List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

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In Abu Dhabi, there is a substantial Indian ex-pat population. Numerous Indian schools in Abu Dhabi offer top-notch instruction across the emirate to serve this sizable segment of the population. These institutions work to improve students’ educational experiences through innovative teaching strategies and technological advancements. Look at the list of the top Indian schools in Abu Dhabi if you’re looking for a respectable institution to enroll your child in.

Our list of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi includes information about each school’s curriculum, tuition, and amenities. Stay tuned!

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

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Top Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi

The CBSE curriculum is predominantly used in Indian schools in Abu Dhabi. From kindergarten to grade 12, they offer fantastic educational options for pupils. So, if you are an Indian ex-pat who wants to buy property in Abu Dhabi and have children, make sure to consider the following schools for providing a great education for your children.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Global Indian International School, One of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi

The first of two schools in the United Arab Emirates (the other was in Dubai) established by a firm originally from Singapore but now with a major presence in India was the Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi.

For grades KG through 8, the opening was originally scheduled for April 2015, however, ADEK approval didn’t come through until September of that same year. At that time, the school only served Kindergarten and Grade One students; Grades One through Eight weren’t added until April 2016. According to the ADEK inspection report, “Since the last inspection, there has been a 27% growth in the student population, which has remained a moving target. Only 12% of the enrolled students now have been there since the institution’s establishment.” You can consider this school if you are living in a great property like reem island apartments.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The curriculum of Global Indian International School

The Montessori Plus curriculum is used at the kindergarten level at GIIS Abu Dhabi and is followed by the CBSE curriculum, which is the most well-liked Indian curriculum in the UAE. Both of these fit into the educational philosophy developed by the school system, which it refers to as “9 Gems” — a curriculum that “fits the changing demands of a growing child and his/her expanding personality.”

In the early stages of development, the emphasis is on fostering the growth of universal ideals, ethics, creativity, discipline, and personality. The emphasis turns to academic success, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and essential skills for advancing one’s career during the secondary and high school years.

The Facilities of Global Indian International School

The 19,000 square meter campus has a synthetic track for athletics, a table tennis court, a tennis court, a soccer field, a cricket field, a badminton court, a swimming pool, a yoga center, Wi-Fi-enabled classrooms, e-learning technology through video-conferencing, a multi-purpose auditorium with a capacity of 600 seats, LCD video projection in all classrooms, an audio-video presentation room, an exclusive play area for Kindergarten with age-appropriate equipment, Drama theatre, a Digital Library, Music studio, an Art Studio for digital and visual arts a Dance studio and a Cafeteria for students.

The Fees of Global Indian International School

Given the tuition costs, Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi has already reached its maximum enrollment of 1,700 pupils (from Kindergarten to Grade 12). These presently start at AED 10,600 for Kindergarten and increase to AED 12,550 for Grade 12. It is now the most reasonably priced new Indian curriculum school to open in the UAE in recent memory as a result.

The school appears to provide decent facilities for its students despite these reasonable fees.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Shining Star International School, A Top Indian School in Abu Dhabi

SSIS is a relatively new school that has been operating for the past five years. The school offers a wide range of studies and extracurricular activities to make sure that students develop a diverse set of abilities in order to achieve its goal of providing a solid and comprehensive education. Technology is at the core of the instructional process at the school, ensuring that pupils are ready for a world that is always changing. The goal of SSIS is for pupils to “grow into responsible citizens with informed brains and charitable hearts.”

A newly established Board of Trustees includes two parents in addition to the owner, chairman, dean, school administrator, one staff member, and two community representatives.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Shining Star International School

By using NCERT texts, SSIS offers the curriculum in conformity with CBSE regulations. Giving equal weight to both academics and extracurricular activities ensures each child’s overall growth. The curriculum, according to the school, is difficult, focused on research, and meets the requirements of pupils with a range of abilities. The school encourages its pupils to express themselves creatively and critically, and it wants them to succeed both academically and socially.

