading. With well-developed art and music facilities, keyboardists, violins, and guitars may frequently be heard during school hours.

The Fees of Al Dhafra Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

For the American Curriculum, fees range from AED 11,900 for Kindergarten to AED 23,200 for Grade 12. The cost of the UK curriculum is somewhat lower, starting at AED 22,300 for Grade 12. For children pursuing the US curriculum, books cost an extra AED 800 in Kindergarten through AED 3,420 in Grade 12, whereas the UK curriculum runs around half as much.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Bin Khaled School in Al Ain

The modest MBK Generations School, which follows the US curriculum, was established in Al Ain in 2000 as a villa school and relocated to its current facilities in 2006.

According to the school’s new website, it seeks to provide a distinctive education that is on par with current global scientific progress and 21st-century skills through a variety of educational standards that encourage students to respect societal values and advance the ideas of citizenship and patriotism. Additionally, it teaches pupils to accept and tolerate people from all cultures that live in the United Arab Emirates. The school is committed to developing a responsible, respectful, and collaborative generation.

What about the curriculum?

The ADEK study states that MBK provides a US curriculum based on the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core Standards for English and Math. The Common Core is the overall curriculum for all US schools, however, each US state also has its own local curriculum requirements, and the majority of US curriculum schools are matched to one specific state curriculum. No information is provided on the State standards that are followed.

Students also concentrate on IT and robotics, PE, and art in addition to the basic disciplines of Science, Social Studies, Math, Arabic (both first and second language), English, and Islamic Studies. Despite not being taught as part of the curriculum; music is an element of school assemblies.

What about the facilities?

The school doesn’t give much information regarding its amenities. According to ADEK, classrooms are friendly, well-lit, engaging, and resourced, particularly for topics taught in English, and good use is made of specialized spaces like labs. In Kindergarten, teachers offer workstations, a free-flow area, and an educational kitchen to help kids improve their speaking & listening, research, and creative thinking abilities.

In addition to the laboratories, specialized amenities include a music room, theater, drama room, talent room, and library. Although some classes lack data projectors and not all pupils have access to iPads during courses, resources are generally adequate.

What about the fees?

The MBK School is in the economical category with fees ranging from AED 12,100 for Kindergarten and Grade 1 to AED 18,000 for Grade 8.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

United Private School Al Yahar, A Magnificent School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

A developing US curriculum school, United Private School Al Yahar is located about 25 kilometers from Al Ain in the direction of Abu Dhabi. It serves the largely Arabic-speaking expatriate and local communities. The school is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the value of cultural variety and instilling respect for it.

The objective of teaching and learning is to maintain both historical accuracy and contemporary innovation. encouraging our kids to enjoy learning, assisting them in achieving their goals, and fostering their development on all fronts—social, emotional, and physical. The mission of the school is to give students stimulating learning opportunities that foster critical thinking and creativity while integrating cultural and moral values so they may actively participate as citizens in the world’s social and economic growth in the future.

The Curriculum of United Private School Al Yahar in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

UPS Al Yahar offers an American curriculum based on the US Common Core Standards of the State of California in addition to the Next Generation Science Standards. The school must be accredited by AdvanceED by the NCA Commission and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission, and the SACS Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement in order for students who may want to study abroad to receive the High School Diploma from UPS (and particularly in the US).

The school also wants to make sure that students develop essential life skills including innovation, creativity, functional skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in addition to good academic results.

The Facilities of United Private School Al Yahar in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school is divided into five divisions and is housed in a two-story structure. The kindergarten portion is isolated from the other sections. Grades 1 and 2 and Grades 3 and 4 of the Elementary school are separated into two parts on the ground level of the main building. The first level of the building has the Boys’ Middle and High School, which serves students in grades 5–12, as well as the distinct Girls’ Middle and High School portions.

There are two science laboratories for the Boys and Girls sections, respectively, as well as separate playground spaces outside for each part, a library, a computer lab, and a gym. Additionally, there is a pool that both sections use occasionally. A music room, theater, theatre room, and talent room are among the other amenities.

The Fees of United Private School Al Yahar in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Fees range from AED 14,920 for Kindergarten and Grade 1 to AED 29,220 for Grade 11. It’s worth noting that fees for Grade 12 are a bit lower at AED 28,290. From Kindergarten onward, annual book costs start at AED 1,000 and increase to AED 2,000. AED 500 is the set uniform charge, while AED 2,500 is the set bus fee.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

GEMS Our Own English High School in Al Ain, a Popular School in Abu Dhabi

Founded in 1992 and owned by GEMS There are 1,760 pupils enrolled at Our Own English High School in Al Ain. Unusually for a school with such strong ties to the Indian community, Our Own English High School enrolls students from a wide range of nations. 87 instructors overall, including two teaching assistants from other countries. Again, as might be assumed, the majority are from the subcontinent, but there are also individuals from Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and Sudan. The minimum degree required for teaching staff members is a bachelor’s degree.

