Studio Apartments For Sale in Dubai

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Last Update: 2024-06-11

These days Dubai is one of the hottest real estate zones in the whole UAE, and many local and foreign investors and end-use buyers like to buy a home in this city. As you might guess, the variety of properties and residential projects available in this city is one of the biggest advantages that attract buyers from all over the world. Today, I want to talk about one of the most popular types for those who do not have much money or are looking for a tiny apartment for any other reason. So, keep reading and learn more about Studio Apartment for Sale in Dubai.

What do different types of studio apartments in Dubai look like?

The first thing I want to explain to those planning to buy a studio in Dubai is what kind of home studios are for sale in Dubai. In general, these units are small apartments consisting of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a single open space, where there are no boundary walls except for the bathroom. What makes Dubai Studio flats more popular than other cities’ same apartments is the different types of these tiny apartments you can find there.

  • For example, if you are looking for a place to move there immediately, you can choose to buy a fully furnished studio in Dubai, with complete furniture and all your needed appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems.
  • Or you can buy a studio apartment for sale in Dubai with a balcony or terrace to enjoy stunning sea and city views.
  • If you are single and move to Dubai for work, it might seem interesting to live in a studio in a hotel apartment and use the premium hotel services like housekeeping and laundry.

The Bay Apartments in Business Bay, Dubai

Why do people like to buy a studio flat in Dubai?

Now that you know what we mean when we talk about studio apartments for sale in Dubai, let’s go deeper and talk about the benefits and advantages of these flats that attract potential property buyers.

●    You can buy a studio for sale in Dubai at an affordable price:

I think one of the best features of Dubai studio flats that makes them popular among other great Dubai developments is their price. It means you can access all your needed amenities by paying much less than what you have to pay for a 2 or 3-bedroom luxury apartment for sale in Dubai.

●    Studio apartments for sale in Dubai are easy to maintain:

As you read above studio flats are small apartments with limited space, which means you can easily furnish them, and you should not pay high for cleaning and even maintaining them. So, if you are an employed person or a student who should spend most of your time working and studying, you might prefer to live in a Dubai studio with less hassle in housing your place in a short time.

●    Buy a studio in Dubai and take advantage of its energy optimization features:

Above here, I have mentioned that as these studios are tiny in size, you should not spend much time and money to make them ready for living. And here, I want to add that living in these small flats enables you to save on utility charges. For example, your air conditioning unit should not work hard to keep your home cold, which means you should not worry about the coming bills.

●    Dubai Studio flats are profitable investment opportunities:

The last point I want to mention in the Dubai studio apartment advantages list is that they are among the best investment options for those with a limited budget. I mean you spend about 400,00 AED and buy a tiny studio flat in Dubai, then you can rent it easily at competitive prices and earn a high amount of money monthly.

The Acquisition Deal of Dubai Creek Harbour

What are the best locations, where you can buy your favorite studio for sale in Dubai?

When you want to buy the best Dubai property for sale, whether an apartment or a villa, location is an important factor you have to consider. So, if you are looking for a great studio apartment in Dubai, this paragraph helps you make the best decision and choose your dream home in a superb location, like:

●    Studio flats for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai:

As you might have heard, Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC is one of the most popular and peaceful residential locations, where many local and foreign investors own a home. So, if you are looking for an affordable apartment for sale in the Jumeirah Village Circle, what can be better than this location studio flats?

●    Studio apartments for sale in Akoya Oxygen (Damac Hills 2), Dubai:

This option is the best for those who look for a home in an eco-friendly, self-sufficient golf community in a quiet location to experience an exceptional quality of life. Also, if you choose to buy your favorite studio flat among the modern Akoya Oxygen properties, you will have easy access to all your needed social services in a short walk.

●    Studios for sale in Dubai Sports City:

Another case I want to introduce here is the popular Dubai sports city apartments for sale. You should pay higher for this location’s studio apartments in comparison to other Dubai addresses because of its prime location close to famous Dubai places, such as Jumeirah and Kites beach, Business Bay, and DIFC.

●    Studio flats for sale in Silicon Oasis, Dubai:

Also, you can find your dream studio apartment among well-designed Silicon Oasis apartments for sale and live in a flat built with high-quality materials and superior fixtures and fittings. Also, as a resident of this location, you can enjoy living in a home surrounded by lush green spaces and landscaped gardens.

Jumeirah Living Apartments at Business Bay, Dubai

How much does a studio apartment cost in Dubai?

Talking about property prices, whether apartments or villas is a complicated topic because it might vary based on different factors, such as developer company, size of the home, residential project, location, facilities, and so on. But if I want to say an approximate price range for Studio flats for sale in Dubai, I can say that you need AED 420k to buy a studio in Jumeirah Village Circle. While you can buy the same apartment in another location, like International City, you should pay about AED 232k.

W Residences at Downtown Dubai

Who are the residents of studio flats for sale in Dubai?

The last point I want to talk about is the common residents of Dubai studios, which helps you understand more about the community you will live in if you buy a studio flat in Dubai.

  • The first group includes young professionals and students who prefer to live single and independently in the city center because they have no extra time to waste.
  • Also, these flats are a great option for those tenants who look for a short-term rental unit, like tourists who like to stay in an accommodation that looks like home.
  • Other groups are those transient tourists and visiting diplomats who mostly stay in serviced studio apartments.

DaVinci Tower At Downtown Dubai

Find your favorite studio apartment for sale in Dubai through Dxboffplan!

Do you have a limited budget and are looking for a profitable investment option in Dubai? Or you might be single and prefer to live in a small apartment. Those all mean you should learn more about Studio Apartment for Sale in Dubai. The above text is specially written about the features and advantages of these flats, so read it and then search the Dxboffplan site to find your favorite off-plan projects for sale in Dubai. Here, I am proud to tell you that you can find all related information to your chosen property on our site, such as developer, location, sizes and arrangements, payment plan, amenities, photos, brochures, and even the project video. Also, it is possible to filter your search by choosing a category, like apartments, villas, townhouses, etc., or by price range, area size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. So, do not hesitate to contact us online through the site because we are here 24/7 ready to answer your questions and guide you to make the best purchase.


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