The Facilities of Shining Star International School

The school is housed in a modern building in the Mussafah district of Abu Dhabi. The campus contains a library, computer labs, theatrical studio, robotics lab, scientific labs, a multifunctional auditorium, music and art facilities, a clinic, and a cafeteria in addition to the normal classrooms and outdoor sports facilities. SSIS provides a variety of artistic endeavors and competitive sports all year long.

The Fees of Shining Star International School

Shining Star International School has low to moderate tuition costs, with kindergarten starting at AED 7,900 and grade 12 at AED 15,500. Over the course of the academic year, there are four possible fee payments. Parents will also be responsible for paying for books (ranging from AED 495 in KG1 to AED 880 in Grade 12) and uniforms in addition to the tuition fees (AED 396-435).

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

International Indian School, One of Abu Dhabi’s Top Indian Schools

The International Indian School (IIS), which opened in May 2016 has been in operation for more than 30 years. The firm that owns IIS oversees every facet of school operations, including planning, hiring, and daily operations for both other organizations and its own schools.

The institution’s declared mission is “to provide an environment that is both demanding and encouraging for the finest academic and personal development programs possible through integrated learning and active participation. The school professionally redefines education with innovation.” If you are planning to buy a property close by, consider getting help from Majid Al Futtaim Real Estate.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of International Indian School

For stress-free learning in KG, IIS combines the English National Curriculum-based Early Years Foundation Stage with the CBSE curriculum from Grades 1 through 12, as well as the Montessori Method. With a heavy emphasis on the development of the 21st-century skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration, the school aims to provide an interactive platform for learning.

As students advance through this school, the curriculum is given through project-based learning, individual learning, and formative assessments in addition to activity-based learning at the primary level. Every child is seen as a capable individual capable of learning on their own.

The Facilities of the International Indian School

IIS is housed in a brand-new, purpose-built campus with modern architectural design, cutting-edge amenities, and technology-integrated classrooms. Internet connection is available in every classroom, and the Learning Resource Center is a specific area of emphasis for the school’s development. In addition to the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs and the LRC, Activity Rooms will provide Science Stream students with excellent facilities and a hub for learning with activities and piratical experiments.

Students will have access to indoor and outdoor playground facilities that are integrated into the design of the school campus, including a dedicated football field with a basketball court, an artificial turf surface, more shade areas, and the creation of green spaces.

The Fees of International Indian School

IIS charges relatively reasonable tuition, which rises to AED 12,000 for Grade 10 from AED 10,500 for Kindergarten through Grade 7. Keep in mind that these fees are lower than those permitted by ADEK and that they must be paid in four installments.

Years KG through 12 have school hours of 8 a.m. to 11.50 a.m., 8 a.m. to 2.10 p.m., and 8 a.m. to 2.10 p.m. respectively.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Abu Dhabi Indian School (branch 1) Al Wathba, a Great Indian School for Ex-pats

The Abu Dhabi Indian School, or ADIS Wathba, has grown swiftly. The school had unprecedented growth between 2014 and 2016—a 50% increase in both pupils and teachers—and it appears that this growth was particularly well-managed. This growth, which is a sister school to the original Abu Dhabi Indian School and went from having over 2,600 students in 2017 to almost 3,200 students at the time of its most recent ADEK inspection in January 2019, demonstrates the city’s strong demand for schools with an Indian curriculum of high quality and reasonable costs.

With an average teacher-to-student ratio of 1:16 and class sizes of about 25 in kindergarten and 20 in the rest of the school, pupils are assisted by nearly 200 teaching staff members and an extra 8 teaching assistants. Staff turnover was under 10%, which suggests that instructors are content with their workplace.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba

Together with the Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Moral Education curricula from the UAE Ministry of Education, the school follows the CBSE curriculum.