OOL claims that because it is associated with two very diverse, multinational Boards of Study, it is well situated to meet the demands of a heterogeneous society. Pupils from very various backgrounds come together to learn and play, and in doing so, they develop the skills necessary to thrive in a cosmopolitan setting that necessitates tolerance for diversity while also appreciating the fundamental universality of all people.

The Curriculum of GEMS Our Own English High School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school employs two academic calendars for its secondary school, one for the CBSE curriculum, which runs from April to March, and the other for the UK-based Cambridge International curriculum, which runs from September to June.

According to OOL, the kindergarten, primary, and middle school levels follow an internationally recognized curriculum to accommodate students of many nationalities who intend to re-enter the educational systems in their home nations. The OOL curriculum is based on the CBSE curriculum, although in the KG portion, communication and numeracy skills, along with a lot of emphasis on color and music, are the main areas of focus.

The Facilities of GEMS Our Own English High School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

OOL provides a wide range of facilities as part of its dual curriculum to meet the needs of both. These include a well-stocked library with an impressive index of titles covering a variety of subjects, a well-equipped ICT lab with the newest computers and peripherals to support the development of ICT skills from as early as Grade 1, and a 600-seat auditorium with projectors. There are also four laboratories for the teaching of general science, biology, physics, and chemistry. There is WiFi available on the campus.

Among the athletic amenities are a tennis court, a basketball court, two football fields, a volleyball court, a cricket field, and a well-equipped KG play area.

The Fees of GEMS Our Own English High School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The tuition at Our Own English High School is affordable. The price increases from AED 5,800 in Kindergarten to AED 6,510 in Grades 1 and 2, and AED 8,410 in Grades 5 and 6. The cost for grades 11 and 12 is AED 11,480, regardless of the curriculum. School IDs cost AED 10 per student, and sessions, lab, and computer expenses vary from AED 100 to AED 300 per. Other fees also apply. These vary on the curriculum, the stream being studied, and the exams being taken.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Liwa International School for Girls in Al Ain, One of the Greatest Schools for Girls in Abu Dhabi

Liwa International School for Girls opened its doors in September 2016. It is one of the few foreign schools in the UAE that only accept girls. The school is aware that each kid has unique requirements, necessitating technology-driven, individualized instruction in a welcoming academic setting.

The school makes a point of stating that it is the only international school in Al Ain for girls. We offer a top-notch, tailored American curriculum education for girls in grades KG through 12, taught by a teaching staff with extensive international experience in a vibrant, encouraging, and motivating learning atmosphere.

The Curriculum of Liwa International School for Girls in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

All disciplines in the curriculum are taught in English, with the exception of Arabic social studies, Arabic language, and Arabic studies, which follow the Ministry of Education curriculum. A comprehensive and balanced curriculum that is in line with California’s State Core Curriculum Standards and closely tailored to the requirements of the children is provided by LISG. English is prioritized across the curriculum to improve pupils’ second language proficiency.

The school provides a lovely learning environment with access to cutting-edge technology, as well as specialized facilities that encourage learning through technology and the arts and support the development of student leadership. On the tablets that LISG lends to students, a range of e-learning tools are accessible.

The Facilities of Liwa International School for Girls in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The amenities include a restaurant, library, scientific labs, an art and music room, a sizable gymnasium, and access to a nearby pool for swimming. A well-stocked library with more than 8,000 volumes of Guided Reading, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teacher Resources, and Reference books in both English and Arabic provides excellent resources to enhance learning.

The art studio provides a wide range of mediums to help students develop their creative design talents. The youngsters are encouraged to express their thoughts and try out various materials, textures, and artistic techniques.

The Fees of Liwa International School for Girls in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Liwa International School for Girls charges tuition that ranges from AED 32,500 for Kindergarten to AED 41,850 for Grade 12. In accordance with the ADEK grading methodology, these fees are rated from Medium High to High.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Sanawbar School, One of the Top-Tier Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

In the Al Manaseer school district in Al Ain, there is a long-running, reasonably priced school with a US curriculum called Al Sanawbar School. According to Al Sanawbar School, its goal is to provide students with the information, abilities, understanding, and qualities they need to thrive in a global community. The finest levels of instruction and learning will be offered, and we’ll work tirelessly to provide each kid with a unique chance to explore and grow in their skills.

English is very much a second language for the great majority of young students that attend school at the kindergarten level. According to the ADEK inspection reports, students make good progress throughout school, and the majority continue their education at a university, with a sizable proportion majoring in sciences like physics, chemistry, medicine, and engineering, which is indicative of the school’s academic ethos.