Similar to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Vision 2020 goals, there is a significant emphasis on innovation within the institution, including the creation of cross-curricular connections. Students in grade 8 use recyclable materials to create guitars, tying their scientific investigation of sound to the music. Students in grade 9 collaborate with artists to create and present a fashion show that ties art and English together. Students are encouraged to think more critically and offer answers to challenges, and teachers support creative teaching methods. Students created an artificial intelligence system to aid other student groups in their study during a creative English session in grade 10.

The Facilities of Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba

The property is brand-new, of excellent quality, and is housed in contemporary double- and three-story structures on a large plot of land. They are roomy, offer a wide range of specialized facilities, and, in the opinion of ADEK inspectors, effectively support the curriculum. The majority of learning spaces in classrooms have vibrant, timely displays to encourage and celebrate learning.

The school’s website lists a variety of amenities available to students, including a library, dance, art and craft, and music studios, science and computer science laboratories, and sports and recreation areas (including a yoga room, a swimming pool, and outdoor sports fields). For KG pupils, there is a separate outdoor play area and activity area.

The Fees of Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba

From April 2021, tuition at the reasonably priced Abu Dhabi Indian School Wathba will range from AED 9,630 for Kindergarten to AED 13,705 for Grades 11 and 12. Please take note that the total cost amount includes a variety of necessary extra fees that range from AED 500 to AED 1,250.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

GEMS United Indian School, a Popular Indian School in Abu Dhabi

GEMS United Indian School is the newest GEMS institution in Abu Dhabi. Despite being a new institution in a very large, purpose-built location outside of Baniyas, the school opened with 400 students who had transferred from the villa accommodations of Our Own English High School, a school that had been operating for 25 years. According to the school, it provides an inexpensive, top-notch education in a setting with first-rate facilities and resources. If you are also looking for a great property to live in, consider Tiger properties projects.

At UIS, there were around 3,000 students enrolled at the time of the most recent ADEK inspection in February 2019; at the conclusion of the 2020–21 academic year, that number had climbed to over 3,600. A second structure, with a capacity of 4,000, was completed in April 2017 in time for the start of the academic year, and there were plans to add two more teaching buildings.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi

When it was decided to discontinue the CBSE-I curriculum, which was a modified version of CBSE that offered a more global perspective and best practices from the IB, IGCSE, and Common Core curricula, UIS had planned to offer it. However, UIS has since returned to the standard CBSE curriculum with a few new features to reflect the CBSE-I components that the Academic leadership values. A very comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on languages, ICT, numeracy, and sciences is what the school seeks to provide. Students in grades 1 and up will have the opportunity of participating in entrepreneurial activities and experiences thanks to a greater emphasis on cultural and financial studies.

Music, debate, elocution, recitation, essay writing, theater, and art and craft are examples of extracurricular activities (including clay modeling, paper craft, mural painting, and origami).

The Facilities of GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi

There is no denying that UIS’s size and design are outstanding. Its position ensures that there is ample room, and the school’s layout—located below road level in the back of the development—allows architects to create big structures and outdoor space. The three major classroom blocks are located on three sides of the sports field, while a multipurpose hall and a sports hall make up the fourth side of the quadrangle formed by the three-story buildings (although the first of these is actually at basement level below the road).

The school has facilities for technology, science, culture, sports, and performing arts, according to GEMS. Everything in the facilities has been planned to help pupils study and be stimulated.

The Fees of GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi

Tuition ranges from AED 9,750 for Kindergarten to AED 19,030 for Grade 12. Although rated as the higher end by ADEK, this range would seem appropriate given the resources and apparent quality of the provision.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Dunes International School, One of Abu Dhabi’s Finest Indian Schools

The Dunes International School (DIS) is situated in Mussafah’s Shabia neighborhood. The school is doing a wonderful job of supporting student creativity. Numerous chances for pupils to develop their abilities and talents are provided by activity-focused courses and the school’s enrichment program. Students of various ages have created creative scientific and mathematical models. The robotic car is an impressive illustration of a thought-out study and planning to show built-in safety features.

About 1,100 pupils were enrolled at DIS at the time of the most recent ADEK inspection in 2018–19, which was conducted in September 2018—three and a half years ago. The majority of these were enrolled in the KG and Primary sections. Through the middle and high school sections, student enrollment significantly declines, as is typical in newer schools.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Dunes International School in Abu Dhabi

With the intention of providing pupils plus an education “based on the strong ideas and structure of Indian education,” DIS offers the CBSE curriculum with additional topics such as Hindi or French, Drama, Art, Music, ICT, and Physical Education.

The curriculum is improved by mapping to worldwide boards and learning programs that support academics and skill development when using the English language medium, claims DIS. Teachers and students use ICT in a collaborative, problem-solving, inquiry-based manner. All students are required to learn Arabic, as is the case in all schools in the United Arab Emirates, and Muslim pupils are also required to take Islamic studies. The curriculum includes a significant portion of UAE heritage, culture, and cultural appreciation. DIS is stated to offer a large choice of extracurricular activities and groups in addition to the required and elective academic topics.

The Facilities of Dunes International School in Abu Dhabi

Dunes International School moved to a modern building in Mussafah in 2014. As a result, we are aware that it has excellent resources and facilities. An outdoor sports area is located at the back of the three-story, E-shaped building.

Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard, and there are specialized facilities for science (including separate labs for chemistry, physics, and biology) and technology (including a robotics and ICT lab), a large library with computers set up for research and individual study, a dance studio, an art room, a music room, and provision for drama). All classrooms also have interactive whiteboards (including a large auditorium). A variety of sports, including swimming, cricket, soccer, karate, and basketball are included at the school.

The Fees of Dunes International School in Abu Dhabi

The tuition at Dunes International School is reasonable for a CBSE curriculum institution, ranging from AED 12,000 for Kindergarten to AED 23,500 for Grades 11 and 12. From AED 400 in Kindergarten to AED 1,000 in Grade 12, there are additional costs for books.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Private International English School, a Fine Indian School in Abu Dhabi

The Bhavans Abu Dhabi branch of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan chain of schools, which is situated in Abu Dhabi’s Mussafah district, is much better known as the Private English International School (PIES). The school greatly aspires to represent Indian culture and tradition.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12, the school now enrolls around 1,900 pupils. The school’s student body is virtually mainly Indian, with a minor (1%) proportion of students from Nepal. The children are supported by 123 teachers from Sudan, Egypt, India, and Sri Lanka. With employees expected to work on Saturdays to connect with each other and give extra support to children who need it, there are obviously high expectations for teachers.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Private International English School in Abu Dhabi

In KG, PIES uses a Montessori-based teaching method while adhering to the CBSE curriculum. At the Montessori level, students are supported in developing their independence while the teacher serves as a facilitator, exposing the students to knowledge based on a thematic curriculum, supporting the growth of lifelong learning abilities, and imparting an appreciation of beauty through the arts. PIES is able to serve kids with special needs thanks to the assistance of a Special Needs Coordinator and an assistant who assists subject instructors in the classroom by adopting differentiated education catered to the various ability levels of the students.

Through a series of international trips that have taken students to countries like the USA, China, the UK, and India, the school also encourages pupils to explore the larger globe. Airfares and other costs affect the price, although the excursions are organized on a non-profit basis.

The Facilities of Private International English School in Abu Dhabi

The campus was designed with students of all grade levels in mind and features modern amenities as well as classroom rooms for art, music, and theater. Modern, roomy classrooms are popular with students because they offer a secure and enjoyable learning environment.

The school offers a variety of specialty classrooms and facilities in addition to regular classrooms, including music and dance studios, art and craft rooms, and an indoor play area for juniors. It also has facilities for yoga and aerobics, a multi-purpose auditorium that is furnished, a performing art room, fully equipped labs for computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology, a library with 10,000 children’s books, and a sizable cafeteria.