The Curriculum of Al Sanawbar School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The curriculum of the school is modeled after the American curriculum and is rated as Good. It establishes significant connections across disciplines with other topics, Emirati culture, and UAE society. While the school’s curriculum offers a variety of topic options, inspectors noticed that it only offers a small selection of extracurricular activities. Although the curriculum is routinely evaluated, it has not yet been sufficiently changed to satisfy the learning requirements of kids who perform at a higher level.

The Facilities of Al Sanawbar School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school’s facilities are not extensively described. The school is well-resourced and has a variety of specialized facilities, including science and IT laboratories, but the current ADEK report notes that “although the building is aging, it is well maintained. A setting that supports the majority of learners’ learning requirements benefits students. The classrooms, however, are cramped and inaccessible to people with mobility issues.

The Fees of Al Sanawbar School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Al Sanawbar School’s tuition is in the affordable category, ranging from AED 12,900 for kindergarten to AED 27,400 for grade twelve.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Al Adhwa Private School (APS), a Fascinating School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The lovely city of Al Ain is home to the American curriculum-based Al Adhwa Private School (APS), which provides studies from kindergarten through grade 12. In addition to the global curriculum, children are taught to respect Islamic and Emirati cultures.

The university enrolls students who come from many different nations. It has an international outlook, free from any national restrictions or biases, while nevertheless meeting their needs for quality education. The system, which is one of Al Ain’s flagship institutions, combines the best elements of Arab, Western, and American culture. Each student’s personality is shaped in an effort to prepare them for the difficulties of a constantly changing environment. The school successfully combines the cultural and religious educational requirements of the United Arab Emirates with international standards since it has a diverse student body.

The Curriculum of Al Adhwa Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The curriculum adheres to and satisfies the Common Core State Standards of California, and it contains adequate time allotments for important courses including Arabic, social studies, and Islamic education.

When lessons are planned to include practical activities, the curriculum is broad and balanced and offers lessons that are interesting and enjoyable for the majority of students. However, teachers do not always adapt the curriculum to plan work that is sufficiently difficult to meet the needs of academically gifted and talented students. Through assemblies and a variety of disciplines, the curriculum efficiently promotes UAE culture, heritage, and Islamic principles.

The Facilities of Al Adhwa Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

A sizable area has been set aside by APS School Falaj Hazzaa to park and keep track of the fleet of buses. Students can join up for transportation services for AED 3,500 per year. Each bus is well-maintained and equipped with security measures including an electronic attendance system, a video surveillance system, GPS, and much more. This philosophy is held by APS Falaj Hazzaa, who has created several athletic events in accordance with it. The campus has a basketball court, a football field, a playground outside that is shaded, and inside play places.

At this school, your youngster is able to play volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, and rugby. Extracurricular activities are provided to pupils as a complement to the curriculum at Al Adhwa Private School.

The Fees of Al Adhwa Private School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Al Adhwa Private School’s tuition is in the affordable category, ranging from AED 7,720 for kindergarten to AED 21,400 for grade twelve.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Emirates National School, A Magnificent School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Emirates National Schools (ENS) Al Ain, a private K–12 institution in Towaya, Al Ain, began accepting students in September 2006. The school wants its pupils to realize their full potential and develop into community leaders.

The goal of ENS Al Ain is to foster a diverse community that develops leaders with an understanding of other cultures and provides top-notch education using cutting-edge techniques and technology so that students may participate in a global society. With 181 teachers and 58 teaching assistants (TAs) on staff, the school now has a staff-to-student ratio of 1:14.

The Curriculum of Emirates National Schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

National Schools in the UAE Al Ain combine the recently established IB (International Baccalaureate) programs, such as the PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme), and Diploma, with a unified US curriculum (certified by AdvancED). In the spring of 2015, the Al Ain City School became the first ENS campus to get IB permission for the three Pre-K through Grade 12 programs, making it the first campus in the City of Al Ain to offer the PYP, MYP, and DP programs.

The school integrates the IB “Learner Profile” attributes, attitudes, talents, ideas, and community service in order to help students develop their fundamental personal qualities. These guidelines are applied at all levels to help students develop their social and moral character and become future leaders who are open-minded and committed to preserving their sense of national identity.

The Facilities of Emirates National Schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

According to ADEK, ENS Al Ain offers a peaceful, secure, and safe atmosphere for studying and takes use of top-notch facilities and resources. ICT labs, scientific labs, a café, a medical clinic, a gym, playgrounds, libraries, and a theater are among the amenities.