The Fees of Private International English School in Abu Dhabi

According to ADEK, kindergarten tuition is priced at AED 9,700, and grades 11 and 12 tuition is priced at AED 17,00. The cost of books is an additional 600–700 AED, which is far less than what other institutions charge.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Sunrise English Private School, an Excellent Abu Dhabi Indian School

Despite its English-sounding name, Sunrise English Private School (SEPS) is an all-through institution with an Indian curriculum that originally opened in Abu Dhabi in a villa in 1988 before moving to a specially constructed building in the Mussafah area in 2006. According to SEPS, the organization’s main goal is to “keep the spirit of study alive via molding the entire personality of the students in perfect discipline.”

The school had around 2,800 students at the time of the most recent inspection, with 98 percent of them being Indian. Equal numbers of students from Sri Lanka and Pakistan make up the remaining 2%. 15% of students are enrolled in the KG; 30% of students are enrolled in the Primary section; 37% of students are enrolled in the Middle school section, and 18% of students are enrolled in the High school section.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Sunrise English Private School in Abu Dhabi

SEPS adheres to the CBSE curriculum but offers few specifics outside of the subjects covered. Arabic, Islamic Studies, English, Hindi, Math, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Moral Science, Library, PE, Art, Music, Dance, Moral Education, and UAE Social Studies are taught to students in grades one through five (from Grade 4).

Unfortunately, the school only mentions that students participate in a variety of sports, such as football and volleyball, when talking about extracurricular activities or sports. The ADEK inspection report, however, shows that students engage in a variety of activities that help them hone their innovative and entrepreneurial talents, including a large amount of community service.

The Facilities of Sunrise English Private School in Abu Dhabi

The school is housed in a sizable, contemporary structure with a covered sports area and a sizable outdoor astroturf area. There are science labs, a new robotics lab, theater studios, music studios, art studios, and libraries available for use as classrooms. According to reports, facilities are well-resourced and maintained.

The Fees of Sunrise English Private School in Abu Dhabi

Based on ADEK’s scale, SEPS’s fees fall into the Very Low category. They start at AED 7,410 in Kindergarten, drop to AED 7,000 in Grades 1 through 6, increase to AED 7,820 in Grades 7 through 10, and then increase to AED 11,010 in Grades 11 and 12.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Model (New Indian) Private School, a Magnificent Indian School in Abu Dhabi for Indian Expats

The New Indian Model School, commonly known as the Model School in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, is a low-cost institution that uses the Indian curriculum. It is one of a set of four schools, including the Central School in Dubai, that goes by the name of New Indian. There is also a second New Indian school in Sharjah.

The primary objective of the school when it was first established was to “start a good educational institution to impart education to children on national lines and in consonance with the time spirit, synthesizing the feature of the ancient systems with the progressive trends of modern times, catering to the needs of Indian expatriates in Abu Dhabi.” The 280 staff members represent the diversity of the school’s student body. It has been determined that 500 kids, or 10% of all students, have special educational requirements.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of New Indian Model Private School in Abu Dhabi

The school uses the Kerala Syllabus from Std.VIII to XII and the CBSE syllabus up to Std.X. Pre-Primary (Kindergarten and preparation), Primary (Grades I–VI), Secondary (Grades VIII–X), and Higher Secondary make up the school (XI and XII). According to ADEK inspectors in 2017–18, the curriculum is “wide and balanced, and provides for continuity and advancement in students’ learning throughout all stages.” “Opportunities for innovation, enterprise, and creativity are inconsistent throughout phases.”

The school works to foster early intercultural understanding among students from many cultures and intends to aid students in achieving holistic development by offering instruction in leadership, physical fitness, and mental discipline.

The Facilities of New Indian Model Private School in Abu Dhabi

NIMS Abu Dhabi was established in a sizable, specially constructed building in Musaffah. The school is stated to feature well-equipped computer and science labs (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), a library, play areas, and other facilities. To meet the demands of the students, all of the labs are furnished with contemporary equipment. Students frequently use the laboratories for complex investigative tasks.