The Fees of Emirates National Schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students pay AED 20,200 in annual tuition, while those in grades 7 through 12 pay AED 51,500.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The Gulf International Private Academy (GIPA), A Great Private School in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

The Gulf International Private Academy (GIPA), which offers a US curriculum and is approved by Cognia, was founded in 2001. The GPIA School is a UNESCO member. The school presents itself as a co-educational, English-medium, highly intellectual institution.

One of GIPA’s primary characteristics, according to the school’s introduction, is that it is a learning community committed to encouraging each student to realize their potential and to develop into a passionate learner who is ready to adapt and participate in a world that is changing quickly. GIPA’s mission is to instill a love of learning in students by providing them with a demanding, intellectually interesting, and technologically advanced learning environment. GIPA’s vision is to “empower students to believe, accomplish, and thrive within the classroom and beyond.”

The Curriculum of Gulf International Private Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

From kindergarten through grade 12, GIPA follows a US curriculum, as was described in our introduction. Despite the fact that the school claims that the curriculum complies with US Common Core Curriculum Standards, it does not specify which State curriculum it uses, which might be important for colleges and universities because certain States’ curricula are thought to be more scholarly than others. The university has also accepted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Grades KG-8. In order to give kids an international standard scientific education and to guarantee that they are linking science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), the NGSS framework is used in elementary and middle schools.

The Facilities of Gulf International Private Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Two different buildings—one newer and one older—that makeup GIPA have been designated for boys and foundation in one and for girls and kindergarten in the other.

On this site, there are basketball courts, a sizable soccer field and multipurpose outdoor space, a playground for grades 1-3, IT laboratories, science labs, a prayer room, and big classrooms with group seating to promote student interaction. A data projector is included in each classroom. In September 2012, Campus 2 opened across from the old school. The Kindergarten section and female students in grades 4 through 12 are the only populations served by this school. The university has a sizable multipurpose building with an indoor basketball court, a computer lab, a chemistry lab, a physics lab, a music room, a library, and a prayer room.

The Fees of Gulf International Private Academy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The cost of tuition is relatively reasonable, starting at AED 11,800 for Kindergarten (plus AED 590 for books, AED 3,000 for the bus, and AED 300 for uniform), and increasing to AED 25,500 for Grade 12 (plus AED 4,000 for books, AED 3,000 for the bus, and AED 500 for uniform).

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Garden City British School in Al Ain

A school with a British curriculum named Garden City British School (GCBS) debuted in Al Ain in 2017. According to its vision statement, the aim of the school is to educate, inspire, and create compassionate learners who will make a difference in society as successful global citizens equipped with 21st Century competencies. The organization’s goal is to instill global practices and create a passion for lifelong learning in learners within a dynamic environment that strives for excellence.

Children in ability-based or mixed-ability courses get individualized instruction. Teachers at GCBS use gamification and active learning to make sure that students are interested in what they are studying and that their knowledge is reliable. According to the school’s general policy, assigned textbooks are neither encouraged nor required. The evolution and consistency of the topics are meant to promote learning. Topics make it possible to identify abilities, concepts, information, and ideas from several areas and combine them cohesively.

The Curriculum of Garden City British School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The English National Curriculum is followed by Garden City British School in all other subject areas, including art, music, history and geography, computer science, and design technology. The English National Curriculum is based on the UK’s Cambridge Primary Curriculum for English, Math, and Science. All youngsters are required to learn Arabic and UAE Social Studies by the Ministry of Education. Muslim youngsters also study Islamic Studies. The curriculum is divided into three sections: Early Years (KG1), Primary (KG2 to Grade 5), and Secondary (Grades 6 to 8).

The school provides a variety of enrichment activities, such as reading the Quran and Arabic, mystery adventures, coding, art, crafts, dance, French-speaking, origami, chess, gardening, eco-club, school newspapers, and healthy cooking. Swimming, basketball, handball, and Zumba are all available as sports.

The Facilities of Garden City British School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school has a cutting-edge campus with a swimming pool, a library with a wealth of literature, a multipurpose hall, indoor and outdoor play facilities for the Early Years, and big classrooms. It also has a football field with artificial grass.

The Fees of Garden City British School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

The school’s tuition ranges from AED 23,100 for kindergarten to AED 25,410 for grade five. The tuition for Grades 6 and 7, which start in September 2020, is AED 27,500.

Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

Which of These Top Schools in Al Ain Should You Choose?

This was our comprehensive list of the top 16 schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi. Choosing the best one depends on your preferences, budget, and the place you are residing. But one thing is for certain and that is Al Ain, just like other places in the UAE, has a lot of great schools for you to choose from for your children. You will be guaranteed that your children will be educated well and be raised as great individuals that will improve the future of society.

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Top 16 Schools in Al Ain Abu Dhabi

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