A well-stocked library aids students in their studies, and videos, presentations, and other audio-visual materials are available. Weekly library sessions expose kids to a variety of reading material. The exposure aids the kids in developing solid reading and comprehension skills.

The Fees of New Indian Model Private School in Abu Dhabi

The cost of tuition is quite inexpensive, with grades 1 through 8 costing AED 4,500, grades 9 and 10 costing AED 4,800, and grades XI and XII costing AED 6,200.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Bright Riders School, Among Abu Dhabi’s Best Indian Schools

The Bright Riders School, which follows the CBSE curriculum from KG to Grade 12, is located in Mohammed bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi. It evolved from a kindergarten established in the city in 1978 and moved to its current location in 2013. The objective of the school is to “encourage teenagers to grow into full-fledged individuals of the future, by bringing out the best in them via aid in all sorts of learning.”

The majority of students (98%) hold Indian passports, with Sri Lankan and Pakistani students (each 1%) making up the remaining nationalities. Compared to what is frequently the case with schools that are only a few years old, where the KG and Primary school cohort typically considerably surpasses the Secondary school cohort, student numbers are distributed across the school in a somewhat more balanced manner. Around 214 teachers and 15 teaching assistants provide assistance to the students.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

The Curriculum of Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi

In Grades XI and XII, Bright Riders School offers both a Science and a Commerce stream while adhering to the CBSE curriculum and using English as the primary language of teaching.

The classroom is viewed as a training environment, and opportunities are given for students to put their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the test. The school uses a digital method of instruction and offers classrooms with modern technology to improve learning and teaching.

There does seem to be a thorough and all-encompassing approach to students’ education at BRS because they have the chance to frequently participate in a wide range of clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities, such as painting, swimming, aerobics, vocal and instrumental music, and dance.

The Facilities of Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi

The campus of BRS Abu Dhabi is 36,000 square meters big. Teachers can use both the content on the school’s internal server and the resources that are available online in smart classrooms.

The school offers a wide range of amenities, including libraries with sizable collections of 15,000 books, digital sources, resources, and information, separate labs for biology, chemistry, physics, and ICT, indoor and outdoor play areas with shade, an athletic track, a soccer field, a high jump, and long jump pit, a basket/volleyball court, a cricket field, and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. The school is particularly proud of its 2,200 square meter auditorium. It has a podium, two green rooms, Wi-Fi, a surround sound system, and theatrical lighting, holding up to 1700 people. It is also fully equipped with a projector and projection screens.

The Fees of Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi

The cost of tuition at Bright Riders School Abu Dhabi is within reach; it starts at AED 9,200 for kindergarten and grade one and rises to AED 19,100 for grade twelve. From AED 400 in Kindergarten to AED 700 in Grades 11 and 12, there are additional book fees.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

Which Top Indian School in Abu Dhabi Should You Choose?

Our list of the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi is now complete. Now, choosing the one which meets your needs highly depends on your preferences and obviously the location you are residing in. But one thing is for certain that and that is just like our article about the Best schools in Dubai, this article shows that schools in Abu Dhabi have nothing less than those schools in the UAE. Make sure to also check out top Indian schools in Dubai if you are living in Dubai homes.

If you are an ex-pat who is looking for a place to live in Abu Dhabi, like fascinating Al Maryah island apartments for sale, make sure to check out our dxb off-plan projects for more detailed and reliable information.

List of the Best Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi you should send your child to as an expat!

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Numerous popular Indian schools with a CBSE curriculum can be found in Mussafah, as well as a sizable number of ex-pat communities. Private International English School, Bright Riders School, and Model School Abu Dhabi are a few of Mussafah's most well-known Indian schools.

Given the sizeable ex-pat community in Abu Dhabi, it is not surprising to see many schools there offering varied curricula. English, Pakistani, Indian, and IB schools can be found in the capital city. Virginia International Private School, GEMS American Academy, and Horizon Private School are a few of the well-liked options in Abu Dhabi if you're looking for American schools.

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